Dwelling crankily....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"The Pope's expected apology to victims of sexual abuse by priests has been sabotaged by a senior Australian bishop, who criticized people for "dwelling crankily on old wounds".

The bishop organizing World Youth Day, Anthony Fisher, made the remarks in response to questions about two Melbourne women who were repeatedly raped by priest Kevin O'Donnell when they were pupils at Sacred Heart Primary School in Oakleigh from 1988 to 1993."

It all sounds suspiciously like the Pope's visit to America. Oh, I'm sure the bishop will do damage control now, and say he didn't mean it, not like that at least. Not in the context in which he said it. A reporter asked the bishop what he thought of the show the previous week regarding the Kevin O'Donnell story. But the bishop replied he hadn't seen the show.........
"Happily, I think most of Australia was enjoying, delighting in, the beauty and goodness of these young people … rather than dwelling crankily, as a few people are doing, on old wounds"
Who exactly are these cranky people to which he is referring?
Two sisters who were repeatedly raped by the abusive priest Father Kevin O'Donnell in Melbourne while they were in primary school.....over the course of 5 years.

This is Emma. She turned to drugs to "make her forget and dull the pain", she eventually committed suicide in January of this year after ten years of therapy. Her sister Katherine turned to alcohol and now needs 24-hour care after being hit by a car.
"We are still grieving over our daughters, and many other victims are struggling every day. To think this issue is over when the abuse stops is ridiculous. There are people self-harming, committing suicide, drinking, using drugs, because of sexual assaults committed by Catholic priests.

There are no old wounds for victims. It is always current."

The Fosters are planning to make a statement upon the Pope's arrival in Australia. Mr. Foster says:
"I expect the Pope and Cardinal Pell to respond to that statement.

I should not have to try to see them.

They should be coming to us to beg our forgiveness."
And so who is Cardinal Pell? Well, he is the scumbag who was handling the sex abuse claims on behalf of the Catholic Church. He told one victim "Well it's your word against his!" And yet now.......today, he says it was an innocent error on his part after his letters and phone calls were revealed on TV. He's even gone so far as to cover-up abuse that HE WAS AWARE OF and has now threatened another sexual abuse survivor in order to keep him quiet.

The Catholic Church is not capable of cleaning up it's act, as long as they are doing it from within. It's sort of like asking Sosen to clean up it's own act. Perhaps the Bishop, the Cardinal and the Pope could join Sosen and lend them their support. After all, they both think survivors of sexual assault are "professional victims" and after all..........Linda Pehrson, the CEO of Sosen would proudly educate the Church, why she'd be happy to. She could just say her usual,
"There is life after sexual abuse DEAL WITH IT"

What they've become

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In 1987 Dennis Ferguson kidnapped 3 children from their home.

He kept them in his home and molested them for 3 days.

He was convicted of 19 charges including kidnapping, sodomy, gross indecency, indecent dealing and carnal knowledge. Dennis committed these acts along with his lover Alexandria George Brookes. Dennis received 14 years in prison, Alexandria 11.

The judge in the case said his chances for rehabilitation were 'nil' and that Dennis regarded pedophilia as normal behavior.

Nevertheless, he was given a second chance wasn't he? When his sentence was up, he was released back into the community. Not only did he break the terms of his parole, but he molested a 5 year old girl within 2 years of his release.

NOW, in 2008, right as he was set to stand trial for molesting this girl, Judge Hugh Botting has said that no trial can go forward because pre-trial publicity made it impossible for this repeat baby raper to get a 'fair' trial. In other words, he let him go free. HE LET HIM GO!

Where is the justice for this girl? What are the protections for the community and his future victims? He's a filthy non-repentant baby raping pedophile, do they honestly think he'll not do it again? There's many outrageous, and frankly unbelievable things going on with this case. Google Dennis Ferguson and you'll see what I mean.

