The Limits of Blame-Gaming

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Remember Remsen Benedict? He was sentenced yesterday to six and a half years for possession of child pornography.

Just like Robert Hochulski's family, Remsen's wrote letters bragging on his community service, his dedication to the Boy Scouts and Big Brother as though that should somehow absolve him and earn him a lighter sentence. I find it fascinating actually and shows the families are still in denial.

The fact that Remsen was a Scout leader and drove a school bus has to do with the fact that he's a pedophile who sought ways to be around little boys. It's even more reason to make sure he's never around little children again.

And he won't be. Legally anyway.

After Wikisposure notified the school district and Boy Scouts of America regarding Remsen's internet pedophile activity, such as membership at sites like Boylandonline, Bliss, BoysMagicWorld, Boys Scout Camp, and BoyMoment - his computer was seized and forensic analysis revealed
hundreds of videos and thousands of child abuse images - the equivalent of 22,275 images under the sentencing guidelines. The images and videos showed prepubescent and pubescent children being sexually assaulted and molested by adults, as well as children engaging in sexual acts with other children under the direction of adults.
When Remsen is released he'll have to register as a sex offender. His internet activity will be restricted and he'll be required to stay away from anyone under the age of 18. It is a part of his sentence and is absolutely imperative so that no parent who is aware of just exactly what Remsen is will ever trust their child around him.

Another thing I found especially interesting regarding the case of Remsen Benedict is how much something Mary Duval has talked about reminded me of him.

You see, Mary has a friend who won't allow her daughter to ride the Church bus unless there is someone else on the bus. Mary claimed her friend was hysterical and had "a hate-on for men"

Mary claimed the bus driver was a fine upstanding member of the community, an elderly gentleman without a criminal record, a father, a grandfather and that her friend was hysterical. Mary repeated this story at least 4 times that I know of. Lenore Skenazy agreed with Mary.

But ya know? I didn't think it was hysterical at all. No, I thought about Remsen. He was a "fine upstanding member of the community" as well. He had no criminal record. He was a father, a grandfather - he drove a school bus.

I wondered what Mary might know about the church bus driver that other people don't? Since she's so sure of how safe he is that she mocks her "friend" to multiple guests on her show she must have some sort of inside and all-knowing information regarding him.

But there's one guest Mary had that she didn't tell the story to and that's Margie Slagle. You see Margie as an attorney works tirelessly to get sex offenders off the registry and other sex offender related activity. Margie is on their "side". But Margie said
Now I know that 93% of all sex offenses occur because we as parents have trusted the offender with our child so I'm far more worried about who I trust my children with than I'm worried about a list.

When my son took guitar lessons at first I'd just drop him off because I thought, well this is a nice guy he gives guitar lessons at church it must be safe and then I realized what the heck are you doing take a book and sit for half an hour you moron. Why would you trust a stranger with your child?

So I have become smarter as a parent and that's the only way to prevent sex offenses against your children is to just be aware of who you trust your children with. I don't want my kids riding home alone in a car with one of their coaches, are you kidding me? You don't set them up that way.

But the registry doesn't do that for you as a parent that's the problem. Parents are not educated enough to protect their kids and if they're relying on a registry they're leaving their kids vulnerable.
I wonder if Mary called Margie hysterical? I wonder if Mary asked Margie what she thought about Lenore Skenazy letting her 9 year old child ride the subway alone in New York City? I wonder if she asked Margie if she thought it was appropriate for convicted sex offenders to mock parents for protecting their children then blaming them if they don't protect them enough? I wonder what a discussion like that would look like. I wonder if it's possible for Mary to take a stand and stick with it and stop changing her story depending upon the guest? So far all we've seen is flip-flopping. Time will tell. The fact is however, that if you support UNDER protecting children you cannot be taken seriously as someone whose goal is to "educate and prevent" sexual abuse. And you certainly can't be taken seriously when one day you say children shouldn't walk home from school and the next day you mock parents who won't let their child walk home from school. You can't have it both ways. Even blame-gaming has it's limits.

"True Victims" according to sex offenders

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"True victims" of sex abuse... look like, act like, think of, dream of...?

Should I cut myself, freak out, get on drugs, learn to shut up, drown my sorrows with alcohol? Or go on youtube and cry?

The therapy that I received taught me that I had a voice and to use it.
I am not ashamed of doing so. Possibly... if "miss Mary" had proper therapy she wouldn't be advocating for registry reform and hanging out with pedophiles and sex offenders.

