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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Meet Christopher Wrigley aka Christopher Warwick

aka Appy

aka Apollo11

and of course Christopher Robin

Chris has been a member of BoyChat since 1996.

But he's much more than that. He's also a convicted sex offender, having been found guilty in 1999 for "distributing indecent photographs of children and also possessing indecent photographs with intent to distribute them"

The photos in question were young boys aged 5 to 15.

The most interesting aspect to me is the defense he used. On BoyChat he told them he studied Psychology in college due to his interest in childhood development. He told authorities:
Christopher Wrigley said he communicated with the men because he wanted to compare their reaction to indecent pictures.

The only reason he exchanged images with Kinloch and another American named Sonny Delite, he said, was to determine what sort of pornography interested pedophiles.
And he told the jury:

that his only interest in the photos was for his university research project on child abuse.

"Everything I've ever written, everything I've ever done is for one goal, one objective - to reduce incidences of child sexual abuse. "
Amazingly enough half of the first jury believed him and deadlocked! I'm thinking they didn't know about his activities on BoyChat and other places. Like what he said about meeting a new "young friend"
But all the while I'm getting this nagging feeling, "this kid is 13 and will be 14 in six months, he's too old for you to start a friendship."

I like to take things REAL slow... friends at 9, best friends at 11, if you know what I mean.
Or this one
I discovered why we are what we are

Pederastsy exists to provide natural function within humanity. It exists, quite simply, to provide a natural form of education for the young. Through this mentorship a human male's sexual development is shaped which is then used to maintain survival of the species.
Or this one
...This community is stronger than some of you would care to admit. I only hope that a moment will come in my future where I can highlight that strength and tell the untold true story that is the beauty of boylove...
But the strangest one of all came upon his most recent return to BoyChat:
You are NOT alone!!! :-)

Thought I'd just surface briefly to tell you life is good, actually very good... and to say that not all prolifically active members of the BL community end up behind bars (as wikisposure and perverted justice would have you believe... still, I had a laugh reading up about 'me' on their website).

One thing I've learnt with age and the work I've been doing... It's worth remembering that you don't have to be prolific as a BL activist to get your message across. 'SOFTLY, softly, catchee monkey' as they say. In these hard times, guile is required to win people's minds over.
Maybe this time Chris can stay out of prison, so he won't have to join his fellow ex-DJ's at Sure Quality Radio.

Not to mention of course his good friend Harold Spurling aka Aztram

All of these men are perfect examples of the dangers of their online communications with each other.

From the NYT
Today, pedophiles go online to seek tips for getting near children — at camps, through foster care, at community gatherings and at countless other events.

In this online community, pedophiles view themselves as the vanguard of a nascent movement seeking legalization of child pornography and the loosening of age-of-consent laws. They portray themselves as battling for children’s rights to engage in sex with adults, a fight they liken to the civil rights movement.

But the existence of this community is significant and troubling, experts said, because it reinforces beliefs that, when acted upon, are criminal. Repeatedly in these conversations, pedophiles said the discussions had helped them accept their attractions and had even allowed them to have sex with a child without guilt.

“It is rationalization that allows them to avoid admitting that their desires are harmful and illegal,” said Bill Walsh, a former commander of the Crimes Against Children Unit for the Dallas Police Department, who founded the most prominent annual national conference on the issue. “That can allow them to take that final step and cross over from fantasy into real-world offenses.”

Some pedophiles revealed that they gained access to children through their own families. Some discussed how they married to be close to the children from their wives’ previous marriages. Pedophiles who said they were fathers described moments involving their own children
Experts described the pedophiles’ online worldview as reflective of “neutralization,” a psychological rationalization used by groups that deviate from societal norms.

In essence, the groups deem potentially injurious acts and beliefs harmless. That is accomplished in part by denying that a victim is injured, condemning critics and appealing to higher loyalties — in this case, an ostensible struggle for the sexual freedom of children.
Visit Wikisposure and learn more about Christopher Wrigley

Marking the Occasion

Saturday, June 27, 2009

To mark the occasion of International Boylove Day, it seems that Wikisposure is doing their own part in raising awareness about pedophile activists on the internet...