But the icing on the cake is ol' Zman himself. Just when you thought you'd heard the last of him. He's allllllll worked up over it, oh my yes indeed. You see, the residents of the community in which this repeat baby raper has been placed are rather angry. A meeting was held in which 100 people were expected to attend. Instead 1000 showed up to protest this man living amongst them. They don't want him next door to their children. Can you blame them? But Zman asks, "Is this what we have become?"
"Thanks to the media and politicians for spreading BS lies about sex offenders, and people like John Walsh, Mark Lunsford and the other idiots, this is what we have become! I wonder if this is similar to what it was like when Jesus Christ was attacked by the venomous snakes who wanted to crucify him? Like in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the son of man is revealed. Amazing how one man can cause so much anger! Come quickly Lord Jesus!"
WOW, that pretty much rivals his previous insane babblings where he wondered why people couldn't just leave the "defenseless child predators" alone. Zfreak was asked just what he meant comparing this repeat baby raper to Jesus Christ. And oh, he tried to clear it up, only to say the exact same thing he had already said!
"I posted it to try to show how society is acting today towards someone, in this case Dennis, and how people treated Jesus back in the days which were similar to how they are today."

"I am not trying to say Jesus is like this Dennis person, there is no comparison. I was comparing how the people treated these men, like vicious snakes."
He posted a movie of the crowds raising hell over the Menace, along with a video clip from The Passion of the Christ showing the crucifixion scene so that all the simple minded RSO's and apologists could moan and groan with him, that yes, yes indeed Zman, we are treated just like Jesus Christ was. We are stripped and scourged and hung on a cross until dead.

He is comparing the treatment of Jesus Christ to the angry protests of parents who have just had a repeat baby raper released amongst them! Well, how very apropos. < /sarcasm >

Fortunately, the majority of the world is not as dim-witted as Zman, who routinely says he wasn't actually guilty of molesting a child BUT he hasn't re-offended. Or of this judge who
"failed to give sufficient weight to the interest society has in seeing that those accused of serious criminal offences are amenable to the justice system"........Appeals Motion
Let us hope that this stupid, idiotic decision by Judge Hugh Botting is overturned and a trial for Dennis goes forth. Otherwise, it is setting a dangerous precedent. "If you get enough attention after raping babies we'll let you go free since there's a danger of prejudice" Yeah, some group of pedos is probably already putting their filthy little heads together to work this one out.

One Queensland Mother said this regarding Dennis
“didn’t deserve to live in a nice place like this”
“He lost his rights and privileges when he hurt the kids”
“He should be tied up to a meat ants’ nest”
I agree

Other people chanted "Get him out! Get him out!" They held up signs calling him Dennis the Menace. They worry for their children's safety, you see. And Zman? Well we know where his sympathies lie. I think he forgot this part
“The supreme right is the protection of the community."

“When they offend in such horrific ways their rights are going to be impinged upon."

“Some will remain threats until the day they die."

Dennis Ferguson is one of those.

A Landmark Agreement

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New York's State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, through an undercover investigation recently discovered that Usenet Newsgroups were a major source of online child pornography:

"The Newsgroups act as online public bulletin boards where users can upload and download files. Users access Newsgroups through their internet service providers."

Following his investigation, Attorney General Cuomo worked closely with Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and Sprint to shut down the major sources for online child pornography. Other major Internet Service Providers such as AT&T have also signed the agreement which will block access to major sources of child pornography on the internet.

"Under the agreements, the ISPs will eliminate access to child porn Newsgroups and will also purge their servers of all child pornography websites identified by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)."

You can read more about Attorney General Cuomo's project 'NY Stop Child Porn' here.

It's great to see a politician standing up and taking a pro-active role in stopping child exploitation over the internet. Here at Absolute Zero United we often get visitors also looking for child pornography coming in under search terms like:
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It comes as no surprise that the freaks over at BoyChat had something to say about Attorney General Cuomo's project:

This is obviously an attempt to make political hay by spinning Usenet, a protocol the new generation of Internet users are largely unfamiliar with, as some sort of newly discovered threat to child purity.
Since when do people need "unprecedented undercover investigations" in order to discover something that is public?
Not surprising that some visitors to BoyChat were very familiar with Usenet being a source for child pornography.

