No more Pedos Act of 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We wrote about Allan Doerner aka "Hangtwenty", a 75 year old Karaoke singer from West Palm Beach, Florida and long time member of BoyChat HERE

We just didn't realize the story would be such a hit with the pedohead community. I found their reaction rather interesting.

Allan showed up on BoyChat over the weekend to claim

"I have been attacked viciously and maliciously on Absolute Zero's blog"

Seemingly oblivious to his Wikisposure page.

Allan says:

"It is quite difficult to sue these kinds of slanderous statements because you have to 'prove' they are false, something that is near impossible to do"

Yes indeed. Especially difficult to prove they're libelous when we can prove they're true. I was wondering if he thought his quotes we shared of him confessing to molesting children were what he considered libel or was it the statements about his eccentricity? Guess we'll never know. Allan has announced his departure from BoyChat.
"I shall not bow down to this assault! I shall continue doing and being who I am! Writing letters to other tenants in my apartment building has not altered anything!

I hope I can stand as a beacon of light to all of you, young as well as old, that life can go on as is, and when shit is flung at you, you just take a shower and you continue on!"
Now let's look at how the rest of the pedoheads reacted

"I hope that if the opportunity ever presents itself, I will be able to avenge your pain by inflicting the greatest horror on those who target innocent boylovers like you and me"
"If any anti even comes with in spitting distance of me, they will be dead. They will no longer live. I will fucking kill them. So if they want to stay alive they can leave me alone.

That's not a threat. It's a promise."
"When push comes to shove, when its me and/or mine or one of them? They're suddenly gonna get a very acute case of lead poisoning."
Bill Evans
"The antis are like rabid dogs.
There is only one way to stop them spreading the infection."
"Their nature is cowardice, and they are completely worthless in any sense. Not even something slightly positive can be yield from these pests. They were born to be terminated."
"Actually sometimes I think of a MAA with, lets say, cancer, AIDS or anything similar, waiting patiently for the "To Catch a Predator" lures, and going to the decoy's house packed with ammo or, even better, extremely powerful explosives, killing everybody there.

That would give the precise message our current status needs. And, hopefully, it will trigger thousands of copycat incidents.

Killing your enemies is great, but permanently maiming them is astonishing, as you know that their suffering will last up to the moment they decide to end their pain with suicide, something that maggot they call god forbids them."
"I don't advocate wanton violence. I don't believe in collateral damage. But I'm a firm believer in self-defense, and also a firm believer that the best defense against an irrational enemy is to put him down permanently."
What do you know? I finally agree with Dylan on something. He's irrational. He's the enemy. He needs to be put down permanently. Let's propose some new legislation based on that! We could call it the "No more Pedos Act of 2008"

"I do not know what the future holds for me. Perhaps there will be some problems. Perhaps someone will physically attack me. After all, I am out late at night, every night. But, I now carry a lethal, and legal, weapon! Actually, three weapons!

Steel darts! I play darts alot, so if I ever get attacked in some parking lot, I shall use those darts to my advantage. I shall carry them in my hand!"

No worries Allan.

I have my handy-dandy Anti-Shield,

guaranteed impervious to pedo-darts.

And remember this:

The only violence that has been threatened has been by pedophiles. We operate within the law.

The painful truth

OPRAH (Full Show) With Judy Cornetts Story
From AZUVioletLeaves & AZUBRD "Thrivers"

This video is a about a Mother’s pain and her son’s struggle to become whole and a thriver!
One thing is clear as you view this video she is a Mother on a mission. Judy also explains how her son has lived a life of pain and self harm because of what that monster did to this child.. Some as we know can never live a normal life, and his Mom has tried to help her son! The treatment this man needs now though costs tons of money. Now I ask you where is the money for these victims who need it so desperately? This child who became a man never wanted his life to become so hard and painful. But clearly it is! Boys who have been molested says many experts, will have a more difficult time thriving after being molested than women.

Then I guess this is War

Friday, January 25, 2008

Tom aka Rob aka childlvr4ever07 returns.

And we're still waiting for him to come back and tell everyone what he's doing down there in Nicaragua.

The readers here put up with you for a long time, Rob. Don't you think you owe them an answer?

You're not gonna force me to do it for you, are you?

I mean after all, you have guts. You are a MAN.

Aren't you, Rob?

"I am a Girl Lover and that will never change... Children love to be cuddled, shown affection, and loved from us and there is nothing that you can do about that."

I will have you know that we will not go away.. we will fight for our rights and for the children that want to be loved not controlled

If you will not understand us... Then I guess this is War

I don't understand what you're trying to say, Rob. We declared war on you a long time ago. Funny thing is, you've yet to win one battle, while all around you your brethren are falling in this mass slaughter of the pedophiles.

Rob says:
My first love is 6-10 (9 yr olds are perfect though)
then comes 11-13
finally 14-15...

Under six or over fifteen does not do much for me.. Although recently I have found some four and five year olds that tickle my fancy...
I've created a special slot for you on our list, Rob. Keep watching now, ya hear?

Graphic courtesy Jacey

The Feds got Remsen! Bye-Bye Remsen

We previously talked about

Remsen McGinnis Benedict
, AKA Wolfman


We talked about how he was a school bus driver and a Boy Scout Leader.

