Jack McClellan's Lovely History

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm honored and delighted to have been invited to post to this blog. Thanks to all the folks who run this place, it's one of the best blogs online. :)

I've posted this on my own blog, but it doesn't get near the amount of traffic AZ gets, so, here goes!

There is a lot of press about this guy again, I've noticed. But one thing that I haven't seen any of them talk about is something that is posted on his wiki, which is what he was doing BEFORE he made his pedosite. If you take a look at it, it's pretty damned scary.

His former sites looked just like his "girl love" websites, only, instead of focusing on little girls, they focused on prostitution. Like the wiki article says, the prostitutes he wrote about, and the areas where he found them were rated, just like the little girls and the places they visit are rated.

The websites were laid out exactly the same, and he also focused on "dark places," drugs, circumcision and radio. Such a fine focus on things like this is called a fetish.

Now, fetishes themselves are not dangerous. However, when a fetishist is focused on a child, that's dangerous. Fetishists' focuses are objects to them, even if they're living things. They're things they can buy, own, use as they sexually please.

If you take a look at these pedosites, that's what they're doing all the time. When you hear sex offenders talk about their prey, you will RARELY hear remorse. You won't hear them say that they're sorry for ruining a life. Yes, they're sorry they got caught, but they felt entitled to do what they did, and the people they harmed are simply debris.

Like the folks over at AZ say, everyone keeps saying that he hasn't done anything illegal, but if you go to the wayback machine (archive.org) and take a look at http://svstreetguide.org, you'll see that 1. he HAS done illegal things he got by with (frequented prostitutes in areas where prostitution is illegal), that 2. he views little girls exactly the same objectivising way he viewed prostitutes and 3. he's got very focused fetishes that he goes on and on about.

He's very precise. He uses symbols to describe everything from price to police presence. Here is a sample entry on his prostitute site:
P, PP, L: 0-90 days, $0-$1000. U18: 0-5 years, $0-$10,000.
Plum St SE & Legion Way SE. (7-2) 3300 block of Martin Way E. (7-2) 1530 Black Lake Blvd SW. (7-2)
Areas that have potential: Blocks between State Ave NW / NE, 5th Ave SW / SE, Capitol Way NE / N, Pear St NE / SE. Sylvester Park (between Capitol Way N, Washington St SE, Legion Way SE, 7th Ave SE). Capitol Way N > Capitol Way SE > Capitol Blvd S from 5th Ave SW to Trosper Rd SE / SW in Tumwater. 4th Ave E > Martin Way E from Pear St SE / NE to Marvin Rd NE /SE in Lacey. Area around Trosper Rd SW & S 2nd Ave > Littlerock Rd SW in Tumwater.
Does anyone seriously believe that he went to those prostitutes, asked them how much they cost, and left? No.

Does anyone seriously believe that he has spent all this time and energy making a website about how to find little girls, without touching any of them? Does ANYONE?

Not me. No way in hell. He's just yet to be caught

Thanks again for inviting me to be a guest on your blog. :)

Jack's Upset

Jack McClellan likes to post photos he's taken of children in public places, on a website which caters to pedophiles and links to other websites promoting child sexual abuse. However, Jack's now feeling quite upset and "concerned for his safety," after photos of him were posted on the website of the Santa Monica Police Department to warn parents.

Poor Jack, all concerned for his safety - I doubt Jack even considered for a minute the safety of the children who's faces he plastered all over his pedo website.

Flying Purple Pedohead

Monday, July 30, 2007

Have you heard? There's a flying purple pedohead loose on YouTube. This guy claims he's not a pedophile. He also states "I support pedophiles" His argument is that we as a society are to blame for pedophiles raping children because we make pedoheads hate themselves. He says that children aren't traumatized because of being molested by a dirty old man, no he says they feel traumatized because society says it is "wrong and horrible"

Is any of this sounding familiar? Sound like any other pedoheads you know? What about when he says, "I'm not a pedophile but I might just fuck little Timmy too if I can get away with it, just to stir up things a bit"

Outraged yet? Here's the video in question, please flag it for inappropriate content. This man is encouraging pedophiles to molest children. I hope you'll take my word for the content of the video, but if you need to watch it yourself please have handy a barf bag.....you're gonna need it.