CapNemo A.K.A. Gary Anderson

"6-12. As soon as they reach adolescence with pimples, hair - yuck."
Boypower A.K.A. Mark Speary

"In reply to "Sex with a boy?"

Quote: Yeah my vote is Yes-if I saw him naked I'd have to touch him

If I get caught boy with naked,I'd have to playing with his penis and balls with tickling'"

Justinian_Draconis A.K.A. Bean's Shadow A.K.A. Justin-Georges Coulombe

"I look forward to the day when being a BL, intergenerationalist, Ephebophilia, Hebephilia, or any other words we use to describe our relationships, are no longer a thing to be feared and hated by so many, but are instead a welcomed and encouraged members of society."
Kaylor A.K.A. Michael Matthew Kaylor

"I recognize that "pedophilia" is as legitimate and noble and ancient as "pederasty". "

However, "pedophilia is a very hard sell" ... and I believe, given various medical, philosophical, psychological, ethical, familial, legal, regional (see foo), economic (see valerio and foo), cultural, social, etc., factors, it would be "a less hard sell" to sell "pederasty". "
Nycalvin A.K.A. Peter Cowell

"17:00 * nycalvin saw a vid today of a 12yo jacking off!
17:00 <> and if their voices haven't changed
17:01 <> and, yes, i still have it!
17:01 <> surfing the forbidden sites, nycalvin?
17:01 <> yes, orestes!"
Keith A.K.A. Roger Keith Bloemers

"I am married, a father and a grandfather and still find myself drawn to boys. I love boys!"
Rhite A.K.A. Richard Hite

"i have made a chat room, every one who has been to it really likes it, i am trying to get it to be a way to meet boylovers or girllovers through out the net, and share thoughts...."
Damian A.K.A. Kyle Stanko

"i have something totally shocking to tell you all but i cant post it here.. wow i am going to need all the advice i can get... holy shit this is the turn of the century for me..let's just put it this way, im now an official bl'er..(the totally satisfied and scared shitless) Damian.."
Daze A.K.A. Danja Arend

"Don't forget that boylovers aren't just full of lust like everyone wants you to think. We really DO care about kids, and we don't want anyone to hurt em. Just wanting to do it "up the bum" isn't a part of being a boylover. It's caring. Hell, most of us don't even WANNA have sex with children."
Kalinnan A.K.A. Jessica Massey

"However, with me, it's the innocence of childhood that I'm attracted to, so if that went away, it'd be like a marriage in which one person changed and the other didn't. It would have to end..."

To read more about the individuals above, visit Wikisposure.

International Boylove Day - 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

Each year pedophiles with a sexual attraction to boys, celebrate 'International Boylove Day.' The day is a celebration of pedophilia, and perverts are encouraged spread myths of what they're "really" about. This year International Boylove Day is Saturday, June the 27th.

As part of their celebration, many pedophiles will light a blue candle, and leave it in a public place with message in the form of a note.

Antis all over the world protest the day by lighting white candles as a symbol of childrens innocence, and use the day as opportunity to raise awareness about sick people who want to hurt children to satisfy their disgusting sexual urges.

If you have a website/blog, you can raise awareness about International Boylove Day by placing this banner on your website:

Protest International Boylove Day!

'Deal with it!'

Russell Christie III used to moderate a website in the form of a message board, called the "North American Man Girl Love Association" (NAMGLA), which served as an internet portal for pedophiles - advertising and linking to child pornography. Some of Russell's posts on the NAMGLA website (he made 2,500 of them) "included shots of young girls giving adult males oral sex, photographs of children being raped, and written posts about becoming aroused while changing a baby’s diaper."

