"If the police came knocking on my door"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do you find it interesting when those that preach "tolerance" the loudest sometimes are the most intolerant? I do. Let's take a look at that.

Here is Daniel Thorlby aka Carrollingian.

He's just another filthy pedophile from GirlChat.

We wrote about his roommate Brother Chubba here

So what's so special abut Daniel? Well you see Daniel Thorlby is a member of the British National Party. A man who wants to molest little girls and be accepted for it running for office as a member of the BNP? That strikes me as a little odd personally. He's quite proud of the photos taken of him along side Nick Griffin. I wonder what Nick Griffin thinks of Daniel? Perhaps he just shakes his head and says "What a strange duck" but I think more likely he just doesn't know.... despite Daniel's assertions that he's "out" to everyone in his life.

I think Daniel Thorlby is just a typical pedophile who -- in his own words -- "pervs on girls" and fancies himself a writer. Yes a journalist, playwright, poet and pedo savior. He wrote a long essay and was published on IPCE -- "International Pedophile and Child Emancipation" Perhaps one day we'll see his books on Amazon.com - the primary distributor of pedophile propaganda.

Daniel Thorlby is in fact such a brilliant politician that he came up with several different plans for pedo activism. One included all pedophiles doing something to get themselves fired so they could all be supported by the state -- and since there are so many pedophiles you know it would financially ruin the taxpayers. I guess that will show them eh? Wonder if he ran his theory by Nick Griffin the head of the BNP?

Between Daniel and his roomie Steve they say they've met several pedophiles at their home. From Tom O'Carroll to Foreverman, Docter Marten and Seamus. Who are those people? Well we know Tom of course. Let's try to find out the others, shall we?

Daniel has gone so far in fact that he has devised a plan for a pedophile army. He called it the PLO as in Paedophile Liberation Organization.
My fantasy at the moment is to form a paedophile army, then to stage a demonstration for pro-paedophilia in the middle of some big city. All those paedophobic bastards who come out to throw rocks at us and shoot us, and all the police who come to break us up etc. will then be legitimate targets for all of the PLO (paedophile liberation organization) snipers that are staged around the area.

And this will only be legitimate because there is NO OTHER WAY. Paedophiles do not WANT to be violent. But what other option is there. We are still RIGHT. Just because all other options for paedophile liberation have been exhausted, does not mean we have stopped being RIGHT. We must continue to do something!...

Now back to reality. If the police came knocking on my door, I would take a few of them down with me. I think I've said this before. Be warned, Mike.

Well naturally I can see what he's saying, there's simply NO OTHER WAY. They don't really WANT to be violent, they don't really WANT to be snipers, they don't really WANT to take out the police if they come knocking at their door. But really now, it appears there is no other way.

Visit Wikisposure and read about Daniel Thorlby. But be warned the article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.
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