People Don't Understand

Friday, May 29, 2009

By now we're probably all familiar with this face, it's the face of GirlChat & BoyChat poster "The Night Raven" A.K.A. Jeffrey Brisson. Back when Jeffrey wasn't in custody and was active posting on BoyChat, he made no secret of his sexual attraction to toddlers and infants, even Jimf3 (James Finn) found his behavior disgusting and objectionable:


"Aztram, (much as this saddens me and I AM SHOCKED), Night Raven and anyone else who finds babies and toddlers sexually attractive: I think you are totally fucked up. You have nothing to do with boylove. I personally despise you. I will personally work to see you stay far, far, far away from Boychat."

Jimf3 (in response to Night Raven):
And filthy, horrid pics of [cogged] BABIES. I'm disgusted that anyone involved with BC was involved with that disgusting, awful, putrid site. It was all about [cogged] babies and toddlers. Shame on you, you fucking freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND shame on AZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jimf3 (in response to Night Raven again):
Ya just linked em. Like that MATTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are DISGUSTING. The naked baby pics you hosted ... ooooppppssss ./.. linked were DISGUSTING. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT FILTH.
After reading through that conversation on BoyChat, it probably would have come as no surprise to hear that when Jeffrey was raided by Law Enforcement, he was found in possession of child pornography which featured himself sexually assaulting a baby, only months old:
The pair was found in their apartment with a 3-month-old girl who had been sexually assaulted by Brisson. Police also found a computer encrypting a video tape of Brisson molesting the child.

The resulting search of the pair’s computers kicked off one of the largest child pornography investigations in state history, officials said. The city’s digital evidence unit, under the direction of Lt. James Wardwell, a nationally recognized computer crimes expert, recovered dozens of videos of nine other children being molested by the pair over the course of several years, according to the warrants issued for their arrests.
Earlier today Jeffrey Brisson was sentenced to 45 years in prison and 25 years of "special parole" upon his release:
NEW BRITAIN - One of two men charged last year with raping several children, including a 3-month-old girl, was sentenced today to 45 years in prison and 25 years of special parole.

Once he completes his sentence, Jeffrey Brisson, 31, will be required to register as a sex offender for life. It was among a host of parole conditions set by the judge.
He was originally charged with more than 150 offenses including dozens of counts of first-degree sexual assault and could have faced a 225-year sentence if convicted of the charges at trial.
If you ask me, Jeffrey should never be given another opportunity to offend. He had this to say about his "harsh" sentence:
Brisson thought the sentence was harsh because people don't understand sexual fascination with children, his public defender, Ken Simon, said.
Brisson admitted to the court Friday he was a pedophile with a compulsion that can’t be stopped. He also likened society’s fear of pedophiles to long ago fears of African Americans or gays and lesbians and said all adults have thoughts of having sex with children.

“We punish what we don’t understand,” Brisson said during a several minute tirade against police, society and the press. “Then when we’re released it’s to unjust regulations and stipulations.”
He was convicted for producing videos of himself sexually assaulting a baby and this is what he has to say for himself? - 45 years will never cure that level of distortion, he said it himself it's a "compulsion that can't be stopped," and even after being caught and sentenced Jeffrey doesn't seem to grasp that the problem isn't with "people not understanding."
“This is the most vile, disgusting, alarming and horrifying case I have ever handled or seen in this court,” Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Paul Rotiroti told court officials minutes before Brisson was taken off to begin serving his sentence. “We need to keep him separated from society.”

So long as we don't get caught

Monday, May 11, 2009

From the time Skull Dander A.K.A. Clinton Labombard started posting on GirlChat, he brought his own brand of distorted semi-militant-pedo-rants into the mix. Clinton took pride in being vocal and aggressively defensive of pedophilia, and like many of his GirlChat brethren, he considered his fight for the legalization of adults having sex with children, similar to homosexuals seeking the rights to have relationships with other adults:

"This is a message board that promotes the rights of pedophiles --that is tantamount in the eyes of the anti-pedophilia majority to raising pedophiles to the level of homosexuals in order to give them free reign to act out their desires. They can't have that. It disgusts them to the point of making something up in order to get rid of you. They *will* do it, just as they libelled me for being different --there is no point in being quiet when they will only hit you harder. Fight them.