Last November, he was convicted of distributing child pornography. When he went into court earlier this week, Russell Christie was potentially facing a 30-year prison term. Until a woman testified that Christie had sexually abused her throughout her childhood:

The woman, now 28, said her encounters with Christie began when she was 9 and lived next to the campground. She said he would invite her to his home to play video games - invitations, she said, that at the time seemed innocent.

But the video game sessions soon turned to fondling, she said. By the time she was 12, Christie was plying her with alcohol and drugs in order to have sex with her and to take nude photographs of her, she said.

When her contact with him ended when she was 19, the woman said, she was heroin junkie who would travel to Newark and Paterson to buy drugs with money and transportation Christie provided in exchange for sex, she said.

"He turned me into a drug addict - a lot of hurt, a lot of pain," said the woman, who broke down several times on the witness stand. "It has destroyed any relationship that I could have with any man."

Following the testimony of Christie's victim, now a survivor, the judge tripled Christies prison term into 90 years in Federal Prison (there's no parole in the federal system, so it's effectively a life sentence). Here's what the freaks have to say about people who have been victimized by child sexual abusers:

I'd be afraid of the consequences: the legal and social consequences, firstly for the child - all the trauma that she would go through being brainwashed into thinking she was a 'victim', and all the rest of the crap, and secondly for my own sake.
If you discover the activity and turn them in, in the name of respecting the law, then the man's life is without doubt ruined. This is a given. But, there is another serious consequence. Consider what happens to the child, who will most certainly become a victim of brutal psychotheraputic braiwashing, which has as its stated goal, a requirement that the child must become a "survivor". This means that the child will have to learn to hate the man she once played with, perhaps harmlessly, and with all innocence, and feel the activities they engaged in were the epitome of evil.
Now you have almost everyone thinking that they were a "victim" of something from their childhood. I'd sure be pissed if I thought I was victimized in my childhood, but if I were to think of it as not problematic, but as a part of humanity, then it will not be problematic, but only to those who see it that way.
I get so fucking tired of seeing these ugly-ass child abuse women shouting death and destruction to all pedophiles just because some pervert cockroach did you-know-what to them when they were little girls, and how pedophiles are the new "terrorists" on the lives of innocent children.
They "help" victims of sexual abuse by deciding everything for them because the abuse made them unable to decide for themselves. You guys got water-eyes from all the bullshit smell yet?! Is it any wonder why abuse victims put a gun in their mouth - they're made to feel even shittier than they already do!

I send a clear message to these stupid assclowns: It ain't the awful memories or humiliation that fucked you up; it's pure lack of self-support. You ain't dead, you ain't a paraplegic, and you're still alive. Start living the life you want to live without blaming anyone and then you'll really recover from abuse.
From an online radio show for sexual offenders:

If you asked sex offender and pedophile activists, victims just "want" or "choose" to "hold onto what happened to them," as if it's a choice that can be made - how sexual abuse effects them. Or claim that society's somehow "brainwashed" them into being a victim.

As for Russell Christie, here's what FBI's Weysan Dun, who heads the bureau's New Jersey office, had to say about him:
"We cannot give the victims back their innocence," Dun said, "but what we have done is ensure that this man will never see another day of freedom.

"Society can take comfort in knowing that Russell Christie will never have the opportunity to hurt or exploit another child again.”

"From Little Things, Big Things Grow"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"From Little Things, Big Things Grow"

said Your Dishonor Judge Ian Dearden. You may have heard of this folk musician, civil libertarian scumbag who is now a District Judge in Queensland.

Your Dishonor had been an executive member of the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties - an Australian version of the ACLU - for 20 years and the president for 11, but when he was appointed to this position he became a victim and felt abused by "redneck letter writers" who didn't feel it was appropriate for a man who didn't believe in prison to be in a position of administering justice. He replied:

“Why should anybody be abused for advocating freedom?”

Yes, that's what the Judge said. Of course he also said:
"there was certainly a need to regulate human conduct, a need on occasions for jail time and that the only debate was how much regulation and what penalties were required"
Let's look at how he thinks human conduct should be "regulated"
A Queensland father who bashed a man caught molesting his 10-year-old son is facing a prison sentence, while the boy's attacker walks free.