Sex offenders deserve to have their pictures all over the internet and in magazines. People have the right to know their crimes because they are dangerous and cannot be cured. Sex offenders damage their victims for life and should be held accountable for life.

oh and btw...
I am your witness.

Like a Rainbow

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earlier this week we talked about how Cheryl Griffiths, the mother a sex offender, was bitter because a parent whose daughter had been abducted and murdered was keeping the public's attention on the case in the hopes of finding her daughters murderer. Attacks on the parents of children who have been murdered and sexually abused certainly aren't anything new from sex offender activists.

As sick as it seems, men like John Walsh, Mark Lunsford and Ron Book are considered "fair game" amongst sex offender activists for tasteless-jokes and attacks like this:

Tikibug AKA Mary Duval claims that John Walsh should be "on a registry for child neglect" and that his "ignorance shows through like a rainbow."

Then here we have convicted child sex offender Kevin Meier and Mary talking about how "hurtful words" can be for mothers whose children have grown up to be sex offenders:

Duval will probably never understand how or where she contradicts herself, but let's take this as an opportunity to help "educate her ignorance" a little and break this down to a level which the likes of Duval may be able to understand (I did say may):
  • Mary and other sex offender activists think it's acceptable to attack and make jokes about people like John Walsh and Mark Lunsford whose children have been murdered and sexually abused and who consequently got laws passed in the hopes of preventing other cases like their own.
  • Mary and other sex offender activists consider anyone a vigilante who criticizes comments made by sex offender activists trying to get laws changed, claiming that their criticism is "harassment and stalking."
If the sex offender activists consider what we say about them an act of vigilantism, then what is it when they attack survivors and victims - their hypocrisy shines through... like a rainbow.

Important Aspects

Friday, March 26, 2010

We first talked about "Hutch" Robert Hochulski here. Now his defense attorney is trying to claim that one reason he should be given a lighter sentence is because he has support from his wife. My goodness I thought, I wonder if he knows what sort of "support" she offers?

Support like coming here to AZU and denying his crimes while calling us every name in the book for harming an "innocent man's reputation" perhaps?

Well of course we weren't trying to "harm an innocent man" and of course he wasn't innocent. He was sentenced yesterday to almost 6 years. He had over 2000 images on his computer but confessed to less than 600 of them. And of course the images included prepubescent children and sadistic acts. That's a "childlover" for you.

But what I found especially interesting was Bob's letter to the judge. Not only was Bob a moderator on a pedophile board, not only did he continue to log into his account AFTER his arrest but he put himself in a position to - as he called it - "mentor" boys for years. That's what filthy pedophiles do. Now he wants to use the fact that he did "good works for boys"? And HEY! not only Bob, but all his family and friends used the same reasons to the court. "Bob is a GOOD man" and "Bob has done so much work for children" and "I was shocked when I heard and I know that he's sorry and would never do it again"

Funny, that's what Joseph Duncan's friends said about him as well.

Duncan wrote:
Someone told me yesterday that I was different than most other sex offenders because I was only 16 when I committed my crime and have never committed any other sex crimes since (or before).
Of course we know NOW that he HAD already committed other sex crimes. Hindsight is funny that way isn't it?

Robert Hochulski wrote:
My family and my work with youth are two of the most important aspects of my life. Unfortunately, my decisions which have led me to the current situation have effectively taken away my ability to work with and mentor to youth. For this and the pain and suffering I have inflicted upon my family I am truly sorry. However, as I progressed in my counseling, I have come to realize that there was a third party that was involved with my bad decisions. They are children who were coerced and forced into a life of abuse and exploitation. These children must be rescued and provided all necessary help in recovering from their situation. I also believe that the parties responsible for this exploitation must be brought to justice and made to pay for their crimes.

I understand that I must suffer the consequences for my actions and decisions. However, I have begun to turn my life back to the path of living within the laws of man and God. I ask that you see who I am beyond the filter of my crime and see me for the person I am.
I see Bob for exactly what he is. A pedophile who drooled over sexually abused children, invaded their privacy and re-victimized them. (there were three victim impact statements made in this case). Child pornography is not a victimless crime. Men like Bob look at it for a reason. - that reason is not because they're bored and have nothing better to do than twiddle their thumbs. No, Bob searched for it with search terms that included things like "boys in loinclothes" and "boylove". He did this from multiple computers and from multiple places - including from his job at the after school program he ran. NOW Bob says he's sorry, not for the children he harmed but for his family. Funny how they always find God when they want to be saved from prison. But if we've learned anything from all the pedophiles who love to blabber off their mouths it is this: pedophiles cannot and will not change. Bob will spend his 5 years and 8 months in prison and return to the loving enabling arms of his wife. When he does: he'll still be a pedophile. Mark your calenders, I have a feeling we'll be seeing Bob again one day.

