You know what they say...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

...about how most child molesters aren't pedophiles? I hear it all the time, the pedophile's claim to fame on how child molesters aren't "their" people. How those that hurt children are "their" people.
Yeah, I wonder then what they say about people like Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller. He clearly had an attraction for young boys... it wasn't as if he was just stressed out one day and decided to rape one. No, Schwartzmiller was actively on the prowl, searching out new victims continuously. He would "groom" them while befriending their families, slowly working his way into their lives, getting primed for the strike. And it wasn't just one boy, it was many many boys over a span of his lifetime. His rap sheet reads like a late night horror story, with victims sprawled across five states, and as many as 80 different charges to his name. He's believed to have had thousands... yes THOUSANDS of victims. That's not "situational" it's continual... constant... prolific- and I must say, very pedophile like.
Of course, Dean Schwartzmiller isn't currently posing a danger to children, in fact, if convicted of these latest charges, he won't be threatening our children's well being and happiness for about 183 years. Still, the seeds of pain, anger, depression and victimization that he has already sewed into countless children will live on, and in some case will certainly spread.
Currently, the jury is being selected for his trial, where he is charged with 12 counts of child molestation and child pornography in connection with his alleged molestation of two San Jose boys.
Approximately 80 prospective jurors filed into Judge Edward Lee's courtroom this morning and another 80 are scheduled to show up this afternoon with the process being repeated on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Lee will spend all three days hearing requests to be excused from prospective jurors who believe serving on the jury for the trial, which is expected to last more than a month, would pose a hardship to them. Following the hardship phase of jury selection, the remaining prospective jurors will fill out questionnaires about their knowledge of the Schwartzmiller case.

Just in case they can't find enough jurors... I happen to be free and completely believe that I can listen to testimony and reach a guilty verdict on all charges.
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