'We believe it is censorship'

Friday, February 20, 2009

To date, Amazon.com has continued to knowingly sell pro-pedophile books under the guise that it's "censorship" not to:

"Amazon.com believes it is censorship not to sell certain titles because we believe their message is objectionable. Therefore, we'll continue to make controversial works available in the United States and everywhere else, except where they're prohibited by law.

Another one of these books that we haven't yet talked about appears in the form of "The Witch's Bible." Authored by Gavin and Yvonne Frost, in a chapter titled "Initiation and Fertility Services," the book describes bizarre sexual rituals which children must undergo:
“It is hoped by Wicca that the first full sexual experience will take place in the plesant surroundings of the coven and that the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of the experience will lead the child to a complete life."
Prior to that "sexual experience" taking place, the book gives instructions on how to produce a homemade "phallus" (dildo) out of wood, nylon cord, and wax and suggests that a child must begin this initiation "When a child develops to a stage where the physical attributes of reproduction are present..." (so in range between 10-12 years old):
“At the last sabbat or eshbat before the initiation, the female novice is given the sacred phallus (dildo) and the instruction sheet in Table 5 so that she can learn to insert and remove the phallus quickly and comfortably. She is also taught how she should lie and what she should do during the initiation ceremony. ”
"You have been entrusted with two phali (dildo); these are in your care until your initiation. We would like you to be initiated at the next coven meeting, which will take place on …. This means that, excluding your menstruation time, you have three weeks to prepare your muscles for introitus. Your father or your sponsor will help you if you have any difficulties or pain. You may have to delay your initiation, but there is plenty of time and no need to hurry. These are important development phases. Relax and take your time. You have no hymen; there is no restriction except the vaginal muscles."
It sounds a lot like rape using an object, but despite the behavior this book encourages Amazon.com continues to sell it anyway.

What's confusing however is that Amazon.com recently stopped selling a video game with a similar theme:
"In Rapelay, gamers direct a character to sexually assault a mother and her two young daughters at an underground station, before raping any of a selection female characters."
"Rapelay, which was released in 2006, encourages players to force the virtual woman they rape to have an abortion. If they are allowed to give birth the woman throws the player's character under a train, according to reviews of the game. It also has a feature allowing several players to team up against individual women. "
Here's how Amazon.com replied:
"We determined that we did not want to be selling this particular item,"
Quite frankly, I'm surprised; what ever happened to "Amazon.com believes it is censorship not to sell certain titles because we believe their message is objectionable"?

I would have thought Jeff Bezos would gladly sell a product which promotes raping women, considering that he stand's by selling books which encourage adults to molest and sexually abuse children.

Innermost secrets

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dante Snake1116 AKA Steven John Bagley didn't have a very visible presence in online pedophile message boards, at least on the surface.

He kept most of his discussion to private chat, some of which were admissions of guilt:

"But, I suppose there's no harm in me telling...what are the serious chances of anyone ehre but Mike acutally knowing me in real life? Unless any of you live in RI."

"Child porn? I'll get horned up from it yeah, and jerk once in a while."

During the course of his online conversations, Steven bragged of children he'd sexually abused. He also mentioned children he was in close proximity to:
There's this adorable 3 year old boy upstairs from me. I avoid spending time aroudn him prolonged and alone.It's ahrd for me to hide a boner. lol
Talking about a 4 year old child was who also in the house with him:
It's just me and my dad watching her right now, and he's playing his game.
Fortunately he was also chatting to a Perverted Justice.com volunteer, the volunteers at Perverted Justice were able to identify Steven and contacted law enforcement in his area:

Read more about Steven Bagley at Wikisposure, but be warned the article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

"If the police came knocking on my door"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do you find it interesting when those that preach "tolerance" the loudest sometimes are the most intolerant? I do. Let's take a look at that.

Here is Daniel Thorlby aka Carrollingian.

He's just another filthy pedophile from GirlChat.

We wrote about his roommate Brother Chubba here

So what's so special abut Daniel? Well you see Daniel Thorlby is a member of the British National Party. A man who wants to molest little girls and be accepted for it running for office as a member of the BNP? That strikes me as a little odd personally. He's quite proud of the photos taken of him along side Nick Griffin. I wonder what Nick Griffin thinks of Daniel? Perhaps he just shakes his head and says "What a strange duck" but I think more likely he just doesn't know.... despite Daniel's assertions that he's "out" to everyone in his life.

I think Daniel Thorlby is just a typical pedophile who -- in his own words -- "pervs on girls" and fancies himself a writer. Yes a journalist, playwright, poet and pedo savior. He wrote a long essay and was published on IPCE -- "International Pedophile and Child Emancipation" Perhaps one day we'll see his books on Amazon.com - the primary distributor of pedophile propaganda.

