Does This Not Amaze You?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

There appears, at first vodka-enhanced blush (sufficient to enable me to post about a topic as base as this), to be two entirely disparate forces at work on this blog. They largely define themselves as:

  • Pro-Pedo;
  • Anti-Pedo;

I cannot essentially distill this "war" down to anything more basic than this.

But I wish those who read this blog to understand what the terms and physical acts advocated by those who classify themselves as "pro-pedo" truly mean.

Many won't like this post or its graphics. Get over it. Reality intervenes. Except imagine these images WORSE.

Pro-pedo means, literally, the Western Societally-blessed abilty of overweight, socially-inept, closeted, tortured, immature, undeveloped, controlling, stunted, Euro-male, miniscule-hung, living-in-mama's house, coddled, vapid, jenune men's unlimited ability to buttfuck little boys. This view will be enabled by various and many secular elitist overeducated elder males who wish they had they cojones or the opportunity to buttfuck their own cadre of males ranging from infant to 14 or so. Living in their mind-fantasies, their age-ranging drops dead when a minute before or beyond their preferences. These persons, in writing and in response to this blog, use the various conjured and multi-syllabic minutae of "educated" layers to bolster their belief systems.

Anti-pedo means a strict intolerance for the above, to include the incessant and structured refutation of any and all of the notations listed above. APs fight for the rights of children, from infant and beyond, and insist on absolutely NO grey areas when it comes to pederasty and the abuse of children. Children have an absolute RIGHT to encounter their childhood without the pressure of concomitant adult fantasies.

Pro-pedo makes itself ALL about control, manipulation, lies, misdirection, false assurance, threats, confusion, uncertainty, naivete, power-over-all, maturity vs. immaturity, mind games, successful manipulation, towering over the weak of will and stature, all in the guise of enlightenment, openness, education, secularism, Godlessness, New Age expansion, illumination and, moreover, pro-pedo indoctrination.

Anti-pedo refutes all of the above, on the side of goodness, God, logic, genetics and the most common of emotions.

And there you have it.

It gets down to this:

Do you advocate the insertion of an overweight male's penis into the anus of male children ranging from infants to their early teens?

You know, if you do, perhaps I might suggest this website may not be for you.


Huh. D'ya think?

But, is he armed?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Well Dylan Thomas says that's a rhetorical question. But, no it's much more than that isn't it? That was a threat and it was an attempt to puff up his pedo brothers with the delusion that not only should they strike out at Antis but they should strike preemptively. He gives the scenario of a black man harassed for the color of his skin. In one scenario this man is armed yet in another he's not. The question being, when he feels threatened should he strike out in case they DO try to hurt him. Notice the question is not IF he's attacked but rather to make sure that he's not. He tries to compare the prejudices and injustices committed against a race of people with the hatred and scorn people feel for him and his kind, those who prey on children. And he ends it in typical Dylan fashion.......
And now a final question, entirely rhetorical. Am I armed?
Interestingly enough, just yesterday the Pedophile known as '28' normally seen on GirlChat showed up at BC to commiserate over the decimation of their beloved child sexual abuse holiday and the unveiling of the Sex Offender Wiki maintained by Perverted Justice. Ooooh they were all in a tizz over that one. So 28 who has a habit of saying stuff like:
I am trying to hone in on a strategy that stands a chance of advancing both the rights of children and eventually our own.

We must not stress or insist that we should have a right to be involved with them(children)......not yet anyway
Classic grooming behavior. They apparently think that because it works on children it will work on everyone. That was 4 years ago when he said those things, and now in 2007 he says:
They (Antis) never take the time to meet and greet real Child Lovers with an open mind, preferring instead to name and shame them without even knowing who they are. This ignorance based hatred is neither rational, nor socially responsible.

Antis hate the stereotypical pedophile; the Chester the Molester caricature.
Oh! He must mean someone like oh maybe Zlurker! Yeah, GLMeister who hangs out at playgrounds using his own children for bait.

28 goes on to liken the situation he finds pedophiles in to groups like women, blacks, Jews. It's sad that someone could be so deluded, except when you remember that he is choosing this. He chooses to self-identify. He chooses to commune with pedoheads. He chooses to pedo-philosophize. Is it any wonder then that he can't comprehend the difference in say a black man who couldn't claim to be a white man and go about his business. Or a white woman who couldn't claim to be a man, or a European Jew who couldn't do anything. Men like this who use and abuse the suffering of others demean these people and make others shake their heads at their desperation.

