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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hey, remember that crazy Aussie Pedohead we saw on video a few months ago? You know, the one that reminded us so much of Nigel? Well, he just lost an appeal BOO HOO.

His name is Geoffrey Leonard and he's 73. In 1990 he was convicted of sexual assault against two brothers, then 12 and 16 years old for which he served 3 years in prison.

In 2006 he was before the court again charged with possession of 400 child pornography images. He pled guilty.

Then he appealed. Now his appeal application has been dismissed due to the fact that Geoffrey, being the brilliant pedohead that he is....posted an edited version of the statements made by those two boys he molested so many years ago on his website.

Geoff lost his appeal because of it.......and now BoyChat is so very nice to share that site that cost him his appeal.....with others by linking to a mirror site of it. (The actual site is long gone) I recommend you not bother. It's huge and it's nothing more than pedobabble and just as incoherent as Nigel Oldfield, Jd420 and danyfreak. It's actually painful to read so I'll save you the trouble and show you a bit of it here. This is just a small list of Geoffrey-isms:
  • The poor kid who reaches 16 and who is innocent faces a life where he will never truly lose that innocence. He will never be truly sexually aware. he will never possess real sexual skill and his sexual relationships will always be difficult. The age of 16 is far too late to start learning about sex.

  • If we give kids bread and honey in kindergarten, they will love the stuff from then on......What I am advocating is that, starting in kindergarten, kids should be taught how to masturbate.

  • The thing is to catch the kids before their ideas become fixed

  • I would go so far as to say that I strongly suspect that most people in our society are child sexual offenders, and that all but the unfortunate few have been sexually abused.

  • People in authority do not like sex.

  • We are a minority group that behaves sexually in the way that we do because we have no other choice.

  • I firmly believe that kids should be taught to have sex from caring and skilled older partners.

  • Christianity has attempted to abolish sex

  • The ability to have good sex does not come out of the clear blue sky. It has to be learned.

  • Sex is complicated.
Geoffrey obviously has issues. Look at a portion of a letter he wrote to one of the boys:
What we did is considered to be the ultimate act of intimacy. God has joined us in an act which at the time seemed a little clumsy & painful but in retrospect was like entering the gates of heaven
And as if that's not enough he posted the boys statements to police about what Geoff did to them. He edited it first of course then left this comment
In addition there were a few charges relating to his 12 year old brother, one instance of oral sex and a couple of instances of masturbation. Hardly monstrous acts. And the whole thing is hardly the crime of the century.
Three years in prison and Geoffrey still has no insight into his own behavior does he? He still has no recognition of the boundaries that exist between people or the realization that....well that he has issues. But it reminded me so much of
28's statement:
Erotic encounters, involving no penetration, should be at worst minor annoyances.
and Demosthenes who thought it acceptable to give drugs to a child to prevent them from going through puberty.....for his own sexual gratification.

Or Abraxas who was oblivious to the psychological discomfort a child experienced when forced to urinate in front of her classmates.

Or Vespucci who cops a feel of a sleeping 12 year old boy

Or Lindsay Ashford who believes 6 month old babies can consent to sex and is attracted to little girls because they are ripe

Or Olive Fweak who thinks message boards keep him from raping children.

Or Jack McClellan who took pictures of little girls and posted them on a pedophile website telling fellow perverts where to find them

Or Zlurker who said
I do not think we need to feel bad about giving in to the charms of beautiful girls. If we do not, then someone else will anyway
Or Nigel Leigh Oldfield who said
You must know, by now, that I will break laws that I view as unjust and I am willing to accept the consequences. And, no, the families, of which you speak would not have a cat-in-hells chance of legal action, even if I had pumped pints onto to their little cherubs (feel free to contact some and let them have my email)
We all view Geoffrey Leonard as a total lunatic I'm sure. Watching him in the video it's hard to believe he hadn't already been committed somewhere isn't it? But are his beliefs any different than all of these other pedo activists that we've had the misfortune of crossing paths with? I'll let you decide and why don't you compare your findings with those of Febri-Chan
with a little editting and dash of commentary to guide the viewers' perception, they take everything out of context and twist every single thing he said to make it sound like the guy is as "batshit" as every should think.......Anyway, the guy didn't seem crazy or evil to me because I know in my gut that he was probably goaded into acting that way by some vulture of a reporter who was patiently and antagonistically waiting for the guy to snap.


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