Watch our new video here as we show you the truth about filthy pedophiles. Have a laugh at these guys expense and help us send it ALL back around.

Excuse Me...

But, could the news media just once get it right? Seriously, if I read ONE more time that Jack McClellan has "not broken any laws" I'm going to scream. How do they know he hasn't? I mean, seriously. How do they know? He could be breaking laws right and left... and they wouldn't know until he was caught. That's the key word here. Jack just hasn't been CAUGHT. Doesn't mean he didn't commit a crime... just that no one has CAUGHT him doing it.

McClellan hasn't broken the law

legal experts say he hasn't broken any laws.

he just says he's attracted to children, but he's never actually molested a child," Hart said.

I'm very sorry people, but let's face facts- child molestation and rape are UNDER reported.

In most cases, however, child molestation goes unreported. Estimates are that only 35% of sexual abuse is reported. Kids can be frightened or embarrassed and many times do not say anything.

That means, there are more people doing it, than there are people getting charged for doing it.

And, just because Jack says he's never done it, or you've never seen him do it, doesn't make it so. Basically the best way you can describe his is "he's never been charged with". Not that he's never done it, just that we haven't caught him yet.

Should we really sit back and let this ticking time bomb explode at will before we take actions to protect our children?

And Now the New York Times...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Well things just seem to get worse by the day for Jack McClellan

We've talked about Jack and his fixation on photographing children at public events for his sexual pleasure before, here, here, here and here

But Jack's also been getting a lot of media attention: First it was Fox News, then it was CBS and now the New York Times is making people aware of how Jack likes to spend his free time ruining weekends for innocent families, posting photos of their children on his pro-pedophilia website.

What's also interesting to note, is what a Lieutenant from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department had to say about Jack:

"Has he acted on it? I can't say," Lieutenant Sirkel said. "But I've been in
this business for 20 years, and I have never seen one who has not."

Click here to read the New York Times Article

Mark my words, something is wrong

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Something is wrong. Something is very, very wrong. Mark my words. Something is wrong!

did anybody ever wonder........

#1 WHY does GirlChat refuse to release the new URL? Everyone knows where they are, it's been on the Wiki since July 9, and it's been on AZ since July 11. But they won't reveal it to their own pedoheads. Strange that, don't you think?

#2 WHY did no one question Melissa posting an email with a possible real name on BC? Something an ethical journalist would never do.....yet no one questions what she might do to them? Strange that, don't you think?

#3 WHY did BC withhold the information that DeepSouth was a mole......for months before revealing it to the nodding pedoheads? WHY would they protect me that way and even give me a place of honor in the digest? I'm not even PeeJ! Why are the pedoheads not asking "who's really in charge around here"? Maybe it's really me? I am afterall, everyone else (:

Strange that, don't you think? Mark my words (:
Something is wrong!

Hey Santi! How ya doin'?

**Important Pointless Reminder**

This is an emergency pointless AZ news broadcast brought to you by Lilo:

For those of us that will be chatting later tonight, please be advised that you are not to admit to any illegal activities you are currently involved with.

Happy Birthday From AZ, Nigel!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And just to make this day even more memorable, we've prepared a Nigel Oldfield:

This-is-your-life-you-filthy-pedophile video:

Happy Birthday Nigel!

Jimbo Bites the Dust

Friday, July 20, 2007

And who's this happy character?

Why it's none other than Boychat's own Jimf3 or James Patrick Finn III.

You can read more about him here:

A mix of old-fashioned and newfangled vigilante justice helped police nab a Lincoln Park man they say they caught in the act of downloading computerized child pornography.
Before deputies armed with a search warrant walked in on James Patrick Finn III, 42, at his home computer this week, he was outed by someone circulating fliers claiming Finn is a "pedophile activist," said Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans.

"They wanted to warn people that this was a guy who outwardly was an advocate of pedophilia," Evans said. "This was not
something that he was hiding."

A special HT to the folks at PeeJ's Corporate Sex Offender Registry for pulling this one off.