No, 28, you can walk amongst us unidentified.....until you act out or open your mouth and demand something that we will not give you. Not ever. I find it interesting that we talk about this today when just recently Dylan Thomas made this point:
I don't think one can name any element of Nazi extermination of the Jews that is not already present in our current situation.
Dylan compares the gold stars to electronic identifiers, our prisons to concentration camps etc etc blah blah blah. I can only wonder what he thinks when he sees images of what happened to Jews during the Holocaust. How DARE he or any of these other perverts compare themselves to what those people endured..... To have their entire lives stripped away, their children ripped from their arms and sent to death or killed in front of them, to be starved, raped, beaten, operated on without anesthesia, to be forced to walk around nude, stripped even of their hair and for no other reason than the fact that they were Jewish. How the hell do you live with yourself Dylan Thomas, 28, Curtis and every single one of you low life scumbags. To even make such a comparison proves beyond any doubt what monsters you are. You aren't worthy to have a voice, you aren't worthy to speak and you certainly aren't worthy to be heard. You are all child predators. And every last one of you are dangerous individuals who threaten children not only in your daily lives but with the fact that you proliferate this pedo nonsense to impressionable young men.

And so Dylan.......with your head full of your own martyr complex for no other reason than your desire to rape boys, you should if you didn't.......that we heard you loud and clear. We heard you when you said:
If they want a war, we'll give them one. They may have numerical superiority, but we're invisible. We'll be sitting in on their strategy sessions while they're still trying to figure out who the hell we are.
And we heard you today when you said:
When I "draw attention" to the possibility of pedophiles using deadly force, I am not "crossing the line into the unacceptable." I'm performing a public service...... Let's make sure this is clear: pedophiles will use deadly force.......Sooner or later, someone will kill some cops, vigilantes or kids.
Yes lots of eyes are on you. But you are a stinking, filthy pedophile. And stinking, filthy pedophiles don't realize how utterly devoid of rational thinking they really are. That's why they keep saying such stupid things. Ken Lanning said:
Need-driven behavior leads to bewildering mistakes.
But then he also said:
Men sexually attracted to young adolescent boys are the most persistent and prolific child molesters known to the criminal justice system.
Kevin Brown has the best idea. Which is rather surprising after the Rick Roberts fiasco and the fact that the poor boy doesn't know the difference between the cavalry and Calvary. Take a look at his sigpic. Nevertheless today he says:
I support creation of an autonomous settlement in Africa -- Rwanda, Congo, or Mozambique -- taking up arms to defend ourselves, and building an economy that can pay for peace with the regional military power. Whether that is a rational alternative to the violence and discrimination we face in the west is difficult to answer. What value does one place on their freedom?
I don't know Kev. It'll be interesting to see how you like living in a third world country though. Yes, indeed. You of those advanced and enlightened places that the west should emulate? Yeah, one of those. I fully support deporting your sorry ass though. I'll help raise the money if you'll go. Yes! finally an idea to unite the Anti's and the Pedoheads! You pick a place Kevin! Isolate yourselves somewhere far far away from civilization, and we....those who choose to be civilized we will pay your way. Every last one of you. I DARE you.

Violet has a good idea, I suggest you check out her blog. Her new invention would win her a Nobel Peace Prize. And it all has to do with the pedo stench. Because you can smell them you know. Here's an example. Men who find AZ while looking for other stuff. Stuff they aren't meant to be looking for. Are they pedophiles? Oh yeah, of course they are. And like Camper of BC once said:
Our desire for porn makes us use bad judgement sometimes
Some of these guys are more determined than others, they return again and again. There's thousands of these search terms and we get them everyday. Everyday I tell you! I'll show you a few.
  • gagged raped cuties
  • illegal child rape pics
  • old men fucking preteen girls
  • 10yo naked children
  • child porn naked boy
  • free pictures illegal pedo 10yo porn
  • preteen virgins fucked
  • child kids fucking porn
  • pedophilia girl rape pictures
  • boys raped by men
  • pretty little girl pedo rape
  • fucking young girls who are only 8
  • underage incest pre-teen paedo lolita sex
  • very hard pedo porn kids fuck pics
  • men kissing and raping little girls for sexual gratification
And the awards go to:
  • stupidest of the day: Am I safe after totally deleting traces of child porn
  • most frustrated: minor preteen child pedo just give me the fucking porn
  • most horrific: 5yo enjoys gentle pedo fuck from very big dick, child sex
I smell them. The filthy, stinking pedophiles. Filthy, filthy pedophiles. They're breathing our air. They're stinking up our world. They're preying on our children.

The Antis Protest International Boylove Day

Friday, June 22, 2007

Now to for some fun, kick back and enjoy another successful hijacking of a pro-pedophilia holiday.

