The "Professional Victim" speaks...

Monday, December 31, 2007

For months now I have read different forums that accuse me of being a professional victim.
I guess that means that I am "professionally" a victim? A victim who is a professional?
Perhaps a Professor who is a victim?

However you want to word it .. it comes out to sound that I am being slighted as a respectable person because I claim to have been abused as a child.

Odd that only pedophiles and sex offenders will say that about me. Odd that only a perverted sick mind would dismiss my claims and automatically call me a liar.

I guess hmmmm... would a "true sexual abuse survivor" stand up to people that wish to do the same to more children?
I suppose they wish that I was too poor and struggling to have a internet connection.
Or maybe if I were too selfish to care.

How ever I became involved in this fight against pedophile destroyers cannot be true.. now can it?

Isn't that the carrot calling the apple orange?

The fact is that I am a professional victim. But not by choice.

I have all the experience of not only sexual abuse, but physical abuse, mental abuse and verbal abuse.
My experience alone is more than 4 years of college!
With a degree in abandonment and I could write my Thesis on *The Up's and down's of an unwanted child*
My profession: "Victimology". I could open a clinic, and treat other abuse survivors to become *professional victims* meaning survivors with an attitude ... thus= Thrivers.

Yes Thrivers.. like me and Brd, and a whole lot of other people out there.

One big problem I have is that I feel worthless.
I could have all these degrees and certificates.. but I'd still
feel worthless.

Children who were abused often feel worthless and its a feeling that doesn't fix itself. If I feel this way.. there must be a million other's out there
that share these same feelings. The formally abused are a forgotten bunch...BUT not anymore! We won't forget about you, like most of society has.

The US Federal Government has disability payments of around $600.00 a month. Could be a little higher but it is under $700.00 a month last I knew. In order to get these payments one must be sick mentally or physically and meet other requirements. The federal government thinks disabled people are worthless obviously when they give more to other countries and tax breaks to billionaires yet these most innocent people suffer month to month, living in poverty, some in filth and in low income properties, surrounded by drugs, alcohol and violence.

Think about that for a minute. Some are survivors of childhood abuse and they are incapable of taking care of themselves because of another human being's sexual lust..or violence this person suffers forever. And he is considered lucky because so many survivors never get any help of any kind! And therefore end up never breaking the cycle and on and on it goes!

We can help each other through this by demanding that our government take care of it's own people and become a sounding voice against child predators and child molesting pedophiles and monsters.

We can fight for truth by exposing the lies pedophiles would have society believe.

We can heal each other.

We cannot let the child victims be silenced nor forgotten anymore!

My successes in life come from hard work, many sacrifices and much suffering.
No, I am not poor or living in poverty, not on government money, nor food benefits. Its not about money, fame or reputation for me.
Its not even about if you agree.
Its about what I know and what I have seen.
Its about what BRD knows and what she has seen.

We are witnesses of the most horrible kind because not only do we have the knowledge of how pedophiles and child molesters are~ but we also have an added bonus:

Truth, Justice, Honor

Sunday, December 30, 2007

We've talked a lot lately about sex offender activists, both the offenders themselves and the family members who enable them.

The Blame Gamers we call them.

But now let's look at some people who aren't sex offenders or family members of sex offenders. People who attempt to further their cause with seemingly no motive to do so. I'd like to know who they are. I'd like to know why their compassion and empathy is directed towards people who harm others and why they blame those who are the victims.

Let's talk about the case of the judge, the lawyer and the therapist.

First up we have Australian Judge Sarah Bradley. Her case involved a 10 year old girl who was gang raped by 9 men. The prosecuting attorney described the rape as
"a form of childish experimentation, rather than one child being prevailed upon by another" and said the males including a 17, 18 and 26-year-old, were "naughty".
And Her Honor based her judgment on her own opinion that the girl
"probably agreed to have sex with all of the offenders"
This ten year old child had previously been molested multiple times AND she contracted a venereal disease during this encounter. She was subsequently removed from her foster family and returned to the community where all her victimizations had occured and in which her victimizers lived within their prestigious and now obviously influental families.

With this decision, Judge Bradley told this girl she was unimportant. That what these men did to her was just something she would have to accept. Every single one of the rapists pleaded guilty. Every single one of them received a slap on the wrist except for 6 of them who received........nothing.

Kea of GirlChat said:
"i'm not saying what happened to that girl is ok, i'm saying that holding a bunch of scared aboriginal kids up in front of australian society and accusing them of 'gang raping a ten year old girl' is a sad and pathetic response.

they aren't responsible for her, or their own situation, and sending them to jail will probably kill them"
He then went on to explain that in the Aboriginal culture it's not unusual for adults to have sex with children. And the pedofreaks bought it. Even Moth.

It reminded me of THIS story. Horrifying in itself, the reactions from the pedo community were mind boggling.

Next we have the case of Philip Russell. A Connecticut attorney who accepted the case of the music director at his church. Church officials had discovered child pornography on Robert Tate's laptop computer. The church, a prominent church, "didn't want a scandal. They wanted it to go away", according to Mr. Russell.

Mr. Russell acted swiftly. He took a sledgehammer and beat the hell out of that laptop, thus destroying the evidence and enabling Mr. Tate.