Daniel Thorlby is in fact such a brilliant politician that he came up with several different plans for pedo activism. One included all pedophiles doing something to get themselves fired so they could all be supported by the state -- and since there are so many pedophiles you know it would financially ruin the taxpayers. I guess that will show them eh? Wonder if he ran his theory by Nick Griffin the head of the BNP?

Between Daniel and his roomie Steve they say they've met several pedophiles at their home. From Tom O'Carroll to Foreverman, Docter Marten and Seamus. Who are those people? Well we know Tom of course. Let's try to find out the others, shall we?

Daniel has gone so far in fact that he has devised a plan for a pedophile army. He called it the PLO as in Paedophile Liberation Organization.
My fantasy at the moment is to form a paedophile army, then to stage a demonstration for pro-paedophilia in the middle of some big city. All those paedophobic bastards who come out to throw rocks at us and shoot us, and all the police who come to break us up etc. will then be legitimate targets for all of the PLO (paedophile liberation organization) snipers that are staged around the area.

And this will only be legitimate because there is NO OTHER WAY. Paedophiles do not WANT to be violent. But what other option is there. We are still RIGHT. Just because all other options for paedophile liberation have been exhausted, does not mean we have stopped being RIGHT. We must continue to do something!...

Now back to reality. If the police came knocking on my door, I would take a few of them down with me. I think I've said this before. Be warned, Mike.

Well naturally I can see what he's saying, there's simply NO OTHER WAY. They don't really WANT to be violent, they don't really WANT to be snipers, they don't really WANT to take out the police if they come knocking at their door. But really now, it appears there is no other way.

Visit Wikisposure and read about Daniel Thorlby. But be warned the article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

'It's for your own good'

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"It's for your own good"

Says the 'Sigpic' of a former moderator on the GirlChat message board, but what good could possibly come from pedophiles congregating on the internet to feed into each others distortions?

About as much good that can come from the books Amazon.com sells to pedophiles, portraying children as wanting to be sexually abused....


The GirlChat Moderator whose sigpic featured those words belongs to Brother Chubba:

"Its not that people all think acting on our feelings is wrong, but any of us who ARE, could never talk about it. Those lucky bastards are out there...and we will never know."

No there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of a child for your sexual pleasure.... at least at GirlChat, in fact if you are you're even "lucky" according to Chubba. I wonder whether he thinks that men like Dylan Thomas AKA Jon Schillaci are lucky too?

This kind of distorted thinking lives at the core of pedophile message boards, and while Chubba thinks that he can look out for the "good" of the other pedophiles by fostering their rationalizations, eventually they have to face the reality that exists outside of GirlChat...

....Meet reality....

Brother Chubba AKA Stephen Wilkes:

"Does anyone esle get REALLY angry when they see

a hate filled TV program going on about the evils of paedophilia and how all of us are sick and either need psychological help or need hanging?"

What makes some of Stephens posts on GirlChat so unnerving is the constant references to children he's in regular contact with:
Jasmine, my niece, she is amazing, so tiny and teeny, so beautiful. She still has misgivings about me, but seems to be kinda geting used to me, by the end of my last visit (this morning) she was quite happy to lie on a cushion beneath me and watch as I rattled her..erm...rattley thingy...then I watch as her tiny hands try to grasp it and stick it in her mouth...hehe... its so adorable really. She even to a shcne to my ring, grabbing my hand and trying to manouvere my ring nito her mouth too...hehe.
I know a couple of little girls (apart from Sarah) who cn enchant me in the same way....one of which I am HIGHLY sexually attracted to (Rebeccah, 11 and so damn sexy I could cry) and Bronwyn, only 4 but so cute and so gentle and freindly.
Me and Sarah don't get up to anytihng illegal...

but in a perfect world...hell.....it may be a girl, but I think i'd try all three holes....to be honest.

Shame it aint a perfect world eh?

The books Amazon.com sells to pedophiles are like posts on GirlChat, they're written by pedophiles and they encourage pedophiles to embrace their pedophilia, and they do.
Thats why im a LITTLE girl lover...

I like em little....but whatever floats your boat buddy

The beginnings of breats are passable..but pubic hair is an instant turn off.

"Non-Standard" Poetry

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Often we'll see pedophile activists trying to affiliate themselves with another political or social movement in an attempt to gain more acceptance through their association.

The most obvious example of this, is NAMBLA's attempts to be part of the Gay civil rights movement, hoping that no one will be able to tell the difference between an adult grooming and coercing a child into sex and what two consenting adults get up to in their own time. But Gay civil rights isn't the only social movement pedophiles have tried to hijack...

