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Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Experts have often wondered what proportion of men who download explicit sexual images of children also molest them. A new government study of convicted Internet offenders suggests that the number may be startlingly high: 85 percent of the offenders said they had committed acts of sexual abuse against minors, from inappropriate touching to rape."
Traffic in online child pornography has exploded in recent years, and the new study, some experts say, should be made public as soon as possible, to identify men who claim to be “just looking at pictures” but could, in fact, be predators.
Let's look at a few of these men.

First up we have actor Chris Langham

Sentenced to a mere 10 months in prison for downloading child pornography.

"Once the 43 days he has spent in jail since his conviction are taken into account, the actor will serve just over three and a half months."

Outrageous? You bet it is.

What was Chris looking at?

"One video found at his home featured a girl of eight who was being abused by her father and has since been rescued by police.

She had been subjected to what is known as 'level 5 abuse' - the most extreme level and which can include sadism and bestiality.

In the film she was bound, naked and blindfolded, and tied to a ceiling."

Next we have Charles Rust-Tierney, former president of the the Virginia ACLU, youth sports coach and an advocate for unrestricted use of the Internet in public libraries was sentenced to seven years in federal prison for sadistic child pornography.
Charles Rust-Tierney, 51, pleaded guilty in June to downloading hundreds of pornographic images of children as young as 4. Authorities said Rust-Tierney used a computer in his 11-year-old son's bedroom to view the files, which included a six-minute video that depicted sexual torture of children, set to a song by the rock band Nine Inch Nails
And what have we here?

David Arthur Joy

A pedophile who campaigned for sex with children as young as four to be legal, now sentenced to an indeterminate jail term after he pleaded guilty to 11 counts of making or possessing indecent images of children.

David, a member of the notorious Pedophile Information Exchange or P.I.E. "also had a string of previous convictions for child sex offenses dating back to the 1970s and 1980s, including the attempted rape of a young girl and indecent assault."

Now, before you get all excited, no albertRoss wasn't busted in this raid. It's just that...well, his house looks just like David's.

"As part of coordinated raids on the remaining leading members of PIE, officers from Scotland Yard's Paedophile Unit swooped on recluse Joy's one-bedroom flat.

The property was so untidy that officers had to climb around rotting piles of newspapers, rubbish and clutter to find what they were looking for, the court heard.

They eventually unearthed some 1,129 indecent images involving children as young as one in innocent-looking files by his bed, between the pages of books, in magazines and on two home computers.

Several were in the very worst "level 5" category, which includes sadism"

And now meet David's friends

61-year-old Thomas Victor O'Carroll, an out of work journalist and 67-year-old Michael John De Clare Studdert , a retired Anglican minister, were arrested in January 2006 after the Met's Paedophile Unit conducted a series of co-ordinated searches and arrests.

O'Carroll is a high-profile activist who has campaigned to legitimise certain aspects of paedophilia and was the chairman of the now defunct Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) in the UK. He has latterly been a member of the International Paedophile Child Emancipation forum (IPCE).

During the arrest phase of the operation, a search of Studdert's extensive country home, and some 17 acres of grounds, uncovered two highly sophisticated hidden compartments within his bathroom One was hidden behind a false wall by the bath and the other was hidden in the eves of the house and accessed by a secret door opposite the toilet. The 'hides' contained a massive hoard of indecent images of children, believed to be his lifetime's collection, with images from the 1950's to modern day in a variety of formats.

The formats included videos, photographic slides, cine films, photographs, magazines and photographic negatives. In terms of formats it was the widest ranging personal collection of abusive material known to the Metropolitan Police Service ever attributed to one person.

Well what was the harm in that? They were only lookin' weren't they? That shouldn't be a crime should it? Why just last year after 125 men were arrested for possession of child pornography including infants so young they had pacifiers in their mouths *d* of boychat had this to say
So, instead of saying "ohmygawdtheyareabusinginfants thebastards!" the police and news should be saying "thank goodness these kids won't remember what happened."
Let's not forget that. Let's not forget how much the filthy pedophiles just love children. And while we're remembering that, let's also remember BoyChat's very own fallen heroes Camper and Jim Finn aka Jimf3. And let's also remember GirlChat's Infinity, Lux, Taf-Kat and Nigel Oldfield all guilty of exploiting children through the use of child pornography. Sweet little pics? Child-like images? Oh no. See, Taf-Kat had
many CD's filled to bursting with my precious pictures, tens of thousands of them, all kinds, from innocent, fully clothed girls, through posed nudity, to the hardest cp you can imagine.
And Nigel had
bestiality, heterosexual sex, cross-dressing, masturbation, torture, all ages of children

Maybe some of that had to do with Nigel being an

"exhibitionist cross dressing bisexual"

I don't know, he brags about it, and he's not even remotely sorry for it. Perhaps he simply can't decide which word is a noun and which is a verb.

He had this to say about it

  • I had an unclean house
  • I have been obsessed
  • I had no sexual inhibitions whatsoever
  • I am not going to attempt to frighten the reader into abstinence
  • I hardly cared at all during the episode about these immense consequences, such was the power of the combination of contributing factors and the intensity
  • I started to create the most offensive series of photo-realistic fabrications I could imagine
  • I would describe it as though Evil was sat with me for a few weeks
  • The biggest mistake I will ever make in my life, but I don't regret it

He doesn't regret it? Well, why would he? He doesn't believe he's done anything to regret. No, you see he's only sorry he got caught. Which sounds verrrrry familiar now that you mention it....could it be the Webmaster of Boychat perhaps?
"So let's say, for the sake of argument, that he really did have child pornography...The question is, "So what?" So, Jim got to see something that we all wish we could see.
So then... maybe Jim got to see it. Should I "cluck, cluck" and say, "Oh, how could you, Jim, you've let us all down?" No. What I would say if I knew Jim got a glimpse would be, "Way to go, boy." I'd give him a thumbs-up and, if I got a chance, I'd ask for a description.
You broke the law... but you didn't do anything I don't wish I could do, too. I won't... but damn, I wish I could
Some years ago, another good friend of mine IMed me and said, "Dylan, I'm in trouble. I got caught with a boy. I'm probably going to go to prison." I think I took him completely by surprise when my response was, "Good for you."
He asked, "You aren't mad?" I said that I was to some degree pissed about the things he and the boy would both have to go through as they were ground up by the system, but the fact that he had sex with a boy? "Are you kidding? You got some!
I've got to protect my own security--don't ask me to hold on to your CD collection while you're in jail, and for the love of Timmy, if you know you're doing something illegal, don't fucking tell me about it
As far as I'm concerned, if you go to prison for something involving a boy (or a photo of a boy, or a movie of a boy, or whatever), you're not a "fallen boylover." You are a hero boylover. You did it. You've been there, you've done that
When you outlaw who we are, we don't have any choice except to be a bunch of outlaws. Gimme me a break: let me write the laws for a while. I'll make heterosexual behavior illegal, and then we'll see how long everyone else can stay out of jail. Our boylove criminals aren't something to be ashamed of; they're something to be proud of!
Some people say that Dylan Thomas's influence is limited. They say that the vomit he spews forth on a regular basis would only influence pedoheads, and they're all deluded anyway. It's easy for Dylan to puff them up with baby raping pride. They'd do it anyway with or without him.

And while that in itself may be true, there are other borderline psychotics out there. Other unstable people. People who WANT so much to Believe that they latch on to this vomit spewing, ugly, pock marked little weasel of a man. They latch on....and they hang on for dear life. Sometimes they even spread his agenda around in seemingly unlikely places. But, that's another story.

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