Mr. Tate had done a lot more than possess child pornography of young boys, some of it sadistic in nature. Regarding Robert Tate, Judge Alan Nevas said he had "never, ever seen such a sexual abuse history as Mr. Tate's, going back 30 years, involving trips overseas, and bringing child prostitutes to the parish and church grounds". Nevertheless, Mr. Russell who could have received 3 years in prison for his part, instead was given 1 year probation, 6 months of home confinement, a $25,000 fine and 240 hours of community service. He can reapply for his license after a period of one year. Hopefully the scumbag will be disbarred.

As for Mr. Tate? He plead guilty to possession of child pornography and will be sentenced on January 31. No one seems to know why he's only charged with CP. Perhaps it's the good ol' boy system operating in Connecticut. Mr. Russell says that he's "very relieved and happy" that the case is behind him. But what about those boys in those images? Who are they? What about those boys in Mr. Tate's extensive baby raping history?

Niki Delson is a therapist. Her clients include sex offenders. Her clients also include child sexual abuse victims. Niki is a pro-pedophile, pro sex offender activist. While Niki's peers are publishing in professional journals, Niki is publishing in the American Chronicle. I bet she leaves that off her resume though, ya think?

Niki believes that it's natural and quite normal for adults to be sexually attracted to sexually immature, sexually undeveloped prepubescent children. To back up her claim, she quotes a study by Briere, which we talked about HERE and which has been proven to be biased and purposefully deceptive.

Insanity, a legal term, may be used to defend criminal behavior if the person did not understand that what they were doing was illegal. Being mentally ill does not mean that one is insane, however. And while experts agree that mental illness which effects a persons behavior - if not curable, is treatable, while the alternative - EVIL - is not. The best you can hope for with someone who is just plain evil is behavior modification, a tortuously long process with a poor success rate. And it's easy to see why.

And yet Niki's partner Ron Kokish teaches the exact opposite, he says it's best to be evil because, well you could simply change your behavior.
"Simply put, adult sexual attraction to children is normal. It's part of biological sexuality"
"Sexual offenses are not essentially different from other cruel and selfish acts. When we pretend they are, we are simply trying to avoid acceptance of our own nature, we are barking up the wrong tree, and we are making the situation worse"
Niki, besides being the Media Director and a member of the Strategic Planning Committee of the California Coalition on Sexual Offending, is deeply involved in activism. Writing propaganda in the same style as the other blame gamers on the tabloid site American Chronicle, blogs, forums and news sites, we see her twisting statistics and studies and showing up in strange places like the eAdvocate website, SoClear Media Productions, Martijn of the Netherlands Political Pedophile Party, the Reform Sex Offender Laws Petition website, MySpace, Nigel Oldfields website, Zman's blog and the yahoo group belonging to Erika the Mouse.

Niki is an activist for sex offenders, she advocates for less restrictions, no registry, and no notification. Niki believes that pedophilia is normal. Niki is counseling sex offenders, feeding into their cognitive distortions. Niki is counseling children who have been sexually abused by the pedophiles she believes are normal. There is something not quite right with this picture.

I wonder what she would think of the pedophile Jason. I wonder what she would tell him when he said:
Masturbation has no known harmful effects on an otherwise healthy child. Even if a child were forcibly masturbated against his/her will, any harm would be minimal and quickly overcome if parents and the law took a sensible attitude toward the "assault"

Even where a child is truly forced and protests against being masturbated, any ill effects would be virtually eliminated if society would only get rid of the current sexual hysteria
I'll leave you with some thoughts from another professional who treats sex offenders. He doesn't sound at all like Niki to me. Can't you just hear her now? "I am Niki D of the American Chronicle". No they don't sound anything alike and sometimes common sense alone will tell you what's the truth and what's a lie, so let's meet Dr. Bill Glaser:

  • There are some who say that we are becoming unnecessarily panicky about child sexual abuse. The evidence is that we have not panicked enough.

  • If we had some sort of plague or epidemic which affected one in four girls, one in eight boys, there would be a national outcry about it and we would be setting up national coordinated efforts to deal with the problem as we have with modern day epidemics such as HIV.

  • Despite the implications of its Greek etymology, paedophilia is not a love of children but a lust for them. The sole aim of the paedophile is to sexually abuse children. Any display of care, affection or friendship towards the victim is always secondary to this.

  • It has often been said that paedophiles tend to be “good with children”. That is precisely what makes them so dangerous; this “goodness”is difficult to differentiate from (say)“good” parenting. One has to talk with many victims at length to realise how insidious and how overwhelming has been the influence of an offender on all aspects of their lives.

  • An incest offender is simply a paedophile who sometimes abuses his own children or young relatives.

  • And most of all,we have to understand the how and the why of paedophilia: the subtle, bizarre and cruel ways in which seemingly blameless and upright men insidiously cripple the most vulnerable members of our society. We have possessed that understanding for a long time; we have ignored it for too long.

  • The measure of successful treatment is not that of a happy perpetrator but rather of a safe victim.
Graphics courtesy of Jacey


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pedophile! Is there an uglier word in the English language that you know of? Pedophile! There is nothing worse you could call someone than a pedophile. Once someone is known as a pedophile all other possible insults go out the window. I think of them as slugs. Those slithery, slimy disgusting creatures. The only living thing on earth that serves no known purpose is a slug.....and a pedophile.

