GirlChatter Faces Additional Charges

Saturday, February 20, 2010

We've talked about how Donald Shepherd AKA Emovocals a member of GirlChat, was arrested for molesting a child in Vermont. As the police investigation continues more details are emerging about Shepherds crimes against children:

"A forensic exam of Shepherd's digital devices revealed a significant amount of child pornography, police said, including more than 650 digital images and 50 videos suspected to be child pornography. Shepherd, who is already in jail on previous charges, faces 18 counts of use of a child in a sexual performance and six counts of possession of child pornography. He is scheduled to be arraigned Feb. 25 in Grande Isle court.

Police said they believe Shepherd produced some of the pornography himself.

The criminal case against the former nanny accused of sexually assaulting a young boy he was caring for was last in court in late August.

In August, Shepherd, 23, faced seven counts of aggravated sexual assault for alleged contact police said he had with a boy he was caring for. He was also charged with making child pornography."
"Not long after Shepherd's arrest, Vermont State Police said their case against him was growing to a national scale, encompassing various cities across the country where he worked watching people's children."
Donald's father is cooperating with law enforcement:
"Detectives also told they have been in touch with Shepherd's father, who worked as a clown at children's parties in Florida, and said he is cooperating with the investigation. Police, who will not name Shepherd's father due to his cooperation with the investigation, said Shepherd's father denied claims by Shepherd that his father took him to children's events, where Shepherd photographed children."
In 2005, Donald had written a letter to his father explaining that he was a pedophile. Donald posted his fathers reply on GirlChat, it's well worth a read considering everything that's unfolded since:
"I'm not yelling or bitching son, I care about you very much and I worry about you more than you'll ever know...

Now, here's the thing I have been trying to get thru your head for several years now....
This "Girl Love" stuff is going to get you into a lot of trouble and cause you nothing but problems,
I went to that ignorant web page, I read the BS now you can read mine....

The more you associate yourself with this kind of thing the more trouble you are going to bring down on yourself.
I know that you think you know everything but you don't son."
"Do you realize that you will probably never be welcome in your own fathers house because of this kind of shit.

If you are truly a pervert, learn to control yourself and STOP TRYING TO WAVE A FLAG AROUND

Don, please listen to me, this is only ever going to cause you pain in your life....."
"One more word of wisdom to you, this is from a father of a little girl!!!!
If you ever send me another link or anything pertaining to this kind of shit again I will take action myself.
You may not understand this but the thought of somebody (ANYBODY) getting their jollies by looking or worse, my little girl or anyone elses little makes me really angry.

So for your own benefit son
IT'S NOT OK!!!!!!

I sure hope that some of this sinks in, I doubt if you'll listen to me but I have to try."
Donald chose to ignore his fathers advice and now look where he is. Take a good look folks, just like the arrests and the fall of Dylan Thomas - this is the only future places like GirlChat and BoyChat have to offer!

Does This Sound Familar?

Friday, February 12, 2010

A man who repeatedly raped his young stepdaughter over a three-year period was sentenced to prison Wednesday by a judge who unleashed scathing criticism of the man's actions.

The Logan man, 26, was sentenced to two consecutive terms of 25 years to life in prison for one count of rape of a child and another of sodomy on a child, both first-degree felonies.

As part of a plea bargain, 23 other felony charges were dismissed.

Prosecutors said the man told the girl he would kill her if she ever told anyone.
The man's wife told the judge she knew her husband needed to be punished and to repent but went on to speak at length of how hard this situation has been for her, how she has suffered from depression and how her neighbors don't understand that she still loves her husband. She asked that she be allowed numerous visits with the man while he is in prison and expressed a desire to reunite with him when he is released and eventually be sealed to him in an LDS temple.

Allen rebuked her as well, noting that in two letters to the court and her comments in court Wednesday, the woman never once mentioned her daughter.

The girl had told her mother of the abuse early on, but the mother did not believe the child. The judge questioned why this did not put her on "high alert" for any signs of something wrong.

"Didn't you notice the bruises on your daughter's wrists and ankles?" he asked. "What kind of a mother would do that?"

