It never stops!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I can guarantee that many pedophiles will never stop. No matter how much we watch or keep them on sex offender registries, they will not stop exploiting and using children.

The following post is evidence that so many pedophiles do not learn that their lusts and attractions are not right, but instead they go on to harm, exploit and lust over our children!

Here is Philosophy from girlchat :

Taking pictures of chilren
Posted by Philosophy on Monday, September 17 2007 at 10:53:08pm
Okay, so this has probably been asked here before, but I have never seen it. I just bought a very nice Digital camera, and I have been wanting to take some snap shots of some children playing. Just random photos in parks, at the beach, etc.

I know that there is no law preventing this, but do you suppose this is good idea?

This guy... I am sure he has heard that taking pictures is not a good idea otherwise he wouldn't be asking for permission...or is he?
He very well could be letting people know he has pictures. He could be waiting for someone with a daughter to invite him over. Whatever the case, we know it is of no good intention.

Here is a boychatter who will never learn. Bill Evans again, and again.
How many more victims does he need before he dies? How many more boys will feel him raping them before someone locks him up to stop him from preying on children once and for all?

Does Bill Evans have a new boy target?

Or is it made up for his buddies to fantasize about?
One never can be sure, especially in Bill's case.

Bill is a monster.

He was accused of sexual penetration to boy.
Here is a collection of posts from Absolute Zero United
A newspaper link about Mr. W.J. Evans of Boychat and other goodies that you can read up about.
Here he is, relocated to a new place, sitting in a mall... watching boys.
I am sure he was watching and looking "inviting" to the boy who he says sat down with him.
Bill is a predator. He needs to be kept away from all children!

I will never stop believing that we can deal with sex offenders by locking them up in state prisons for their prison terms and then transferring them to facilities for life. They can be productive, and live kind of normally but only on those grounds. There are plenty of old state hospitals and old county ran buildings locked up and forgotten about. We can use them or rebuild on the land to make room for sex offenders. I am sure they can run with minimal expense if the pedophiles live in suites where they can function with no outside internet or shopping trips. Once their prison sentences are over they would go to these facilities, for the rest of their life.
They can make their own electricity, heat, most of the food or have it delivered, and the state would profit from their activities as well.

Then we will have no more victims of pedophiles? Sure we will ...but once caught and convicted they would be relocated for life.
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