The Ticking Time Bomb ~ Aztram Arrested!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Breaking news! Harold Spurling aka Aztram of BoyChat arrested in Connecticut along with his roommate Jeffrey Brisson aka The Night Raven.

We previously wrote about Aztram and pointed you to his wikisposure article here.

Aztram had a 'ticking time bomb' theory in which he believed that anti-pedophile persons and child advocates actually want pedophiles to rape and molest children, just so they can say "I told you so".

The truth of course is that nobody can stand the thought of a child being harmed in this way, we don't want pedophiles to molest children to prove a point. No - we want all pedophiles neutralized and society safeguarded from them.

Aztram is a cognitively distorted filthy pedophile and his sorry ass is sitting in a jail right now. I imagine he'll be there awhile considering his bond was set at 2 million dollars. May this baby raper never see the light of day again.

Two New Britain men were arrested Thursday on several counts of sexual assault involving a 3-month girl, a 14-year-old boy and police say there may be more victims.

Harold Spurling, 39, and Jeffrey Brisson, 29, who shared an apartment on Washington Street, also were charged with risk of injury, tampering with a search warrant and interfering with a search warrant.

BoyChat harbors these guys. The Jim Finn's and the Aztram's. Bill Evans, Santi and Slvrspun. Xanadu and Dylan Thomas. Oh yeah. The only remaining question is "what are we going to do with them once we catch them"

These words from Aztram's poem Little Boy

Little boy,
Pull me inside
The sweet dream that is you.
Let me hold you;
Let me breathe you in.
You justify my beating heart.
Those are not the words of a man who "just loves children and would never hurt children"

Those are the words of a pedophile. A child molester. A child predator and a long time member of BoyChat - the haven for child molesters, perverts and the very essence of evil.


Jeffrey Brisson and Harold Spurling were back in court yesterday. Check out the news and watch for them to be back in court on May 20
Newly released arrest and search warrants served on two city men accused of sexually assaulting a 3-month-old baby reveal they were likely using local children to make pornographic movies and one man admitted the duo preferred molesting children under the age of 9.

During questioning, Spurling told officers the two molested children and he preferred having sex with boys ages 4 to 9 while Brisson preferred male and female infants and toddlers, according to one of the warrants.

The warrant indicates that Brisson and Spurling repeatedly committed sexual acts with a Middletown victim that began nine years ago when the boy was 5. The boy told police he thought he had been videotaped while performing sexual acts, police said.

Police started investigating Brisson and Spurling Jan. 4 after a city middle-school staff member received an anonymous flier providing information that the two were using the Internet to engage in “pedophile activities.” Officers were able to confirm that the flier wasn’t a hoax by determining that one of the addresses listed on the sheet was that of a 14-year-old boy now living in Middletown.

Visit WIKISPOSURE for the rest of the story


Jeffrey Brisson "You're a Hero!"

Who is The Night Raven?

Jeffrey Brisson
Edward Buzzard
The Night Raven

Pervert, pedofreak, pedophile, baby raper and fully supported by GirlChat, BoyChat and all the nodding pedoheads.

I waited a bit to see what their reaction would be, even though I already knew. It is obvious, none of the pedophile community will denounce his actions. They would rather pretend it didn't happen and bury their heads in the sand as though by doing so they can keep attention away from themselves. In actuality it draws more attention to them. Their lack of response, while expected, is very telling of the mindset and the activities that are routine amongst that group of SCUMBAGS that is BoyChat. They are not outraged that someone would sexually assault a baby. They don't love children. They see children as sexual objects and they convince themselves and each other that children want to be molested.

