We have a ZERO Recidivism Rate!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Andrew Spedden, Lancaster, PA
April 21, 2007

Arrested in 2003 and convicted in 2005 of "having one of the largest child pornography collections in county history will remain in prison for at least another three months"

Having served only 5 months of his sentence before being released on parole Andy had to attend sex offender counseling. And yet a little over a year later he's back before the court. The judge told him "You represent a very high risk of re-offending"

While in therapy Andy admitted having sex with at least 10 children between the ages of 2 and 15 while on parole, although the crimes went unreported to police. He also told a counselor that he approached children for sex at Lancaster Counter Library and that he viewed pornography on library computers. His therapist also learned that Andy used a computer at the First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster to view pornography and solicit sex using Internet chat rooms. I wonder if he told them he was a member of SOSEN?

Andy said:
Shirley, Thank you for your sharp-edged words; they need to be heard!
I'd like to clarify "paedophilia."
There were a few people who thought it best to designate me as a paedophile and/or a hebophile. However, from a licensed psychologist, who performed an independent psychological evaluation of me, and from the first RSO therapist I worked with, the diagnosis was neither paedophilia nor hebophilia. Given the fact that I was going to adult-stores and using adult-pornography as much as I was using underage-pornography, my problem was sex/love addiction, which is what I'm recovering from.
Shirley Lowery says
"Child porn is a puzzler, Sending people to prison for something they see in their own home seems un-American"
"I don't have a huge issue with child porn unless it is linked to another crime. Most of that stuff is 30 years old or older and kids who were victimized are no longer kids"
"Pedophiles love children and enjoy being around them. The majority of pedophiles never act on their fantasies so they are never exposed"
"We must watch over our children and teach them that a penis is a part of a man s anatomy and the sight of one is not an earth-shattering event"
"Kids do not always tell the truth. They are not the rulers of our nation. Adults must live in this world too. It is time that our kids are taught to co-exist with adults although many find the idea sickening"
"Can I say that I am owner and chairman of SOSEN, a support group that deals with former members all across the US and that new legislation has been introduced which interfers with our program where we have a zero recidivism rate?"
What can you possibly say to this? The woman is clearly deranged, but are all her friends and family also? Why do they not insist she gets the help she so desperately needs? I think that's a question that needs answering. When Shirley Lowery takes up the cause of one of the worst pedophile activists on the internet today why are they following her instructions and posting Dylan's No More Victims Act 2007 all over the place? Are they that distorted?

Personally I'm sick to death of reading this bitch. My jaw has dropped so many times it's now sitting on the floor and I'm in fear of a permanent disconnection from my face. If I ran across too many people like her I believe I'd start advocating for a return to lobotomies and massive shock therapy. Although in this case I doubt it could help her.

I'm going to leave you with some Shirleyisms. Have a barf bag ready.....or a straight jacket on standby just in case you run across her. I'm sure there's probably a reward for this animal somewhere.
You are the only attorney I have. I hope you will teach us how to put this nation in a choke hold.
I don't care how many of these things we must file across the nation of we can afford to do it. We can't afford to fight them but we could cause so much disruption and delay and maybe these issues would get tabled for now. How do we tie up the whole ball of wax?
Just for an example let's look at residency restrictions. Many of the area that have passed them only because nobody has challenged them. Many of these small towns don't have the money to fight to keep them. We don't have $ either but I do beleive that we could file pro se and pay only filing fees that that would cause a panic in poorer areas.

I don't know if 10 people could file 1 small claims suite with each of those individuals asking for the max allowed in that particular court or if everyone would
have to spend the $50 to ask for the maximum of $5000.

During the 60 days or so, between the time it is filed and the time of the hearing,some really creative thinking may be taking place. A loss for you means $50. A loss for them could cost $5000 for each person filing. In either case you have cost them time, money and worry
ask that it be turned into a class action and delay the hell out of it for a very long time? We can't afford to fight court battles but maybe we can afford to get states tied up in legal red tape

So many teen disappearances are internet related and the responsibility lies with parents
The way to get pedophiles out of chatrooms is to remove teens who are searching the net for sex
We have underage kids surfing the net for sex. Why aren't we seeing how many of them we can catch and jerk out of these chat rooms? Picking up some trash along the highway might teach them something about personal responsibility
The problem starts with whom we label as a sex offender. A single, non-violent incident can be a mistake, a misjudgment or a set of circumstances. There is no pattern of behavior and no life is forever altered. It would be wise to save that label for a second offense
If the public wants solutions the very best tool available is the sex offender. Who can better provide answers? It takes very little time to determine that a sex offense is a symptom and it is the symptom that gets punished.
A fifty-cent plastic whistle around a kid's neck would work wonders. Teaching them that 3 short blasts is a distress call could save lives. Getting kids off the Internet and providing all kids with a whistle are simple things that any parent can do. I guarantee that it would do far more toward prevention than anything that the government has provided us with. There are many commonsense solutions. Getting society to listen is a whole different story
Jessica (Lunsford) was not tortured and her death comes across more as an assisted suicide than a murder. It looks as if she stepped into the bags of her own accord, squatted down and waited for death.
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