And a pedophile.

Thanks to a tip from Remsen was investigated and charged with possession of child pornography last summer.

You can read his Wikisposure article HERE and be sure and check out some of his friends while you're there. It'll be a real eye opener.

As for me, I wonder what else he's been doing that hasn't yet been discovered. Remsen had previously stated that he meets his 'young friends' through scouting and frequently discusses how attracted he is to different boys on the school bus he drives.
"For me it is the prepube charature that attracts me. I like the small skinny figure with little or no hair. Their mind has an inocense to it."
It was especially nice to see this news story.

"A Novato school bus driver fighting child pornography charges in Marin was arrested at the county courthouse Wednesday on a federal warrant in a related case, authorities said.

Remsen McGinnis Benedict, 52, was arrested by the FBI outside the courtroom where he was scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing. Benedict was booked into Marin County Jail pending a federal court hearing Thursday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

Authorities said any federal indictments in the case would not be unsealed until Benedict appears in court on Thursday. Downloading or distributing child pornography over the Internet is a federal crime."

Benedict later admitted to police that he had downloaded more than 6,000 child porn photos and videos to his home computer, viewing the images during lunch breaks from work or while his wife was sleeping at night, according to court documents.

County prosecutors charged Benedict with 25 felony counts of possessing child pornography. He faces up to 19 years in prison if convicted of all the charges, the district attorney's office said.

Remsen is your typical pedophile. He claims to just love children, why he'd never hurt children.
I used to warn my yf that if pulled my beard, I would pull down his pants So he pulled my beard & I pulled down his pants. I think he like being pants because he would keep pulling my beard.
Who exactly are men like Remsen? We talked about that very thing HERE We asked that question, "Who are these men?" We've learned a lot from that, a lot. And we're learning more and more every single day. We've also learned that men who land on AZ searching for things they have no business searching for, are the same men as Remsen, and Jim Finn and John Hodgson. Here's some search terms some of these types of people use. WARNING, it IS offensive. But just think.....they wanted to SEE it. Somebody, a lot of somebodies was looking for these things.

Take a look

pedo boys, pedo girls, pedo pics, pedo videos, pedo rape, pedo chat, pedo pix, pedo diaper pics, pedo girl training, pedo 5 yo pics, pedo child porn, pedo penetration, pedo pictures, pedo rape pics

And then, there's the guys who look for more specific things:

pedo torture videos
manipulated and molested girls
kindergarten fuck porn pics
kiddie pedo porn
gagged cuties
i like touching preteen girls pedo sex is great
how to "hiding child porn"
grooming my daughter for sex
gl underage sex fuck pics
child vaginal penetration free pics
big dick in preteen girls
little girls having sex free pictures illegal
preteen bestiality
preteen girls nude porn pictures that you can get now
what terms do i use to search for pedo pics
free child lolita pedo porn no bullshit
cp porn galleries young girl pedo sex

Here Rob gave us an idea into the mind of a pedophile when he said in regards to a child porn bestiality video:
I read all of that as well and was appauled , that someone would abuse a Dog !!!
And HERE we see the rationalizations from pedophile enablers regarding punishment for men looking for these things I've listed above.

Absolute Zero Tolerance for those who exploit children and those who aid and abet them. That is our stand, it has always been our stand, it will always be our stand.

Absolute Zero United has taken a stand. We will not back down and our mission has not changed. Whether you are a bum off the street using your local library, a criminal in Nicaragua using an internet cafe, a lawyer, a doctor, a politician, a professor or heck a school bus driver...our stand is absolute zero tolerance, just in case anyone needs to be reminded.

Another one bites the dust. Again.

Originally posted June 21, 2006 -- UPDATED

"I have eight children that said he did this"
said the mayor

Benjamin Rzadca AKA Dannywyatt
member of BoyChat
Repeat Sex Offender

Hate can always backfire
Posted by dannywyatt on 2006-June-21 16:28
In reply to Absolute Zero: The Evolution of a Hate Group posted by ILGO on 2006-June-21 15:48

I do my best to stay calm in the evolution of hatred by anti-ped fucks, but it is hard for me to deal with the truly ignorant even if I'm ignorant myself.

Here's a word for any vigilant (anti-ped) fuck out there...

You may think that you have everything on your side and that you have the advantage over us like a fuck would think.

But times a changin, right?

You make me the equivalent to a murderer then be forwarned there is nothing short of what your involving yourself in.

If your tired of pedophiles imposing themselves on you- deal with it- cause if you can't find a way to suck-it-the-fuck-up then your time will come in which you'll suffer like the little twerp you are.

I'm not a hater, but a hater of haters.

Again if you want to equate me to the likes of a murderer, rapist, terrorist, you name it then expect the same when I come to find your ass.

Now, you come looking for me or any other pedophile out there -young or old- then your dealing with all of us.

Fuck, having a bullet in your head isn't enough then maybe the real thing will help.

To all those who don't hate peace be with you and to those who do; I hope peace upon you, but that's up to you.

I ain't no threat to anyone, but only to those who deem me a threat. If you want me to be a threat then I can be a threat, but I'm trying to tell you that I ain't.