Just as the sadistic Nigel Oldfield showed up here trying to minimize and justify Jeffrey and Harold Spurling's actions - and just as "d" once defended men charged with possession of child pornography featuring infants. "d" said
So, instead of saying "ohmygawdtheyareabusinginfants thebastards!" the police and news should be saying "thank goodness these kids won't remember what happened."
Read Jeffrey Brisson's wikisposure article. Read the news. See how he and Aztram made video's of him sexually assaulting a 3 month old baby.
"When they looked on the desktop, there was an icon that they believed depicted child pornography," Pearson said. "Upon further examination of that video clip, they determined that Mr. Brisson had sexually assaulted that 3-month-old, that infant that was on scene."
Remember some quick facts about Jeffrey,
The Night Raven is not especially choosy when it comes to boys or girls - he likes them both. His age of attraction is 2 - 6 for boys, and 3 - 8 for girls.
"If you have ever have had the honor to seen a Raven up close and observe it's behavior, you will understand what I say. They are reserved yet outspoken, Cautious yet adventurous, and righteous yet vicious. Just as I am. Anyone who knows me IRL can attest to that. They can be kind gentle creatures, or they can be your worst enemy. Just as I can be."
Jeffrey and Aztram designed a variation of the pedophile symbol for those who prefer little boys. Jeffrey said
"The main idea behind this variation of the BLogo is that it distinguishes itself by appearing like a young boys scrawl, giving it an enhanced "little boy" flavor. It's rounded, soft shape and lack of hard corners and steep angles, is symbolic of the little boys we love."
Remember the community Jeffrey belonged to. Remember what WP once said on BoyChat:
"I've said this a million times, Dylan. And I always get slammed for it. No one wants to admit the fact that the idea of the "celibate paedophile" is a kite that just won't fly because it implies we are sexless or without a sex drive, something that isn't real. It also tells the world you're a lying idiot if you actually expect them to buy that horse shit, worse still, schizophrenic if you actually believe it yourself."

And remember most of all the words of their leader. Dylan Thomas, the webmaster of BoyChat:
Some years ago, another good friend of mine IMed me and said, "Dylan, I'm in trouble. I got caught with a boy. I'm probably going to go to prison." I think I took him completely by surprise when my response was, "Good for you."

He asked, "You aren't mad?" I said that I was to some degree pissed about the things he and the boy would both have to go through as they were ground up by the system, but the fact that he had sex with a boy? "Are you kidding? You got some!

As far as I'm concerned, if you go to prison for something involving a boy (or a photo of a boy, or a movie of a boy, or whatever), you're not a "fallen boylover." You are a hero boylover. You did it. You've been there, you've done that.

When you see a young teenager, a kid - not a pedophile - so obviously taken in by these baby raping activists. The one's they get to spread their agenda for them, to repeat their lies "Pedophiles love children. Pedophiles would never hurt children" Point them to Harold and Jeffrey for fine examples of what pedophiles really are.


Jeffrey Brisson and Harold Spurling were back in court yesterday. Check out the news and watch for them to be back in court on May 20
Newly released arrest and search warrants served on two city men accused of sexually assaulting a 3-month-old baby reveal they were likely using local children to make pornographic movies and one man admitted the duo preferred molesting children under the age of 9.

During questioning, Spurling told officers the two molested children and he preferred having sex with boys ages 4 to 9 while Brisson preferred male and female infants and toddlers, according to one of the warrants.

The warrant indicates that Brisson and Spurling repeatedly committed sexual acts with a Middletown victim that began nine years ago when the boy was 5. The boy told police he thought he had been videotaped while performing sexual acts, police said.

Police started investigating Brisson and Spurling Jan. 4 after a city middle-school staff member received an anonymous flier providing information that the two were using the Internet to engage in “pedophile activities.” Officers were able to confirm that the flier wasn’t a hoax by determining that one of the addresses listed on the sheet was that of a 14-year-old boy now living in Middletown.

Visit WIKISPOSURE for the rest of the story


Searching for a Nanny? Read This

Monday, April 28, 2008

There's an extremely stupid pedophile you may know by the name of Emovocals. He's pro adult/child sex. He promotes the abolishment of age of consent laws. He also has a very dangerous profession....for a pedophile. You see Donald Shepherd is a nanny. Yes, a live in nanny.

I'm not quite sure if Donald prefers boys or girls. But I am quite sure that he likes them both. He talks on GirlChat about liking little girls but not women. On BoyChat he talks about liking little boys. And on Men4SexNow dot com he advertised for a man. Specifically a date for his 21st birthday on 9/11. He gave his stats, size, weight,penis size (poor Donald), the fact that he's a cross-dresser and posts a nice pic too.
In Multiple paraphiliac diagnoses among sex offenders Gene Abel shows that the pedophile with multiple paraphilias, poses a greater risk to society. For example a person with exhibitionism but no other deviances has less chance of committing a crime than an exhibitionist who is also a voyeur who in turn poses less risk than an exhibitionist cross-dressing voyeur with pedophilia. ETC

Iluv2surf was responsible for outting Donald Shepherd aka Emovocals. Read full story HERE. Now Donald has discovered that his real name...his outting shows up high in a google search and number one as a search for Emovocals. Let's help him move on up the list shall we?