Shane Thomas Davidson was at the child's house at Eagleby in June last year to watch the State of Origin match with the boy's father and a few other people. After the game, Davidson went into the boy's bedroom and began massaging the child's penis under his clothes. When the boy woke up, Davidson asked the boy to show him his penis and offered to do the same. The child refused and went to tell his father what happened. The man then attacked Davidson, dragging him outside, throwing him on to a concrete path where he struck his head and repeatedly kicking him. Davidson later underwent extensive facial surgery in the Princess Alexandra Hospital.
Your Dishonor Judge Ian Dearden said:

"There is no place in our community for a vigilante approach"
Shane Thomas Davidson was spared jail despite pleading guilty to molesting the boy on State Of Origin night last year. Judge Ian Dearden told Beenleigh District Court the sentence was reduced because the young victim's father had wrongly taken action into his own hands and badly beaten Davidson.

In handing down his sentence on Monday, Justice Dearden said adult offenders who committed sex offences against children must serve actual jail time – unless exceptional circumstances were found to exist.

"This is one of those rare and exceptional cases," he said. "When an individual takes the matter of punishment into their own hands, the offence committed by the person may be far, far more serious and, therefore, have far more serious consequences then the original offence."
The boy's father is facing life in prison. And the pedophile himself? He said
he regretted what he had done but didn't think it was something he should go to jail for.

"As far as these sorts of offences go, it's pretty minor."
Your Dishonor agreed with the child molester that what he had done was minor. Your Dishonor didn't feel this child deserved justice. This child who is now without the father who was protecting his own home. But this isn't the first time Your Dishonor has behaved so shamelessly and with such reckless disregard
A Brisbane man Brett Ashley Connor appeared before Judge Dearden charged with with possessing 90 child porn images. The judge sentenced Connor to nine months' jail wholly suspended because of mitigating factors including Connor's co-operation with authorities and the lack of apparent distribution of the images.

Brothers Shammi and Shamal Chand escaped jail in Dearden's court after pleading guilty to savagely bashing an invalid pensioner with a baseball bat. Handing both brothers wholly suspended jail sentences, Judge Dearden said he took into account their own misery following the death of their father, the difficulties Shammi Chand faced supporting his extended family and Shamal Chand's battle with drugs and mental illness.
And for another sexual abuse case, a teacher who also filmed his abuse of a student then threatened to "hurt her" if she told:
A Former north Queensland high school teacher has been jailed after a court overturned his suspended sentence for molesting a female student.

Steven Peter Quick, 29, of Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast, originally avoided jail when Brisbane District Court Judge Ian Dearden sentenced him to a wholly suspended 18-month jail term and 12-month intensive correction order.

Justice de Jersey found that Judge Dearden didn't take enough notice of the damage done to the victim, that he incorrectly regarded as relevant that she gave “some level of consent”, and that he did not give enough weight to Quick's threats to harm the girl.

The chief justice also found that Quick's remorse was only self-pitying and he lacked true insight into the damage he had done.
There are those paying attention to this type of behavior however. After the most recent ruling this shameful judge thought he'd get away with:
The case has sparked widespread community outrage and child safety campaigner Hetty Johnston described Davidson's sentence as "woefully wrong".

And yesterday Attorney-General Cameron Dick called for a transcript of the judge's sentencing remarks to determine whether the state should appeal. He has 28 days from the June 15 date of sentencing to lodge an appeal.

Meanwhile, the Liberal National Party's deputy leader Lawrence Springborg said the case highlighted the need for Queensland's sentencing laws to be overhauled "to reflect community standards".
Your Dishonor Judge Ian Dearden says
"There is no place in our community for a vigilante approach"
Society says "There is no place in our community for child molesters or their enabling judges"

The Dishonorable Judge Dearden - the folk musician feels a close affinity to these lyrics
Justice is a constant struggle
I’m struggling on
We are all struggling on.
But I don't believe he even knows what justice is. He once titled a speech "From Little Things, Big Things Grow" - I don't think it should be a struggle for him to know how the "little decisions" he makes today feed those who use and abuse children for sexual gratification. This Judge is a part of that cycle of abuse.