James Finn III was arrested due to the fliers sent out by CSO volunteers to his community. Finn, 42, then was found to have over 600 images of child pornography as well as thirty videos of child pornography. He faces a maximum of twenty years in jail. Finn was the first "featured article of the month" here on the Wikisposure project and volunteers in our forum activism area decided to selectively pepper his community with fliers

Another Boychat member, arrested for Child Pornography - What a surprise.

Initial reactions to the news at Boychat have been psychotic, this from Bill Evans:

I can't imagine Jim being stupid enough to actually have material on his computer that is illegal. Time will tell, on that one. I do find the fact that there are only 3 charges from 568 stills and 30 movies to be a telling point, though.

Just remember, he who laughs last, laughs longest.
Yes indeed Bill, and when is that court date of yours again?

Let's Help Norbert Get to Prison

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The new Anti game I suppose you could call it.

It's not very challenging though I must say....because all we have to do is sit back and watch him destroy himself.

Norbert is trying to make a political statement apparently and considering that he and Lindsay are in cahoots it comes as no surprise.

Two radical pedoheads together is gonna be some nasty business. They are puffing each other up and we all know that nothing good can possibly come of that.

Norbert made a video game you see, the Pedo Quest but before he did he asked all the little nodding pedoheads at GirlChat for ideas on stereotypical pedophilia related objects. He got some interesting answers, but his own were the most noticeable. KY Jelly for example. Amazingly enough the guy went through with it.

Yes Norbert is trying very very hard to draw attention to himself. And I do believe it's working. I have a sneaky suspicion though that the consequences aren't going to be what Norbert anticipated.

Take a look at Norbert's game. And let's see what we know about Norbert, eh?

We know he's young

We know he got kicked out of University.

We know he has radical politics.....PNVD..... Party for Neighbourly Love, Freedom, and Diversity.

Some of his goals include:

  • Lower Age of Consent to 12 and eventually abolish AOC altogether

  • Legalize private use of child pornography

  • Allow non-violent pornography to be screened on daytime television

  • Eliminate marriage in the law

  • Permit public nudity anywhere in the country

We know what he fantasizes about:

Raping little girls

And now we know what he's been watching:

"You realize how absurd it is to even have to explain the benefits of greater sexual freedom for children, when you see a child - when you see child pornography of consensual sexual contacts. You know sex can be a source of joy for children when you see a boy enjoying being sucked off or the expression on the face of a girl who is cumming while being licked out. This, of course, is one of the reasons why anti-pedophiles want all child pornography to be illegal"
Interesting here to note that not only is child pornography illegal in the Netherlands but it is also illegal to incite child sexual abuse. Also of interest is the fact that what a person fantasizes about is a greater predicter of what they will do than what they say they will do. Dr. Abel

And according to Relapse prevention with Sex Offenders
"the longer sexual fantasies are maintained and elaborated on, the greater the chance that the behavior will be acted out in real life"
"the more individuals engage in fantasy, the more motivating and more detailed the rehearsal may become, and the more able the individuals are to convince themselves to act out the behaviour in real life"
Dr. Seto said:
people are likely to choose the kind of pornography that corresponds to their sexual interests
Ken Lanning said:
P 52 Pedophiles almost always collect child pornography and/or erotica
30% to 80% of individuals who viewed child pornography and 76% of individuals who were arrested for Internet child pornography had molested a child

NCMEC said:

Forty percent (40%) of those estimated arrestees were “dual offenders,” who sexually victimized children and possessed child pornography, with both crimes discovered in the same investigation.
Crimes Against Children Research Center said

Approximately 1 in 5 arrested CP possessors (21%) had images depicting sexual violence to children such as bondage, rape, and torture
Most of all let us not forget this

Ken Lanning:
Most preferential child molesters spend their entire lives attempting to convince themselves and others that they are not perverts.
Dr. Gene Abel:
Pedophilia is the most significant cause of child molestation.