A big HT to all Antis for putting in the time to fight these creeps!

And just to help spread the word...

Also check out Perverted Justice's Corporate Sex Offenders, here's what they had to say about Blogspot:

Through the combined efforts of ourselves and associated Blogspot communities Absolute Zero United and ACME Cleaning Services who continued the fight mightily, Blogspot has deleted the vast amounts of pedophiles that littered their services. While they never went back and admitted their mistake or noted the change in policy, the deletion of child rape activists en masse was good enough for our needs.

A special HT to Peej, Nice work!

You talking to me?

Nigel Leigh Oldfield, the convicted child pornographer, long ago banned from AZ for trolling behaviors and psychopathic harassment tries to prove once again how utterly deluded he really is. Once upon a time on the blog of nothingness Nigel accused me of being Rez. Now I admit I took that as a compliment but when he proceeded to claim I was every member of AZ I was stunned. Until of course I realized that his accusations were just a mere symptom of his many mental disorders.

Reminiscent of danyfreak who believes I'm Rez, Violet, Llort, Jacey, Beachbitch and Daydreamer....Nigel now believes me to be Blackribbonday as well. And while it is flattering of course for one to think me capable of pulling off such a feat, I must admit that I couldn't care less what he believes, and I hope it doesn't disturb any of you guys either.

You see pedofreaks don't recognize children as separate people from themselves, they view them as objects there for the taking. And just as Nigel sees children in this light, he also sees the Anti's as one entity. Cognitive distortion at it's finest.

So let us use this opportunity to have a bit of fun. I'm going to show you what true sockpuppetry looks like. With none other than the self-proclaimed king of pedovores himself..... Lindsay Ashford.

Here we have Lindsay posting as Neptune on GirlChat.

And here we have Lindsay posting as Bereshith replying to Lindsay posting as Neptune.

To continue their discussion amongst themselves, here we have Lindsay posting as Neptune replying to Lindsay posting as Bereshith.

And to round things out nicely, here we have Lindsay posting as Neptune claiming he should have spoke as Lindsay while replying to Lindsay who's posting as AP.

Do we all understand sockpuppetry now? Everyone please point at Lindsay and laugh. Just ignore Nigel, he's not worth your effort.

Protesting IBLD - June 23, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

Protest International Boylove Day

International Boylove Day (IBLD) is another holiday made up by pedophiles, to further promote child abuse.

The pedoheads often celebrate it by lighting a blue candle either in their own home or a public place.

To protest IBLD show your support for childrens innocence by burning a white candle and/or by placing this banner on your website/blog:

Protest International Boylove Day

This Saturday, June 23, 2007 - Stand up against International Boylove Day!


LONDON — Police smashed a global Internet pedophile ring, rescuing 31 children and rounding up more than 700 suspects worldwide, authorities said Monday.

Some 200 suspects are based in Britain, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center said. The ring was traced to an Internet chat room called "Kids the Light of Our Lives" that featured images of children being subjected to horrific sexual abuse.

The investigation involves agencies from 35 countries and lasted 10 months.

The host of the Web site, Timothy David Martyn Cox, 27, of Buxhall, who used the online identity "Son of God," admitted to nine counts of possessing and distributing indecent images, authorities said.

After his arrest in September, authorities were able to infiltrate the chat room and collect evidence on the other members.


It's working!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Per our discussion going on now in the Anniversary post regarding Spike's post about a pedohead who committed suicide, I think we can't pass this one up. In summary Spike was called to offer counsel to the family of a man who killed himself. Though the man lived very close to Spike he wasn't known to him, but hey! guess what? They were pedo brothers! The note read:
"I have lived with the guilt of having an attraction toward children for many years now, and I have kept this away from everyone, even myself at times, I have convinced myself many times that this is not true, only to come back and slap me in my face, whenever I see a little girl!"

"To my children, though I loved you very much, I intentionally kept myself away from you so that I would not harm you in anyway."
Now, he never said in this note whether or not he had acted on his attraction, did he? But he did say that he kept himself distant from his own children "so that I would not harm you in anyway."

I think that statement is very important, and most especially considering they are his final words. And yet....he goes on to hurt them anyway doesn't he? Just like all pedoheads sooner or later they just can't keep their mouths shut. He's killing himself because he can't bear being a filthy pedophile and he's gonna slap down everybody in his life as he goes. Never mind that his children and family will be suffering over his death, now they also have to deal with the shock and shame that their loved one was a filthy, stinking pedophile. He made his family victims in the end, didn't he? And Spike says, what again?
I feel the hate of the community toward this man, and he has done NOTHING wrong, but simply he finds a child sexually attractive, and because of THIS he deserves to die by his own hands, or by somone else's hands. Where are as a society that we feel this way toward another human being?