Please let your voice be heard and speak loudly about this horrendous injustice and demand that he be removed from a position which he has and continues to abuse in his personal mission of freedom for criminals. Demand he be removed. Demand justice for this boy.

Please write or phone the Beenleigh District Court at this address and in demanding justice let it be known that there is no place in any community for those who sexually abuse children or enable those who do.

Cnr Kent and James Street
PO Box 383, Beenleigh 4207
Beenleigh Qld 4207

Telephone: (07) 3884 7512
Richard Valdemar wrote:
The critics of vigilantism say that the enforcement of laws is the job of the police and other government agencies. However, vigilantes are born when proper authorities fail to protect and serve, and government agencies became bloated and bureaucratic. So my advice to cities, counties, states, and federal authorities is; if you don't want vigilantes - do your friggin' jobs.

We knew in our hearts about Donald Shepherd

Friday, June 19, 2009

Donald Shepherd A.K.A. Douglas Shepherd's grandmother:

"He did have a tendency toward little girls," she said. "We tried to steer him away. We hoped he was straightening up but we knew in our hearts."

It came as no surprise for us here at Absolute Zero to hear that GirlChat poster and nanny, Donald Shepherd was sexually abusing the children he was being employed and trusted to care for. Just look at some of the things he was saying on GirlChat and BoyChat:

Donald Shepherd A.K.A. Emovocals
It would seem that most parents won't even consider a male to care for their children. It would seem that any man who shows interest in domestic duties or children has to be either homosexual or pedosexual, and they almost always have alterior motives.

Hah Hah. I Scoff at you twice american. Scoff Scoff. Lol.

People can be so stupid. I was offered tso postions today and both have all little girls. One says that she Applaudes my boldness because it rare to find male nanny.
Donald Shepherd A.K.A. Emovocals
You guys will never believe this, but its the truth. I have landed a job with a mom that looks like she’s my age, and is absolutely Gorgeous. A 7yo little girl and the rest boys. I think its going to be sweet. To make things even better. She’s a pinup model.
Donald Shepherd A.K.A. Emovocals
Most of you know my position though. I have two children in my current position and I walk them to school and such. I get to see all the cute boys that go to school there. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous lol.
A post titled "Pedophile Activism:"
So, I have been thinking lately. Since my career as a Nanny. There I have said it, is over. I thought I would bet back into what really matters. Bing that this is a huge part of my life, and there is no way to change that. I thought I might looking into activism.....
Donald had trouble written all over him - an admitted pedophile, exploiting peoples trust, working as a caregiver for children. His family (or at least his grandmother) was aware that he had a sexual interest in children, and just hoped that he'd "straighten up" on his own, while he was left to post on pedophile forums like GirlChat and BoyChat. Now, Donald has sexually exploited two children (probably more) and is, at the least, looking at a long stretch of time in the slammer.

Now let's go to GirlChat 2009 - just a few days ago another poster there, "Justincredible:"
Ok long story short my family is trying to have me committed. they have went to the court and all written out statements saying that i admitted to them that i was a pedophile and that they believe i may be a danger to myself or someone else. (i know i shouldn't have told)
any advice at all would be greatly appreciated, should i just leave and not go? should i turn myself in and try to work with them? i'm really lost right now, please help.
Obviously, he's looking for help in all the wrong places, that goes without saying - take a look at the advice his pedopals give him:

Unless you have the money to pay for a good lawyer to fight this in court, you're gonna be screwed. It is a VERY uphill battle to fight against psychiatric commitment in the USA, and the worst is when your family is putting the request forward (rather than fighting it). And unless your idea of a life is to spend the rest of your life under numbing down, and dumbing down drugs, you really don't wanna be committed.