But we all already know these things don't we? And we know what they're out there doing on the internet, don't we? We know what they look for, don't we? I wonder if Norbert is one of them......One of the men out looking for:

  • molesting pics

  • childrens fuck sex child rape underage

naked preteen boys blogspot

a website with pictures of naked kids

little minor girls fucked by daddy's

preteen girls fucking older men for their first experiance

illegal child rape pics

how to molest little girls

    This one is rather interesting, as he's been here at least 8 times with similar search terms. Yeah, I'd say this guy won't be giving up until he's forced to. He just hasn't yet learned that we don't have what he's looking for. That's persistence. That's a pedophile. That's a child predator. That's what Norbert would have people believe is normal.

    HT to Jacey for graphics!


    Monday, July 16, 2007

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - July 15, 2007 - The nation's largest Catholic archdiocese has settled its abuse cases for $660 million, by far the largest payout in the church's sexual abuse scandal, The Associated Press has learned.

    The Catholic church has a problem. In my opinion it has a very large problem. A problem that has existed for years and, for those many years and more, has been continuously swept under the carpet, purposely.

    There isn't one Pope, one Cardinal, in my opinion, who isn't aware of the problem or its extent.

    Because if there is one thing that Popes and Cardinals and those in power in the Catholic church are NOT, is stupid.

    They are, however, in my opinion, human. Meaning that they are frail and desperate and cloaking and plotting.

    I find that those adults who take advantage of children are completely contemptuous on their face; those who take advantage of children from official positions of power to include Authority Figures -- such as PRIESTS, childrens' group leaders, government officials, etc., are even MORE reprehensible and contemptuous.

    The settlement is the largest ever by a Roman Catholic diocese since the clergy sexual abuse scandal erupted in Boston in 2002. The largest payout so far has been by the Diocese of Orange, Calif., in 2004, for $100 million.

    Facing a flood of abuse claims, five dioceses - Tucson, Ariz.; Spokane, Wash.; Portland, Ore.; Davenport, Iowa, and San Diego - sought bankruptcy protection.

    The tendency of the Catholic Church to minimize these problems, avoid these problems, claim they never existed, sweep them under the proverbial carpet, "move" their "problem people," is clear, overt, documented, purposeful and despicable.

    Cardinal Roger Mahony recently told parishioners in an open letter that the archdiocese was selling its high-rise administrative building and considering the sale of about 50 other nonessential church properties to raise funds for a settlement.

    A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge overseeing the cases recently ruled that Mahony could be called to testify in the second trial on schedule, and attorneys for plaintiffs wanted to call him in many more.

    The same judge also cleared the way for four people to seek punitive damages - something that could have opened the church to tens of millions of dollars in payouts if the ruling had been expanded to other cases.

    I'll be the first to openly admit: I am a Christian. I believe in God. I am not, however, a Catholic though I was surrounded, in college, by six close friends whom I called The Catholic Mafia. I was very familiar with the beliefs of Catholics, with the general Catechism of the Catholic Church -- because all my friends were Catholic.

    Victims accuse Mahony of allegedly covering up evidence of child molestation by transferring priests to other churches and for trying to keep the abuse reports secret.

    "Cardinal Mahony paying out money is great, but where is the accountability from the hierarchy of the church?" Manly said. "They will continue their lives as normal; the victims still have to deal with a lifetime of problems."

    Manly questioned why Mahony had not been held to account.

    "If what transpired under his leadership was bad enough to pay a half billion dollars, why is he still walking free, and why hasn't the district attorney taken action against him?" Manly said.

    The abuse cases also highlighted a failing of the justice authorities, Manly added.

    "I hope this causes the power structure -- Los Angeles law enforcement, the courts, the people in power -- to look at what happened and ask how, in the midst of all this stuff for 50 years, only three priests were convicted," he said.

    "By any standard that tells you law enforcement was turning a blind eye to this."

    In that precise vein, whilst a Child Abuse investigator, I had the Catholic Church purposely move and hide a priest that was a potential suspect in one of my cases. I was told in no uncertain terms by my then-supervisor that that was a perfect time to close that case as a "pend."

    Some of the victims have waited more than five decades for a chance at reconciliation and resolution," said Raymond Boucher, the main lawyer for the plaintiffs. "This is a down payment on that debt long overdue."