Pedophiles try to legitimize their perversion by calling themselves child lovers. Boy lovers or girl lovers for those 'exclusively' attracted. Some prefer the term minor attracted adult. MAA. They don't particularly like the term baby raper. They prefer intergenerational sex, as though softening the sound of it will improve their reputations.

We need to never, ever use those words. They are pedophiles! They are child molesters, baby rapers, soul thieves, manipulators, liars, pedovores and pedofreaks. They are freakopaths, creepazoids, monsters, predators and destroyers of children. Pedophiles are many many things, but there's one thing they're not and that's child lovers.

There was a case not long ago that got my attention. A man caught emailing a video. The video was of a young girl being sodomized. She was screaming. My first thought was of that poor child and what she went through. My next thought was that it had been captured on video. And it was being shared. Traded, emailed, spread around like a funny joke that people share. Why? Because there are men who get their sexual thrills by looking at it. They LIKE it. Nigel Leigh Oldfield aka WM Critest, he likes it. He would defend anyones right to look at it. And he does.

The cruel, senseless nature of perverts like Nigel Oldfield isn't deserving of euphemisms. There's no sugar coating what happened to the children pictured in the photos, he enjoyed. There's no sugar coating for the children which have to live with what happened to them for the rest of their lives. No matter what name pedophiles want to give themselves, here at Absolute Zero they will always be regarded as Child Molesters, Baby Rapers and Perverts.

Blame Gamer Rally in Columbus Ohio

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Below is a short video in response to some of what Tom Madison of SO Clear said at the "Silent No More" Pro-Sex Offender rally in Columbus Ohio.

Alfred Kinsey, Scientist or Baby Raper?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Concerning Steve Diamond, his wiki says:
Diamond is very cocky and full of himself. He believes he has been through all the hardships life has to offer, and therefore everyone needs to listen to what he says.
For those that don't remember him, Steve's the guy that had so many blogs hijacked by Rez from Acme Cleaning Services. Rez hijacked his blog, Stevie boy started another one and Rez promptly hijacked that one, etc. Some of his blogs only lasted mere hours. Steve is a pedophile. He's a boyhater. He's a pervert, and a stupid one at that. Why just today on BoyChat, a haven for the cognitively distorted, Steve proves once again his stupidity. He quoted Dr. Judith Reisman as saying:
"For his wholly unscientific sex experiments on at least 317 children, Kinsey’s pederast team used stopwatches to record their little victims,’ “convulsions” and “hysterical weeping (especially among the younger children)” and “striking” the [adult] “partner” who was violently sodomizing the child. Kinsey testified these torturous cries of terror were “orgasms” that the babies enjoyed."
Well what's wrong with that, you may ask. Nothing. Nothing at all. But what is wrong is what Steve had to say about it.
  • she makes it sound like hundreds of infants were being tortured
  • Is this woman delusional?...
  • she litters her essay with very emotion laden terminologies
  • she crosses the line with this behavior, to an obscene extreme
  • This is a cheap, low handed tactic, for which people like her are considered infamous
  • This has fundamentalist, extremest written all over it
  • those sorts are in utter lack of objectivity
  • They don't see clearly enough, to have the ability to make any sort of sound judgement
  • This is clearly somebody who already had their thoughts set in stone, right from the beginning...and she ran to whatever sources she could find that would back up her own bigotry...and, of course...there are many bigots like her, in this field.
  • A fine example of a moral imperialist, and a moral elitist, if ever there was one

Here's your answer Stevie boy Diamond. You quoted Dr. Reisman's words, but in your haste to look like an didn't realize that she was quoting Kinsey himself. Those words were his words. Those descriptions were his descriptions. He was the radical, he was the nonobjective one, he was the one unable to see clearly enough to make a sound judgment, he was the cheap, low handed, bigoted obscene extremist. So why don't YOU get YOUR facts straight first, eh Stevie? It seems to me that it is you who is clueless, not Dr. Reisman

Originally posted July 20, 2006:

As you may know Alfred Kinsey is considered The Father of the Sexual Revolution. His infamous publications Sexual Behavior in the Human Male 1948, and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female 1953 are directly linked to the current attitude Anything Goes.

These publications have created change in our legal system, our educational system, penal system, health care system, and societal values and mores.

His reports are widely quoted by pedophiles and those seeking abolishment of age of consent laws. However, most of us don't really know much about those reports or the far reaching effect they've had on all of our lives.

While I had intended giving you a thorough report about him, there is simply too much information out there to include here on a blog entry. So instead I'll give you a few brief facts. Enough so that you will know to dismiss pedofreaks claims with reference to Kinsey's work.

  • Much of his data was retrieved from the diaries of convicted child molesters
  • Much of his data was retrieved from a Nazi's experiments on Jewish children during WWII
  • 25-48% of his subjects were in prison and/or deviant males, of which 1400 were classified as sex offenders.
  • 'Married' women included prostitutes (as long as they lived with a pimp)
  • Much of his 'scientific' data came from pedophiles, not 'technically trained' experts as he claimed.

In 1979, after Alfred Kinsey died, Paul Gebhard his co-author and the Director of the Kinsey Institute, released some of the data used, its quite impressive, if you know what I mean.