Allen suggested she turn her focus from her husband and pay attention to the abused child, telling the woman, who still has custody of the child and four others, that he was "begging" her to get therapy for the girl.

It's the all too familiar mantra often heard echoing from SOSEN's camp. The mantra of prideless women who care more about a man which exploited their trust to terrorize their children, than for their own children.

These women are an enigma to me. And for their children they're unfortunately often all they have; It's unfair they should have to suffer as a result of their mothers lack of integrity. These children deserve much better than to be stuck with garbage parents like that.

Something about Mary

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mary Duval - "The Bug" once said that she "educated her ignorance" and we could have almost felt sorry for her if we hadn't been laughing so hard.

But it's only funny in a "laugh-at-the-idiot" sort of way. She's really not funny at all. No. She's dangerous. It appears I'm going to have to "educate her ignorance". I simply must because there's just something about Mary that makes me want to vomit.

I'm not quite sure if it is just her victim bashing language, her pedo apologetics, her blame-gaming, her encouragement of pro-offending attitudes or merely her enabling behavior that always leaves me with the feeling that I found a cockroach in the bottom of my soup bowl...after I ate the whole thing.

But whatever the reason for the feeling of horror I have regarding her, I have no intention of being "more politer" as Mary has requested her opponents to be. I think she's an uneducated blithering idiot who displays unjustified arrogance and contempt for people who have been sexually victimized or who speak on their behalf.

We won't talk so much about her more obvious errors such as telling Kennedy and Suits that Megan's Law didn't prevent Jesse Timmendequas from killing Megan Kanka. We won't even talk about her belief that if they can get the registry ruled as punitive rather than regulatory on appeal that the "registry will fall" unaware apparently that the argument itself is in regards to ex post facto cases only.

No we won't talk about those because they're really only good for ridicule material, at least for now. Instead what we'll talk about is something else... something about Mary that perhaps no one knew before and that is this: Mary speaks the language of predators. They "educated her ignorance", taught her sounds-good catch-phrases and used her vulnerabilities against her.... Mainly her lack of education and purpose in life. They found a woman with bully-bitch tendencies and turned her into a bully-bitch for pedophiles and perverts. And while I believe Mary herself is hopeless in regards to actually learning anything if it conflicts with her agenda and what she wants to be true - people need to know the truth about her deceptions (even if unintentional or due to ignorance and manipulation) - deceptions which are dangerous to instill in the minds of other needy enablers and especially of an offender.

In part one we're going to talk about living arrangements for sex offenders - specifically Shared Living Arrangements (SLA). You see Mary believes that the study Colorado did on SLA equates to clustering. Now she is attempting to educate the public that clustering of sex offenders is a good thing not only for the offender but for the safety of the community..... and of course she knows this idea of hers is fact because she "educated her ignorance"

Clustering is an unintended consequence of strict residency restrictions but no one would agree that having certain areas inhabited by more than their fair share of criminals is "good". So what is the difference between random clustering and a Shared Living Arrangement?
"The general SLA philosophy is an extension of the Therapeutic Community treatment modality in which offenders’ living environments can be seen as an extension of both treatment and monitoring. Offenders hold each other accountable for their actions and responsibilities and notify the appropriate authorities when a roommate commits certain behaviors, such as returning home late or having contact with children.

This type of accountability and support is different in an SLA than in other types of living arrangements in that the treatment provider makes holding each other accountable for their actions a requirement of living in the SLA. Typically, in other living arrangements, the probation officers or treatment providers do not have any jurisdiction over the other members of the household that the offender lives therefore there are no consequences if a roommate in a different type of living arrangement does not report a violation committed by the sex offender."
From the Colorado study which the bug believes indicates sex offenders are better off clustered together
"Since convicted sex offenders in Colorado are managed with a combination of supervision, treatment and incarceration, does this population still pose an undue risk to the public? Studies show that persons who are convicted of offenses involving unlawful sexual behavior demonstrate a high likelihood of recidivism, thereby representing a risk to the public.