    So therefore, I can tell you with complete certainty that, in my opinion, the Catholic church has historically been avoiding dealing with the issue and is just now beginning to, literally, pay the price for its tacit condonation of certain heinous sexual abuse events.
    Steve Sanchez, abuse victim: "Cardinal Mahoney got off cheap today."

    It is bad enough, ladies and gentlemen, that we must endure the focus of certain demented segments of our society on our children; it is even worse when we discover some of these horrors are perpetrated by not only those in positions of governmental authority, but those in spiritual authority.

    In my opinion, there is a very special place in Hell reserved for these persons.

    I'm sorry; I find no sympathy whatsoever in my heart for the Catholic church; they reap now what they have managed to sow for so many years. And because, after all, we all know what is right and what is wrong.


    Megan's Law at Work

    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    Neighborhood alarmed to learn ice-cream truck vendor is registered sex offender

    The Press-Enterprise
    A group of Perris homeowners has launched a campaign to run their local ice cream man out of the neighborhood.

    Anthony G. Toles, his neighbors discovered recently, is a registered sex offender who has been living and driving his ice cream truck in the Villages of Avalon, a newer housing development near Lake Perris.

    On the Fourth of July, about 10 neighbors distributed 500 custom-printed door hangers alerting residents to "a potential threat to our children" driving a green ice cream truck.

    Silvia Flores / The Press-Enterprise
    A leaflet is hung on the door of a home in the Villages of Avon, a Perris subdivision, warning that the driver of a green ice cream truck is a registered sex offender.

    "They have to live somewhere," said Amanda Burnham, one neighbor who helped distribute the door hangers, "but they don't have to drive an ice cream truck."

    Toles, 48, was incensed when he heard of the neighborhood campaign. But his neighbors may get their way -- he's thinking of moving.

    "I think that it's very messed up the way everybody is judging me," he said, describing himself as a father and grandfather. "It hurts me. My pride is hurt.

    Toles pleaded guilty in 2003 to continuous sexual abuse of a child and lewd and lascivious acts against a child. The victims were described in court records as his daughters, both of whom were under 14. He was placed on three years' probation and sentenced to one year in county jail with credit for seven months served, court records show. His probation expired last July.

    Toles contends he didn't molest his daughters. He said he pleaded guilty because he had poor legal representation and didn't want to risk prison time.

    Toles, who lives with his wife in a two-story rented home, said he's no predator, that he's merely trying to earn a living selling candy, ice cream and water guns. He said he drives an ice cream truck because no one wants to hire someone with his criminal history.

    But while Toles peddled frozen treats at schools, parks and swimming pools for the past couple months, his neighbors were reporting the movements of his "dreaded green ice cream truck" on a community Internet message board. The discussion began in May with a neighbor who spotted him on the Megan's Law Internet database of registered sex offenders.

    The Megan's Law site was launched by the state Department of Justice in 2004 for residents who want to keep track of registered sex offenders in their neighborhoods.

    Sheriff's Department spokesman Jerry Franchville said Perris police checked on Toles after a neighbor reported him, but because he is no longer on parole or probation there's nothing they can do.

    Read the rest of the article here.

    Update: For California, here is the link to Megan's Law. Be informed, and be pro-active.

    If it walks like a duck......

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Hey, remember that crazy Aussie Pedohead we saw on video a few months ago? You know, the one that reminded us so much of Nigel? Well, he just lost an appeal BOO HOO.

    His name is Geoffrey Leonard and he's 73. In 1990 he was convicted of sexual assault against two brothers, then 12 and 16 years old for which he served 3 years in prison.

    In 2006 he was before the court again charged with possession of 400 child pornography images. He pled guilty.

    Then he appealed. Now his appeal application has been dismissed due to the fact that Geoffrey, being the brilliant pedohead that he is....posted an edited version of the statements made by those two boys he molested so many years ago on his website.