Enter Hakim Bey AKA Peter Lamborn Wilson. Wilson is an author, who has written much surrounding Anarchist philosophy; however Wilsons Anarchist writings have a twist - just like NAMBLA tried to hijack the Gay civil rights movement, Wilson trys to use the Anarchist philosophy as a means to justify adults sexually taking advantage of children.

Some of Wilsons writings have been published in the NAMBLA Bullitin, here's part of one poem written by him titled "My Political Beliefs:"
he's in the bathtub, I see
him through a crack in the door playing with himself, he calls me in, shows me
underwater push-ups and sit-ups, except for his gallic buttocks his skin is gilt as the air over the Hudson. The touch of his wet, bath-wrinkled fingers in my hand... but then...
one of his parents clumps down the hall... I suppose to make sure neither of us is raping the other...
But I didn't want this to be
Just another poem about hopeless love. Pretend it's a manifesto instead. Down with School! Boy Rule OK! In the land of dreams
No governance exists
The NAMBLA Bulletin wasn't the only outlet which provided a place for Wilson to publish his pedophile propaganda, a publisher based in the Netherlands known has the "Acolyte Press" specialized in publishing 'child erotica' books slanted towards pederasts. Titles which feature some of Wilsons writings include:

The Fourth Acolyte Reader

The Sixth Acolyte Reader

Panthology One: Stories About Boy-Love

Panthology Two: Stories About Boy-Love

Panthology Three: Stories About Boy-Love

While the Acolyte Press went under over a decade ago, and these books are now out of print, many of them can be found for sale on Amazon.com. And just who is buying them?

perhaps not the "greatest poet", which is terminlly hubristic at worst and utterly naive at best, but certainly among the most beautifully and toically relevant poets of all time here at bC...
In case you haven't seen it, I highly recommend Hakim Bey's extremely relevant essay "Boycott Cop Culture." It's from the 90's, but still perfectly valid.
A number of anarchists, most notably Hakim Bey, are quite open about their pedophilia, and anarchist bookstores and infoshops are often sources of literature supportive of childlove.
Itinerant giggle
I'm seeking possible leads for a girllove equivalent of the writings of the antinomian mystic boylover Hakim Bey (aka Peter Lamborn Wilson).
Writer Hakim Bey was a well known individual in both the Anarchist and BL communities.
Another one of Wilsons pedophile readers, Harold Spurling is currently in trial, facing charges for sexually abusing a three month old baby and numerous other children:

Aztram AKA Harold Spurling
Personally, I'm well beyond the point of needing to ask myself WHY boys, to me, are "the shining gems in an otherwise lustreless world." [Thanks to Hakim Bey for that exquisite line.] I don't care why.
Aztram AKA Harold Spurling
He's my fave, too. Especially, shall we say, his "non-standard" poetry. Maybe that comes off as redundant.
I wonder whether Harold bought his Hakim Bey literature from Amazon.com?

You can write Amazon.com with concerns about the books they're selling at the following e-mail addresses.

Amazon.coms board of directors:
- Jeffrey Bezos, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

- Tom Alberg, Madrona Venture Group

- John Seely Brown, Visiting Scholar and Advisor to the Provost at USC

- John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

- William B. Gordon, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

- Alain MoniƩ, Ingram Micro Inc.

- Myrtle Potter, Myrtle Potter and Company, LLC

- Thomas Ryder, Reader's Digest Association, Inc.

- Patricia Stonesifer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Amazon.coms Officers:
ajassy@amazon.com - Andrew Jassy, Senior Vice President, Web Services

- Steven Kessel, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Digital Media

- Marc Onetto, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations

- Diego Piacentini, Senior Vice President, International Retail

- Shelley Reynolds, Vice President, Wordwide Controller and Principal Accounting Officer

jwilke@amazon.com or
jeffreyw@amazon.com or
- Jeff Wilke, Senior Vice President, North America Retail

- Thomas Szkutak, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Other high-level Amazon.com staff:
werner@allthingsdistributed.com - Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Amazon.com
selipsky@amazon.com - Adam Selipsky, Vice President

- Steve Rabuchin, Director

- Ian Freed, Vice President, Digital

- Michelle Wilson, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary

- Sam Wheeler, Director, Advertising & Partnerships

- Bill Carr, Vice President, Digital Media

- Jinesh Varia, Web Services Evangelist

- Colin Bodell, Vice President, Platform Operations of Amazon.com

- Mike Culver, Web Services Evangelist

jeff@vertexdev.com or
- Jeff Barr, Lead Web Services Evangelist

simoneb@amazon.lu or
- Simone Brunozzi, European Web Services