You will have to leave your state, period. And preferrably the USA itself.

So… step by step…
Why get professional psychiatric help for your problem and try to live a healthy life, when you can deny there's anything wrong with you and flee the country?

In an ideal world, fighting such an order would be the best route.

Unfortunately your recent behavior in the past has been rash and in light of our present environment; self-destructive. ( Like going off on your young friend because she had a BF.)
You need to speak to an attorney to find out what your rights are, preferably one who is concerned with civil liberties. I am not sure what the laws are where you live, but I will say you were foolish to act the way you did when you socialize and work with kids. Common sense could have prevented much of this, as would not coming out to a family who you surely knew was not very open minded to begin with. I don't know you, so I don't know if you're actually prone to forcing yourself on a child.
Although you haven't committed a crime, I do agree that if the courts deem you a danger than can and will commit you against your will, and given the current hysteria against our kind...
Here's what they say about his family:

AFTER convincing your family and the authorities that you do not pose a danger to children, and after the "order of apprehension" no longer is in effect, THEN move far, far away from your family and start a new life, and be more circumspect there.
Finally. If I were in your shoes, I would disown my family. With family like that who needs enemies? And I wouldn't walk away from them quietly.
His family is acting to help their son deal with his problem before he acts out, affecting the lives of children, and effectively ruining the rest of his own life, like someone else we know...

Donalds family knew about him too, but they didn't try to do anything.

Standing up for what you believe in

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am harmless. I can promise you that.
Emovocals faces up to life in prison after he was arrested and charged Wednesday on accusations of molesting a 10-year-old boy whose Grand Isle County family said they hired him over the Internet as a nanny.
Is anyone really surprised? Another member of GirlChat and BoyChat preying on children, putting himself in a position to be in close contact with children, pretending to just "love children why he'd never hurt children" as the typical filthy pedophile always does.

We first wrote about Douglas Shepherd

aka Donald Shepherd aka Emovocals, JonnyXO, Philosophy and Kyva when we discovered this pedophile advertising to be a nanny online in 2007 Searching for a Nanny? Read This

"Steve Lampert, CEO of, said company records list no one with the suspect’s given name, but they do contain two aliases Vermont police say Shepherd used.

An account under one alias, Parker Wilder, was closed in August 2008 after a family complained about him; a listing for a Donald Shepherd, the name law enforcement says the boy used in referring to his nanny, had been shut down in December 2006, also following a complaint"
So this is to be expected:
Shepherd admitted the inappropriate activity included touching, oral sex and the taking of explicit photographs. According to police, Shepherd said he initially felt like a father figure for the boy but later the "dynamic changed and turned into, you know, I see him as a lover."
Shepherd had nothing to say as he left the Grand Isle Courthouse charged with a list of sex crimes, including aggravated sexual assault on a child. Investigators say that Shepherd will likely face child porn charges. That part of the investigation is just beginning but it's expected to be huge, with thousands of images found on Shepherd's electronic equipment, including photos of the victim in this case.
Shepherd told law enforcement he had had worked with children in California, Florida, Michigan, and at summer camps for boys in Texas and New York. He had also been approved to be a substitute teacher in Grand Isle County. Police are concerned that there could be other victims out there.
People who think that pedophiles chatting amongst each other in online pedo groups are "just chatting and gaining support" from each other need to think twice. That isn't what they are doing at all. They are trying to gain validation so they don't have to face what they really are. They're feeding each others demented desires for children which DOES encourage them to act out.

They say they're exercising free speech, but the Anti's say they are endangering children by messing with the distorted minds of fellow pedophiles, feeding them "girl moments" and "boy moments" and glorifying child sexual abuse.

They are participating in hate speech.