Take it or leave it,

A registered sex offender is behind bars for an alleged incident in a men's locker room. Florissant police say the man was trying to draw the attention of several young boys.

Benjamin Rzadca, 27, of Black Jack, faces felony charges for sexual misconduct involving a child.

Florissant Police Chief William Karabas said eight boys, ages nine through 11, along with two men, reported the incident. Karabas said witnesses reported seeing Rzadca inappropriately touching himself in the James J. Eagan Center locker room Jan. 13. The man did not say anything, witnesses said.

They boys had just returned to the locker room from swimming, Karabas said.

Florissant police later caught Rzadca a few blocks away.

"He did make some tacit admissions," Karabas said.

Karabas said he is unfamiliar with Rzadca's criminal history, but he did confirm the suspect is a registered sex offender.

"We have to use the presumption of not being found guilty," Mayor Robert Lowery said. "But nevertheless I have eight children that said he did this."

A Profile of Pedophilia Part 3

Thursday, January 24, 2008

We previously talked about the Mayo Clinic report on pedophilia Part 1 and Part 2. Continuing on now we'll talk about how pedophiles locate their victims. But first we should probably ask just how widespread is the problem anyway? Pedophiles, after all, are known for their continued insistence that child advocates are hysterical lunatics.
Two Canadian studies found that 32% of women and 15.6% of men had experienced "Unwanted sexual contact" before the age of 17 years.
That's roughly 1 out of 3 females, and 1 out of 6 males. I wouldn't call our reaction hysterical would you? So where and how do they "gain access to children"? Per this report:
Pedophiles often intentionally try to place themselves in a position where they can meet children and have the opportunity to interact with children in an unsupervised way, such as when babysitting, doing volunteer work, doing hobbies, or coaching sports.
Pedophiles usually obtain access to children through means of persuasion, friendship, and behavior designed to gain the trust of the child and parent.
The report goes on to outline the characteristics of children and their families.
Parents of children who had been abused by pedophiles had notable characteristics, such as a lower overall education and a higher rate of absenteeism from home. The mothers of abused children had less education than control group mothers and were more likely to be single parents. The fathers tended to be of lower socioeconomic and educational levels than controls.
Descartes tells us the secret to finding boys if you're a pedophile. He's a little worried about violating the "unwritten BL code" but feels that it's not fair to other pedophiles not to know how to find victims. The key, he says, is not to go after the most attractive, the most well-adjusted, the happiest boys. No, the pedo must lower his standards and be willing to take boys less attractive, poorer and with physical and/or emotional handicaps. THEN he can get all the boys he wants. The Mayo Reports says:
The pedophiles stated they would choose vulnerable individuals (eg, children living in ia divorced home, emotionally needy or unhappy children) and/or children who were receptive to their advances, even if that child did not meet the pedophile's usual physical pattern of attraction
Bill Evans says:
Whatever made you think it was otherwise? How many times have you seen posters here talk about having y/fs from happy, loving homes? Those boys don't need to turn to someone outside the family for support. I have had a couple of y/fs from those sort of homes, but we never had the kind of close friendship I usually develop with kids from dysfunctional familes.
The kids from good homes are just along for the fun, but kids from dysfunctional homes, or no home, want a whole lot more...
Boys don't want to be with Bill Evans or other pedophiles simply because it's "Normal and natural and something that they NEED and want" No according to Bill, the only boys who would be interested in being with a pedohead are those who are disadvantaged and needy in some way. He said it himself!!

Thunderchild says:
I've been working with boys since not long after I got out of prison. I've had some failures, but I've had many more successes.
There's no gaurded secret to spending time with boys.
I've been convicted more than once for BL stuff and even today I spent some time with a boy under the AOC
Meeting boys is easy
Buy a basketball and shoot hoops every day at the local poor people park
been there done that:
In most cases the parents are too busy trying to make ends meet to devote time to their kids. The politically incorrect terms for some of these families is "white trash"
I've found that if you get a really fancy car....and live in a family neighborhood, then boys will eventually come when they see you washing or fiddling with it. Nothing attracts a boy more than hanging out with a man doing mans stuff
Silvrspun: Just crawls through little boys windows and takes what he wants.

Cheshir Cat:
...I lurk around schools. Most of the LGs I know, I met through one of the following ways:
*Schoolmates of my daughter
*Friends' daughters and young cousins/sisters
*Friends of the above categories.
Principia Mathematica
I am regularly stared at by LGs and occasionally jump on the webcam and hook up with kids....... What's most important is to be, and act, more like a member of their peer group than just another adult
My heart aches. I feel weak. I want, so badly.....How can I not be obsessed? Nothing else is important in life. Little girls are my heroin, and I am an addict
While these guys are making these statements above, they are claiming no relationship with child molesters. Whenever a pedophile is arrested they rush to his defense saying things like: "How sad that one is persecuted for a consensual act of love" Or, in a particularly bad case such as Jessica Lunsford their arguments quickly switch to "He's not even a pedophile! No! He's a child molester!" As if there were a difference.