Donald Shepherd went to the pedo chats and asked to cancel his membership. He requested that all his old comments be deleted. BoyChat says it can't be done but deletes his request. GirlChat says it can't be done but discusses it with him.

Todd Nickerson:
I suspected you were heading in a dangerous direction the last time we spoke on the phone, but it was my understanding that you were getting help
You have been very careless with alot of things in the past Emo, especially your own personal security and safety...but, that's kind of moot now.
My advice to you on your current situation is to flat-out deny that the pedophile "Donald Shepherd" is you.
I discovered that my legal name is linked GC and BC, and being a Nanny I can't have that. That and that fuck with his forum and my Name being all over it. With pictures and all that. Fucked me over big time. All one has to do is Type my name in a Google search and that's the first thing that pops up. I am fucked big time. There is nothing I can do really.

I don't know how many families would actually do that, but if they do. They will find out that I am a pedophile. How would I denie such a thing. Tell them I was just acting or something?
Febri-chan gets righteous:
why would anyone deny being a paedophile?
I don't understand, are you trying to say that being a paedophile is something to be denied???
Which is really strange since the entire pedophile community talks incessantly about the dangers of coming out of the toybox. What's even stranger is what he's told when he worries about being able to get another job as a live-in nanny.

all you need do is tell them that that sort of questioning is not permissible in interviews for employment.

It's illegal for them to ask whether you're straight, gay, ped, or bi
This is pretty simple. Our children are in our care, until such time as they are able to adequately care for which time you freaks wouldn't be interested in them anymore anyway. Those parents have a right to know who they are trusting to care for their children.

Febri-chan continues:
The misopaedes are cowards and seldom take any direct action.... If they did, we may actually have a chance at dialogue, but because they are deathly afraid of what we stand for(and most of all, terrified of the voracious truth which is on our side), and know that our rationality and clear-headedness will always conquer their paranoia and prejudice, they will not risk any sort of real debate with us.
Clearheaded. Rational. Ok. I thought this might be a good time to think about what an Anti/Pedo debate looks like.

Pedofreak: Pedophiles DO NOT molest children. Pedophiles LOVE children. Ken Lanning of the FBI says 90% of molestations are committed by non-pedos.

Anti: Well, actually Mr. Pedohead, Ken Lanning did NOT say that. He said it was important to know which type of pedophile you were dealing with so you would know where to find his other victims.

Pedofreak: Runs away to BC or GC screaming "You just can't debate an anti!!!"
And as for Emovocals, he returned to BoyChat as JonnyXO and told everyone:
Have I got a secret to tell....It's me E M O--- YOu know who. I had to create another nick to get rid of emo. So now ya know.
Yep now we know. Donald Shepherd, live-in nanny, pedophile: GirlLover, BoyLover, cross-dresser, indiscriminately advertises for sex on the internet and goes by the names Emovocals, JonnyXO, Allison, Doodle, Sunrise25, Philosophy and Kyva. We just want to help you move on up in your Google search position. And hopefully warn any future parents you try to deceive.

Alice Day 2008 - Looking Back

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Alice Day to all Antis!

The Fire that burns inside

Jonathan Adrian Radliff is a pedophile. He's also a pedophile activist. He's a young man with many mental health issues and certainly not someone I'd ever want my child to be exposed to for sure.

Actually, I believe he's quite unstable. In fact he says he's had an empty, meaningless life

"Except for the anger
that raged inside of me"

He feels society has always been trying to tell him he has no place in it, not for someone such as him. So, he declared he'd make his own place.

"I'll forge an existence
with the fire that burns inside"

Jonathan started out by meeting Lux and joining tkGL. He then set about forming his own brand of activism, which included writing a speech in college about how pedophiles are just merely misunderstood and children will be safer if society will embrace pedophilia. His speech, written in typical pedo fashion, relied on discredited studies and pedo manipulated reports and statistics. He was furious when he wasn't allowed to give that speech. But that's another story.

As a monster amongst us, Jonathan tried to come out of the closet by using free online services to spread his message.
"I aim to create a world in which MAA's and childlovers can live life fulfilled"
On MySpace he wrote about pedophilia and promoted it. He was suspended. He tried it on Blogspot as well. He was suspended. In fact, we're proud to say that we hijacked the original Monster in the Closet and Rez recently took care of his version 2 when this pedophile monster tried it again. After his suspension from MySpace, Jonathan wrote letters attempting to diminish exactly what he was. He said:

"The fact that we are willing to be truthful about our attraction in such a very public way proves that we have not committed any criminal offenses - we have nothing to hide"

Would that be like any of the following perhaps?
  • Lux AKA Darren Cresswell
    He was charged with 16 counts of making indecent images, 1 count of exchanging indecent images through his website, tkGL, and 4 counts of touching a minor and rape. A little boy who he was taking care of had reported to the police that Lux had touched him and made him perform oral sex on Lux. In November of 2006, he plead guilty to making indecent images and sexual assault. The rape charge was dropped through his plea. It is not known exactly when he was finally brought into custody to serve his sentence, but he is now serving time. He also has ordered to register as a sex offender for life and can not work with children.
  • The Night Raven AKA Jeffrey Brisson
    currently being held on 3 million dollar bond for sexually molesting a three month old baby, along with his roommate and friend.......
  • Aztram AKA Harold Spurling
    A long time Pedophile activist is being held on 2 million dollars bond for committing acts against children with his partner Jeffrey
  • Jimf3 AKA James Finn III
    A leader of the online pedophile community, arrested in the act of downloading child pornography and currently sitting in jail awaiting trial
  • John Melanson AKA "Fester" and possibly "Camper"
    Another leader in the pedophile activist movement and in jail once again for abducting and molesting another child
  • Wolfman AKA Remsen McGinnis Benedict
    A boy scout leader, school bus driver, pedophile activist and currently in jail awaiting trial for possession of child pornography.
  • Jim Freeman AKA Mystic, Mystikal, Mystikwarrior, Orolan
    His activism, as the Co-founder of SOhopeful concerned issues relating to registered sex offenders and how "not dangerous" they are, while being a leader of an international pedophile ring. Currently in jail awaiting trial.
  • Taf-kat, AKA John Hodgson
  • arrested and convicted for possession of child pornography twice, once in 2000, and another time in 2006. He also collects pictures of little girls from people's family galleries online, and harasses them with lewd comments about their children and relatives and celebrates Alice Day by writing song lyrics

These guys weren't "just" pedophiles, they were activists, they were all out trying to convince you that they would never harm children, why they all just loved children.

What else I wonder, might we find about Jonathan should we choose to keep looking? I'll leave you with a few lines from one of his poems....

All I want to do is make you happy
But I can never seem to find a way
'Cause your worth more than I can ever give you,
And the petals of a rose will fall away

The truth of the matter is that little girls fade away as far as monster pedos are concerned -- their petals fall away -- their interest in them withers as they enter puberty.....but they blossom like roses into young healthy women when they develop free from the presence of filthy pedophiles.

Visit Wikisposure
to get the full story of
Catalyst of Change

HT Jacey for graphics

Quoth the Antis, Nevermore!

The pedophile message board GirlChat takes its domain name ( from an Edgar Allan Poe poem, Annabel Lee. They believe he was a pedophile and that the contents of that poem is evidence of such. But if we examine Poe's life and that poem, the assertion falls pathetically flat.

For instance, they'll say

"Poe married his 13 year old cousin Virginia when he was 27. WA LA, he was a pedo!"

The facts of Poe's life contradict the idea that he was a pedophile.

  • When he married Virginia, she was NOT a prepubescent child!

  • She suffered from tuberculosis. The evidence suggests that the two did not share a romantic love and never consummated the marriage.

  • At that time, it was not unusual for cousins to marry and the life expectancy was lower therefore it was not uncommon for girls to marry younger than they do today.

  • There is significant evidence of Poe's attraction to adult women.

  • Many scholars conclude that these facts together suggest that Poe suffered from an Oedipus complex (mother fixation) or other condition stemming from childhood which prevented him from having meaningful relationships with women. In this way, it makes perfect sense for Poe to marry someone with whom he could have a platonic relationship.

The reason they chose the poem Annabel Lee is because it contains the line "I was a child and she was a child" and on the surface appears to talk about romantic love. BUT:

  • Even if you take this line at its literal meaning, both the people here are children, NOT a child and an adult.

  • The identity of "Annabel Lee" is unknown.