Do you understand this?

Fight them --destroy them!"

Fight them, destroy them, proclaim your pride in being a pedophile to a Police Officer...

GirlChat Webmaster:
But I doubt you want to go up to a cop and shout "I'm a pedophile and I want to have sex with your daughter" in his ear with a bullhorn! or Walk down the street with your own "Ped-Pride Day" parade chanting "We're loud, we're proud, We want to date your child!"
Skull Dander responds:
Why the hell not? You seem awfully afraid to state your mind. I'm not afraid to state my mind and do so very frequently. I make the waves. Feel free to swallow your fill of water --if that's what you want, but I suggest that if you intend to make this work, then you 'had better' learn to make waves with the rest of us renegade Time Lords.
Clinton was full of pedo-pride and he had his own philosophy to support him:
I would have to say --in all honesty-- that it doesn't matter how young or old the little cutie is, so long as we don't get caught.
"Q: Should girl-love be legal?"
Yes. It should be legal. Personally, I find the illegality of it no more than an empty practice of both control over children and blind fear. Children are people and they think like humans. Age is not the issue --knowledge is the issue and children have been made exceedingly exempt from having knowledge of such things as romance and sex. They have been made, by the government, etc., into the equivalent of furniture or dress-up dolls for adults and commodities for the corporations.
So, society and the government turns children into "furniture or dress-up dolls for adults," whereas a GirlChatter like Clinton would never objectify a child:
Lucky fuck. Now you get to see her in a tight, little bathing suit and you had better have some extra-tight underwear on, ya know? Those little butts will kill you at fifteen yards.
There's only one group of people which perceive children as "furniture or dress-up dolls for adults..." Read more about Skull Dander A.K.A. Clinton Labombard at Wikisposure.

Is that Love that you're feeling?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Greenfly first became a member of GirlChat while searching the internet for child pornography back in 2002. He says he's sexually attracted to prepubescent girls and also little boys, occasionally women but never men.

His real name of course is Aubrey Eugene Davis. Aubrey says he first became aware that he was a pedophile when he was a teenager but that he'd been "playing" with little girls since he was 9 or 10. He called it tickling games or wrestling games and believes that he's a pedophile now because of molesting so many children when he was young.

Now as an adult he makes sure to put himself in close contact with children. He says he's worked with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and volunteers at summer camps. I wonder if parents would be trusting their child around Aubrey if they knew some of the things he's said. Such as:
i hope you guys are having a good start to your summer. mine has started very nicely. i'm working at a summer camp for a couple of weeks. we had 5-7 yr olds last week and 8-11 yr olds this week.

Man it's been guite awesome. some hotties last week and this. so, i'm kinda like a fat kid in a candy store ("bone-apetit":)) LOL).
Or how about this one:
How about this? Setting on a couch with a yg, leaning over and kissing on her, by leaning over your weight forces her to lay on her side, this position allows you to be in position to mount her. It would be a side mount.
Or this:
cunnilingus and gently stroking of a yg's labia majora and minora is very pleasing to them.
legally speaking if you touch a girls "secret place" whether you have concent or not wont matter. I don't think a defense of "well she said i could" would wash with a judge or jury. i guess you could try and let the rest of us know the outcome.

don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to be a hypocrite, i've touched girls before with their permission. you just have to be careful. kids talk. adults misunderstand. you end up in hot-water.
just remember females have 3 orifices. you can ah "utilize" 2 of them and maintain your virginity but have fun all the while. :)
Over and over Aubrey started discussions where he was obviously seeking validation for his affliction. He says he's a pedophile. He says he doesn't have sex with children while admitting that he's touched them. He says he doesn't understand how you can be a pedophile if there's no sex involved.
how can you be a pedophile and not want to have sex with a minor? that's like saying homosexuality doesn't advocate sex with the same sex. if you are a pedophile, if you love minors than you are one, then you at least think about having sex with minors

i respect your opinion. but i can not understand how child love, a.k.a. pedophilia, can be legitamite if there's no sex at all.
He made it clear he didn't want a "romantic relationship", that for him it was all about sex.
i don't understand, maybe i'm stupid, how adult men can fall in love with a 12, or so, year old. I have a very attract 13 year old cousin. i love her as a cousin, but when i think of intimate situations, it's all lust. I would never disrespect her, but i could never LOVE her whether she was my cousin of not.