In a short period of time, politicians across the USA will be imitating this creep, destroying even more freedom and promoting more and more the isolation.
And of course at least one pedo has to whine that being barred from looking at photos of children being abused and sexually exploited is somehow an 'attack on freedom.'

We encourage everyone to support Attorney General Cuomo's project to fight child pornography. You can help by contacting internet service providers which haven't yet signed the agreement to fight child pornography on the internet and urge them to do so by contacting the office of New Yorks Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

I.S.P.'s which haven't yet agreed to block child pornography:
  • Access Highway, Inc. - Signed
  • Clarity Connect, Inc. - Signed
  • Clearwire - Signed
  • Cloud 9 Internet - Signed
  • Covad Broadband Service - Signed
  • EarthLink, Inc. - Signed
  • Frontier - Signed
  • RCN - Signed
  • Westelcom Internet, Inc. - Signed
  • WINC Communications - Signed
  • Dreamscape - Signed
You can also show your support by placing this banner on your website/blog and linking to either this post or http://www.nystopchildporn.com/index.html

'I'd cut his (Xavier's) fucking throat'

Friday, July 11, 2008

'Boylove Radio' host: "What would the first words, you would say, if Xavier Von Erck was in the same room as you?"

Wolfpup: "Oh, there would be no words, I'd cut his fucking throat"

Meet convicted Child Molester, Corrupted Justice.com Volunteer and 'Boylover' Activist: Jeremy Candal AKA Wolfpup.

At the moment, Jeremy's feeling quite proud of himself, we're not sure why though - It came as news to us here at Absolute Zero, that apparently after three months of 'extensive work,' Jeremy's 'taken us down:'

What's interesting then is that we're still here and in the past three months have had absolutely nothing out of the ordinary occur (aside from the arrests of some prominent members of the pedophile community).

And did you know that according to Jeremy and his mate, the only thing keeping pedophiles from kidnapping and sexually abusing a child, are the pro-pedophile message boards they post on encouraging pedophiles that there's nothing wrong with child molestation:

Jeremy is another perfect example of why the child sex offenders, Tom Madison says 'learned their lesson the first time in prison,' - don't deserve a second chance. Listen to Jeremy tell you for himself:

"Oh yea, they rehabilitated my ass alright,' you see me in the BL (BoyLove) community"

Rehabilitated indeed, just like Jon Schillaci and Benjamin Rzadca. Society gives these people a second chance, but what did they ever do to deserve it?

The question is, will Jeremy's next victim ever get a second chance?

Just Say It

"So the parents are still okay with me
and most are sympathizing with me.
Although in my heart I know they will
ask the kids if this man touch them and
when they lie and say “no” it will hurt them.
I know they know they should tell but again
for mine and there sake of embarrassment
they won’t."

........Jonathan Johnson, filthy pedophile

Perhaps now it's time to hear from one of Jonathan Johnsons's victims himself, and see if it jives with what Jizzony, the filthy pedophile has said.

Jizzony is the typical child lusting, child molesting pedofreak who believes that children enjoy being abused. And yet one of his victims says:

"If it happens just say it, just say it and get it over with."
Somehow I have the feeling, this boys statement isn't going to match Jizzony.
"He'd always say it's ok bud just don't tell anybody," says Johnson's step-son. His step-son claims for three years, he experienced the unimaginable. Wiping away tears he tells me Johnson would sneak downstairs in the middle of the night.

Obviously talking about this is hard on the boy, but for mom it's not any easier. "He hurt my baby, he hurt me. Do you have any idea what it's like to know that I slept with him, that I stood at the alter with him." Mariah Lovass was with Johnson for 5 years. She had no clue the nightmare he'd reportedly exposed her son to. And even now, years after she caught on to his lies, it's still extremely tough to handle.

All Lovass says she can do is try to be strong for her son. And together they'll move forward, but it is their past this boy wants other kids to learn from. "If it happens just say it, just say it and get it over with." It's that message that drove them to do the interview and the hopes that Johnson spends life in prison. Right now he's in jail waiting for his trial. Johnson's accused of molesting 4 boys, his step-son is the only one he won't admit to.

