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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Steve Diamond's still going on about being featured in our anniversary video, we talked about him earlier this month here, his latest release is a 10 minute long rant about how we 'stole' his blogspot URL. The Blogspot Blog Bandits respond...

'You've published her address'

Thursday, March 27, 2008

John Stossel: You've published her address, hasn't that threatened her kids?
It's interesting that John Stossel amounts publishing someones address to threatening their children, especially so in the case of a someone like Jan Kruska.

Absolute Zero United first mentioned Jan Kruska's name on this post. Questioning Jan Kruska's ambiguous motives, in saying things like:
"This world is not your babysitter"
In regards to people whose children have been sexually abused; We also illustrated how "Amanda Rogers" a self titled "political ball buster" was actually Jan Kruska, I encourage you to read the post for yourself.

Jan Kruska responded by posting this on her website (operationawareness.com):

Aside from the fact that Jan had got the information wrong, posting the name and photos of a woman who had no involvement with Absolute Zero and had never even heard Jan's name before - That didn't stop Jan Kruska from saying this about her:

"She persistently downloads child pornography and uses photographs of children to entice men"

Also declaring the woman guilty of...

"conspiring to commit blackmail, harassment, intimidation, encouraging others to commit cyber stalking, physical harm and murder"

All this posted alongside this womans home address and phone number on the same website John Stossel of ABC 20/20 described as:

"A website that compares the registries to a hungry wolf that eats the innocent people like her (Jan Kruska)"

You'd be mistaken if you thought that this was the only person whose address was published by Jan Kruska (see this post for more on that).

If Disney's ABC 20/20 and Jan Kruska feel that her children have been threatened by her home address being published, why did she publish the address of other people?

What about their children?

Cross-posted from Disney 20/20 Boycott

A Hungry Wolf

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Disney's 20/20 television show on the Age of Consent, describes Jan Kruska's website as:
A website that compares the registries to a hungry wolf that eats the innocent people like her
Let's break that down a little shall we?

First of all, someone is hardly "innocent" if at the age of 22 they have sex with 15 year old boy's who they're supposed to be looking after. In regards to the content of Jan's website, here are some things you'll find on it, you can judge for yourself whether they just illustrate how the "registry has affected Jan's life" or something more sinister:

...and then there is the KENT STATE UNIVERSITY STUDY which reveals some startling discoveries
Women would pay a fortune for the skin, sparkling eyes and body of a 10-year-old. This is not an effort to undermine women - shapely women will always be attractive to men. It is those with slim girl-like figures however, that receive many times more attention.
Startling indeed, Jan Kruska copy and pastes a misinterpreted version of the Hall study, what's even more startling is where she got it, Pedophile Pen Power.

Or how about these, which Jan Kruska copied and pasted from an article on the IPCE, a website which describes itself as:

Ipce is a forum for people who are engaged in scholarly discussion about the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults.
The protection of the sexual purity of children is one of our few unquestioned moral principles. Sex education for the young focuses on the dangers of sex, and preaches abstinence...
Before the Rind report almost all scholarship in this area explicitly or implicitly endorsed the idea that children are badly hurt by sex and aren't ready for it.[6] Sexual activity involving children is routinely described with negative terms like ``abuse'' and children's purity of heart is usually assumed...
Cultural censorship in this area is strong and scholarship is closely monitored.[8] For example, I wrote an article defending child pornography as a form of speech, arguing that there was no constitutional justification for separating child and adult pornography...
An image of youth as passive in the sexual area, open to adult manipulation and unable to resist, grew up alongside of the image of the rebellious youth who would not obey adult authority in other areas. Definitions always cast the child as a victim even if s/he was a hustler or prostitute...
Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

On another article on her website, Jan Kruska titled "Murdered Children's Parents Profiled," Jan suggests that people such as John Walsh and Mark Lunsford are responsible for their children being murdered and sexually abused:

The common thread with all of these cases is that the parents were living less than, shall we say, good moral lifestyles.
Is this what you would describe as:
A website that compares the registries to a hungry wolf that eats the innocent people like her
Why is a company like Walt Disney, which makes children's toys and movies, defending a website which claims kids forced into child prostitution aren't victims? Let's put an end to 20/20's lies, join the boycott on Walt Disney, 20/20 and their sponsors!

Show your support, put a boycott banner on your blog/website today:

Battery Acid or Liquid Latex?

Friday, March 21, 2008

What is THAT you might ask.

Well, let me tell you.

That my friends, is your common variety SCUMBAG.

His name is Daniel Czajkowski, and he just got busted in a porn sting in Florida, along with 20 other men in Polk County.

"19 suspects are in custody. 2 others are still on the loose. The suspects are all men, ages 17-64."

Operation Defender, an undercover investigation which started in October of 2007 involved computer downloads and swapping of images over the internet. Over 100,000 images and 500 videos were recovered. The children have yet to be identified.

I was astounded to find that immediately the registered sex offender activists and pedophile apologists moved in to leave comments on the news stories, instructing people of how ignorant they were and on many instances leaving comments that "most child pornography was created by teenagers spreading images of themselves on MySpace". They are saying this on an article describing what these men were in possession of.
  • Images of children as young as 1 month old
  • The average age of the child victims appeared to be between 7 and 9
  • Videos of minors in sex acts with other children, adults and animals

Investigators also discovered these men were in possession of a power point tutorial depicting how to sexually molest children between the ages of birth and 8 years old.

The four-minute video outlined, by age group, instruments that could be used to sexually molest children. It also provided information, with photos to demonstrate techniques, on how to hide the signs of sexual abuse from a spouse or from the mother of a child.

The video closed with the message: "There are many other options. So have fun and be creative."

Dubbed the "poster child" of Operation Defender,
Joseph Allen was in possession of over 80,000 images and videos.

"Absolutely Addicted" his keyboard was covered with cigarette ashes and he kept a gallon jug under his desk so that he wouldn't have to take time away from his perverted endeavors to urinate.

"He made it so he didn't have to get up from his computer," authorities said.

Is there anything you can think of that makes THIS pervert any different than any other pervert?

Up next we have Mitchell Parker.

Unlike some of the others this guy said he didn't do it.

But concludes

"I am disgusted. I wish I was in a battery acid pool right now."

Why, Mitchell? I thought you didn't do it?

Derek Fraser, a 17 year old high school student said:
"I did it. But it was a mistake"
And Eric Curtis tried to blame it on his stepson.

Sheriff Judd Grady said: "These men are absolutely disgusting. They are deviants. I have never seen anything as repulsive as our detectives and prosecutors are dealing with today."

HERE we talked about people such as that. One of them, the incessant pain-in-the-ass harassing pedophile nobody Nigel Oldfield, who once wrote this regarding his own experiences with child porn addiction
  • I had an unclean house
  • I have been obsessed
  • I had no sexual inhibitions whatsoever
  • I am not going to attempt to frighten the reader into abstinence
  • I hardly cared at all during the episode about these immense consequences, such was the power of the combination of contributing factors and the intensity
  • I started to create the most offensive series of photo-realistic fabrications I could imagine
  • I would describe it as though Evil was sat with me for a few weeks
  • The biggest mistake I will ever make in my life, but I don't regret it

We've talked multiple times about the types of things these guys look for. The search terms that they use. And of course how stupid they are. Not a day goes by that I don't have a pervert come in search of something, only to come back 15 minutes later with the term changed a little. When he still doesn't find it he comes back again with a different term. Did he not realize that he kept clicking on us? I can imagine him thinking "Where's the porn dammit?! It's got to be here somewhere! Where have they hidden the child porn!!" Finally in frustration he clicks the child pornography tag, and amazingly enough sometimes the guy will STILL come back. That's an example of need-driven behavior. THAT is someone society needs to be protected from, because he WILL NOT STOP. He will never stop. Not until we take his options away from him.

Here's some new terms:
  • pedo 5yo vaginal penetration
  • picture little girl masturbating
  • little girls get rape video
  • dogs fucking lolita underage preteen underground
  • helping child masturbate
  • 5yo raped and fuck
  • bondage pedo pics
  • boys raped by men porn
  • child pornography" infant pacifier vagina"
  • how to find pedo pics
  • how to beat phallometric testing
  • is it normal to fantasize about little girls?
  • pedo fuck hard child porn
  • pedo pain young girl hurt pain torture
  • watch free brutal porn rape molestation online now
  • how do I hide my child porn?
Does that sound to you like fun-loving teenagers sharing images of themselves with their friends? It sure doesn't to me. (Or any other rational person I would imagine) No, what it sounds like to me is the very things of interest to these men busted due to Operation Defender. It sounds just the like men busted due to Operation Achilles. One of those being Jim Freeman, a registered sex offender, sex offender defender, baby raper apologist, activist for baby raper rights and himself directly responsible for the sexual abuse of an untold number of children.

As I previously said here: When the pedophile community attempt to ridicule what you are doing, when they scoff and when they rant, sometimes when they try to charm you...... remember who and what they are. Remember their motives for saying these things, and remember above all the results from the N-JOV Study
more than half of child pornography possession cases began with reports from individuals to law enforcement

So just keep on keeping on and do your part, however big or small that may be. All efforts lead to successes such as this one.

The Common Thread

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Once upon a time Jan Kruska wrote about what she felt the common thread was among children murdered by sexual deviants.

She believes it is because their parents are human and less than perfect.

Unlike her of course.

We've had a lot of things to say about that. I'm sure we'll have a lot more things to say in the future. But for today we're going to talk about a common thread and ask once again Who are these men?

These men that we've talked about (and occasionally women) have some very basic similarities. One of which is to claim that THEY aren't dangerous. It's not THEM. Their crimes should be exempt. Sure, they will admit that there are indeed people who do harm to children. They just deny that it's them. "Well sure, I did it", they'll say, followed quickly by "But it was just a mistake". Of course they would never, ever do it again because didn't you know that a DOJ recidivism study done over a period of 3 years PROVES that sex offenders don't have high recidivism rates?

Let's look at a few of these men closer. Here we have Johnny Ray Lee. He claimed that "statistically speaking, you as a parent are more likely to molest your own child than a registered sex offender is". Johnny said that very thing to a stranger at a buffet bar. It was part of his activism, you see. Of course, he also said "As a diagnosed pedophile who was chemically castrated, I can assure you it doesn't work. In order to stop a pedophile from re-offending you would also have to cut out his brains, cut off his tongue and cut off his hands."

That was a member of Sosen and Roar for Freedom, and also an avid supporter of SOclear and SOhopeful. He just received a 35 year prison sentence.

And what have we here? Why it's Christopher Smithson aka "Slavetoboys", the most recent pedohead to fall and the first conviction attributable to the Wikisposure project. Chris just received 6 years in prison.

You see, Christopher liked to write "fictional" accounts of having sex with children. It turns out that, well - it wasn't fictional. Chris wrote:

"if a child 4-17 wonts to have any type of sex with any type of person, it should be against the law to stop them"
How is that statement different from the Reform Sex Offender Laws petition which calls for abolishment of age of consent laws? The petition which was signed by NAMBLA members along with members of:
Some of those people include:
Among others.

Yes they all believe there should be no age of consent laws. Apparently they are ok with 4 year olds being sexually exploited. Yes, they want them to be able to make their own decisions regarding sex, you see. I'm not putting words in their mouths. Oh no. THEY are the ones who signed it.

Here we have another man we recently talked about. Jim Freeman, who was running an international pedophile ring and directly responsible for the sexual abuse of an untold number of children, 40 of which have been rescued as a result of Operation Achilles.

Jim Freeman was the c0-founder along with Tom Madison of SOhopeful. An organization presenting itself as a support network for RSO's and their loved ones, but whose primary goal was to abolish the punishments, penalties and restrictions that apply to those who sexually violate others.

How do Jim Freeman, Johnny Ray Lee and Christopher Smithson differ? They don't. They are all pedophiles. They were all 3 involved in the exploitation and sexual abuse of children.

All 3 are repeat sex offenders.

The Department of Justice reports a low recidivism rate over a period of 3 years post release from prison for new sex crimes. Longer, more thorough studies done over periods of up to 15-30 years reveal a much higher rate, with an average of 25% and some reports going as high as 60-70% for NEW sex crimes.

Even Sarah Tofte of the Human Rights Watch says that 25% of all sex offenders will reoffend within only 15 years. Sarah said she found that statistic striking. She uses that statistic to claim that RSO's aren't a danger to society.

I find that idiotic conclusion striking.

Currently in the state of Georgia, a state considered to have some of the strictest sex offender laws in the nation, out of over 15,000 RSO's there are only 39 registered sex offenders under the age of 20.

I find that statistic striking.

Four months ago in the state of Georgia there were only 70 RSO's under the age of 20.

I find that statistic striking.

The fact is that RSO activists are using teen issues to further their cause. They couldn't care less if same aged teenagers are allowed to legally have sex with each other. No, what these people want is to be able to have sex with these children themselves. Look at their histories, and look at their crimes.

I believe you too, will find it striking.

I suggest remaining vigilant. Keep your eyes and ears open to pedospeak and pedologic. Watch for media spin, watch for unethical journalists calling a CSA victim someone's "lover". Watch for those who call prostituted children "child prostitutes". And absolutely watch for those who victimize children and then refer to themselves as the "true victims" and the actual victim as a "professional victim who refuses to take responsibility for being abused"

Watch for people like Michael Gregg aka ZMan! who claims the little girl he exposed himself to should be jailed....and watch when Betty Price concurs.

Watch for someone claiming we do teenagers a disservice because in 1850 it was common to get married immediately after puberty....completely overlooking the fact that in 1850 -- slavery was legal, women could not vote, disease was rampant and the life expectancy was 39 years.. What significance does the AOC in 1850, 1620, 939 or 55 BC have to do with 2008? I sort of have a feeling that cave men didn't even HAVE an AOC of any sort, does that mean we should act like Neanderthals?

Watch for someone who claims our society is sexually repressed because the age of consent is only 9 in Yemen. Completely overlooking the fact that women in Yemen are beaten and battered into submission. Legally. Completely overlooking the fact that 96% of women in Yemen are sexually controlled by forced female genital mutilation.

Watch for someone who defends an 18 year old for having sex with a 14 year old, then when asked the question "Would you have done it if she had been 12?" the response being "Oh NO, absolutely not, there must be a 'line' somewhere" Completely overlooking the fact that there WAS a line and it was crossed.

All those things are known as spin. Those are things you need to watch out for. Spin is an unethical manipulation of factual information to make something appear to mean something that in reality it does not mean.

Spin is evil.
Spin is enabling behavior.
The Antis won't stand for it.

And the Witch Hunt Continues.....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Curtis of BoyChat fame says

"what the witchhunt seeks to prevent is consensual sex and erotic love between a boy and a man"

And Jan Kruska says

"States across the country are now lifting the "staute [sic] of limitations" on sex crimes. I think it is safe to say they [sic] most of us can now start shitting our pants"

I thought that was a pretty interesting statement. She said it in her article titled ...AND THE WITCH HUNT CONTINUES And what do you know? Jan is on a witch hunt herself.

We talked about her attempt to slander Anti's with her fabricated accusations of child pornography. But Jan made other accusations that I'd like to address as well. Specifically her statements revealing her bigotry and religious intolerance.

We all know how those who oppose us consistently state that our mission is based upon Christian Fundamentalism. So I'd like to refer you to a post we did about this very thing way back when. Located HERE we discussed the fact that AZ is not a political group nor a religious group. Our members come from a diverse background with the common thread being the fact that we all oppose pedophiles. We don't talk about religion because it has no bearing on this topic. The hatred and scorn that society feels towards those who prey on children crosses all lines. It's universal.

Jan Kruska in her pathetic attempt to expose anti's made this statement:
"almost without exception: each Perverted Justice member is either an Atheist or a Wiccan/Pagan"
I can't for the life of me figure out where she got that except that the innocent person she attacked, exposed and defamed is Wiccan. This person who is not a member of PeeJ nor a member of AZ. Yet the question begs to be answered, so what if they were? The pedoheads jumped right on it too

"Was enjoying the read until the atheist bit - I'm an atheist, and I wouldn't like to thing [sic] that being one is a term of abuse per se"
"Whats wrong with this? Whats wrong with being an Atheist or a Wiccan/Pagan? They make it seem like a bad thing. Most Witches are very loving and kind people"
"so I am not surprised to find that both PJ and GC have a large number of Atheists and Wiccans. Both groups consist of people who are not exactly in the majority"
"That bit caught me off guard too. Mostly because it's such a bizarrely irrelevant thing to bring up"
"ROFLMGOPMP rollingonfloorlaughingmygutsoutpissingmypants....."
"It would seem to me that bringing up to the religious persuasions (or lack thereof) of PJ members at the end of the article is simply an ad hominem. If the allegation is true, though, it might make those that believe the death of religion will necessarily lead to the liberation of boylovers think twice"
Dylan Thomas
"It's a shame the reporter used a word-choice that makes it sound like the religion itself matters"
"While this particular article is awfully written, I don't think it's doing us any good to try to distance ourselves from such articles - as the saying goes, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!". Specifying that they're all wiccans and pagans is, I agree, logically irrelevant to the debate"
"Quite frankly, Ms. Rogers' piece was so rambling and tried to connect so many unrelated things, that it closely resembled the nonsense disseminated by Peej itself"
King of Hearts
"So what you're saying is.........it's a witch hunt"
A witch hunt? Oh no, see Jan went back and doctored her article. Now it says
"Other discoveries are that almost without exception: each Perverted Justice member is either an Atheist or a Wiccan/Pagan (giving Wiccans a bad name because theirs is a very peaceful religion)"
*Head Snap*

What was that? It sounds to me as though Jan found out that it wasn't cool to disparage someone's religious beliefs simply because she's prejudiced against it herself. It appears to me that Jan is trying to placate the pedo community while maintaining her position of 'fire into the crowd and perhaps you'll hit the right person' She's saying here that it's wrong for Anti's to be Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Wiccan or any other religion because SHE thinks it would make other Atheists, Christians, Jews or Wiccans look bad to have a common belief. She tried to fix her mistake and made it worse.

And she DARES to claim others are ignorant, hypocritical, and bigoted?
"Native Americans, Salem “Witches”, African Americans, Homosexuals, and now Sex Offenders. While people cannot change their skin color or perhaps their sexual preference ALL have suffered or are suffering from the same irrational hate. A hate born of ignorance and fear. What does this say about us as a society?"
You tell us Jan. You tell us why you singled out a completely innocent person. A person who has never been involved with this issue and proceeded to accuse her of downloading child pornography, “intimidates, threatens and harasses her chosen victims”, “uses photographs of children to entice men” and lastly, the coup de tĂȘte of your malicious attack: “conspires to commit blackmail, harassment and intimidation, slander whereby she encourages others to commit fraud, cyberstalking, physical harm and murder to those she targets”.

You tell us why you made those wild, hysterical allegations of Anti's being lesbians, Wiccans, making yarn art, being adopted or even fat considering how tolerant you are. To use your words, Jan, "perhaps stupid has indeed been telling dumb dumb what to do" eh?

Meet Ku Klux Jan

Graphics courtesy of Jacey

The Sociopathological Mind of the Pedo

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is why the vast, overwhelming majority of emotionally stable and healthy people in the world are so offended by the motives and urges that drive child rapists, pedophiles, child molesters and predators. The general public has an innate disdain for people that enjoy hurting children. While pedos call this disdain "hysteria", in effort to neutralize that sick feeling people get as a result of natural instincts to protect babies, truth is, human survival is predicated on protecting and saving children. It's biological. The instinctual defense mechanism, especially in parents, is the little voice that tells you to watch your two year old so that they don't get too close to the road or the panic when you've turned your back and fear as you realize they've gotten to close in one split second.

These are the natural instincts of mothers, fathers and just plain ordinary, good people of various demographics, religions and race. From the gay community to Quakers working their fields, there is a general consensus amongst society that repudiates adult/child sex and holds a protective instinct that is unique unto children. Quite simply, this is because children are vulnerable, inarguably innocent and without the tools to protect themselves.

This is also why the general public is so incredibly offended when child molesters and child rapists seek to change public perception on how it views pedophilia. Pedophile's activism is offensive in it absurdity and it's remission of credit towards the general public's respect for children. It's insulting to be asked to entertain the validation of sexual abuse against children. (As if the public is going to fall under some pedo-spell and simply hand over our children to be penetrated by an adult, so that parents can somehow see the light and celebrate their child's suffering.) While pedos justify their behaviors and "lobby" to change laws that punish such behavior, their drawing attention to pedo activism only furthers the determination and defenses of people worldwide.

Since we know that the general public views pedophilia and child rape/molestation as vile, repugnant and criminal, one must ask -- why do pedophiles spend so much time and effort in trying to convince the public that sexual assaults against children are natural and beneficial to children as young as infants?

The answer is quite clear and is further substantiated by research. Typically, pedophiles and their advocates are quite simply, psychotic.

Sex offenders (and the people who support and rally their actions) would claim I'm wrong, but really, ARE psychotic people who support the victimization and brutal sexual violations against children, qualified to make that determination????

A recent Canadian study interestingly revealed that pedophiles are significantly shorter than "normal" males, have significantly lower IQ's "and are more likely to have suffered head injuries as children.

Huh. So when's the last time you've seen a classified ad looking for a babysitter with those qualifications? When's the last time on Craigslist, you've seen this...

Child Care Wanted:
NE mom reluctantly going back to work and wanting to find that perfect Nanny to be nurture my babies in a positive environment. Caregiver must be a short person with a Neapolitan complex with a low IQ and brain damage to care for my precious infant and toddler. Great pay!

Who on earth would knowingly allow a pedo to be around their children? (Well, except for the women who stand by their pedophile family members and friends -- that profile will be featured in a future post.)

The following article
from Medscape further analyzes the rationalization of pedophiles:

When confronted, pedophiles rationalize their behavior by suggesting that these activities "have educational value for the child", "give the child sexual pleasure," or "were performed because the child was sexually provocative."[2,3] The US Department of Justice identified 5 common defense patterns used by pedophiles[3,4]:

* Denial ("She's lying. Nothing happened.")

* Minimization ("It only happened twice.")

* Justification ("I'm not a molester, I'm a child lover.")

* Fabrication ("I did it as part of a research project.")

* Attack ("You cops are just out to get us.")

From Sex Offenders, Sentencing Laws and Pharmaceutical Treatment: A Prescription for Failure
Stone TH, Winslade WJ, Klugman CM
Behav Sci Law. 2000;18(1):83-110

The phenomenon of adults who have sexual interests involving children as partners, or pedophiles, is considered among the most sociopathological of human conditions. Considerable literature is devoted to issues and problems associated with or related to pedophilia, including prevalence, etiology, treatment, and outcome studies. The sexual victimization of children, based upon data gathered from a number of sources, suggests an intractable problem that is national in scope.

While there are various debates within the psychiatric and psychological fields as to how to classify pedophilia as a mental illness and whether how it should be labeled --- one thing is certainly clear -- these men (and some women)who molest and rape children are criminal. They are without remorse or empathy. In fact they blame sweet little children for the abuse in which pedos feel that children deserve. (Can you imagine?) They lack the intelligence and empathy to care if they're hurting children and they lack the capacity to understand why they aren't allowed to do it.

Some argue that we should just take away the mental illness label(s) for good so that pedophiles can be prosecuted for the criminals they are -- never to be given the leeway, excuse or pass by a sympathic social worker, judge or counseler.

In the end, it's not about mental labels as much as it's about protecting children from those that conspire to brutally attack them. It's about keeping children safe. And if the problem cannot be solved through treatment (which has been the case consistantly) and pedophiles have proven that they cannot control their urges (which has been the case consistantly), what shall we do with them? It's kinda like this, "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here -- on this planet, amongst children, amongst the sane."


Back in December we talked about pedophiles trying to legitimize their perversions. We said
Pedophiles try to legitimize their perversion by calling themselves child lovers. Boy lovers or girl lovers for those 'exclusively' attracted. Some prefer the term minor attracted adult. MAA. They don't particularly like the term baby raper. They prefer intergenerational sex, as though softening the sound of it will improve their reputations.

We need to never, ever use those words. They are pedophiles! They are child molesters, baby rapers, soul thieves, manipulators, liars, pedovores and pedofreaks. They are freakopaths, creepazoids, monsters, predators and destroyers of children. Pedophiles are many many things, but there's one thing they're not and that's child lovers.
And here we talked about how Jan Kruska was linking to a pedophile website and promoting pedophile propaganda, repeating pedospeak on her website with the very clear intent of normalizing pedophilia. To summarize, this report was a study of arousability, the results of which were that some men were simply more easily aroused that others. But Jan links to what she apparently believes is the actual report itself when in actuality it is a pedophile website and a pedophiles interpretation of that report. "This study is probably the most comprehensive scientific study investigating pedophillia." This was not a study of pedophilia, nor did it claim to be. It was a study on arousability only. One would think an ethical writer would read the ACTUAL report rather than relying on filthy pedophiles to interpret it for you. The key word here being ethical. Or perhaps it's just someone with an agenda.
The results of surveys like this smash any theories that pedophiles are but a small minority. Combine this with what we know about internet habits and other factors and you no longer have a minority, like the gay community, you have a huge silent majority. Surveys like this suggest that something like 8 or 9 out of ten men are sexually attracted to young girls as well as women. Shocking? Not really. Women have known that instinctively for years. Women would pay a fortune for the skin, sparkling eyes and body of a 10-year-old. This is not an effort to undermine women - shapely women will always be attractive to men. It is those with slim girl-like figures however, that receive many times more attention.
Here Xavier talks about pedospeak. See the wikisposure entry, and familiarize yourself with the terms. Then don't let them get away with using them!
BL - Boylove or Boylover

GL - Girllove or Girllover

LB - Little Boy

LBL - Little Boy Lover

LGs - Little Girls

YF - Young Friend

No matter what name pedophiles want to give themselves, here at Absolute Zero they will always be regarded as Child Molesters, Baby Rapers and Perverts. As it should be.

"Child Porn is a Puzzler"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dylan Thomas the webmaster of Boychat, describes Tom Madison of SOClear as:

"Is Tom Madison someone we as boylovers (many of us also registered sex offenders) can look to for leadership in fighting an immensely unjust situation?"

And is it any wonder? Considering Tom recently held a protest at Coalinga state hospital to free sexual offenders who'd been assessed as posing a high risk to society.

Dylan also had this to say about Shirley Lowery of the "Social Outcast Support Network":

"What about Shirley Lowery, the feisty woman who has been writing so vehemently about the excesses of sex offender legislation? She's gotten some cheers on our board; she's someone we can call an ally, isn't she?"

Considering Shirley's views on child pornography and victim bashing, it's easy to understand why she's so popular amongst pedophile advocates:

Child porn is a puzzler, Sending people to prison for something they see in their own home seems un-American.

Webster, a pedophile activist from Boychat, talked about the ReformSexOffenderLaws petition that Jan Kruska signed her name to:

This article is not like most. It is uplifting, positive, pro-us.
It advocates all but eliminating sex offender registries, rolling back many sex related laws, and de-criminalizing consensual sex between minors.

It's precedent setting, a landmark approach to a new way of dealing with sex offenders. It's as close to support as the BL community is likely to come anytime soon.
And just last week, despite Cheryl Griffiths of SOSEN's attempts to cover it up, the Executive Director of SOHopeful International, Jim Freeman, was caught heading up an international child pornography ring, trading in literally hundreds of thousands of images of child sexual abuse.

Well, what about SOSEN's former Media Director and North Carolina State Director - Johnny Ray Lee?

We talked about Johnny Ray Lee before, here. Today he got sentenced to 35 years in prison for trafficking in child pornography over the internet, while still on parole for Child Sexual Assault crimes he committed in 1994. It's interesting to note that just like Jim Freeman, Johnny was a high profile member in the online Registered Sex Offender community, trying to abolish sex offender laws while also committing sex offenses against children at the same time.

These same sex offender groups claim that their goal is a society "free from sexual abuse in any form" yet all their members do, is refuse to take responsibility for their actions, attack victims of sexual abuse and promote reduced penalties and controls for sex offenders.

Obligations and Boundaries

Friday, March 07, 2008

Have you ever noticed how similar the rhetoric of sex offender activists and pedophile activists is?

I have. I've noticed it a lot.

Of particular interest is their mutual desire to abolish age of consent laws. We don't need to ask why, we know why, don't we? Instead, let's talk about their reasoning.

On the one hand you have the pedophile group who say that children should be able to make their own decisions. We have Unico who says:
"There exist sexually-active 4-year-old girls who enjoy vaginal intercourse. What you or I think, is irrelevant to that fact.

Even first-time vaginal intercourse can be enjoyable, when preceded by several months of stretching

Anybody who would obstruct a prepubescent person from her inherent right to choose to have sexual intercourse is neither a true youth liberationist nor human rights advocate.

Access to sex education specific to prepubescent people should be mandated."
And here we have Lindsay Ashford being interviewed on the radio. What does he say about that issue?
Scott: Do you think that a 5 year old grasps what's going on well enough to be able to consent to sexual activity?
Lindsay: A 5 year old understands friendship. A 5 year old understands affection.
Scott: So can a 2 year old?
Lindsay: A 2 year old understands pleasure.
Scott: So they can consent to sex?
Lindsay: They can consent to pleasurable activity
Scott: Can a 6 month old do that?
Lindsay: I'm sure that 6 months old also have nerve endings and understanding and an understanding of what is pleasurable to them, yes
Scott: So a 6 month old can consent to sex
Lindsay: A 6 month old can consent to activity that it finds pleasurable
What does the petition we've talked so much about say? The one Jan Kruska and so many of her activist associates signed?
"Support broad sex education for children, and empower them to make their own decisions and stand up for their rights"
It then goes on to define 'children'
"Children should be defined as persons under the age of puberty."
And yes, many RSO activists signed it. So where do you draw the line? As far as age of consent goes? Is it 18? 16? 14? And with the age of consent law in place whatever that age is, what do you do when someone breaks that law? Slap them on the wrist? What I DO know for sure, is that the activists who are pushing for abolishment of age of consent laws and abolishment of punishment and registration for sex offenders were NOT convicted of having teenaged consensual sex. Their crimes were far worse than that and they are further exploiting children by trying to argue that the very RARE case of teenagers who end up on the registry is representative of their entire population. The vast majority of teens who find themselves convicted of a crime are not on the registry because of a consensual act. They may be listed as statutory rape, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it was a plea deal that gave them that listing.

Furthermore, if the crime was a felony charge, and the offender plead guilty and accepted a plea deal reducing the conviction on the books to a misdemeanor. Does that mean their crime was less than when they committed it? Absolutely not. The actual crime remains the same, but their legal maneuver reduced their penalty.

Let's look at an example of the propaganda. Jan Kruska said last year on a podcast with Tom Madison, that 95% of those on the registry are not dangerous people. She says they were convicted for things such as drunken mooning, or children "playing doctor". Does anyone know where she got this made up "fact"? Or how about Tim from Sosen, who says that 73% of all offenders on the sex offender registry committed their crimes against someone who was over the age of 18, while the fact is that 87% of victims were UNDER the age of 18. Why does Tim say that 40% of offenders were under the age of 18 upon conviction while the true number is that less than 10% were minors? Why would these people lie to you in an attempt to bring about social change?

Here are a couple of things you can do besides just hit and miss searching on a registry. Go to the Illinois sex offender registry and download it in entirely into an Excel document. Sort and resort by the information that's on there. Say for example the age of the offender at the time of conviction along with the age of the victim. It's quite interesting. Did you know that the average age at conviction was mid thirties?

Georgia is another state that allows you to download their registry although it doesn't list the age of the victim. What you'll find is that the average age at conviction was 32 years old. You'll also find that less than 10% of those registered in Georgia were under the age of 20 at conviction. And in fact, at the present time in Georgia there are only 39 offenders under the age of 20. Even more interesting is the fact that 4 months ago there were a total of 70 teenaged sex offenders in Georgia. If these new laws are soooooo "draconian", if they are sooooo over broad, why is that number going DOWN instead of UP?

It's because it's not true what they say. It's also not true when they say their primary interest is child safety, and a desire for the laws to be 'effective'. The real truth is they are all pissed off sex offenders who don't want to accept responsibility for their actions. Tom Madison proved that when he rallied to gain support for releasing violent repeat sexual predators from their court imposed civil commitment. His primary interest was certainly not safety, his concern was the sex offenders wasting their time and the cost to non-sex offenders. LOL Well he DID say that after all.

And let us not forget one of the ring leaders of the RSO activists. Jim Freeman, co-founder and executive director of SoHopeful. Read more about that HERE, read also how Cheryl Griffith tried to cover it up.

And while you're at it, read what Dr. Gene Abel had to say from a study he did which included 16,109 adults who admitted sexually molesting at least one child.
40% of child molesters, who were later diagnosed as having pedophilia, had molested a child by the time they were 15 years old. An estimated 88% of child molesters and 95% of molestations (one person, multiple acts) are committed by individuals who now or in the future will also meet criteria for pedophilia. Pedophilic child molesters on average commit 10 times more sexual acts against children than nonpedophilic child molesters.

There may be innocent people imprisoned for murder who truly are innocent. But we don't lobby to abolish all laws regarding murder as a result. The same is true for sex offenders. ***IF*** these activists motives were truly about teenagers, THAT is what they would be addressing. But they are only further exploiting kids to further their own agenda. Very, very few teenagers are convicted for having consensual sex, it is rare, and it is the exception. But adults convicted for manipulating young teens is far too common. We understand this completely. They don't.

Graphics courtesy of Jacey

Jim Freeman was honored

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Who is Jim Freeman you may ask. You may wonder why everyone will be talking about him. Along with his user names. His pedo porn name of Mystikal, and his RSO sex offender defender names "Mystik" and "Mystikwarrior"

Not too long ago we asked a very important question.

"Who are these men"?

We wrote about men who preyed on children. We wrote about child molesters. we wrote about rapists and child pornographers. We wrote about men who wanted to look at images of children, toddlers and infants being sexually abused, sometimes sadistically.

We know they're out there looking for it. They come here everyday looking for some of the most bizarre things like
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And now, men like these have been busted in what has been called the "most sophisticated child pornography operation in recent memory". 12 Americans were indicted for "participating in a global child pornography ring that distributed more than 400,000 pictures and videos of children engaged in sexual activities." Children drugged and unable to do ANYTHING. Completely at the mercy of sick freaks. WHO will DARE to even attempt to defend this I ask you?

"The 12 men were charged with engaging in a child exploitation enterprise; illegally posting notices seeking to receive, exchange and distribute child porn across state lines; and obstructing of justice. Several also were charged with producing the pornography — meaning they had contact with the children who were exploited"

One conversation went like this:
“This one may offend here, so a word of caution, these girls are heavily drugged,” Roy, known as “Nimo,” wrote on July 10, 2007, according to the court documents. “Not much action to speak of, the girls are (sic) to (expletive deleted) up to move, or resist. Three girls, the first one being the youngest, around 8 or 9 yo.”

At the forefront of these men is none other than Jim Freeman. The executive director, legal director and co-founder of SoHopeful. A sex offender activist group where Tom Madison, Shirley Lowery, David Coffman and other pro-sex offenders got their start. I can't help but wonder why Cheryl Griffiths wants to bury this story. Didn't she claim that children's safety was her top concern?
"I can only pray that this is some kind of misunderstanding or government "fix". No matter what it is, this could hurt all of us (groups and individuals) greatly. In my opinion, the best thing we could do is to not post anything about it in our groups about this at least about his connection to any RSO groups."

Google James Freeman's names, especially those baby raper defender names and read what he had to say. The very things all the RSO activists say. The very things all the pedo activists have to say. Read especially his commentary about the reason Christopher Barrios was raped and murdered. And while you're at it, watch out for Zman, you just never know where that little freak will pop up next. While you're reading, keep in the back of your mind that Jim's activism related to getting himself off the SOR. Watch him spin statistics to excuse his behavior.
"very few registered offenders have been clinically diagnosed as pedophiles. As a 'class', sexual offenders have the second-lowest recidivism rate of all criminal offenses"

Then look where he is today.

HT to Jacey for graphic

There are worse things in life

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What do these men have in common?

Kenneth Stone

Corey Saunders

David Flavell

Before I answer that question, I'd like to go back a moment to the petition we talked about HERE. Alex Marbury and Paul Shannon want to reform sex offender laws. I'm sure you'll recall. Some of the things they called for was abolishment of age of consent laws and requiring children to be responsible for their own abuse. They also want to abolish the death penalty and life sentences. They want to abolish the sex offender registry and ban you from knowing if your neighbor is a convicted child molester under great penalties to you if you should find out. But they also want to abolish civil commitments. Because after all they've served their time. Haven't they? And according to Alex and Paul these changes are the only things that will keep people safe from sexual offenders.

Alex and Paul recently sponsored a rally to gain support for releasing violent sexual predators deemed at high risk to re-offend from their civil commitments. We didn't talk about this rally, because, well we wanted to see how it would go without our commentary. And one of the main speakers Tom Madison of SoClear Media Productions didn't want anyone to find out, which is comical really when you think about it. Have a rally to gain support but only let those who already support you know about it. Chalk one up for The Anti's.

If these people had a valid counter-argument for our opinions they would have WANTED us drawing attention to it. Nor would Alex and Paul make statements such as this

"Because a previous demonstraton in Ohio by sex offenders and their families was harrassed by bigots, you should be prepared for this possibility."

"Ask any friends you tell about this to keep the time and place of the rally confidential."
Hmmmm, harassment which consists of writing counter opinions and peacefully counter demonstrating. Seems to me these guys are flat out un-American. Not to mention whiney victim cryers. If we speak out about their rhetoric that makes us vigilantes. But of course we already knew this wasn't the brightest of the bright, eh? It's just merely another form of blame gaming which goes hand in hand with their distinct brand of mental illness.

Nevertheless, the rally went as planned. Very few people attended of course, mainly those who had a loved one confined at Coalinga State Hospital for violent sexual predators. And we didn't even have to hijack this rally for it to be an utter failure. Hey! Our strategy proved once again to be right on.

One of the attendees said that her loved one was confined there due to a sexual offense he committed while on parole for another sexual offense but then stated "He's no different than any other criminal, he's served his time". That's an example of an enabling apologist in denial.

These guys want out. They've tried lots of ways. They've held hunger strikes, seemingly oblivious to the obvious continued mentality of using manipulation as a tool. They refuse to accept treatment and they call the hospital a 'concentration camp'. I don't know about you, but if they want to hold a hunger strike I say more power to them. I'll put my support behind that, sure. Who do they think they are? What kind of sexual offenders would say "If you don't let me outta here I'm gonna quit eating"? My opinion is that it's the type of sex offenders who should be civilly committed to the Coalinga State Hospital for sexually violent offenders at a danger to re-offend. But, that's me.

Tom Madison disagrees however. From KMPH

But registered sex offender Tom Madison says, he doesn't think the extra treatment is worth the sex offender's time or the taxpayer's dollars.

"They simply want to get on with their lives, but the fear and hysteria is in the stratosphere today," said Madison.

Rather than talk about the predators that society is currently safe from - those being held at Coalinga. I think we should talk about violent sexual predators who were released from prison "after serving their time" - and despite evidence that they were still dangerous and likely to re-offend - were NOT civilly committed as requested. Let's talk about 3 of those. Released by the same judge. Judge Moses.

First up we have Corey Saunders, with previous convictions for rape of a child with force and assault and battery of a child, Judge Moses didn't believe the evidence that he was at a high risk of re-offending. No, he said, Corey hadn't re-offended in 7 years. Ignoring the fact that he was in prison during those 7 years. Corey raped a 6 year old boy in the library shortly after release.

Then we have David Flavell, who "had been arrested and convicted on a variety of sex offenses between 1996 and 2003, including masturbating in public, threatening children and brutally beating and attempting to rape a woman in Methuen. That 1996 attack took place just hours after he’d been arrested for masturbating in a department store." Judge Moses refused to commit him, he didn't believe he was dangerous. No, not David. He was arrested in January for peering into a womens restroom stall. "Flavell was carrying a backpack with three pairs of work gloves, a ski mask and a roll of duct tape and had put a magazine rack outside the ladies room to make it appear it was out of service"

How about the latest case of irresponsibility committed by Judge Moses. Kenneth Stone "In separate incidents in 1989, 1991 and 1995, Stone was convicted of indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or older and in May of 1991 and again in October of 1991 he was convicted of assault with intent to rape." Now in February, after Judge Moses ruled he was fit to be returned to society, Stone has been arrested for raping a man......less than three weeks after the Judge let him go free.

The issue

At issue is a state statute which allows the district attorney to petition to have sex offenders who’ve completed their criminal sentences declared sexually dangerous and civilly committed much the way a person deemed a danger to himself or others may be committed to a psychiatric hospital.

ABC Channel 6 news did an investigative report on Moses on Feb. 7, in which reporter Jim Hummel analyzed 42 sexually dangerous person petitions in Bristol County in the past seven years. Of those, judges granted the petitions half the time, Hummel reported.

Moses was the only judge who released every offender who came before him, a total of six, including Stone, Saunders and Flavell
THOSE are men who should have been civilly committed. Those are men just like those in Coalinga Hospital that Tom Madison feels we don't deserve protection from because
  • A. It's not fair to the offender
  • B. It costs too much money

Funny thing about that is, the only people complaining about how much it costs are sex offenders. Those of us who aren't sex offenders - 99.8% of the population....are more than willing to pay the price. Although, if they want to argue COST, I'd be more than happy to lobby for the death penalty for child molesters. Conviction.....appeal.....execution. That would certainly solve the problem of sexually violent deranged individuals. It'll save us money and they can't re-offend! I suppose one might say
"There are worse things in life than being on a sex offender registry"
or perhaps they might say
"There are worse things in life than being confined in Coalinga State Hospital for the sexually violent predator"

That logic is good enough for me because after all Jan Kruska says:
"While sexual abuse is despicable there are indeed things that are much worse in life"
Graphics courtesy of Jacey

Recovered memories of childhood abuse -From Thrivers

Monday, March 03, 2008

Article By:Jane Rowan

Why are memories of abuse so often hidden? This is a really hard question for people in recovery from abuse, for therapists, and for researchers. In my case, I didn't recognize one of my early childhood memories as a memory of abuse until I was in my fifties. Then physical memories started to come back to me, memories that led me to know my father had sexually abused me. How could such a big betrayal remain hidden in the back corners of a psyche for years and years? Can we really believe memories that have been hidden so long?

It's very common for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to suppress the memories. (Studies say from 30% to 60% of survivors experience loss of memories of abuse.) When the memories come back up, they are often in fragmentary form-a touch, a feeling of nausea, a smell, a fraction of a scene. This fragmentation has a physiological cause. The stress hormones released during frightening events suppress the hippocampus, a part of the brain vital for integrating memories. And of course, we don't get social reinforcement for recalling such things-in fact, we are forbidden to speak of them and to make them real through sharing.

The book that helped me the most with the question of recovered memories was Betrayal Trauma, by Jennifer Freyd. Freyd explains that forgetting is functional for the child because it enables her to remain in contact with the family that is essential for her survival. The closer the relationship with the abuser, the more important it is to forget the abuse in order to keep that relationship working, problematic though it is. Freyd found clear scientific data showing that kids whose abuse was reported to authorities often forgot it for years. The closer the relationship to the abuser (father vs. cousin, for example), the more likely the forgetting.

Isn't that stunning? Yet it makes total sense. I had to keep eating cornflakes every morning opposite my father and relying on him for food, learning-and yes, love. I could not allow myself to remember the abuse in the night.

Over time, I've come to believe the memories brought to me by my inner child more and more firmly. They are not as clear as "Kodak moments," but they are true.

For more information on this and many topics... Read More Here

Reach for the sky!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rewind back to early last year, Blogspot was listed as a Corporate Sex Offender, it was infested with nests of pedophile activist's who'd set up blogs advocating adult/child sexual relationships, blogs which included Steve Diamonds. That was until the Anti's on Blogspot, like ACME, AZ and Violet, did something about it - Now, no more pro-pedoblogs on Blogspot

mission complete,

move on,



Not Steve Diamond, he recently released the very first episode of his "Culture Shock Podcast" on YouTube.

The episode which is nine YouTube videos long, consists almost entirely of Steve moaning about how important he thought his pro-pedophile blogs were, and rants and surprise at how anyone would want to delete them. We've cut out some of the best bits, so that you can listen to them here for yourself:

Steve Diamond:

I remember thinking to myself, how could anyone be so vicious so hateful so, so incredibly dismissive of all human compassion to just come in and take something like that away from people, just callously and heartlessly tear it away just steal it

Interesting how Steve Diamond can be so angry and hurt after simply loosing his blogs; Yet he can't imagine how anyone could be bothered or upset by a child being molested and abused, by some sick pervert making excuses for his/her behavior, like Steve Diamond.

Steve finishes' up his podcast talking about how the "hate group shot themselves in their own foot" by getting his blogs deleted; No Steve we didn't shoot ourselves in the foot, we got you and 50+ of your scummy pedopals, deleted from Blogspot - the Blogspot Blog Bandits cleaned the house, and hi-jacked the pedoblogs.

The Rest of the Story

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Originally posted October 15, 2007.

We've decided that since we've been talking about Jan Kruska so much here lately, that we should go ahead and tell the rest of the story so we can move on. We've hinted at things she's done, and in some cases outright accused her of harassment, cyberstalking, blackmail, threats and libel. And you know, if I hadn't been seeing these things myself I don't think I would have believed them. So I'm going to show you some of it now.

You see, it all began when we wrote about the sex reform petition and the outrageous things it was calling for. One of the stipulations on that petition is
We have made a conscious decision not to seek out the signatures of sex offenders
So we were just trucking along doing what we do and checking out all the signatures when lo and behold we ran across one of them on YouTube. We left comments which were rational and informative correcting the erroneous statistics Jan had quoted. She didn't take to criticism very well. She deleted our comments and retaliated by visiting our very own Violet Leaves' video and mocking her. Tsk, tsk, we can't have that now. We won't have that. Anyone who doesn't immediately understand why should pay a visit to Violet's blog sometime. Read what this woman has to say. Violet is a hero and she's speaking for all those unable to speak for themselves. I admire her strength, determination, and very clear understanding of the issues. She deserves our utmost respect.

