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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who is The Night Raven?

Jeffrey Brisson
Edward Buzzard
The Night Raven

Pervert, pedofreak, pedophile, baby raper and fully supported by GirlChat, BoyChat and all the nodding pedoheads.

I waited a bit to see what their reaction would be, even though I already knew. It is obvious, none of the pedophile community will denounce his actions. They would rather pretend it didn't happen and bury their heads in the sand as though by doing so they can keep attention away from themselves. In actuality it draws more attention to them. Their lack of response, while expected, is very telling of the mindset and the activities that are routine amongst that group of SCUMBAGS that is BoyChat. They are not outraged that someone would sexually assault a baby. They don't love children. They see children as sexual objects and they convince themselves and each other that children want to be molested.

Just as the sadistic Nigel Oldfield showed up here trying to minimize and justify Jeffrey and Harold Spurling's actions - and just as "d" once defended men charged with possession of child pornography featuring infants. "d" said
So, instead of saying "ohmygawdtheyareabusinginfants thebastards!" the police and news should be saying "thank goodness these kids won't remember what happened."
Read Jeffrey Brisson's wikisposure article. Read the news. See how he and Aztram made video's of him sexually assaulting a 3 month old baby.
"When they looked on the desktop, there was an icon that they believed depicted child pornography," Pearson said. "Upon further examination of that video clip, they determined that Mr. Brisson had sexually assaulted that 3-month-old, that infant that was on scene."
Remember some quick facts about Jeffrey,
The Night Raven is not especially choosy when it comes to boys or girls - he likes them both. His age of attraction is 2 - 6 for boys, and 3 - 8 for girls.
"If you have ever have had the honor to seen a Raven up close and observe it's behavior, you will understand what I say. They are reserved yet outspoken, Cautious yet adventurous, and righteous yet vicious. Just as I am. Anyone who knows me IRL can attest to that. They can be kind gentle creatures, or they can be your worst enemy. Just as I can be."
Jeffrey and Aztram designed a variation of the pedophile symbol for those who prefer little boys. Jeffrey said
"The main idea behind this variation of the BLogo is that it distinguishes itself by appearing like a young boys scrawl, giving it an enhanced "little boy" flavor. It's rounded, soft shape and lack of hard corners and steep angles, is symbolic of the little boys we love."
Remember the community Jeffrey belonged to. Remember what WP once said on BoyChat:
"I've said this a million times, Dylan. And I always get slammed for it. No one wants to admit the fact that the idea of the "celibate paedophile" is a kite that just won't fly because it implies we are sexless or without a sex drive, something that isn't real. It also tells the world you're a lying idiot if you actually expect them to buy that horse shit, worse still, schizophrenic if you actually believe it yourself."

And remember most of all the words of their leader. Dylan Thomas, the webmaster of BoyChat:
Some years ago, another good friend of mine IMed me and said, "Dylan, I'm in trouble. I got caught with a boy. I'm probably going to go to prison." I think I took him completely by surprise when my response was, "Good for you."

He asked, "You aren't mad?" I said that I was to some degree pissed about the things he and the boy would both have to go through as they were ground up by the system, but the fact that he had sex with a boy? "Are you kidding? You got some!

As far as I'm concerned, if you go to prison for something involving a boy (or a photo of a boy, or a movie of a boy, or whatever), you're not a "fallen boylover." You are a hero boylover. You did it. You've been there, you've done that.

When you see a young teenager, a kid - not a pedophile - so obviously taken in by these baby raping activists. The one's they get to spread their agenda for them, to repeat their lies "Pedophiles love children. Pedophiles would never hurt children" Point them to Harold and Jeffrey for fine examples of what pedophiles really are.


Jeffrey Brisson and Harold Spurling were back in court yesterday. Check out the news and watch for them to be back in court on May 20
Newly released arrest and search warrants served on two city men accused of sexually assaulting a 3-month-old baby reveal they were likely using local children to make pornographic movies and one man admitted the duo preferred molesting children under the age of 9.

During questioning, Spurling told officers the two molested children and he preferred having sex with boys ages 4 to 9 while Brisson preferred male and female infants and toddlers, according to one of the warrants.

The warrant indicates that Brisson and Spurling repeatedly committed sexual acts with a Middletown victim that began nine years ago when the boy was 5. The boy told police he thought he had been videotaped while performing sexual acts, police said.

Police started investigating Brisson and Spurling Jan. 4 after a city middle-school staff member received an anonymous flier providing information that the two were using the Internet to engage in “pedophile activities.” Officers were able to confirm that the flier wasn’t a hoax by determining that one of the addresses listed on the sheet was that of a 14-year-old boy now living in Middletown.

Visit WIKISPOSURE for the rest of the story


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