And how would you explain THIS:
Wayne Bleyle a respiratory therapist working at a long term care facility for seriously ill children....convicted of molesting brain-damaged, comatose boys and girls, taking cell-phone photos of himself in the act and posting them on the internet. When his home computers were seized tens of thousands of graphic images of children, some engaged in sex acts with adult males were discovered. When Bleyle was asked how many children he had molested he stated calmly "How many snowflakes are out there?" Bleyle stated that he selected children based on their inability to speak because if they couldn't talk, they couldn't tell anybody they had been attacked. Included in his victims were a 2 year old girl and a boy who was still in diapers. He received 45 years in prison based upon a plea agreement.

Bleyle is a pedophile.

And how do we explain only one month later the arrest of Christopher Alan Irvin for the exact same the exact same hospital?

An ICU nurse Irvin confessed to the molestation of a patient....a comatose 4 year old girl......twice. His home computers containing hundreds of child porn images including videos and his hand-written journals with entries like:

"I want to lay down at night & feel love & the presence of a (loved, comforted) little girl...."

"This is killing me. The little girl downstairs is playing and I want to go play with her, ahhhh!!!"

"Oh God, I've strayed"

"I easily and often fall in love with young children"

"I suffer because I crave this and try to satisfy it"

He received 14 years in prison under a plea agreement.

Irvin is a pedophile.

In these instances here we have two men both abusing brain injured children incapable of saying yes or NO. Incapable of asking for help. They were trapped within their little damaged bodies in their little the mercy of monsters and like all predatory creatures these men took what they wanted.

It should come as no surprise to us that BoyChatters have previously discussed this very thing. Babylove asked the question:
"Would it be okay to have consensual sex with a mentally handicapped person? A mentally handicapped person may have the intellectual capacity of a 3 yr old"
floating point:
If it is consensual, why not?
The only reason it is now dangerous is because of the hysteria. As Hyacinth and other boylovers have expressed from their very, very past experiences when sex was not as guarded, it was a much simpler decision with no consequences......I don't believe in any AOC, I believe in BOUNDARIES
While this may come as a surprise to you, not much intellect is required for sex.
Silent Sufferer:
What does IQ have to do with having sex?
We own the globe
Nobody here condones rape, and those of us who would engage in sexual behavior with children despite the possible legal ramifications would certainly want to obtain a higher level of consent than just a lack of complaint.
Let nature work naturally; that's why children are able to reproduce.
And let us not forget 28:
Erotic encounters, involving no penetration, should be at worst minor annoyances.
Last but certainly not least we should consider MrDOB:
We are victims too.....We come from all walks of life, races, religions, ages, socio-economic brackets and what-have-you. And, in many cases, can go through our whole life without ever harming a child.
Or Lindsay Ashford who believes it's perfectly acceptable to inflict sexual contact upon a 6 month old....who he believes can consent to sexual activity with a 30, 40, 50 yr old man? I suppose Lindsay would approve of Bleyle and Irvin's behavior. After all those assaulted children weren't really harmed were they? Compared to the pleasure it brought to the pervert? How about the child porn sting last fall. Horrible images, children bound and raped. Children so young they had pacifiers in their mouths. "d" says:
So, instead of saying "ohmygawdtheyareabusinginfants thebastards!" the police and news should be saying "thank goodness these kids won't remember what happened."
What all of this means is that these men are all the same. Pedophiles are child molesters. Child molesters are pedophiles. They all think the same way, they operate the same way, and they talk the same way. They are animals, rabid and out of control. Children are mere objects to them. Lindsay said :
the pictures are meant to show that we GLs see girls as objects of beauty, not merely as sexual objects
Like I said, children are mere objects to pedophiles. When Lindsay was asked what attracted him to little girls he said:
There's just this way that they walk, all carefree and all that. And the way that they smell, and their bodies are ever so .... ripe.....
Pedophiles try to explain all of this away with their rationalizations, justifications and lies. Apparently in their distorted thinking these things make sense to them. If not for the fact that they harm children, one could almost feel sorry for them. They are, after all, quite pathetic subhuman creatures. The problem however is that that they are EVIL pathetic creatures and therefore beneath contempt. Their excuses and attempts to always misplace blame is hard for us to understand and comprehend. After all, we force kids to eat what do we know?
It's like when you feed a child vegetables at a young age, that child might not be able to consent to vegetables until 3 or 4 when they say "I don't like vegetables" but you still feed it to them as babies. It doesn't create psychological trauma in their future when you fed them vegetables at that age. Sex is something I think a child needs to experience and learn about as they progressively grow to maturity

Febri-Chan the pedoman

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Awww the pedophile Febri-chan
wants us Thrivers to notice him again. Febri's words are quoted:
Putting words in my mouth, I could give less than a shit to hear there little piss-and-moan stories of "abuse."
If they were really "thrivers" then they wouldn't bitch and complain about it so much.

No one put words in your mouth, you did that!

Here's a news flash: child sexual abuse is no excuse for being a loser as an adult.
Let me be crystal clear, all those losers whose names are all too stupid to repeat (even as far as online nicks go), were all going to be failures with no lives and no prospects whether they were abused or not.
Oh you must be speaking of yourself febri pedo head! See you are a loser and a failure and I bet if your family knew about you they'd disown you! How about the church you go to? Do you they what a sick filthy pedophile you are? I can assure you we get a lot done, and watch yourself you may our next target.