Their targets: children.
"People are being jailed just for being attracted to children. Isn't that what you tell me when I would give out information about myself on this board? Hell, now I am on some ass hole's blog. My pictures and all. That is what happens though when you stand up for something you believe in. I risk the chance everyday of being found out and investgated. How do you think that makes me feel?

I am not asking you to look past the things I have done, or except my lies. I am only asking you to stop your madness. I am harmless. I can promise you that. I just need people to talk to. I hope that some of this will sink in, but I doubt it."

'The man that I am'

Friday, June 12, 2009

Spike A.K.A. Michael McCormick is invited to a friends graduation party, while at the party he encounters a three year old girl.


"I answered all her questions, for a 3 year old I was intrigued by her language and how proper she talked! She then did a very odd thing, she got up, came right up to me, crawled onto my lap and then said "I like you Spike!" and then stuck her thumb in her mouth, laid her little head on my chest and went sound to sleep (took about 2 mins tops for all this to happen!) She had strawberry blonde hair, very cute face, and though she is not quite in my AoA she still had me weak in the knees! The first thing I was struck with was her smell, like I said it's been a while since I've gotten this close to a lg, and that smell brought back so many memories, it was literally overwhelming me! I was breathing her smell in, and that smell...I don't know if you guys know what I'm talking about here, but every lg that I've ever gotten close to has a distinct smell about them that just overwhelms you, it literally is intoxicating, it's almost like a frangrance from an oil that just saturates your nose, and you can literally taste it it's so strong.... this smell I totally forgot about until this little girl climbed on my lap and went straight to sleep in my arms."

His friend trusted him, bringing him to her party and this is what's going through his head. If only they knew... here's how the other freaks respond:

she said "H doesn't usually do that kind of thing, she must really like you!"

…how is it so difficult for non-paeds?? or why is it so easy for us??

But, really, it just comes naturally. Too naturally.
Grooming children comes naturally says Lgsinmyheart, he goes on...

I don't know if you guys know what I'm talking about here,

I do know.

And yes, it's opium!! Opium!!!!!!
Childrens bodies are opium for the pedophiles, and they'll do anything to get their fix.

I completely understand what you mean about the intoxicating scent of LG's. It's euphoric.
What a fantastic story that was Spike. It's funny as I was reading this and even before you used the word "intoxicating", that was the very word that popped into my head to describe that smell. A sort of fresh and virginal smell which defines the purity that permeates from their pores.
It's difficult for most parents and caregivers to imagine that people as sick as this exist, often when a parent sees another adult, that they're familiar with, taking an interest in their child they give them the benefit of the doubt or the thought that the other adult is sexually interested in their child never crosses their mind. This is what pedophiles and child molesters exploit - the trust that parents and caregivers place in them, that they're people who have good intentions, not the sick distorted freaks that they actually are:

After a while, her sleep was interrupted by her Mother coming into the living room, and apologized to me for her doing that. I told her not to apologize, and she said "H doesn't usually do that kind of thing, she must really like you!" and then the graduate comes in and says "H found herself a boyfriend? Well she couldn't pick one better than Spike!" Talk about an honor! I am truly blessed to be the man that I am!
Ah yes, the ol apology on behalf of my gorgeous daughter for "bugging" you. heh heh

Glad you had a good time.

'I would have cheered him'

Saturday, June 06, 2009

There was a warrant for Jose Carrasquillo (left) on another case and a history of 17 previous arrests for multiple crimes including rape when law enforcement issued an urgent request for help finding him.

He was a suspect in the investigation of the brutal rape of an 11-year old girl:

"The incident occurred near Conwell Middle School, only a few blocks from their rowhouse. The girl had just dropped her 4-year-old sister off at a daycare and was heading to school that morning, alone, when Carrasquillo pounced, police said. He told her he had a gun and forced her to follow him six blocks to an alley, police said."

"The attack was so brutal that the child had to be hospitalized and required surgery. Her attacker is not alleged to have beaten her - the surgery was required because of the ferocity of the sexual assault."

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey urged anyone who might have information to call the police, saying the attacker "is not someone we can afford to have on our streets for any length of time."