after reading some of the messages over the last few days, i'm woundering if this site should be call girllust garden. if we couldn't have orgasms we wouldn't be interested at all. so is it love that you felling or lust?
And then after awhile he reached a conclusion that's rather rare for a pedophile to do. He himself wanted sex with children but he recognized all those other pedophiles for what they really were
if i had a daughter, there's no way i'd leave her alone with a girllover whether i new him or not. most child predators are fimilar with the kids they target. so, i don't see how knowing a girllover helps with a since of security.
I hope anyone who has children in contact with this man are warned. He certainly doesn't need to be watching children at summer camps and he's even been stalking his own relatives children. I find this very disturbing:
i have an interest in the way people, especially younger adults and kids, die. Unnatural deaths primarily. I find the data interesting, and sometimes amusing.
Personally, I don't find that amusing at all.

Visit Wikisposure and learn more about this dangerous pedophile Aubrey Eugene Davis

Writing Lies to Swim in

Monday, May 04, 2009

Steven Nichols is a self described musician, he runs a website which features free downloadable copies of music he's pieced together from various audio clips.

What Steven doesn't mention on his website though, is that he also posts regularly on GirlChat under the screen-names 41, Fortyone, Black Jesus and Father Juice. In fact, Steven Nichols has even considered producing his own "Girl Love Mix Album:"

I've yet to make my great "girl love mix album" - I just keep creating individual songs.. But i'm working my mix album out in my head- taking note of the different things i want to use, and how i want to intigrate them and connect everything... I'd like to be able to do it completely live- on the turntables and cd players. I dream of one day playing it in front of a "GC" party.. You know, silly shit like that- but i have made quite a lot of songs.. Most of them (not all, but most) are about little girls and girl love.. and i've sampled everything from bob hope talking about a petticoat, to alex trebek (host of Jeopardy) talking about thrid graders.
Steven doesn't just make pedophile music:
I remember the first girl i had a long relationship with (she is the sister of my brother's best friend andthey lived next door - sadly nothing more then that, as far as me and her becomming really good friends- let alone anything beyond that) anyway she was 8 and she's 11 now.. so..

Around that time i started amassing a huge collection of illegal porn, which i deleted completey the day before i turned 18 - just to be that much more carefull..

I have two main interest's little girls and music.
As i was trying to describe my feelings for my 7yr old cousin Kelli to my mom after she found out about my posting on gc, i once described my love for her as sort of "romantic love" -- Keep in mind i didnt come all the way out to her.. I would only go as far as to say things like "i love children, i get along great with children, i tend to get along better with girls then boys, she just makes me happy, it's nothing sexual, nothing sexual at all" etc.. But at certain points she just stirred such emotion in me, i guess i got sort of angry.. Then sorta like instataneoulsy and almost subconsciously i might have adbandoned some of my fear and concerns and words like romantic love come from my mouth.. But i can still hear her "ewwww" that she made when i uttered that word.. 'romantic' .. See she obviously thinks romance is strictly man/woman classic peer aged boy/girl fall in love... and that for a man to have romantic feelings for a child, seeing as how children could never recipricate such feelings or understand such feelings, that means they want to take advantage of and molest that child.. She'll never understand how kelli makes me feel.. Frankly i'm not even sure i want her to.. fuck her. The quagmire society is stuck in is too deep, too strong..
As we try to lift it up, we tear off our arms.. Let me keep my arms to play games with kelli.. and write lies to swim in.. So be it..
and a tight pair of white cotton pantys on underneath..And she's horny.