  • Clearly this would not make sense if he was talking about Virginia. Indeed it doesn't make sense related to anyone in Poe's life except his first love Sarah Elmira Royster; they were teenagers when they fell in love but were separated when Poe went to university.

  • Scholars have related this poem to Poe's presumed Oedipus complex and some have suggested he wrote the poem about his mother.

  • Whether you take the poem at its literal or subtle complex meaning, there is nothing to suggest that it in anyway relates to pedophilia.

Close examination of Poe's life reveals no evidence of pedophilia. This is merely a pedophile tactic dreamed up to try to convince you they're ok. Even if Poe was a pedophile, they still wouldn't be ok.

Poe never had a relationship as an adult with a prepubescent child and that is a fact. The only evidence of pedophilia in his life is a series of misrepresentations of the truth.

And the antis demand that pedophiles misrepresent Poe NEVERMORE!

Show your support, copy and paste the code below onto your blog/website:

A big thank you to Jacey for the amazing graphic!

Happy Alice Day

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Repost from April 25, 2007. Help us countdown to Alice Day 2008!

This is tough work we do, isn't it? I think it's time we all took a breather. So kick back and help us as we celebrate the Anti's hijacking of Alice Day.

If you'd like to see more visit HEREand HERE and HERE

Thank you to all the Anti's!

Alice Day Facts

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

April 25. Alice Day. A day created by heterosexual pedophiles to celebrate the abuse and exploitation of little girls. So named for Alice Liddell who inspired Lewis Carroll's monumental work Alice In Wonderland in 1862. It was a story Carroll created for Alice while rowing her and her sisters in a rowboat.

The innuendo child molesters drew from this: Carroll had to be a pedophile! Alice must've been the object of his desire! She belongs to us! No man could tell a child a story simply to entertain her, NO that's not possible!

Of course, the fact that Carroll photographed Alice only compounds the pedophile delusions.

What they don't want you to know however is the most important part of the Carroll/Liddell story. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • Fact: It is a myth that Alice was Carroll's "favorite" photographic model. There is no evidence of this.
  • Fact: Carroll often entertained women in his rooms at the University....some were married. This was against every social standard and many would be damaged if this information came to light.
  • Fact: Carroll's heirs purposefully promulgated the myth of Carroll as the blundering social misfit who was not comfortable around adults. They could not afford for the truth to come to light so they destroyed the entries in his diary that would've explained Carroll's split with the Liddell family.
  • Fact: In the late 1800's in England, adoration of children did not raise eyebrows. Entertaining married women in private quarters and owning a collection of adult porn when you're a Reverend did.
  • Fact: There is no evidence that Carroll felt anything stronger than friendship for Alice. Repeat: NO evidence that Carroll was a pedophile in general or that he had feelings for Alice specifically.
  • Fact: ALL evidence suggests that Carroll was actually just a normal person and the myth that he was a pedophile is the means the family used to hide the deep, dark family secret.....that Carroll was an adulterer at worst.
  • Fact: Carroll took Alice's older brother Harry out on the same rowboat years before Alice. This was not a romantic encounter but something Carroll had been doing to entertain the Liddell family for years before he ever took Alice.
The family hid his secrets hoping to protect his reputation. Unfortunately they unwittingly played into the hands of an even more sinister gang than British aristocracy - pedophiles.

Indeed if all available evidence is considered in context then this day to celebrate the love of Carroll's would more aptly be named Lorina Day for Alice's mother.

Of course fans and scholars alike have recognized that there is no evidence Carroll was a pedophile. But there's always a *certain* kind of person who will just never get it.

The myth that Carroll was a pedophile is only that - a myth. So much so that it even has a name (The Carroll Myth). Google the phrase, examine the evidence and decide for yourself.

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Link to this post!

What Does This Remind You Of?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What does this remind you of?

What does it mean to speak of child protection when pornography and violence can be viewed in so many homes through media widely available today?

Read: Its society's fault when a pedophile molests a kid because after all pornography and violence can be seen in the media.

Or this?

Those who "have experienced shame over what has occurred" deserve guidance and support.
Read: Its the offenders we need to focus on and stop worrying about those pesky victims.

Feel like you're reliving a bad blame-gaming sex offender episode? Unfortunately the above quotes have been taken from the pope's address to bishops in Washington regarding the rampant child sexual abuse in the church.