You don't know that Spike, but like that fool Abraxas you'll defend your pedo brothers no matter what, won't you? Check out BB
You, my friend, are in a very good position here, because of your profession. Without casting suspicion on yourself, you can freely rebuke those who speak ill of this man, in the name of Christ.

I encourage you to handle those horrible mean-sprited people with rightious and measured indignance. If anyone can get away with it, it's a man of God.
OH! So now he's going to exploit God! Pedophiles know no boundaries. All of this because the authorities are investigating him. Is that not the only responsible thing to do? He was after all tortured enough to kill himself. It's pretty self-explanatory.....unless of course you're a pedophile.

Now, for the interesting part........what's their take on it? The other members of that den of inequity called GirlChat.

#1 for pedo-stupidity goes to Tyciol:
It's disgusting how they'd interview the family like that afterwards. Like admitting to being a pedophile automatically means you are one
...I feel great sorrow and empathy for the children who are--no doubt--going to suffer greatly at the evil hands of the self-righteous moral bigots.

One More Reason........why I constantly and consistently say WE NEED TO SPREAD THE MESSAGE. We need to open up, tell people who we are, and be brave.
I don't know about that Abraxas. It seems to me part of your problem is that you guys have tried to cram this down our throats for far too long.

Uriel decides to test the waters:
I feel for his family and all the children that will be subjected to asinine interrogations while they try to find a way to smear his name.
Damn Uriel, he smeared his own name. Like I said over on Tampa Pirate, there is nothing worse you can call someone than a pedophile. And in this case, he did it himself.

It's not fun at all to find your own community having such terrible feelings towards this man who was a victim of society, not the other way around.
The people whose reactions are hatred aren't hardly worth a second thought. They aren't worth the pain they're causing.
The pain Kero? Ummm, who was it now that left that note? Who was it that killed himself again? Because, seriously now, this is a bit confusing.

This man was willing to die because he had been coerced into thinking that he was a danger to that which he loved more than anything else: Children.
I am desperately sad for this man being driven to take his life by his own love for his kids and his twisted view of his own condition brought on by this sick society we live in.

This man loved his own family so much and at the same time was driven by the self-hatred thrust upon him from every quarter of society. He did the one thing he could think of to protect them from the monster society had convinced him that he really was
Oh, but now it starts to get really good. Check out Mesmerised:
This is deeply tragic. And it shows the importance of support networks - maybe if he had been a part of an online community like GC, he would not have taken that drastic course.
This is indeed a terrible tragedy, old friend. It's a shame that man never found GC. If he had found us, we would have let him know that he wasn't evil for being attracted to girls, and that he could very well be a good person regardless of who he was attracted to
Like Dissident said, if he had discovered this place first maybe he wouldn't have committed suicide. I know how you feel Spike

there was a guy in my outpatient group a year ago who tried to kill himself because he couldn't control his attraction to LGs, and all because he thought himself as being "sick."
Now I'm realllly confused. If he'd had GC he wouldn't have killed himself? Society is bad for thinking you're all wasted use of good oxygen? I don't know, it doesn't sound right, because we just talked about this the other day. And all I can think is

It's working already!!!

Where is my sympathy? Society's sympathy? It's with innocent children, that's where. It's with the man's own family and the suffering they will go through.

Pedoheads, it's not because people are hysterical about child rapists, no it's because it's the absolute worst thing you could find out about your loved one. So, no, I'm not sympathetic at all. In fact, the proudest day of my life will be when one of them kills himself and leaves a note saying

"I can't take it anymore. Stitches drove me to it"

Absolute Zero United One Year Aniversary!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Happy Aniversary AZ!

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

Thursday, June 07, 2007

That's Jack McClellan I'm talking about. I think he has some sort of death wish. He lost his Seattle girl perving website for awhile. His parents gave him an ultimatum....."Open another website like that and you'll get out" could he pass that up?

Living on disability, with his parents, bringing them into the news and I'm sure making their life a living hell. Why would anyone think this was a man of character and integrity? Oh, he left Washington and headed to L.A. he says to take attention from his parents.......I suppose he's too ashamed to tell the real reason. Wouldn't you be?

So here he is a man who is dependent on somebody for money, and to somebody else for a roof over his head, and never mind the fact that he's practically spitting in his own family's face, yeah never mind that....but he also spits in the face of his pedo-brothers. He's defiant, he's outrageous, and he's out of control.