Sprouting Halo, Dancing Pedo

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"I've dreamed of pulling tenderness of near-terminal intensity out of hundreds of children."

Sproutinghalo, one of GirlChat's newest and finest examples of filthy pedophilia recently arrived on the scene with a bang.

"I'm a single, 32-year old professional dancer who's grappled with sexual attractions to girls between ages 7 and 11 for nearly 20 years. I'm also a registered sex offender (convicted 8 years ago for child porn possession)."

He tried to hide his conviction and his sex offender registration and at one point just completely failed to register at all. This damaged his promising career as a dance instructor. After all, would you want him teaching your child? It appears it caused him much distress, he went to B4U-ACT, an organization involved in the petition to remove all penalties for baby rapers and abolish the age of consent laws. B4U-ACT's director (and BoyChat pedophile activist) Michael Melsheimer aka "lek", referred him to GirlChat for support.
"The five years I spent in a probation-appointed sex offender treatment program destroyed my faith in the mental health profession. Since "graduating" from the program in March, 2005, I've all but ceased discussing my ongoing concerns about my sexual challenges."
Did him a lot of good, eh? Now he's going to join a group of cognitively distorted perverts who will tell him how good he is for perving on kiddies and how wrong society is for not allowing him to rape their daughters.....or get off viewing someone else's daughter being raped. Those doggone parents out there, sheesh.
What frustrates me even more than the threat of my professional livelihood being compromised is the constant reflex I wrestle with to wax self-loathing for feeling the way I do about children. I've never known what it's like to have "normal" feelings for children, and for many years, I've worried that the mere fact I've fantasized sexually about them negates my ability to do right by them. One wish of mine more achingly unfulfilled than my sexual fantasies involving children is the wish to be perceived not as a sexual predator
This man does not need a pedophile message board. In fact NO ONE needs a pedophile message board. I recently heard one extremely filthy pedofreak say "People don't understand that these message boards keep us from pulling a child off the street and acting on our fantasies"

I am appalled. If that's all that's keeping one from harming children, my opinion is that they are seriously unstable, mentally deranged and should be removed from the presence of all children, and restrained to prevent their escape. And yet.....Sproutinghalo wants a family. Yes, he wants to marry and have children.
What intelligent woman would ever willingly enter into a life partnership with somebody who suffers from these attractions, especially if having children is a mutual goal? Is it fair to raise children in the shadow of a sex crime which will forever remain on public record, threatening to alienate the family in question from the community its children require to thrive? Has anyone out there successfully married and fathered children, all the while holding their attractions at bay? If so, are your wives in on your struggles? How do you disentangle your paternal instinct from your libido...or do you find this disentanglement happens on its own? I'm afraid I'm asking too much from the world in seeking an adult partner who'd consider having children with me. Is there any conceivable alternative for a non-exclusive pedosexual wanna-be family man other than giving a Smith & Wesson hunting rifle a blow job?
Actually my personal opinion is that it's the best alternative for everyone involved. Present and future. But he might consider giving SOSEN a try, I hear those women over there just love pedos.

Visit Wikisposure to learn more about this
dangerous pedophile

Paul Christiano

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Lost in time - Retained in memory

Monday, July 07, 2008

Benjamin Rzadca, who could forget him? Or his other names.



A registered sex offender, a repeat registered sex offender, member of BoyChat, member of GirlChat, pedophile activist and RSO activist.

HERE we talked about his latest re-offense. Hanging out in a locker room perving on boys. He had a backpack. He had a hole cut in his backpack. He had a camera in the hole in his backpack. Wonder why?

In fact, the very day he was arrested he had been on BoyChat shooting off his mouth, writing one of his long diatribes about the unfairness of the sex offender registry and how not dangerous he was. Of course he also said

My sexuality is a fundamental core part of who I am

He's a pervert that's what. He's a freak that's what. He's a filthy pedophile and he can't get away from it. Nor does he want to. Can he ever be 'rehabilitated'? Cured? My answer is a resounding NO. He states clearly that even chemical castration didn't slow him down. Of course Johnny Ray Lee said the same thing......look where he is now. Take a look at this letter Rzadca wrote to his victim, keeping in mind his victim was seven years old.