    Geoff lost his appeal because of it.......and now BoyChat is so very nice to share that site that cost him his appeal.....with others by linking to a mirror site of it. (The actual site is long gone) I recommend you not bother. It's huge and it's nothing more than pedobabble and just as incoherent as Nigel Oldfield, Jd420 and danyfreak. It's actually painful to read so I'll save you the trouble and show you a bit of it here. This is just a small list of Geoffrey-isms:
    • The poor kid who reaches 16 and who is innocent faces a life where he will never truly lose that innocence. He will never be truly sexually aware. he will never possess real sexual skill and his sexual relationships will always be difficult. The age of 16 is far too late to start learning about sex.

    • If we give kids bread and honey in kindergarten, they will love the stuff from then on......What I am advocating is that, starting in kindergarten, kids should be taught how to masturbate.

    • The thing is to catch the kids before their ideas become fixed

    • I would go so far as to say that I strongly suspect that most people in our society are child sexual offenders, and that all but the unfortunate few have been sexually abused.

    • People in authority do not like sex.

    • We are a minority group that behaves sexually in the way that we do because we have no other choice.

    • I firmly believe that kids should be taught to have sex from caring and skilled older partners.

    • Christianity has attempted to abolish sex

    • The ability to have good sex does not come out of the clear blue sky. It has to be learned.

    • Sex is complicated.
    Geoffrey obviously has issues. Look at a portion of a letter he wrote to one of the boys:
    What we did is considered to be the ultimate act of intimacy. God has joined us in an act which at the time seemed a little clumsy & painful but in retrospect was like entering the gates of heaven
    And as if that's not enough he posted the boys statements to police about what Geoff did to them. He edited it first of course then left this comment
    In addition there were a few charges relating to his 12 year old brother, one instance of oral sex and a couple of instances of masturbation. Hardly monstrous acts. And the whole thing is hardly the crime of the century.
    Three years in prison and Geoffrey still has no insight into his own behavior does he? He still has no recognition of the boundaries that exist between people or the realization that....well that he has issues. But it reminded me so much of
    28's statement:
    Erotic encounters, involving no penetration, should be at worst minor annoyances.
    and Demosthenes who thought it acceptable to give drugs to a child to prevent them from going through puberty.....for his own sexual gratification.

    Or Abraxas who was oblivious to the psychological discomfort a child experienced when forced to urinate in front of her classmates.

    Or Vespucci who cops a feel of a sleeping 12 year old boy

    Or Lindsay Ashford who believes 6 month old babies can consent to sex and is attracted to little girls because they are ripe

    Or Olive Fweak who thinks message boards keep him from raping children.

    Or Jack McClellan who took pictures of little girls and posted them on a pedophile website telling fellow perverts where to find them

    Or Zlurker who said
    I do not think we need to feel bad about giving in to the charms of beautiful girls. If we do not, then someone else will anyway
    Or Nigel Leigh Oldfield who said
    You must know, by now, that I will break laws that I view as unjust and I am willing to accept the consequences. And, no, the families, of which you speak would not have a cat-in-hells chance of legal action, even if I had pumped pints onto to their little cherubs (feel free to contact some and let them have my email)
    We all view Geoffrey Leonard as a total lunatic I'm sure. Watching him in the video it's hard to believe he hadn't already been committed somewhere isn't it? But are his beliefs any different than all of these other pedo activists that we've had the misfortune of crossing paths with? I'll let you decide and why don't you compare your findings with those of Febri-Chan
    with a little editting and dash of commentary to guide the viewers' perception, they take everything out of context and twist every single thing he said to make it sound like the guy is as "batshit" as every should think.......Anyway, the guy didn't seem crazy or evil to me because I know in my gut that he was probably goaded into acting that way by some vulture of a reporter who was patiently and antagonistically waiting for the guy to snap.


    Wrapping it All Out

    Sunday, July 08, 2007

    I*Love*Green*Olives (ILGO) decided to try his hand at being the next Rookiee by starting his own pedophile podcast. - "to bwing the magic back"

    Well, we here at AZU saw the potential in ILGO's wacky podcasts from the start, and decided to come up with our own variation on them. So kick back grab some popcorn and listen to Olive Fweak rap it all out

    A Question For Mr. W.J. Evans of Boychat

    Tuesday, July 03, 2007

    Hey Bill I've got one question for you: