Battery Acid or Liquid Latex?

Friday, March 21, 2008

What is THAT you might ask.

Well, let me tell you.

That my friends, is your common variety SCUMBAG.

His name is Daniel Czajkowski, and he just got busted in a porn sting in Florida, along with 20 other men in Polk County.

"19 suspects are in custody. 2 others are still on the loose. The suspects are all men, ages 17-64."

Operation Defender, an undercover investigation which started in October of 2007 involved computer downloads and swapping of images over the internet. Over 100,000 images and 500 videos were recovered. The children have yet to be identified.

I was astounded to find that immediately the registered sex offender activists and pedophile apologists moved in to leave comments on the news stories, instructing people of how ignorant they were and on many instances leaving comments that "most child pornography was created by teenagers spreading images of themselves on MySpace". They are saying this on an article describing what these men were in possession of.
  • Images of children as young as 1 month old
  • The average age of the child victims appeared to be between 7 and 9
  • Videos of minors in sex acts with other children, adults and animals

Investigators also discovered these men were in possession of a power point tutorial depicting how to sexually molest children between the ages of birth and 8 years old.

The four-minute video outlined, by age group, instruments that could be used to sexually molest children. It also provided information, with photos to demonstrate techniques, on how to hide the signs of sexual abuse from a spouse or from the mother of a child.

The video closed with the message: "There are many other options. So have fun and be creative."

Dubbed the "poster child" of Operation Defender,
Joseph Allen was in possession of over 80,000 images and videos.

"Absolutely Addicted" his keyboard was covered with cigarette ashes and he kept a gallon jug under his desk so that he wouldn't have to take time away from his perverted endeavors to urinate.

"He made it so he didn't have to get up from his computer," authorities said.

Is there anything you can think of that makes THIS pervert any different than any other pervert?

Up next we have Mitchell Parker.

Unlike some of the others this guy said he didn't do it.

But concludes

"I am disgusted. I wish I was in a battery acid pool right now."

Why, Mitchell? I thought you didn't do it?

Derek Fraser, a 17 year old high school student said:
"I did it. But it was a mistake"
And Eric Curtis tried to blame it on his stepson.

Sheriff Judd Grady said: "These men are absolutely disgusting. They are deviants. I have never seen anything as repulsive as our detectives and prosecutors are dealing with today."

HERE we talked about people such as that. One of them, the incessant pain-in-the-ass harassing pedophile nobody Nigel Oldfield, who once wrote this regarding his own experiences with child porn addiction
  • I had an unclean house
  • I have been obsessed
  • I had no sexual inhibitions whatsoever
  • I am not going to attempt to frighten the reader into abstinence
  • I hardly cared at all during the episode about these immense consequences, such was the power of the combination of contributing factors and the intensity
  • I started to create the most offensive series of photo-realistic fabrications I could imagine
  • I would describe it as though Evil was sat with me for a few weeks
  • The biggest mistake I will ever make in my life, but I don't regret it

We've talked multiple times about the types of things these guys look for. The search terms that they use. And of course how stupid they are. Not a day goes by that I don't have a pervert come in search of something, only to come back 15 minutes later with the term changed a little. When he still doesn't find it he comes back again with a different term. Did he not realize that he kept clicking on us? I can imagine him thinking "Where's the porn dammit?! It's got to be here somewhere! Where have they hidden the child porn!!" Finally in frustration he clicks the child pornography tag, and amazingly enough sometimes the guy will STILL come back. That's an example of need-driven behavior. THAT is someone society needs to be protected from, because he WILL NOT STOP. He will never stop. Not until we take his options away from him.

Here's some new terms:
  • pedo 5yo vaginal penetration
  • picture little girl masturbating
  • little girls get rape video
  • dogs fucking lolita underage preteen underground
  • helping child masturbate
  • 5yo raped and fuck
  • bondage pedo pics
  • boys raped by men porn
  • child pornography" infant pacifier vagina"
  • how to find pedo pics
  • how to beat phallometric testing
  • is it normal to fantasize about little girls?
  • pedo fuck hard child porn
  • pedo pain young girl hurt pain torture
  • watch free brutal porn rape molestation online now
  • how do I hide my child porn?
Does that sound to you like fun-loving teenagers sharing images of themselves with their friends? It sure doesn't to me. (Or any other rational person I would imagine) No, what it sounds like to me is the very things of interest to these men busted due to Operation Defender. It sounds just the like men busted due to Operation Achilles. One of those being Jim Freeman, a registered sex offender, sex offender defender, baby raper apologist, activist for baby raper rights and himself directly responsible for the sexual abuse of an untold number of children.

As I previously said here: When the pedophile community attempt to ridicule what you are doing, when they scoff and when they rant, sometimes when they try to charm you...... remember who and what they are. Remember their motives for saying these things, and remember above all the results from the N-JOV Study
more than half of child pornography possession cases began with reports from individuals to law enforcement

So just keep on keeping on and do your part, however big or small that may be. All efforts lead to successes such as this one.
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