It is indeed frightening that the pope has chosen to blame society for the pedophilia that has occurred under the umbrella of the Catholic church. Is it surprising that this issue has yet to be resolved when the highest ranking member of the church attempts to shift the focus from the offending priests to society?

What next? Is he going to tell us that all these priests really did was urinate in public? Give me a break. Pedophilia is clearly an institutional problem for the church. The least the victims should be able to expect is an admission of such.

Whether you are a lowly sex offender or the pope, blame gaming is unacceptable and you better believe that we at AZ will call you on it every time.

GirlChat says 'Kudos to Stossel'

Friday, April 11, 2008

We've mentioned before how ABC's 20/20 show challenging Age of Consent laws focused not just on consenting teenagers caught on the registry, but on sex offender laws in general. People whose crimes look nothing like teenagers being caught up for having consensual sex, so is it any wonder that members of the online pedophile community 'GirlChat' (for pedophiles favoring female victims) had this to say about 20/20's show:


Kudos to Stossel for being one of the first Nons to start questioning these laws and the cultural mores that stand behind them, along with showing up a fanatical totalitarian bully like Petra Luna.
i believe it was Stossel who was the first to "go after" NBC for their "To Catch a Predator" show.

Any way, I've emailed my applause and support for what he's doing.
infact, I've started shopping at Amazon all the time because of their stances. I think I'll start watching 20/20 a lot more now too.
Catherine N.X:
This is fucking excellent. John Stossel interviews Petra Luna and basically clowns her (rather, gets her to make a fool of herself), and totally sticks up for Jan Kruska.
I would be more impressed, honestly, if I saw John Stossel defending Jack McClellan. But I admit, it has to start somewhere, as I'm sure someone will remind me for making this post.
Well, John Stossel certainly won the support of a section of society which seeks quite literally to legalize pedophilia and child sexual abuse, you have to ask yourself whether these are the kind of responses you'd expect to be getting from a television show like 20/20 which is owned by the children's company, Walt Disney.

The Fallen One

Saturday, April 05, 2008

As a member of Tom Madison's, SOClear Media Productions, sex offender activist Derek Logue had this to say about his victim:
My victim was a follower. She acted different away from her sister. Anyways other people got in trouble over her. Today she's either 16 or 17. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships...I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her.
Derek tries to distance himself from taking responsibility for his actions, suggesting that the 11-year-old girl was already "corrupt." At the time Derek was a man in his 20's, yet he talks about what he did as if his victim is supposed to be responsible for his actions, it's blame gaming at it's finest.

This type of behavior certainly isn't out of the ordinary for a member of SOClear Media, just recently they staged a protest in California, protesting that people who had been psychologically assessed as posing a high-risk to society, should be set free.

You can read more about Derek here.

Pro Pedophilia Jewelry... Not here

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A while back, I brought you some information straight from GirlChat, about how they were buying their pro pedophilia items from a store online, which was selling jewelry.

I've mentioned before that pedophile's have symbols which they use to promote their deviant sexual attractions towards children. You can view more on that, including the symbols and explanations of them here.
But there is one particular symbol that is of importance to this post, it's a heart within a heart. It is used by "girl lovers" or, as they are really known- pedophiles who prefer to use female victims in their heinous crimes.
The very reason I bring this up, while mentioning the jewelry is that it seems that there is a line of jewelry that is catering to those who like to molest/rape/abuse children.

As upsetting as it was to learn that they were having such an easy time in accessing items that supported their deviant lifestyles, I'm now over joyed to share with you that this is no longer possible- at least not from the store in question.

Yesterday I received, and got permission to publish today, an email regarding that post- and I wanted very much to share it with you:

As an affiliate and voice of Ellis Jewelers I would like to state that neither Ellis Jewelers as a company nor any of its staff were aware that there were any connections with or implications behind any of the jewelry that we sell and pedophilia. We in no way endorse or approve of such actions as those implied by the symbol in question. We have removed all of these pieces from our product selection and are expressing our concerns to the manufacturer.

Ellis Jewelers in no way caters to or condones the actions of anyone participating in acts of pedophilia.

Any further questions or concerns may be forwarded to Tim Hiatt at:

Tim Hiatt

General Manager,
Ellis Jewelers

It is truly enlightening to see a business willing to stand up with morals against such a disgusting group of individuals. And, because of this- I have to say that I'd hope you would be willing to share your appreciation of their efforts by supporting this business.