A meta-analysis of 61 research studies conducted by Hanson and Bussiere in 1998 indicated that sexual recidivism was 18.9% for rapists and 12.7% for child molesters over a four to five year period."
Colorado studied Shared Living Arrangements and compared them to offenders who lived in other places. What they found was that high risk offenders living in SLA's had the lowest rates of recidivism and probation violations of any other group. Offenders living with their family had the highest rates. But how could that be? The Bug says "support" is the most important thing for an offender to have. The problem is of course that she doesn't understand the difference in good support and bad.
These findings suggest that although a high-risk sex offender may be living with a family member or friends, it does not necessarily mean that he or she is living in a supportive or healthy environment.

Recommendation: Efforts should be made to ensure that the sex offender’s support in the home is positive in order to aid in his or her treatment.
Preliminary research suggests that sex offenders with positive, informed support had significantly lower criminal and technical violations than sex offenders who had negative or no support (i.e., friends, family, or roommates who negatively influence the sex offender or refuse to cooperate with the containment team, etc.)
Positive does not mean minimizing on behalf of, rationalizing on behalf of or denying on behalf of. To illustrate this point lets look at the criteria for Shared Living Arrangements.
Ideally, containment teams should require that offenders reside with individuals who provide positive, informed support.
Someone who provides positive, informed support demonstrates:
  • Accurate knowledge of the offender’s instant offense (crime of conviction), history of prior criminal convictions, sexual offense history, and sexual deviancy behaviors.
  • Accurate knowledge of the offender’s historic methods of deception and manipulation, particularly as they apply to the informed supporter
  • Accurate knowledge of rules and expectations
  • Awareness of the offender’s potential victims.
  • Awareness of the cycle, offense patterns and early abuse signs.
  • Familiarity with the offender’s schedule and whereabouts.
  • The ability to enhance and encourage application of the offender’s treatment tools outside of the therapy setting.
  • A working relationship with the treatment provider and criminal justice supervisor.
  • The ability to acknowledge the seriousness of the offending behavior.
  • The ability, skills and tools to hold the offender accountable early in the onset of risky behaviors
  • Willingness to report non-compliance to the containment team
A distinct feature of sexual offending behavior is based in maintaining secret lifestyles. For this population, SLAs provide an opportunity to deconstruct that secret lifestyle and hold themselves and others accountable.

Does that sound anything like Mary's conclusion that sex offenders clustered together by circumstance recidivate less? Now if Mary Duval doesn't understand the very simple difference between clustering and Shared Living Arrangements how is she EVER going to "educate the ignorant sheeple" like us - who actually comprehend what we read?

That was a rhetorical question Mary.

  • Awareness of the cycle, offense patterns and early abuse signs.
  • The ability, skills and tools to hold the offender accountable early in the onset of risky behaviors
  • Willingness to report non-compliance to the containment team
Let's look closer at those requirements. Mary gave us a perfect example of this when her friend Ms. Cannon appeared on her show complaining constantly about her sons wicked probation officer and the chaperone class she had to take which would allow her son to be around children....with her acting as chaperone. Cathy completely misunderstood the information presented regarding behaviors to be aware of and things an offender might do. She claimed "They told us when you bathe your children you're grooming them for sex!!!" And of course Mary and friends all called them "ignorant". The truth is of course that is not what Cathy was taught at all and Mary was too ignorant to see it. Not to mention of course this:

  • A working relationship with the treatment provider and criminal justice supervisor

Does that sound like positive support? No, this a person that would set off red flags - a signal of danger for the offender at the very least. Is it any wonder, when you consider the people he had in his life "giving him support" that he wound up back in prison?

  • The ability to acknowledge the seriousness of the offending behavior.

According to Mary victims can just seek help and then go on with their lives while the offender suffers forever. What do you think?

Whose Line is it Anyway?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Todays 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' is:
These boys are being forced into treatment with those who have committed habitual offenses which means more than one sex crime on separate occasions. I have a major issue with that because it is detrimental damage to their psychosis. And this is consensual sex between a 19 and 16 year old.
Who made this comment?

UPDATE: The answer to this Whose Line is it Anyway is:

Mary Duval aka Tikibug aka Ricky's Mom who once made the infamous statement:
"I educated my ignorance"