Dear the-one-whom-i-love-so-long-ago, I know that I'm forced to write this letter to you per required assignment for SOTP

I'm sorry for giving you the sexual sensation of pleasure that any child would partake of as innocent and peaceful as laying in a green field covered with golden sunshine; such that will possibly never be duplicated in experience as we can't be young again and will never relive such bliss until the afterlife- hence if you believe such. How your beauty blinds the beautiful, and your flower blooms all other flowers, did I and was I able to enjoy your body and what a wonderful experience it was. Something that no dream-come-true could ever achieve, even if in the softest silk with the softest music and the lightest colors of sweetest smells.

Nobody can be compared to whom I shared such an experience with in such a state in time and space; no theory or physical law can separate my memory or our historical significance for the reality of it's invisible existence- lost in time, but retained in memory.

I'm sorry, yet I don't seek forgiveness, that is up to you and how you want it to be. You are to be loved and I do still love you- even in memory.

In-what-we-had, ioiov

Visit WIKISPOSURE to learn more, see the advice he gives on how to molest children undetected, where to look for children, how to thwart the system by registering 500 emails.

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The Pigeon Forge Pervert

Saturday, July 05, 2008

"not all urine tastes the same it's diffrent in one way or another some are just plain bad some can be sweet and lovely some can be sour or what not you just have to think what you want it to be and you'll think it's what it tastes like and won't even notice"

This is a 29 year old pedophile who is a member of the graphic pedophile forum board BoyMoment, and the now defunct Boylove.net and Global-Unity. On these forum boards he discusses such topics as drinking little boys urine and how little boys “taste"

He claims to be both a “boylover” and “girlover” whose AoA or “Age of Attraction” is the ages of 6-14. He was even present on the pedophile forum board Global-Unity the night Jack undressed with several pedophiles and encouraged a minor member of these boards, Allaloneboy, to get naked while other pedophiles showed their penises to him on webcam.

Possibly the most disturbing and dangerous aspect of Michael Baldaccini is his claim to work at and frequent the Dollywood Theme Park (owned by Dolly Parton) in his hometown of Pigeon Forge, TN with the intent to look at little boys. He even convinces the children’s parents to leave the kids with him for a day at the park.

"When I goto DollyWood in the Summer time I help people out sometimes I'd get these boys that are visiting to come up to me and ask questions bout this and that about the park. I'd gladly help them out in a few cases I've had actually been asked to goto lunch with him and his Family theres been 3 times I made a Friend with a Boy that is staying in the area for like a week or 2 and thier parents would pay me to take them to dolly wood or places around here since I get into them for free. Yes I gave them my details and all and what ever else they needed to trust me and i never had any problems. Doing stuff like this year to year makes you glad your a BL I've met very interesting lil boys mostly 9-13"

Does that surprise anyone? Not me. That's what these freaks do. They look for places to see as many kids as possible with the hopes of getting at least one. Many times they are successful.

Visit Wikisposure and read the full story of Zkish, but be warned, you'll never think of amusement parks the same again.

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"They Were Never Forced"

Friday, July 04, 2008

James Kevin Pope has been sentenced to 4,060 years in prison and a $430,000 fine in Texas after being convicted of 43 counts of sexual abuse. It took the jury a mere three hours to decide Pope's fate after evidence was presented proving his guilt. The judge has ordered that Pope serve the sentences consecutively - meaning that Pope will be eligible for parole in 3209.

Pope had been reported to authorities by a friend who was concerned about comments he was making. Upon investigation, authorities found huge amounts of child porn on Pope's computer. This evidence in addition to the testimony of three girls regarding the sexual abuse (and images found in Pope's home that substantiated the girls' claims) led to Pope's hefty sentence.

From prison, Pope tried to explain his predicament to his mother this way:

They were never forced. I treated them like adults. We discussed it. We talked about it, and the decision was made. It was never forced.

How many times have we heard this defense?

The jury and judge in this case have made it perfectly clear what we think of your "it was consensual" defense. Anyone else want to use it?