He says he's homeless, sleeping in his car. Oh BOO HOO. You can afford a website telling people where to find little girls to perv over can't you? Yep, he's going to be the new Lindsay Ashford alright. Obnoxious, arrogant, hated by 99.999% of the population and now begging for hand outs so he can keep his wheels a'movin. he's in L.A. He can't work but he sure can drive all over the place attending children's events and photographing girls for ulterior motives. What did you say that disability was again, Jack? Hmmm?

Now while begging for scraps from the pedoheads he also lets them know he'll be on the Rick Roberts show in the morning.....again. I'm interested to know what they think about Jack continuously putting them in the spotlight.

You're asking for trouble jack.......I guarantee you Jack that nothing but bad comes out of this. Keep in mind you are representing this entire community now
I don't get it, what possible good could this do you, us, and the greater GL movement?
I'm hoping some GLs will try calling in (their number is 1-800-760-KFMB) -- so that the interview isn't just me versus Rick & the antis
Joey Bishop:
While I admire the bravery of those who would risk calling in with a pro-pedo opinion, I would once again remind them of the consequences, especially if they have dependants who rely on them(like Kevin Brown).
Right from the start, try to focus on the bigotry/discrimination/thought-crime angle. It's going to be hard to get that in, so the sooner you start trying, the better..........

He's going to try to focus on the idea that 'you and people like you want to have sex with the little kiddies.' Avoid that. When he goes there, the audience stops thinking and starts blindly hating. Please try to spend some time on the discrimination/bigotry/thought-crime angle.
BTW I think the Rick Roberts show is just a cover-up for his own repressed pedophilia, so you should call him on that. In fact, I suggest you be more aggressive and tell him he is spreading hate and fear with his attacks on pedophiles, and thus making himself to be an eventual suspect

We love ya man. Pedos unite.
The community needs people to out themselves in a positive way (As you seem to do), so the world can see how normal we all are!
Your goal is survival
Abraxas rears his head:
Hold your own, pal
I think Abraxas doesn't know when to hush uppa his mouth. See here he gives Jack some tips on who to call regarding shelter. But then Abraxas knows a lot about poverty and how to get by. Why, once upon a time he even had a plan for a young boy to support his entire family and all he had to do.....

"There are lots of families out there struggling to survive financially. Many of these are families with boys

So let's say a boy in a struggling family offers his services five times a day. 5 Head Jobs x $20.00 each = $100 per day. Say he takes Sundays off, that's still 6 Days a Week x $100.00 = $600.00 per week. That's a cool $31,200.00 per year. Any family could use that. Even better for families with more than one boy.

1. The sex is safe. Getting a head job has almost zero risk.
2. The sex is financially lucrative.
3. The sex is pleasurable.
4. The boy is sexually satisfied, no danger of his getting his girlfriend pregnant.

There is no down side.

This is just an idea"

Like I said, some people don't know when to stop talking. They won't control themselves and they won't control their own community. So ya know, they shouldn't complain when someone else has to do it for them. Although Abraxas does dream of living in an underdeveloped country, and Lindsay is running for his life......perhaps that's the type of advice you guys should be giving him instead?
"How to live on the run out of a suitcase begging for dollars from message boards"
Now that would be interesting to watch.

Can you just imagine what society would be like if men like these......with ideas like these ran the world?

He's Baaaack

Monday, June 04, 2007

"As somebody who has studied pedophilia online for over ten years now, I have, unfortunately also had to deal with and study the media and self righteous hate groups who proclaim to be on the side of good."
~ Uriel Dagda April 25, 2007 AbsoluteZeroUnited ~ Alice Day

These are the first words of Uriel on his debut appearance at AbsoluteZero. And he continues:
  • "While some might say that pedophile activists themselves might be suffering cognitive distortions, the anti-crowd themselves are no better, because they are just looking after their own twisted interests"
  • "Until we can accept pedophilia as a concept, separating the difference between consent and rape, studying it instead of vomiting forth yet another generation of platitudes of self-indulgence, sites like these do nothing but PERPETUATE child abuse, and worse, child murders!"
  • "The simple fact is, you have been duped"
  • "......these people already feel the stinging hate and derision of society in the mainstream form, pushing them to unspeakable acts, while society wants to lump them all into one neat package."
  • "Blind hate has never lead to truth!"
  • "My critique of this site: MINUS 10 out of 10 -- for taking a serious topic, and turning it into a self-righteous farce...............Keep slapping yourselves in the back, guys, you have made a great achievement. At being a fool."
All of that taken from his very first comment. We were going to let Uriel have his say, until of course he descended quickly into harassment....comparing pedoheads to Jews and Blacks with an exclamation mark no less! His sarcasm grew:
  • I do truly envy would be nice to be able to just blindly hate and be completely oblivious. It truly would. I wish I could do that sometimes. I really do. It would make life much easier for me
  • Unfortunately I...well, I have thoughts. Analytical thoughts......
  • One thing I do know is right is looking at every issue with love. Not just love for a person, or issue, but for the world as a whole...........
  • That is perspective, and you must have that before you go into an issue.
  • OH and don't have any illusions that you are actually doing anything to benefit anybody whatsoever