Gebhard revealed that of the 18,000 interviews, 5,300 white males accounted for the research base in the Male Volume; of that 5,300, 2,446 were designated as convicts, 1,003 homosexuals, 50 transvestites, 117 mentally ill, 342 “Other,” 650 sexually abused boys. This yielded 4,628 n=Aberrant and 873 n=“Normal” Male subjects.
NIMH Grant The Kinsey Data; Marginal Tabulations, 1979, p. 3. -6

In Chapter 5 of Kinsey's Male volume, he reports his findings on child orgasms. His famous Table 34 gives the age of the child (a total of 317 children experimented on) ranging in age from 2 months to 14 years. He has documented the number of orgasms that he was able to illicit from them and the time it took to achieve them, measured on a stop watch. The results are appalling, including an 11 month old, 7 orgasms reported in 9 minutes. A 2.5 year old, 4 recorded in 2 minutes. A 13 year old, 3 recorded in 70 seconds. And on and on and on.

But how did they measure those orgasms on those young babies and toddlers we might wonder. From Sexual Behavior in the Human Male pp160-161
Orgasm was defined as follows:

"Extreme tension with violent convulsions: ...sudden heaving and jerking of the whole body... gasping... hands grasping, mouth distorted, sometimes with tongue protruding; whole body or parts of it spasmodically twitching...violent jerking of the penis...groaning, sobbing, or more violent cries, sometimes with an abundance of tears (especially among younger children).... hysterical laughing, talking, sadistic or masochistic reactions... extreme trembling, collapse, loss of color, and sometimes fainting of subject.... some...suffer excruciating pain and may scream ...if the penis is even touched....some...before the arrival of orgasm, will fight away from the partner and may make violent attempts to avoid climax although they derive definite pleasure from the situation."

Need I really say anything else about Kinsey?

Protesting IBLD - December 22nd, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Twice a year, the pedofreaks over at BoyChat celebrate International Boylove Day (IBLD), a day on which they light blue candles in celebration of child sexual abuse.

Meet Allan Doerner aka "Hangtwenty", a 75 year old Karaoke singer from West Palm Beach, Florida. What I don't think Allan's audiences realize when he goes on stage to sing to Ricky Martins "Livin La Vida Loca" (translates to "living the crazy life") is that Allan is also living a secret life of pedophilia and child abuse.

Throughout his life Allan has made an effort to be around boys, at one point he was the coach on a Little League baseball team, later on he hung around with street kids, kids which were already having enough trouble with their lives, Allan says:

"I was involved with street unwanted boys, mostly Puertorican... and these boys were another story..! I didn't have to say anything... or lie... They just knew..! To them, if a middleaged single white man (I was recently divorced) showed as much interest as I did in the welfare of an 11 or 13 year-old hispanic boy... there was more to it than just a fatherly concern for their welfare..! That's what they believed....

....and that's what they accepted..!"
And in one post on BoyChat, Allan confesses to having groomed and sexually abused children in the past:
I know I molested... never with force...mostly by seduction... with kindness, caring, gifts, etc.....but I refuse to think otherwise..! To repeat, the fact that someone enjoys being molested doesn't change the fact... ..(, all of you can jump all over me..)
...We all know what the law says about consensual sexual acts between adults and minors... and we all know that what the law doesn't find out, the law can't act on...
Dressed eccentrically, Allan preforms before an unsuspecting audience, a pedophile who posts on BoyChat and who has also has a history of sexually abusing children; Child Molesters like Allan are the reason why we here at Absolute Zero make an effort to protest International Boylove Day.

To protest IBLD show your support for children's innocence by burning a white candle and/or by placing this banner on your website/blog.

This Saturday, December 22nd, 2007 - Stand up against International Boylove Day!

Protest International Boylove Day

Click here to watch our International Boylove Day video from June 23, 2007.

Sarah Tofte finds it striking...

Sarah Tofte, a researcher for Human rights watch, who we mentioned here, recently went on WYNC New York Public Radio with Pro-Sex Offender Activist Linda Pehrson. Aside from the usual blame gaming you expect from the likes of Linda Perhson and the talk of "Restorative Justice," what we found interesting was a statement made by Sarah Tofte:

"This is a number that always strikes me, that I think people don't pick up on as much, but to me I find this the most striking number. Is that every year, of all new sex crimes, eighty-seven percent of new sex crimes are committed by someone who has no previous sex crimes convictions."

The implication being that 13% of new sex crimes are committed by people who already have been convicted for sexual offenses.

If we were to compare the number of people who are sexual offenders (627,217) with the entire population of the U.S (301,139,947) we'd find that sex offenders make up roughly 0.2% of the entire population.

Going by her own statistics, I wonder what it is that Sarah Tofte finds most striking about her statistic which illustrates that such a tiny percentage of the population is accounting for a disproportionately large percentage of new sex crimes - 13% committed by 0.2% of the population.

Pro-Sex Offender Rally - HIJACKED!

Friday, December 14, 2007

In Your World

What would you want?

I would ask that AZ staff please kindly refrain from censoring comments solicited by this post's question.

I would like to allow any and all comments to this post, "in the clear."

To wit:

In your world, as a respondent or commentor on AZ, frequent, infrequent, censored, allowed, what is it that you would like our world to reflect in regards to your inclinations toward children and young adults?

In your ideal world, what would that be like?

Free of rules, regulations, laws, what is it that you would embrace?

Now is your time to speak, to write, to make your thoughts and inclinations obvious, free, clear and timely.