"We've got to get this guy, and we've got to get him quick," Ramsey said.

Jose Carrasquillo was also accused of "groping" two other students on the same day, following one into a high school and trying to force his way into a day care. Authorities made it clear that they were interested in Carrasquillo, and considered time of the utmost importance to prevent another child from suffering the same type of assault. Approximately 40 minutes after the request Carrasquillo was detained by members of the public:
Investigators canvassed the neighborhood showing Carasquillo's photo.

Then, on Tuesday afternoon, surveillance video from a business at the corner of Front and Clearfield streets captured Vargas and Genval confronting Carasquillo. One of them is even shown holding a newspaper with a police composite sketch of the attacker next to Carasquillo's face before beating him down and holding him for police.

The two men who identified and detained Carasquillo, David Vargas and Fernando Genval recieved a reward of $11,500 which they split:
"We want to present these checks to you and say thank you for stepping up," FOP President John McNesby said Friday as he presented the checks.
McNesby says Genaval and Vargas donated some of the reward back to the Police Survivors Fund and some to the family of the victim.
So, what you have is someone who was very highly sought after, for possibly intimidating an 11-year old girl into an alley with threats that he had a gun, before raping her repeatedly to the point where she was hospitalized and required surgery. Members of the public chased down Carrasquillo, and a crowd of concerned people attacked and helped detain him until Police arrived. Let's get the GirlChat "Girl-Lovers" take on the matter:

Even if this man is the guilty party, condoning the lynching of any suspect for any crime is abhorrent.

The message now is that it is okay to beat up and lynch pedophiles.
Here you have a man who likely raped an 11-year old girl and Shadowdweller can't understand why people might be feel hostility toward him, BlackMyHeart responds...

Actually, the message is that it's OK to beat up suspected rapists.

Don't make the mistake of thinking this guy is on our side, if he's guilty of the crime in question. Don't use the word 'pedophile' the way everyone else does. If he raped the girl, he got what he deserved, though I don't condone the actions of the vigilante mob, and think they should be punished.
That's enough to set child-stalker Jack McClellan off.

Jack McClellan
The way I see it, he clearly would have been justified responding to such potentially lethal force with lethal force, pulling out a gun, and blowing those vigilantes/cop wanna-bees some new buttholes. And if he did, I would have cheered him and considered it a victory for our side--not because I consider ethical pedos such as ourselves to be the equivalent of someone who forcibly rapes children, but because I've personally experienced numerous times that most of the general public (including cops who should know better) do.
What a victory for "Girl-Love" - This is how a man who describes himself as a "Child-Lover" responds; claiming that it would be victory if a man who is a suspected child-rapist, attacked members of the public, trying to detain him. And Jack's not alone in his belief, at least not at GirlChat, here's how some of the other "Girl-Lovers" responded to him:

We don't know that the "rape" of the 11f was actually a rape, instead of only classified and prosecuted as such because of the law.
awesome post

And for those already convicted of molesting children? Let's check the absolute brilliance of the deliriously impulsive Zman who believes that citizens acting on a request from law enforcement to detain a man believed to be an extreme risk and who was already wanted by authorities will somehow get sex offender laws repealed. It's baffling, what does one have to do with the other?

This proves the public cannot handle the information they receive, and the police need to stop releasing this information, and just do their jobs!!!

Keep it up folks, you will help get the sex offender laws repealed.

Heroes my a__, they are vigilantes who should be arrested.

"It's shocking that the police are not going to do anything in response to what is essentially mob violence against this guy"
But the police DID do something. They gave them a reward.

Enough with the pedofreaks

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey
"There is something called a citizen's arrest

Video surveillance shows the suspect trying to flee and the crowd acted to prevent him from getting away."
And here's what the father of the 11-year old girl had to say about David Vargas and Fernando Genval
...As for the men who captured Carrasquillo, the father calls them "heroes" who cared enough about a little girl to take action.