Fuck 'em, whining pansy bitches.
NO get it right it's "bitchilantes"
I know people, unlike the pathetic failure fuck-ups who crusade against us, who have been sexually abused as children and still came out better than decent.

No, you don't stop lying! Do they know that you are a disgusting child luster? Tell 'em .. then lets see how long you last in their life!

all the online anti-ped coalition is though, is a group of cowering little mice coddling one anothers pathetic little complexes telling each other that, "Oh, you're a loser now because you were abused," ( post hoc) "Oh, even though most people have problems with self-esteem, we'll blame your sexual abuse in your case so that you don't have to try and get out of it," or "You're a victim; I'm a victim; we're all victims!"

No, we don't say we are losers, you say that!

You must not know how to read very well if that's what you get from our statements about you pedophiles that harm children, lust after them and exploit them!

I'm not a victim! You want us to be! Hoping to silence us!

We are Thrivers, and we will never stop until all of you are put behind bars where you belong! Or exposed for WHO you really are!

Let me repeat my position so that there's no misunderstanding here, I don't care one way or the other if they were really sexually abused or not, the fact is that they've used it to justify the basest of human desires ( i.e. the need for "vengeance," the need to shift blame, etc.) instead of being men (and women, [happy Unico?] ) and getting over it like a real "thriver" would.

I don't misunderstand you freak!
And fact is we will never tell you pedophiles what happened in details... so you can sit and jack-off to it. No one is shifting blame (but you) we know exactly what you are.
We go right at you because of sexualized children. We will not allow it. It's not "vengeance". We will not sit by and watch you to hide yourself in order to gain an advantage over a child.
We will always be in your face!
But instead, typical of those born in this generation, they psychoanalyze every damned thing in their lives (if you could really say that they have "lives") into a culprit for their weakness except for the intrinsic weakness of their own minds.
If we had weak minds we would not be coming after you! We intend to let everyone know what type of men/women you are.
No one is responsible for a wasted, fucked-up life other than the fuck-up who is wasting their life.
Our lives are not wasted. They are very full, and we love taking you pedophiles down.

You know what I did yesterday?
I babysat.

I'm scared for those children, do the parents know you are a sexually deviant child lover?

For the first time in years, I babysat and not at one moment did I have any "urge" or "desire" to break the law.
But that's not important, the point is that kids were left in my care and the online losers could do nothing to stop me.
Those impotent bastards couldn't if they tried and you know what? I could care less because their the last thing on my mind when I'm busy making a child's day happy.
Or the child's worst nightmare, after all your the one posting on a pedophile message board.

Those fuck-ups are the last thing on my mind when I'm showing a child my new chess board and teaching them to play.
We know what's on your mind! GROOMING!!
Those losers are the last thing I'm thinking of when I'm reading the Little Prince to a child lying on my stomach.

Yeah right...while your thinking of how you can molest them.
I don't give a rat's ass about their suffering because they're the one's who choose to wallow in it without looking for a way out.
They can do all the external things that they want, but unless they try to find out what's going on internally, they'll be forever captives lying to themselves and will never "thrive": a rafflesia by any other name will still smell as hideous.
They can shift the blame all they want, but until they turn their sights inward they'll forever be prisoners.
Either way, let it be known that I don't have the time to waste feeling sorry for people who feel sorry for themselves 24/7 who are content to stay that way.
Finally, to you little losers, fuck-ups, and failures (that about sums it up) scanning this site:
I actually hope you all carry your grudges to the grave.
Live your lives walking dead, that way you will not hinder those who live.
Walk all your lives as dead men, then die.
(See? I can play on your level too, when I want.)
How telling! No you and your pedophile associates do NOT care about our suffering, the sex abuse that we experienced, nor the pain that followed.

You degrade us. You abuse us. You dispute us.
But guess what....
What happened to us as kids is being used for the greater good.
By Whom you ask?
Ask your Minister.
We have the truth on our side. You have destruction and evil.

Isaiah 1 29-31:
29"You will be ashamed because of the sacred oaks
in which you have delighted;
you will be disgraced because of the gardens
that you have chosen.

30 You will be like an oak with fading leaves,
like a garden without water.

31 The mighty man will become tinder
and his work a spark;
both will burn together,
with no one to quench the fire."

This post was written by AZUBrd and Violet leaves.

Get over it pedophiles!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

This Thrivers message is brought to you by AZUBrd and
Violet Leaves.

the liar who says things like...
"Get over it.
You think you've suffered pains and sadness in your lives? Gimme a break!
There are people who "survive" far worse than you could dream of and they really survive and truly "thrive".

Get over it? Why don't you get over it?
Your right! We are thriving very well indeed!

What Febri-Chan is telling us Thrivers is that we are liars because we don't write
every single detail of our abuse. Why does he want all the details?
This perverted pedophile wants to judge us, and then masturbate to our life history!
Pedophiles are sick perverted filthy people! These details are what they live for!
I won't allow that.

No one in their right minds would want to read details even CyberTipline Police must have a good vomit every now and then.
No one wants to read it... except a child hater like Febri-Chan and others. Many others.
All confessed pedophiles and *child lovers*.