Pedophile Pamphlets

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The pedophiles at girl chat are discussing making pamphlets to hand out to people. These pamphlets are supposed to "educate" us (society) that pedophiles are "safe", "child lovers" and "no threat to children".

Awwww pedophiles are people too. Boo hoo pedoheads are so misunderstood (as Rob would say...)


Pedophiles we got your number. We know you.

In this fight to gain acceptance, pedophiles forget that Children are people too!
Children deserve the right NOT to be abused, NOT to be sexualized and NOT to be exploited.
Children deserve the right NOT to grow up with a pedophile friend or family member using them for sex or masturbatory material.

Pedophiles want us to accept them in their lust and in their mental illness that is untreated and want us to agree that their mental illness is a sexual orientation. NOPE we won't!
Pedophiles want us to embrace them in their deviance and accept the fact that they look at children as sexual objects. NOPE we never will!

Here is some food for thought. While you think about pedophiles handing out pamphlets filled with lies about how they never would have sex with children here are some screen shots saying otherwise.

Last year a pedophile started a poll at Visions of Alice asking pedoheads if they would have sex with a little girl...people are still answering it. Here are a lot of their answers:

Oh yes if they had the chance.

This pedophile asks "what are you considering a child?"

WARNING!! The following screen shot is graphic and could cause flashbacks and or emotional trauma!

More yes answers....

This guy thinks bestiality is more worse than child molestation.

No matter what a pedophile says to the public, in a flyer, or in a newspaper article, on TV, or a radio show it is all lies. They want to have sex with children in one way or another.

The truth is that pedophiles are willing to lie and deceive society and whom ever they can so they can further their agenda. Their agenda is and always will be to have sex with children.

Politics And Pederasty

Friday, December 07, 2007

In my portion of the Left Coast of America, a San Francisco bay area talk show host, Bernie Ward, was indicted for child porn:

SAN FRANCISCO (Map, News) - San Francisco radio talk show host Bernie Ward has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of using the Internet to send and receive child pornography, his lawyer said today.

The indictment is under seal, but the charges were confirmed by Ward's lawyer, Doron Weinberg, and by his employer, KGO radio.

Weinberg said Ward, 56, pleaded not guilty to the indictment before a federal magistrate in San Francisco today.

Ward is a "famous" Left Wing talk show host in quite liberal San Francisco, a former Catholic Franciscan priest, whose attorney says:

Weinberg said the case stems from an "error of judgment" Ward made when he spent a few days in 2004 looking at pornography images and exchanging images with other adults when doing research for a book on hypocrisy.

As SNL's Church Lady once said: "Isn't that conveeeeeeeee-nient!"

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has child porn like a duck, is a former Catholic priest like a duck, what might one reasonably conclude? Politics? Or logic? Too far?


W.A.S.P. and the Columbus Ohio Rally

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cross Posted from WASP

On December 1st I arrived to a weak opposition. There was approximately 30 (maybe 40 if they were lucky) people who attended SoClears rally. This includes the speakers. I didn't get to hear the speakers though. Even though I was right behind them I couldn't hear much at all except when the Rev. yelled "That is MY son". I guess SoClear didn't want to turn the speakers up so everyone could hear their message, just the small gathering of felons, I mean supporters, that were there.

There were NO legislators or polititians who were bored enough to attend their rally. Even the 16,316 registered sex offenders in Ohio didn't bother to accept SOSEN's personal invitation.

(Well, except for The Fallen One from Cincinnati. This convicted pedophile made it a point to make his presence known.)

First Name: DEREK
Middle Name: W
Last Name: LOGUE


Home Address
2559 EDEN AV #14
CINCINNATI, OH 45219-2282

Physical Characteristics
Gender: Male
Race: White

Quivering lips and crooked teeth

Hair: Black
Eye: Brown
Height: 6'0"
DOB: 10/31/1976

or as we seen him:

So much for Margie Slagles comment to me that child molestors would not be there. But here is Margie (in purple coat) and her lawyer buddies talking to Judy Cornett (Nationally known advocate for victims of sexual abuse). You didn't see that coming did ya Margie?

Tom himself was shaken by her presence. He stammered in his speech and dropped his papers. Here is a sampling of what they were so afraid of:

Click here: The Bleepin Truth TV Show

But we knew there would be other pedophiles there like Betty's husband. The Price's looked like homeless people. Only God knows why she would want to defend someone like him.

This is Betty with another sex offender.

Looks like she "picked" a good one to talk to! LOL

Here is her husband... another "great" pick

There was news channel 4 (NBC), who did a small peice on the news but they must have felt that SoClears message wasn't that important to post it on the web.
The local newspaper the Columbus Dispatch ran an article (section B page 4... basically not important enough for at least sec. B pg1) that SoClear presented their views while ignoring Boo's from the protestors.

( I was the only person who was yelling by the way. I must have yelled a total of 5 times during the 3 hour borefest. I yelled "Cry Me A River, Sex Offender" )

The article presented Tom Madison as a liar when they couldn't find him on the registry. Wouldn't it have been nice to see that Tommy Boy likes teen girls plastered all over?

The reporter went on to say that the opposition showed little sympathy, and quoted a woman as saying that sex offenders should have no rights at all.

