Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back in December we talked about pedophiles trying to legitimize their perversions. We said
Pedophiles try to legitimize their perversion by calling themselves child lovers. Boy lovers or girl lovers for those 'exclusively' attracted. Some prefer the term minor attracted adult. MAA. They don't particularly like the term baby raper. They prefer intergenerational sex, as though softening the sound of it will improve their reputations.

We need to never, ever use those words. They are pedophiles! They are child molesters, baby rapers, soul thieves, manipulators, liars, pedovores and pedofreaks. They are freakopaths, creepazoids, monsters, predators and destroyers of children. Pedophiles are many many things, but there's one thing they're not and that's child lovers.
And here we talked about how Jan Kruska was linking to a pedophile website and promoting pedophile propaganda, repeating pedospeak on her website with the very clear intent of normalizing pedophilia. To summarize, this report was a study of arousability, the results of which were that some men were simply more easily aroused that others. But Jan links to what she apparently believes is the actual report itself when in actuality it is a pedophile website and a pedophiles interpretation of that report. "This study is probably the most comprehensive scientific study investigating pedophillia." This was not a study of pedophilia, nor did it claim to be. It was a study on arousability only. One would think an ethical writer would read the ACTUAL report rather than relying on filthy pedophiles to interpret it for you. The key word here being ethical. Or perhaps it's just someone with an agenda.
The results of surveys like this smash any theories that pedophiles are but a small minority. Combine this with what we know about internet habits and other factors and you no longer have a minority, like the gay community, you have a huge silent majority. Surveys like this suggest that something like 8 or 9 out of ten men are sexually attracted to young girls as well as women. Shocking? Not really. Women have known that instinctively for years. Women would pay a fortune for the skin, sparkling eyes and body of a 10-year-old. This is not an effort to undermine women - shapely women will always be attractive to men. It is those with slim girl-like figures however, that receive many times more attention.
Here Xavier talks about pedospeak. See the wikisposure entry, and familiarize yourself with the terms. Then don't let them get away with using them!
BL - Boylove or Boylover

GL - Girllove or Girllover

LB - Little Boy

LBL - Little Boy Lover

LGs - Little Girls

YF - Young Friend

No matter what name pedophiles want to give themselves, here at Absolute Zero they will always be regarded as Child Molesters, Baby Rapers and Perverts. As it should be.
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