White cotton ones are the absolute best.. on girls of all ages.. I've been thinking alot lately of how much i aodre a white cotton panty claid ass..
Mmm'mm.. The attraction has some basis no doubt in the hiding of the precious.. the mystery of the un-known and the lure of what could be underneath i suppose.. but thats all subconscious.. Whats the conscious attraction?? I just love the way it looks.. And simple white cotton is certainly more 'girlie' then say silk, or laced designs and thats why i like to see them on women.. And well, it doesnt nessecarily have to be white cotton.. But cotton is very important..
Steven has a plan to gain access to children:
As far as making small strides and one day we will be better off i say phewey. The only thing to do is to conform enough to take a wife( alot harder for some of us then others) and have oodles of kids and some will be girls and there ya go theres your lg
Incest doesn't even bother him:
What I'm saying is that the incestual sexual actions themselves never directly caused the harm any past cultures associated with incest. We're not repulsed when we think of incest simply because our minds immediately jump to the thought of two-headed babies, no, we're immediately repulsed at the very notion of the physical act of sexual pleasure... Because we've been inculcated to believe or feel that sex is, in very many respects if not all, very very very negative.
Be sure to read the Wikisposure article on GirlChat's own "Musician" Steven Nichols.

Basking in the Radiance of Madness

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Demosthenes AKA Jacob Detring was once one of the loudest, most aggressive and radical voices at GirlChat...until he started making enemies from his own "brothers and sisters"- as he referred to them.

I admit it's rather nice to tick off the names of some of those on my personal top ten list of filthy pedophiles. It makes me happy. It makes me smile. But I'll smile even bigger when the other 7 are revealed. Can you guess who they are? MY list may not match your list. I guess we all have different reasons, eh?

* Winston Smith
* Dylan Thomas
* Demosthenes

Jacob was so easy to despise. From his history of making scathing flames directed at his own, to the scathing flames directed at us, to his support for giving drugs to little girls to prevent them from going through puberty, to his frequent puffed-up diatribes, support for child pornography and calls for Revolution - Demosthenes was impossible to ignore.

Who could forget this?
"Shame? I am very proud of who and what I am."

"I make no excuses or apologies, nor do I hold back."

"Most of my life, the one thing that I always seemed to have going for me when nothing else did was my linguistic ability, my ability to dance and play with written (and sometimes spoken) word. Being my, to me, singularly most outstanding gift, I worked and honed it until it could also be my most potent weapon."

"Violence and force can spurn people to a desired action, but words can make those same people to take the ideal behind that action into their heart and make it their own. As has been said many times throughout history, words are power.. and I very much enjoy being powerful."
Of course he also said this:
"modelling pictures are legal, and "feeling up" your LGF may not be but if it is desired and accepted by her then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. We all know this, whether we dance around the "brake no law" stance or not"
"We are all that stands between children and a world where innocence of any kind can not exist. Yes, innocence can thrive when we are involved with a child, even when that involvement becomes sexual. We are children's last hope, and they are our salvation"
"You want to know how I overcame some of those obstacles that are dominating your psyche? I did it by letting sanity go and basking in the radiance of madness. Sanity is an illusion."
Jacob Detring believed that children needed to be taught about sex - by having sex with adults, otherwise they would become dysfunctional adolescents, then dysfunctional adults. Like him.

He thought people would believe him when he said:
"My only goal in all of this is to create the system that allows children to flourish and meet their potential. I don't care about getting anything for myself. I'm for the complete sexual liberation of youth, as well, but I don't have any personal gain in mind with it."
After he had said this:
"Trust me.. you don't get away with it and people don't find it cute. The mother of a girlfriend that I did have like that at that age threatened to call the police on me if I didn't stay away from her daughter"
He wanted to be a leader:
"They have agendas, but their battle plan is one of histrionics and fear. Our battle plan would have to be such that they didn't see the effects of it until it were too late for them to do anything about it.

They want someone to label as the leader? I'll take the honor. I'm arrogant enough to enjoy the thought of my name being the one that they curse when the day comes that they realize that they lost their war before it was started. They are so foolish that they don't even take into consideration that in our numbers are some of the most intelligent people in the world.

One does what one must. I have existed in obscurity and shadow my entire life, but I've always known what it would come to if anything were to change. Do I want to be the leader? Desire has little to do with it, as I don't pray for that sort of responsibility. The issue is what one is willing to do. A leader is required for a movement to exist, as such, I will do what I must. I have spent my life existing but not living, and if my life is the required payment for the the world to change, then so be it. Death is something that I have never been afraid of.. living has.