Like Bob himself once said:
Never told anyone, but I'm sure people suspect as I have been involved with teens for over 30 yrs

A Red Flag

Jarred Harrell was arrested today for the murder of Somer Thompson.....among other things.

You may recall little Somer was abducted while walking home from school with friends last October. Somer was 7 years old. Her body was found in a landfill a few days later.

On a related note, I argued with Cheryl Griffiths on a news article about it when Cheryl started attacking Somer's mother for appearing on TV to talk about the case. Cheryl - with her typical venomous hatred for victims of sex crimes said it was "over" and Somer was dead and her mother was just trying to get attention and exploit her own dead child. And I wonder, why would Cheryl care if Somer's mother wanted to keep attention on the case.... the perpetrator had not even been caught. Why?

Jarred Harrell was also arrested for possession of child pornography. If he had not been charged with Somer's murder these self-absorbed apologists for baby-rapers would be saying "It was ONLY pictures, it's not like he abducted and killed a child".

We must remember that almost all child molesters are also found to be in possession of child pornography. And in a recent study 85% of those convicted for possession of child pornography also had committed hands-on offenses against children that had gone undetected.

Jerome Miller of Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign RSOL claims those offenders in that study only said they molested children because they would get special privileges. Interesting that he knows so much about what ALL the men in that study did or didn't do. So I ask you....would you confess to being a filthy child molester if you really weren't? Child molesters are the bottom of the barrel, a scourge, a blight - the most sickening the thing a person can be and something nobody would want to be identified as.

In this particular study 26% of the offenders were known to have molested children at the time of their conviction but during the study they revealed that 85% of them had. Most of them with multiple victims. In fact, as a group they had 75 child victims amongst them - known at the time of their original sentencing for possession of child pornography. After their confessions that number jumped to 1,777. This study was conducted on 155 men by the way. And yet those people who are interested in removing all penalties for possession of child pornography dismiss this study and instead promote the recent one that came out of Switzerland. You know..... the one who used a BoyChat member as his resource for information?

Is Jarred Harrell unusual in some way? Yes, in that he actually killed his victim. No, in that he didn't JUST get caught with child pornography - he progressed before being captured. People who look at images of children being sexually assaulted are not "the real victims of society" the way the Nambla people at RSOL would have you believe. They are people with a sexual interest in children and as Mary Duval always says "That should be a red flag"


Whose Line is it Anyway?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Todays 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' is:

Even though the chances of a child being abducted by a stranger are less than the same child being struck by lightening, or bitten by a shark, children today are preoccupied with that fear. Fear is the beginning of isolation, confusion and hate. All governments know that the biggest threat to their power over the people is unity amongst the people. Governments throughout history have sought ways to disrupt that unity. Our government is the master of this technique. It is routine and even expected for our children to turn in their parents if they even suspect they are not conforming. Our children are taught in schools, "Do not talk to strangers, they are dangerous and want to hurt you." "If any adult makes you feel uncomfortable, run away and report them immediately." "The police are your friends."

What a great way to keep our children from learning new things and thinking for themselves. The last thing the government wants you to do is think, the first is to feel...Fear!

Who made this comment?

UPDATE: The answer to this Whose Line is it Anyway is

Joseph Duncan: child abductor, child rapist, child murderer, repeat sex offender, sexual psychopath and one of the original sex offender activists.

How would you go?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A week ago, GirlChat member, Tillion stopped by and left this comment about why pedophiles go to GirlChat:
"Well, I'll give you a straight answer. First, those at GC aren't rogues. most of them are just trying to find answers, like anyone else is. No-one chooses to be a ped, you know, and there's no-where else for them to get answers to the questions that they wanna ask."
So they're just trying to "find answers like anyone else?" Well, over on GirlChat Ominous asked this question:
"Let's say that sex with LGs became legal tomorrw.."
"How would you go about having a relationship with a LG, anyways, considering that their parents (who most likely eouldn't approve) would probably find out what you're doing with their kid eventually?"
To which Lgsinmyheart answers:
"How would I go? I would not really care. All the time children do things that their parents don't know anything about. Usually, when and because their parents wouldn't approve of it, and the children know that. If I don't have to fear the law, then I would simply let them manage this level of secrecy as they see fit. It would not be difficult at all."
Does this sound like someone looking for answers? They've already made up their minds and decided that they have a right to take advantage of little kids to satisfy their perverted sexual desires.