Then SOSEN members took it upon themselves to try to dig up information on this woman and plaster it all over the web. Were they hoping some crazy sex offender buddy would go after her? Way to go SOSEN! I've been in contact with this woman, and things don't look good for you! Can you say LAWSUIT?

This woman didn't even know your websites or groups even existed let alone contact you in the first place, yet you choose to attack her because of a comment in the newspaper. Now who is acting like a vigilante? I would like to thank SOSEN and Mike for the new WASP member!

There was also a rumor started that the only reason BACA was there was because they were "misrepresented" by WASP. Does this look like BACA doesn't want anything to do with me?

Oh yeah... and as far as someone from the protest leaving our side and telling the teen she was sorry about her brother, and taking some of your information...... DUH! Thanks for the information. Here is a pic of my sister (in black coat) getting your free information! Thanks sis!

Did you happen to notice on the back of the Human Rights Watch book you handed out that they said 25% of adults reoffend? Didn't see if they had a stat for juveniles because I have better things to do than read that junk, but that kinda blows your 3.5% stat now doesn't it?

I would just like to point out that Sex offenders wives are UGLY! That is probably why they defend them, because they can't get anyone else! Isn't that right Jackie and Linda?

I would also like to say to the photographer from “various small newspapers”…

Hey! I’m still waiting for those photos! I’m also sad that I missed the opportunity to meet Jackie, although I don’t want her John Hancock. I’m also sorry I didn’t get to see my “buddy” Mike. I made a special poster for him. Here is a pic just for you!

SoClear and SOSEN are deluding themselves if they think that lawmakers are going to take them serious. The entire organization consists of sexual abusers of children and their families (except for Ali... but she is on the wrong side of the fence if she wants to help her brother). (Other than Ali) I didn't see one person there that was convicted for urinating in public or a Romeo and Juliet situation. Do you really think they are gonna leave the wolf in charge of the sheep?

I think I am done dealing with these people. They are a waste of my time because they are no real threat.

Be Proactive, And Not Reactive !

Women Against Sexual Predators

I feel sorry for a lot of those animals

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Earlier we touched on the "empathy" displayed by girlchat members in regards to a girl being forced to urinate on a front lawn, in front of a school bus full of her classmates, now LGsouL has given us another insight into the compassion childlovers have for children, in his thread:


LGsouL starts out saying that he finds it funny that Absolute Zero talked about Child Pornorgaphers, in our post Anything you say may be used against you and then finishes up laughing about how another Girlchat member is getting married to woman to have easier access to sexually abuse her daughter.

"These are our enemies. And this is why I feel we will win. Logic over idiocy. It may take long but if this is what we are up against then oh lord we will win!"

Pedologic doesn't win you anything, except of course prison time - just ask the other "winners" Remsen Benedict, Robert Vann Smith, Jimbo finn... Childlvr4ever07 aka Rob/Tom chimes in behind LGsouL with:

Absolute Morons is right, I read all of that as well and was appauled , that someone would abuse a Dog !!!
In regards to an investigators description of the intensity of child pornography he'd witnessed:

"Pictures of a young girl, 6 or 7 years old, nude, tied to a chair and being penetrated by a dog."

Appalled that someone would abuse a dog? Never mind the girl which was tied down naked and forcibly penetrated by an animal - photographed being degraded, raped and humiliated, so that perverts could relive the sexual abuse over and over for their pleasure. Joey follows on outraged about the abuse of the dog being used to rape a child:

Joey Bishop
That's obviously not normal behavior for a dog, someone trained him to do that. I feel sorry for a lot of those animals in bestiality porn, though few seem to care, and would rather get all hysterical about CP, which is often consensual.
Consensual just like a girl being tied down or an infant being penetrated by an adult male.

Honestly I'd feel sorry for the animal in an adult porn but not in a cp. The dog isn't being abused at all compared to this girl. Do you really think a little girl wants to get banged by a dog? lol not really.
Now there's the wisdom of the ages for you.

None of these outlandish claims of CP are ever verified, so we have no idea what these investigators are actually seeing. Since no one can verify their claims they can lie to their heart's desire and interpret what they see any way they wish.
In typical pedo style, Dissident tries to attack the validity of the investigators statement, denying that sexual abuse may not have even occurred; Despite the fact that members of law enforcement would have nothing to gain from lying about photos of kids being sexually abused. In true "Childlover" style Dissident finishes up with more senselessness:
And btw, I do not think anyone should go to jail simply for wanking off to pics or videos of children.
LGSouL, had this to say in response to Absolute Zero member Violetleaves, mentioning his name:
Hehe her post is exactly what I wanted and expected. I just thought it'd be funny to use her for my amusement. And if she sees what I just said I gave her more ammo to attack me! Oh I am using a sex abuse survivor. LOL
This is the compassion that "Childlovers" have for the kids they claim to love - indifference towards a child being sexually exploited, degraded and humiliated, which they try to gloss over and even deny that any abuse occurred - they display more concern for the animal being using to penetrate a child, than for the child suffering.


Admittedly and with a bit of guilt, I have not posted to Absolute Zero in some time. Such things as Fate manages to sidearm into your life sometimes take precedence and make for diversions. And yet, in the midst of some turmoil, here I am, admiring the steadfast work, determination, courage and guts of Stitches77, Jacey and **Violet Leaves**, who essentially run the blog now. Despite this dearth of postings I still somehow manage to hold the privilege of writing for Absolute Zero and, for that, I am humbled.

It's my time to honor and respect them, their work, their determination, their sacrifice, their persistence in the face of unimagineable odds.

All you have to do is but read these posts, their varied and numerous links, to realize and recognize not only how pervasive but how well-organized are the faces of Evil not only nationally, but globally.

Things such written here are simply not brought up or addressed in polite conversation. And there are simply, but only to the beneficence of Evil, too many people inculcated by their own personal cocoons of naivete to understand the length, breadth and depth of the salacious, frothing longings of Evil and the extent to which it will attempt to reach its tentacles into our and all societies, in order to "norm" and slake their depraved sexual desires. Evil's nature is to take complete advantage of this tendency.

There are, in fact, Warriors For Innocence.

The proof is in the above photograph. It either elicits wistfulness for older, more innocent and happier days, or it causes lust. Innocence or monsters. It's that simple.

And when children thought that monsters existed and parents did their best to assuage their fears -- yes, monsters do unfortunately exist, yet in the form children would least expect: human, and sometimes their closest authority figures. Parents. Step-parents. Friends. Neighbors. Organizational leaders. Religious figures.

And what innocent children cannot understand is the level and depth of the plotting, tracking, cogitation and stalking that occurs on behalf of their predators.

When they are betrayed so thoroughly and so closely, why is it that children should trust those encountered in the rest of their lives?

These things and more I consider and ponder late this night. And still I shake my head in wonder that more people cannot understand and grasp the clear and obvious meanings and intents of those that would, essentially in clear, open and admitted fashions (see any number of pederast blogs) see and use children as nothing more than toys and tools to achieve an orgasm.

I made a post in October of 2006 where I recommended we refer to pederasts or pedofreaks as "meatbags." That was my first in a few controversial posts. That garnered 45 comments. I also wrote about even writing for this blog.

I made the "What If" post on the AZ blog -- and was in the process of working myself into my most controversial of posts. In the interim I wrote about The Nature of Evil in February of this year. I asked in April if Arthur C. Clarke had moved to Ceylon because he was a molester and received 84 comments. That was just the prelude.

In the midst of this was one of the most poignant pieces I'd ever read, Stitches77's April post "A Letter To My Abusers." I can clearly recall tears running down my cheeks as I read.

My deus ex machina came on Saturday, May 5th of this year when I wrote the "Chance To Respond" post, which directly asked molesters this question: "List for me, if you will, the personal or societal benefits of paedophilia, for both sides of the perpetrated act." I wrote: "I solicit any and all input."

And found myself essentially excoriated internally by some AZ members.

Oddly enough, that post garnered just about the greatest number of comments for any post on AZ: 120.

Since then my posts have admittedly been infrequent or non-existent.

My philosophy then and now has always been: expose pederasts to the light of day and let their own words and deeds define them. They will do their best, always, to sink their own ships if but you allow them.

I believed that then and I believe it now. I am not by nature a censorist. Nor do I believe in internal or external dissension. But I do believe in allowing the, to be blunt, child butt-fucking community to express itself whilst realizing and emphasizing to each and every public and private entity at large: they will tell you what they are and what they want.



These persons are far from the norm. Again, despite my lengthy post, allow me to be blunt once more: these are Meatbags whose ONLY desire is to plunge their penis into YOUR female child's vagina or YOUR male child's anus. For the sole end result of their orgasm.

Wesley Dodd was correct. He didn't deserve to live, and he was man enough to admit it.

WESLEY ALLEN DODD, SERIAL KILLER: I kidnapped three little boys, a 4-year-old, a 10-year-old and an 11-year-old. Two of them were raped and I killed all three of them.

MESERVE: Wesley Allen Dodd was executed shortly after this interview. He molested dozens of children before killing three of them.

DODD: These kept aggressing. They kept getting labeled to all of these crimes while -- what if I do a little bit more. I wasn't doing what I was doing.

Less than four years elapsed between the murders and Dodd's execution. He refused to appeal his case or the capital sentence, stating "I must be executed before I have an opportunity to escape or kill someone within the prison. If I do escape, I promise you I will kill prison guards if I have to and rape and enjoy every minute of it."

He chose hanging as the method of his execution "because that's the way Lee Iseli died".

While in court he said that, if he escaped from jail, he would immediately go back to "killing kids." He also requested that his hanging be televised, but this request was denied.

Dodd told the truth. All other material or writing by pederasts is extraneous and a lie. God bless those who write for and/or support Absolute Zero. You are doing God's work.


Anything you say may be used against you

Sunday, December 02, 2007

U.S. criminal investigator Flint Waters works undercover in the war on child pornography. And just like the other 800 licensed investigators working the internet, he goes for stress counseling often. Is it any wonder why? He describes some of the recent things he's found.

"A video of a toddler on a changing table who is penetrated by an adult male."

"Pictures of a young girl, 6 or 7 years old, nude, tied to a chair and being penetrated by a dog."

But Jenn aka Forlorn would have you believe that men who view those types of images should be given a slap on the wrist. After all, the viewer didn't commit an act of violence, and well it's pretty much a victimless crime isn't it? Of course Jenn would say that, her brother is entering federal prison in January on child pornography charges. He's so depressed, why he's absolutely suicidal.
"they can get through prison... can they truly get through everything else that's done to them? can they recover fully from losing everything they had?"
Jenn, like other blame gamers tends to gloss over the reality of what child pornography really is. Perhaps she stays in denial because she's not strong enough to face it. I imagine that would be hard to do. Facing the ugliness of what your loved one did. The problem is that Jenn has decided she's going to be an activist. Oh yes, she's just getting started. Why she even says "i have made up my mind on the issues based on facts". Jenn is making the same mistake the blame gamers and the pedoheads have made....she's not being honest.

For example, in her mile long, book length essay she left in a comment here - there's little gems to be found. Like this one:
these people can't help who they are as a result of genetics, but science and medicine can make strong attempts to set right what nature made wrong

some people are not born with the ability to refrain from acting out on thoughts or making bad decisions.... that can happen with severe clinical depression and other mental illnesses.... when the rest of us are 'firing' normally, they aren't capable of it.
But I have to hand it to her, she does attempt to explain her reasoning
if your neighbor writes bad checks constantly, and you accidentally over draw your account just one time, would you like to be told you can never write another check again because your neighbor screwed up so much that they don't trust anyone writing checks again?? it isn't right or fair, is it?
We're talking about sexual abuse of children Jenn. How dare you compare that to writing a bad check?
i certainly do not condone child or adult rape or child molestation. i just know that there are reasons why people make bad decisions when it comes to doing something like this... and that those reasons need to be addressed and fixed.

i don't think prison or constant civil punishment is the answer. we know that violent sexual offenders, that is, predatory violent offenders, are the minority of sex offenders. should we really continuously punish ALL of them?
Why is it acceptable to imprison someone who commits an act of sexual violence, but it's not acceptable to imprison the man who abuses his victims by manipulating and grooming them? I wonder why Jenn would feel that victims of this type of abuse aren't damaged to the same extent as the person who is violently abused? Does she not understand that the effects can actually be as bad or worse? Well, obviously not. And she obviously feels that looking at children being sexually abused is a crime not worthy of consequences. She asks the blame gamers their position on the issue
"i am very unclear about the position of SO advocate groups on CP offenders. are they including this group in the 'low-risk, non-violent' category in their fight to change SO laws?"
And gets a response from Jackie Sparling, Chief Operations Officer of SoClear Media Productions explains
"As SO Clears Chief Operations Officer, let me assure you that while we in no way support any groups such as NAMBLA, or anyone who believes that having sex with pre-pubescent children is right, we do not delineate between each "sex crime" and determine which person or person(s) we wish to repeal these laws for.

Whether you or your loved one was charged with CP, got caught in a Romeo/Juliet type situation, or was charged with sexual assault/rape doesn't even come into play with our organization. We are interested in helping to create SOLUTIONS, not more problems."
I found that interesting since that's not what Tom Madison has said. But we knew he was a liar didn't we? Read more about men who use child pornography HERE and HERE. Or take a look at Julian Dennis Godwin aka Harvardphd123 of Roar for Freedom. Or Johnny Ray Lee or Andrew Spedden. It seems lots of these activists have had and do have a problem with child pornography.

Dr Seto says
people are likely to choose the kind of pornography that corresponds to their sexual interests, so relatively few nonpedophilic men would choose illegal child pornography given the abundance of legal pornography that depicts adults
And what do these men look at?
  • 83% had images of children between the ages of 6 and 12
  • 39% had images of 3 to 5 year old children
  • 19% had images of toddlers or infants younger than 3
  • 92% had images of minors focusing on genitals or showing explicit sexual activity
  • 80% had pictures showing the sexual penetration of a child, including oral sex
  • 21% had child pornography depicting violence such as bondage, rape, or torture. Most of these involved images of children who were gagged, bound, blindfolded, or otherwise enduring sadistic sex
According to the Crimes Against Children Research Center
We found 40% of the cases involving CP possession in the N-JOV Study involved dual offenses of CP possession and child sexual victimization detected in the course of the same investigation. All of these offenders had identified child victims. An additional 15% both possessed CP and attempted to sexually victimize children by soliciting undercover investigators posing online as minors. When these cases of attempted child sexual victimization are counted, 55% of the CP possessors were dual offenders
Forlorn says that this is minor. Forlorn believes her brother received an unjust sentence and shouldn't have to go to prison for what he did. But there's more. She also believes
throughout history, we had emotionally prepared our young daughters from birth for the task of taking on marriage and a family, and we set them free when their bodies were sexually mature enough to do it. today, their bodies are sexually mature enough, but they are not emotionally prepared to take on those tasks

we expect people to be able to control their responses to 'eye candy' stimuli.... of course they should. but again, the sex drive is a very powerful tool. very powerful. and what was right several hundred years ago is no longer right now... morality has changed, but the human body has not caught up with that.
That sounds very much to me like Shirley Lowery claiming Jesus was a pedophile and having sex with prepubescent children is perfectly normal.

If these people want to be activists, if they want to reform sex offender laws, they need to be honest. No twisting of statistics, no lying, no outrageous and defensive statements for men who have committed horrible crimes against children. They should clean up their act or they will get nowhere fast.

They wanted attention. These blame gamers did. Now they have it. All eyes are upon them, watching and waiting for their next move, their next lie, their next act of twisted propaganda. Anything they say can and will be used against them.

Graphics courtesy of Jacey