Phase 2 of the Jan fiasco was when we wrote about her viewpoints. We wrote about her signing that petition. Jan thumbed her nose at the rule that said she couldn't sign it.

Jan signed it anyway.

Not once but twice.

We talked about the fact that Jan herself was a registered sex offender, not from finding it on a registry but from Jan's own testimony before the Arizona state legislature. We gave the link for reference. It's readily available public information. But in Jan's view this was illegal. Yep she even said so. Within hours of this post we entered Phase 3 with this message through YouTube

And this one
And this one
You see, Jan believed I was someone named Carolyn. And when I told her I wasn't Carolyn, using all her powers of logic and reason she concluded that "it proved I admitted it" ~Sigh~

She then proceeds to add a page to her website about Carolyn, adding her full name, home address, telephone number and the statements that Carolyn is guilty of "conspiring to commit blackmail, harassment, intimidation, encouraging others to commit cyber stalking, physical harm and murder" She put out her own APB warning and states that Carolyn "persistently downloads child pornography and uses photographs of children to entice men" Well, let's just take a look at it shall we?

No, she didn't block out the identifying information, I did.

You see, Carolyn is not an Anti. Carolyn is not a member of AZ. Carolyn has never been involved with this. She was a random person in the crowd that Jan hit in her frenzy to get revenge.

Carolyn had Jan's entire website shut down. Twice.

Jan responded with an image of an assault rifle and claims that we were endangering her life. For the life of me I've never figured out how blogging about how stupid she is endangers her life. But, you know Jan when she gets something in that head of hers.

Here we enter Phase 4

It began with comments on AZ. Posted from Jan's own IP address.

You see, Jan "in her haste to look like an idiot" found someone on MySpace named Esther. Esther used a nickname the same as someone who commented on AZ. Once again, she hit a person in the crowd. She didn't get the reaction she expected so she came back again always linking us to the things she'd created.
Well, let's just take a look at that, shall we?


Now let's see where that link takes us.

Ah, yes. Of course.

"She has links on her own MySpace page to erotic homosexual child pornography images!"

"Esther is a very sick woman. I urge everyone to report her to their local FBI field Office"


Interesting not only because we don't know this poor woman who fell into Jan's grasp, but also because we turned her MySpace upside down. She's just a woman who blogs occasionally. Seems to have a lot of friends including her favorite radio station, a PETA activist, and a gay nephew (adult) who had some gay (adult) erotica on his own page. Once again, Jan doesn't know the difference between a child and an adult. Neither apparently does Shirley Lowery. You see, this is one of the things we do. It's one of the things all of you should do. If anyone sees child pornography you shouldn't be twiddling your thumbs, you should be making a report to CyberTipLine ASAP. Shirley has an agenda and a motive however

Phase 5 begins. Shoot-into-the-crowd-Jan intensifies her efforts. Not only does she make this blog

"Petra Lunatic is currently under investigation in Arizona for her continual online harassment, threats, and defamation against a wife and mother of four. Inciting violence against an innocent woman and her children."

And this because Petra wrote about the Fluff 'n Stuff story on her MySpace.

Oh but it gets better. Why, we've hardly begun.

On the one hand it seems that what we have here is a failure to communicate, but that's hardly the case. The day after she left us the "Absolutely Busted" message she called Susan, the web designer we hired to design our blog template. She accused her of owning this blog. When she was informed that wasn't the case that she'd never had anything to do with it well, Jan Kruska, true to form as ever, threatened Susan with legal action if she didn't reveal the names of her customers, she threatened to hold her responsible for what her customers did. Oh yeah. And sure enough she did. Lookie here

"If you have been wrongfully attacked, cyberstalked and terrorized by this woman and/or her friends on Absolute Zero, give her a call and let her know what's on your mind!"

"Porn Producers"

"Susan is the creator of Absolute Zero United!"

"This information has been verified and a link will soon be added which includes her audiotaped confession"

"Susan is very worried right now and she has good reason to be. She and her pals have broken MULTIPLE laws for which she and her friends can and will now be held criminally and civilly liable. POOR SUSAN!"

"She doesn't want to rat out her "friends" over at Absolute Zero and that's a shame because now she alone will bear the brunt of what they are all collectively responsible for"

"What goes around comes around"

"THEY, (meaning those you and your friends have targeted whether rightly or wrongly) now know who YOU are and WHERE YOU LIVE. How does it feel?"

Interesting that just last night Jan AKA azrockhoundz left this comment on YouTube

Either someone told her, or she realized herself that she had messed up big time. So she quickly deleted her own comment and in order to not lose her momentum and all she continued on:

Well now, I do believe she's given the word GRACEFUL a whole new meaning. Especially when you consider what Jan and her friend Erika otherwise known as "He-ain't-heavy-She's-my-Brother" had in store for our own Chris Brocious.

When we look back at the websites once belonging to Erika the Mouse, one of which she was selling his body by PAYPAL ONLY, the other was filled with floating animated pentagrams and Satanic music

Does it leave any doubt who was responsible for the page made to libel Chris?

Never mind the emails I received letting me know this page was coming. Never mind the doctored images of my friends she sent me. Or the

"Your worst nightmare is coming true"

or the

"I'm coming for you soon"

emails. Never mind the blog she made mocking the death of Chris Barrios and signing my name to it. Never mind Margie Slagle mocking me or telling Carolyn that she didn't care what Jan did to her because "Jan is hurting more" Never mind Tom Madison dismissing her actions as "a child's game" or Shirley Lowery aiding and abetting.

I want you to look

Look at what this woman has done and ask yourself how she DARES to show her face on YouTube crying VICTIM!

Ask yourself how she DARES to make this statement....just yesterday as a matter of fact
I am a Christian first and foremost. I believe in forgiveness and I believe that there are much better ways of dealing with these issues other than what is currently occurring
Or how Linda Wagner dares to show up on YouTube spouting off insanities
"Sue them all Amanda! Take them to court!"

"If they use your status as a RSO to intimadate you in any way, That is illegal under the law of your state. Also, being a christian, you probably can sue on those grounds because they are interfering with your right to pratice your faith"
Or what about the comment Jan Kruska wrote on that blog she made to try to harass Susan? Oh dear, what was it again?
Better get that Bible of yours out and read it again, I think you missed the whole point of what it was all about. You're a Christian? I don't think so. Can you honestly say that what you're doing is something that Jesus would do? I think not.

The Margie Slagle's, the Shirley Lowery's, the Tom Madison's and Linda Wagner's continue to enable this deranged, sociopathic, criminal. If they truly were her friends they would help her get psychiatric help. She's no longer going over the deep end you guys. She's over the edge.