"Not all victims make poor choices"

Friday, March 12, 2010

...This is the theme to an episode of an internet radio show done by Kevin Meier, a man who was convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with a boy. The episode, which was titled "Child Sexual Abuse Survivor" is described on Meiers website:
"Yes, he is a victim of sexual abuse but he also is a survivor and he wants to get the message out there "not all victims make poor choices!" Show your support and join us!"
Men like Meiers prove why we'll always need a sex offender registry - It's because they'll never be able to fully grasp what was wrong with their behavior to begin with. And while they may think it's clever to quote another child sex offender who was sexually abused as a child saying something like this, what it really shows is their resentment for the kids they've sexually victimized.

Human compassion and understanding

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The GirlChatter 'Stahntii,' posted "A couple questions for the reasonable rational ones among the anti-peds." So, I decided to help Stahntii out with some answers:

Stahntii question No. 1:
"Would you let me live and even protect me from harm (harm from the ultra-hate-driven crazies among you) if I am willing to remain the closet pedo I am while retaining no interest in pursuing real life pedo-style contact since I know that - as long as folks like you are insistent upon pounding it into the mind of every child (without exception to the unique circumstances surrounding any contact they would ever have with an adult, and despite their feelings) – this would cause terrible trauma to come to them after such a brain pounding/washing had been “so lovingly” imparted onto them by well-meaning (yet grossly ignorant) people ?

Would you, I ask ?"
Sorry to break it to you Stahntii, but neither myself nor anyone else here at Absolute Zero United would ever try to "protect you from harm" when you believe that child molesting is only harmful due to "brain pounding/washing." - The fact is, Stahntii doesn't understand what's fundamentally wrong with taking advantage of a child.

Stahntii question No. 2:
"Do you care that I constantly ponder suicide due to fearing what the real crazies (extremists) among you want to do (and would do, if they had opportunity) to peaceful considerate non-contact peds like myself ?"
Not really. Almost every GirlChatter claims to be non-contact and denies any involvement in illegal activity, despite the threads where they ask for advice on destroying and wiping their computer hard drives. If Stahntii were really "non-contact" he'd understand that his pedophilia is a paraphilia, and that the worst thing he could do for himself is come up with backwards ideas to rationalize adults having sexual contact with children.

Stahntii rants:
"But if you feel that the only way you can rest assured that pedo’s like me will not “act out” is by having us chemically or surgically castrated, keep in mind that I (and I hope all like me) will not ever accept that. I (and I hope all like me) will die fighting before we allowed such degradation to come to our bodies and therefore our spirit."
What's wrong with chemical castration to help people resist their pedophilia?

...I know, the answer is simple:

Stahntii doesn't want to resist his pedophilia, he likes it, in fact he doesn't even think there's anything wrong with molesting a child (except that it's illegal and Anti's don't like it).

Stahntii makes a plea to Anti's:
"I ask (and plea) from the bottom of my very human (and very sad) heart, that you and your people take notice of (and treat accordingly) the following different types of characters:
1.) adults who are situational offenders and who either have or currently act against another person or persons will (for example – rape) or without their prey even knowing they’re being touched (due to, for example, their prey being asleep or preoccupied or drugged, etc., etc., etc.).
2.) adults who act, but only according to their young partners’ wishes.
3.) Adults who do not involve themselves with “underagers” since they know that - despite how much their actions may be according to their young partners wishes - they are still chancing much trauma coming to the life of their would-be young partner’s once others caught wind and pounding it into their heads that despite their feelings (or any unique circumstances of their relationship) they were horribly taken advantage of and abused."
Sorry Stahntii, you don't have a heart. Children don't ever "wish" to be molested by adults, that's part of your problem. If you ever wanted to have a future you'd be leaving the pedo-boards and arranging an appointment with a psychiatrist, before you wind up like this.

Spurling and Brisson Sentenced

Monday, March 01, 2010

When we last checked in on the GirlChat/BoyChat baby-raping-duo, Harold Spurling AKA Aztram had entered a guilty plea to "risk of injury to a minor, illegal sexual contact and four counts of first-degree sexual assault," and was in the process of negotiating his prison sentence with the Assistant State’s Attorney.

Now it's official, Spurling has been sentenced to 40-years in prison and upon his release he will serve the following 20-years on a "special parole."

His partner in crime, Jeffrey Brisson AKA Night Raven will serve a 45-year prison sentence.