As I have said before, the win against them must be sudden and it must be decisive. We can not fight to merely win the first battle, we must make the first battle the only one by winning so completely that there no chance of the next one."
Jacob abandoned the war and scurried away before attending the first battle. Outwitted I suppose you could say. Or perhaps he just found himself under a boot. Yes, it really was just that simple after all.
"In the end, there is something that I feel for the antis stronger than hate. The strongest feeling that I hold toward those people is pity.

I pity them because they are varelse, and they will never be able to understand the joy that we feel. They will never be able to love children as we do......But that pity will not save them from me when the time comes for me to stand and take the inevitable war to them.

They war against us now and stand basking in their small victories, but they can not conceive of the day approaching when their time will be over and the world will no longer have a place for them. Their hypocritical and disgusting cry is "protect the children", ours will be simply "For the Children!".
"Protect children" is a disgusting cry? Only someone whose sole motivation is sexual pleasure at the expense of an innocent child could say such a thing. "For the children" is pedospeak for "I'm molesting kids for their own good"

But, thanks to Wikisposure's boot perhaps we've now heard the last of Jacob's nauseating pontificating pomposity. When all is said and done he's really no more than what he said he was ..... Jacob Detring is "Pedo by Design"

Trying to Dodge the Bullet

Friday, May 01, 2009

Bryan McMullon A.K.A. Tamachan was a regular on GirlChat up until recently, in fact he'd been posting there since 2003. While on GirlChat, Bryan posted on a variety of topics, from alluding to being in possession of child pornography...

"I am forced to take my Apple iBook G4 into the shop to get the drive replaced... so what are my options to protect my "sensitive data" from prying eyes? My plan would have been to dump everything onto a DVD and then purge the data... but I can't do that because without a drive, I can't burn DVDs."

...Through to offering advice to his fellow GirlChaters on how to gain access to children:
2) I've said it before, the perfect job for a paedophile is a summer camp counsellor. Maybe a day-care center, because they go all day, all year... but an overnight summer camp would probably be even better, though I've never worked one so I don't know.
Bryan may not know much about being a Summer Camp Counsellor, he has first hand experience at being a Volunteer in Day Care Center...
If the town you live in is anything like mine, they are always happy to have new volunteers, which will give you a leg up on the competition for payed positions... I laugh that the town actually pays me to look after so many wonderful young ones.
Exploiting the trust parents and educators put in him to look out for the welfare of children:
There is also a fair amount of leeway, especially at times like the end of the year, when I as a Classroom Volunteer was allowed to take as many pictures as I wanted to.
I've had one brush with the law, related (although falsely) to my being a paedophile. I use that term in this context because of the double meaning it has in this day and age. Thankfully I was able to dodge the bullet so to speak, and things never escalated to the point where things would be really serious. (Although lawyers were involved on both sides.)
This is the only story that has any 'mature subject matter' whatsoever. enjoy ;)

There's a girl in the class I volunteer with whose class I've been in before, when she was in grade 3 and barely spoke a word of english. She had just come from Russia that year. I did a lot of ESL work with her, so I know her pretty well. Well, this particular day I went to French class with the class because it was the teacher's prep period. I sat at the back of the classroom where there was an extra desk. She sat in the back row of pupil-desks, right in front of me.

She was one of the kids who had to speak in front of the class, saying "Pour la retour a l'ecole, j'achette... " (for back to school, I am buying...) and then three things from a list of vocabulary words. It really struck me how well she did. I remember having a significant hand in teaching her ENGLISH and now she's right in there with the rest of the class learning her 3rd language. :) I was quite proud of her.

I watched the whole class, but because of where we were sitting, my eyes kept drifting back to her. She's got loong blond hair. (the ponytail alone was halfway down her back, which was dressed in a really nice looking black sweater. She's also got really pretty hands. (yeah, I'm odd about hands.) Sitting at her desk, you could just see the tiniest bit of her white panties. Now this isn't something that usually catches my attention, but like I said, the way we were sitting I couldn't really help but notice them. I'd let my eyes wander around the room, pay attention to the kids who were presenting, and then by eyes would just drift back and I'd notice them again.

Thankfully I've been in classrooms long enough to know how to act so that no one was the wiser.
"No one was the wiser," he boast's to the other perverts on GirlChat; Be sure to read more about Bryan McMullon at Wikisposure.