Then we have the fat convicted sex offender, admitted CP collector

I bet he hasn't lost one single ounce of fat off his bones.
I imagine him being too busy eating big macs and downloading child porn from anywhere he can in desperation because he
has all day to drive the truck and think nasty sick thoughts about our children.
Thoughts only a child porn addict would think.. thoughts that you and I would vomit at.

To you pissed of pedoheads, we must have struck of nerve, to say we are liars!
Yes... you hate us, and try to debate us, but our truth can never be silenced!!
We are here to shout it out to the wrold!
These sick men like Febri-Chan and Trucker are wanting our nations little children!
No longer will we allow them to dismiss our pain for their own gain!

We call you out here and now slimebags!
Molesters! Child Pornographers!
Your life will NEVER be the same!

Watch as Absolute Zero United takes you down one by one!

Trucker and nigel want to say we are embarrassing and disgracing every abuse
victim with our phony stories. Now isn't that just like two pissed off pedoheads to say such a thing?

The fact that Nigel is nuts and has NEVER proven a thing!
Nigel has tried to taunt us, force us and manipulate us.
Nigel has lied constantly and distorted the truth because he has a severely distorted reality! in closing Trucker better start saving!! After all he said "I'll bet a year's worth of flatbed runs up to Northern Canada from down in the South that if they exposed themselves they'd be just a bunch of silly nerds who work at Taco Hell".

Dare to feel the pain

Monday, January 14, 2008

"The Second Chance Society"

"Our mission is to fight a battle based on truth and documented facts. We shall encourage the young adults who have been cheated out of a childhood to work with us in finding realistic solutions for tomorrow's children. Those who have lived the hype and the fear will have a clear vision for the future and a roadmap to get there."

So speaks Shirley Lowery, the former CEO of Sosen. Recently shamed and ousted from her position during a gruesome hostile takeover, Shirley became depressed and announced her retirement. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. She's back with a vengeance and plotting her return to activism with her new mission statement, above.

One of her ways of making a come back will be to address America's youth. Not those who were victimized by sexual abusers but rather those she claims were cheated of a normal childhood by parents who were afraid that their child would be abused. She says:
"Adults threw all kinds of things on you to protect you from a fate worse than death.

Were you frightened or were you victimized and cheated out of the best years of your life due to the adults in your life that were scared witless?

It will be interesting to hear what you have to say about families being tossed out and burned out of their homes. People have been mugged and murdered.

These are things that are being done in your name."
Personally I think it will be far more interesting to hear from children who were groomed, manipulated and molested. Those who were sexually assaulted and battered. Those whose mother stood up for them .... and those that didn't. Those who had their abuse dismissed and/or denied, versus those who had validation of their right to be free of sexual abuse by having proper sentences given to their abusers. But that's me.

Shirley lost her American Chronicle articles, along with Jan Kruska and Jan's pseudonym Amanda Rogers. Of course Sosen itself lost their account also, but that's another story. This story is about Shirley's comeback.
"I am tempted to try again under another name but need an e-mail and profile completely separate from everything else.

I can still post on Arrivenet which gets some attention over time but not the grab of the Chronicles."
If you guys see her writings show up on the Chronicle under another name, could you please let me know?

Today we have the rare opportunity to observe one of her infamous blasts at society in progress. So far we have two versions she's presenting for group input. Let's look at some of the things she's saying.

She offers some snippets from a CNN transcript of John Walsh talking about his problems with sex addiction and how it hurt people in his life including his wife, children and himself. Shirley says:
"With this information we know that Walsh admitted to a raging sex addiction in 1999. He is well aware of the intensity of this condition and how it can ruin lives. If treatment worked for him it should work for many others with the same or a similar sex disorder. He owes the public an answer."
This is actually nothing new, all the RSO activists are trying to compare a sexual addiction to a sexual offense. This only serves to show their complete desperation and ongoing habit of pointing fingers, blaming others, and refusing to admit that they and they alone are fully responsible for their own actions. A sex addiction has nothing to do with sexually assaulting, raping, or molesting others unless the two are combined.

Next inline for finger pointing and blame-shifting we have Jessica Lunsford. We previously saw how Shirley made the allegation that Jessica had consensual sex with John Couey and then committed suicide by having Couey bury her alive. She's got a new spin on the situation, let's take a look.
"Every year we have young females who are abducted, raped and murdered. Jessica Lunsford was one such case. Her convicted killer, John Couey, did not suddenly turn murderer because of some long ago, non-violent sex crime. He turned killer due to the large amounts of crack cocaine that he ingested just hour's prior to Jessica's disappearance. By pretrial motion that information was withheld so even the juror's deciding his fate were not given this information. This tends to put a damper on the concept of a fair trial by a jury of your peers"
Let's stop there for a moment. Nobody has ever accused John Couey of murdering BECAUSE of his previous sex crime. Furthermore the same laws that allowed his drug use to be withheld in trial are the very same laws that prevent a jury from knowing a child molester on trial has a history of molesting 10 other children. It works both ways. And to make matters even worse for Shirley Lowery, in her haste to look like an idiot, completely fails to address the fact that John Couey kept Jessica for a week, raping her repeatedly before burying her alive. I hardly think he was on crack cocaine that entire time, and no one else thinks that either. That level of drug use would have killed him as no human body could withstand it.
"Jessica's horrific death would not have sparked any undue attention had it not been for old charges that required registration as a sex offender. That is the stage that was set for the American people. It was a power play with sex at the forefront and drugs pushed out of the way."
That's interesting. The way I recall events, Jessica's disappearance created a LOT of attention, BEFORE it was known a registered sex offender had kidnapped, repeatedly raped and killed by live burial little Jessica. THAT is how *I* recall it.
"Because of the way this case was presented everyone from home security people on up profited from this child's death. If John Couey had not fondled and tried to steal a kiss all of those years ago there would be no such thing as Jessica's Law."
Isn't it so terribly unfortunate that these things had to happen to Jessica before we could get our legislature to recognize what we've been telling them for years? But Shirley continues. She claims that the job the jurors did
"has been cheapened by the fact that even they were given partial truth to work with in a trial that was a mere mockery of justice.