Immediately after Uriel left these comments GirlChatter Elminster left this comment on GC
A friend of mine I told about that site was posting there most of the day, apparently he annoyed them with a bit too much logic.

He was a victim and told them so, but it seems that they don't care too much about outsiders and still crucified him for not agreeing with them.

I am not sure if they realized that he had done a lot of research on pedophilia and knows what he is talking about, lol.

Yeah, yeah LOL. Ok Elminster. The problem is that lots of people want to claim credit for Uriel. Next up we have albertRoss Who impressed me with his 4 part video response. Ok albaby, I took the time to transcribe your video, and you took the time to respond to me and we did it each in our own way without bashing our heads together in the same room. What do you know about that? I can't figure out why you claimed credit for Uriel's comments though. Elminster says his non pedo friend Uriel did it, Uriel says Uriel did it and albaby says albaby did it in Uriels name. Go figure.

So let's just go over what we do know about Uriel. He has a LiveJournal on which he rarely writes. It looks rather tame doesn't it? What did this man write about.....Uriel who goes around claiming to
  1. Be neutral on pedophilia
  2. Is not a pedohead
  3. Protects Free Speech above ALL
  4. Was molested as an adolescent
  5. Writes against Megans Law
Saying things like "But I do know one thing. If our views on sexuality and children do not change-- and soon-- the paranoia, hate, pain and futures of our children today will clash in a cataclysmic, destructive and regrettable way that might completely collapse our society. We don't want to be remembered in the annals of history as the generations that brought upon the world another era witch hunts. Remember. Sometimes love is just that-- love. Something this world needs."

I don't know Uriel.....That rather sounds like Sodom and Gomorrah to me Ya think?

But then here are some other things we know that are just as important: We know that he is a collector of Barbie Dolls. And has an obsession with the deceased actress Heather O'Rourke. He wrote her a screen play, he hangs out at Heather web galleries and forums.
"I could not stop thinking about the day Heather died."
In fact Uriel is totally obsessed with Heather and "has
been for the last 20+ years"

Uriel had watched Poltergeist the movie over 200 times........and that was back in 2003.

From his comments on AZ he is a CSA survivor who came here to gain see another angle so that he could write a book and have 'true to life Anti characters' but we ruined it Elminster says.

Uriel also claims to have an IQ in the 200 range, perhaps that's merely a correlation with his Poltergeist viewing times.

Above all Uriel tries "to explore every facet of every side of an argument from very point of view I can find"

Oh, yeah except for the Anti's side....because he's not realllllly looking for dialog when he comes here with aggressive, confrontational speech as his, is he? I don't know......perhaps we should look at Elminster and what he has to say about all this.
I am beginning to believe that the anti's really just do what they do and say what they say because they are addicted to grandstanding and hate
That sounds familiar. What else?

Ahh, Poltergeist... I have seen that movie over 250 times. =)

"I had the biggest crush on Heather when I first saw Poltergeist back in 1982, and I remember vividly the day I learned of her death in 1988. Not sure if a punch in the gut would explain it, more like getting crushed by an 18 wheeler. "

And exactly how does Elminster and Uriel both commenting here on AZ from the same identical non-proxied IP address feel about Anti's...

For the antis, it is not about protecting children at all. That is just the spin they put on it to make themselves believe in all thier self-righteous bullshit. Thier only concern is that thier sensibilities have been offended, and they can't live with it.....Elminster
I see a problem which has been taken over and expanded infinitely by demagogues hellbent on using the plight of children to crush civil rights......Uriel

So hey me help you. You aren't a pedohead? Elminster is? Well let's be sure and find out exactly what it is that Elminster does like, then we'll know more about you Uriel, won't we?

The question was:
1. What age of girl do you find most -physically- attractive?
2. What age of girl do you find most -mentally/emotionally- attractive?

1. 5-year-old girls just make my insides melt.
2. 3-7, because they love to cuddle and be soo close. They need alot of affection at this age range.