This case was presented to a nation in such a manner as to induce public hysteria. It is time for us to remember that this is America where that sort of thing will not be tolerated.

For the health and welfare of this nation we had a right to know that the search was for a junkie rather than a sex fiend. Such careless, political power play has done irreparable harm to our country"
Search for a junkie? It was a search for an unknown person of unknown qualities who was acting for unknown reasons. It wasn't until after he was identified that anyone knew he was a registered sex offender. Furthermore, WHY does Shirley Lowery believe she has a right to know everything about a case yet you don't have a right to know that your next door neighbor molested a 5 year old child. When you have a 5 year old child.

WHY? Why is Shirley Lowery so hell-bent on blaming everyone except John Couey? Why is she so hell-bent on shifting attention AWAY from sex offenders? Could it be that her son, serving 60 years in prison for molesting Shirley's granddaughter, because of pleading guilty AND taking a plea bargain which REDUCED his sentence to SIXTY YEARS has caused her to flip her lid? Or was she always this wacked out?

"A child who has been victimized suffers from low-self esteem. If there is any shred of self-respect left it is quickly ripped away by society's very vocal perception. We are damaged, emotional cripples with diminished capabilities and nobody is willing to waste time on a lost cause. Society "saves" children by jerking them out of a bad situation and ensuring that the abuser is punished to the full extent of the law. There is no individual that notices or cares that only the faces have changed in a child's ongoing nightmare.

The hunger for revenge is what keeps these incidents as front-burner items. There are high-profile individuals who will tell you that a child deserves what he or she gets if they aren't willing to give up a loved one for 25 years. This is typical thinking for someone who has not experienced the situation. Most kids are not going to buy in to a 25-year future of public misery. We bide our time until we can walk away legally. The family is intact and there is no stigma. It is called survival.

The government never does anything right yet there are great expectations that they will fix the sex offender problem. Realistically, we are further away from a solution than we have ever been. Please stop the drama and pretend that your precious child has victimized another of your equally precious children. Dare to feel the pain of being alive with your heart ripped out. Get up close and personal with all aspects of such a situation and then give the world a valid opinion on how we should proceed."
Please pay close attention to this:

We bide our time until we can walk away legally.
The family is intact and there is no stigma.
It is called survival.

Dare to feel the pain of being alive with your heart ripped out

Shirley Lowery, I am addressing you.

You lost any credibility you may have had long ago. You have serious emotional and mental problems. Seek help for it and give this up before you make it any worse than you already have. You cannot be an activist anymore, no matter how much you want to be. We won't allow it.

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No apologies Pedophiles!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

This is a video from us *Thrivers*.
We are not sorry pedophiles and child molesters. We are not sorry to those perverts we tell the truth about.

Thrivers: Survivors with attitude from Absolute Zero United. Yeah we made it and now you had better watch out! We will never stop telling the truth about you.

Trucker says ~ TOOT TOOT ~ Pedos Unite!

Monday, January 07, 2008

We've talked a lot lately about registered sex offender activists and how they all talk out both sides of their mouth.

On the one hand they say there's a difference in types of offenders and the law should recognize that, on the other hand Jackie Sparling the COO of SoClear Media Production says
"whether you or your loved one was charged with CP, got caught in a Romeo/Juliet type situation, or was charged with sexual assault/rape doesn't even come into play with our organization"
They also say that child molesters shouldn't be treated as criminals, they should be given treatment instead. Treatment which has proven to have a very poor overall success rate, I might add. Let's look at a perfect example of that.

Trucker of GirlChat has been trying really hard to get our attention lately. He wants all Pedos to UNITE!

He very helpfully encourages the pedoheads, he says


And sometimes he says


But mostly what he says is pedocrap, as we shall see.