Well it does appear Uriel is the only one in denial.

Of course he did complain about the mental health field, but it was obvious from what he said that he either never really got any therapy or he got the wrong kind.

Perhaps this will help. Cheap and on Uriel's level.

Uriel you and/or your sockpuppets can comment here on this
post, but you must remember a few small rules. It's fairly simple.

1. This invitation only applies to you Uriel/Elminster
and albertRoss no other pervs should bother
2. No flaming
3. No Lying
4. No essays, diatribes or dissertations,
responses must be short and simple

If you don't like these rules then don't comment.


i've already responded to this blog three times.

it shut me down every time.

it has essentially asked me: what do i believe?

i would respond in kind:

i'll make a statement that reflects only myself but, in truth, I suspect is beheld by those advocating AZ:

There is Good.
There is Evil.

ANYONE wanting to conduct sexual relations with ANYONE under the age of 18 is breaking the law;

ANYONE wanting to conduct sexual relations with ANYONE under the age of 14 is taking advantage of the lack of cogent thought and experience of that person and is clearly EVIL.

ANYONE wanting to conduct sexual relations with small children and infants is absolutely irredeemable, irretrievable and has proffered up their Human Card for invalidation. This person deserves either to have their own lives extinguished or themselves incarcerated and unable to interact with society in general until the day they expire.

period. no exceptions.

there may be those pederasts who point to their individual incarceration periods and, having reached their term and been freed, now point to a given period in time in which they have yet not reoffended.

they are simply those in which the single Golden Moment In Time has not yet appeared: that is, the single moment in time in which they KNOW they MAY take advantage of their favored age-ranged victim and KNOW they WON'T be caught.

there are lies
and there are truths


Bitch Slappin'

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Nickless from BoyChat has a new plan for Pedophile Activism.

Now we've all seen their plans come and go. It always works the same no matter what type of plan it is.

It never fails. Never never never

Yes, it's always the same........A 'new' plan is proposed and discussion commences.

Suggestions for improvement are offered and criticism supplied. Somewhere along the way a flame war begins and the conversation diverges into a little side-bar discussion. Until finally one of them gets banned....for a day, or a week and in some cases a lifetime.


But then they kiss and make up and return to their game of Puff-Up-The-PedoHead.

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You can practically watch them change before your very eyes, each of them feeding off each other in a virtual Pedo-frenzy as visions of little girls and boys dance in their heads....until at last.........flourishing in this gang fantasy, a gangster's paradise you might mighty pedohead fully puffed-up ........grown large and ripe with pedophilic expectation and visions of consequence-free baby rape loudly proclaims:
Hey! It's going to happen! Let's not make our demands merely 'acceptance' and 'tolerance' that might give the impression that we're willing to compromise! We need to go all the way with this.........
That's when the Bitch Slap occurs.

A voice, as yet unheard in this discussion, inserts himself into the heat of their pedo passion........quiet, calm, and seemingly all-knowing he simply says:

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They all scatter meekly, heads held low and return to their pathetic Girl Moments and Boy Moments, their crying and incessant whining about how 'no one loves a baby raper'.

It never fails. Never never never

Until of course the next plan comes along, which is what we're going to talk about now, because I think Nickless just might be onto something.

His plan first tells us why traditional methods of activism won't work for pedophiles:
  1. No empathy exists for pedophiles
  2. Required anonymity
  3. Lack of unity due to morality disagreements amongst pedos
  4. Lack of agenda dependent upon #2
  5. Lack of money
Oh dear. No one will feel empathy for a group of child molesters who won't admit what they've done is wrong and are actively campaigning to make it legal so they can do it again....and again. The lack of an agenda, the lack of unity should be a sign that even amongst these slime-dwelling perverts there a few who know better!

But on to his new plan. Nickless says pedos should keep quiet about injustices they feel are perpetrated against them........the better to live their lives peacefully... going on about.... doing the things they do. He says that pedos nearing the end of their lives should not go quietly into that good night, they should instead go out with a bang, a big pedo bang. Plan their own deaths, write snail mail letters ahead of time explaining how wrong how very wrong everyone is about pedophiles. So:
  • Make your end of life arrangements
  • Write pedo terror letters to ensure your survivors suffer a little more
  • Choose a target and proceed without cowardice
    "You don't act like cowardly Muslim terrorists who attack markets, malls, schools, etc.; rather you target those gatherings and institutions that are enemies of MAAs. Now I'm not advocating violence against those targets, mind you -- THAT would likely be a violation of Rule #6. I must leave it to each of you to be creative in coming up with a target activity that will get media attention if successful, and the more media attention, the better. Think of your plan as a "major media event".
  • Letters should "detail the wrongs and grievances you have suffered as a pedophile, and a list of changes that society should enact to alleviate such suffering for future pedophiles."
So what do the other nodding pedo heads think about it? Let's start with Slvrspun the notorious, calculating green-eyed monster who doesn't understand why society won't let him sodomize little boys and who was convicted of stalking a young boy.

Slvrspun constantly
threatens against those he feels wronged him....and even against those that don't know him. Presumably even children.

Yes, Slvrspun also had a little remote-controlled hard drive
acid-injection trick planned for when the cops arrive at his door to find out "Just what the hell is he hiding on that computer of his?" Slvrspun had this to say:
my kind of hero would be an openly villainous pedophile who keeps getting away with his illegal actions rather than a suicidal maniac just out to make a splash.
Norbert the Dutch pervert thinks it's a stupid plan, they should all stick to his own plan which includes:
  • Legal defense of an adult charged with loving sexual activity with a child
  • Public media, such as movies, plays, radio, podcasts, and journalism, that promote children's sexual freedom and loving physical intimacy between adults and children
Bill Evans already known for his violence responds to Norbert:
But I feel that your brand of activism not only isn't helpful, but is in fact, detrimental. It draws attention and therefore reinforces the hysteria.....The hysteria that dogs our heels at this time will only die down after people in general begin to realise that it is an unfounded hysteria
Why does Nickless want to do this anyway?
"In a word? Vengeance."
I intend to control my own destiny, ramdom selection and the angel of death permitting, of course.....Now hugging a ruthless antiped with a belt load of C4 carries a certain preiminent amusement....My own mortality is preplanned, and it involves an adrenalin rush
I'm convinced that any form of violence will cause our situation to worsen exponentially.
Steve Diamond:
It is not how you die which defines you...but how you lived.....We may yet get to love another, who we are biologically inclined to love.......The problem is going to have to be solved by strategy, and gaining some level of control, over positions of influence
Oh, I see! He must mean men like Foley

Fetishist attempts the Bitch Slap:
You'll be just another joke, nothing more. After they get through discrediting you, no other "MAA" will dare follow you.
Will Robinson is saddened that it's come down to this:
"I am a living hero"
He did, after all, as an original NAMBLA activist once coordinate the 'Prisoner Pen-Pal' know, so he could do some good for the world -- supporting all those convicted baby rapers. Let's give credit where credit is due.

disrupting an attorney general's speech would be more appropriate than disrupting a school classroom. Suicide can be spectacular or mundane -- spectacular gets media attention. And the reason to get the media attention is to make sure those snail-mail letters get published also, and so people start discussing those ideas.

You are going to die anyway, so why not make such death a positive act of protest rather than merely dying at the whim of fate? Repercussions only fall on the living, not the dead.

If a woman goes into a downward-spiraling fit of hysterics, how do you snap her out of it? That is correct... you slap the bitch in her face!

Society needs bitch-slapping.

Nickless just keeps repeating that the purpose of this is to get people to read pro-pedo propaganda, and he's encouraging his pedo brothers to commit suicide for that reason, vengeance, and assurance that all pedo brothers to come will have what he didn't. I can't for the life of me figure out WHY? Why, Nickless, why? You cry and whine if an Anti says
"Why don't you do the world a favor and just kill yourself?"
We already know what every one of you guys have to say! There's not anything, anything at all that will convince us to give you our children. We understand what it is that you want. And we reject you. Completely. The only thing you're going to get from us is this:

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HT to Jacey for the graphics, great job as always!


Friday, June 01, 2007

The father-in-law of the 31-year-old man under federal quarantine with a rare and dangerous form of tuberculosis is one of the leading TB researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, FOX News has learned.

True coincidence?

Not even fucking likely.


LiveJournal, which is owned by San Francisco-based Six Apart, confirmed Wednesday that it deleted around 500 journals this week in hopes of better "protecting children." It said the deletion was prompted by activist groups, including one called Warriors for Innocence that claims to track sites promoting pedophilia, the sexual abuse of minors, and other illegal activities.

"We did a review of our policies related to how we review those sites, those journals, and came up with the fact that we actually did have a number of journals up that we didn't think met our policies and didn't think they were appropriate to have up," Barak Berkowitz, chairman and chief executive of Six Apart, said in a telephone interview. The site boasts about 13 million journals.


Imagine that.

See ya.

You stupid pedofucks.



Like you didn't see this coming?