You see, Trucker says he spent 3 years in a prison for sexually violent predators. He says he spent 5 years in sex offender treatment. He says he had an addiction to child pornography. He says he realizes he did it out of lust for little girls rather than love. So now, after completing his treatment - which he says included chemical castration, among other things - here he is on GirlChat plotting and planning and UNDOING all his treatment.
"I'm here to have most of that treatment undone because I never really believed that being in relationships with children is a horrible thing."
Trucker had this to say about the Sex Offender Treatment Program:
SOTPs are extremely ineffective in reducing recidivism, and actually cause it in some cases

I remember being in an outpatient SOTP, and in just two months there were four guys out of eight in my group session who were violated by their POs for legitimate sex crimes

many sex offenders do not want to be treated. They feel they've done nothing wrong, despite the severity of the crime

there's something inside of me that refuses to allow me to reject my pedophilia. I know there is something better for us than child abuse or persecution through law and therapy because I believe that everyone has the right to be sexual, regardless of race or age. I would like the law and therapists to see that someday and work with us to really reduce child sexual abuse.
He also makes the same sort of statement we've seen the likes of Shirley Lowery and other SOSEN and Roar4Freedom members make regarding child pornography
"Has anyone been murdered in the production and distribution? Sure children may have been abused, but abuse can be overcome if one doesn't allow both the abuse and the abuser to have sway over the rest of one's life"
That is a rationalization. Yes it may be abuse.....BUT there's worse things that could happen. Sound familiar? I sincerely don't believe that GirlChat would be approved as therapeutic for this crazed registered sex offender known as Trucker. He is a ticking time bomb. And it just so happens that he is also a bright and shining example of Pedophile! Pervert! Predator! Registered Sex Offender!

Trucker wants ideas on how to make baby raping socially acceptable
"I see a major barrier in our movement being that society perceives children to be "innocent" and therefore must be shielded from "impure" acts such as sex. So how should children be made to be not as innocent as society deems them as?"
That wasn't very bright of Trucker. I also don't believe it was very smart of him to mock one of our Thrivers, Violet Leaves. In fact, it was downright stupid to call her the names he did. Violet and AZUBRD are living breathing surviving thriving witnesses to what pedophiles are, what they do, how they operate.

I understand you wanted some attention, Trucker.
"the reason why AZ and PJ won't post THEIR addresses or show their faces is because they'd have a big-rig through their homes the next day. There are plenty of truckers who'd love to tie those guys on both ends to the DOT bumpers and hit 10th gear. And nobody would ever find them again. I discovered that truckers can be like that if needed."
Trucker, you may hereby consider yourself ON NOTICE

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Thrivers and Absolute Zero United

Sunday, January 06, 2008

There is a big difference between thriving and surviving.

Surviving is the thing you do when your just "ok". Surviving is the thing you do to eat, sleep and function every day.

In order to be a thriver you must be a survivor but you don't stop there.
You keep on going. You push yourself through the pain and come out of a dark tunnel
to find your stronger than before, more knowledgeable and more able to see life for what it is and what it was and decide your better than that.

Thriving gives you joy and self confidence and power.
Power you didn't have as a child or a teenager. Its not absolute power, but using the power with-in yourself to learn and teach others how to thrive, how to go on, and how to be free of the pain that was beaten into you. Thriving doesn't mean you do not cry, feel or get frustrated. No that would not be human and Thrivers are human.

Thrivers promote healing and forgiveness. Not for their abusers sake but for themselves.
Thrivers cannot be moved or shaken from their positions because once you have lived through hell... you.. as a Thriver would never live through it again.

I use my Thriver Power to tell the truth and expose the truth that pedophiles and sex offenders lie and cover up. And I will continue to do so.

I want to thank Stitches and Jacey and Absolute Zero for having us Thrivers here.
For giving us a place to shout and scream and heal each other through change and support.
For allowing us to be a part of such a magnificent place. For making us important.
For forgiving our anger, insecurities and weaknesses.

For loving us.

Sexual Abuse And Violence

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Rumor has it the ice cream man is a drug dealer!
I was only repeating what the older kids on the block had said.

I remember my oldest sister love to sew, I was seven and she made this beautiful dress. She didn’t even wash it, I just put on and went outside to play.

Now being only seven years old I had no clue what the word "drugs" meant.

"The older kids included my two sisters and a brother". I heard them talking about the ice cream man, and that he sold drugs out of his ice cream truck to the kids on the block, my sister was very mad so I knew it was something bad.

Later that day we all went home, my Dad was sitting on the couch and I went to him and told him about the ice cream man. He flew into a rage and started pounding me with his fists "I was a bad girl for repeating those words" why? Til this day I really don’t know. He didn’t like the smell of my newly made dress ( it reminded him of being in Japan). It took both of my sister’s to get him away from me, but not before he ripped my new dress that I loved so much.

When I think back now, many times he would rip clothes off my body. I remember one time he didn’t like a shirt I had on and I refused to change, I was 5 or 6..I went running to my room and he came after and just ripped it of me. I can’t help but wonder if he got some sort of sexual pleasure from this. Violence and sexual abuse went hand in hand with my father.

Many of us, me , Violet, have been subjected to violence and sexual abuse. So when the perverts at Boy chat /Girl chat call sexual abuse "love", I have a real problem with that, sexual abuse is never about love and it is always forced one way or another..

Meet Harold Spurling ~ Aztram

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Harold Spurling aka Aztram is a long time member of BoyChat. He is a pedophile. He is an activist. He is despicable.

Harold likes little boys you see. He says that his age of attraction is 4 to 9 years old but he's also discussed his attractions to much younger boys. He and Jim Finn had a long standing feud over the toddler pictures Harold collected.

He holds to a theory he refers to as the "Ticking Time Bomb" theory, in which he believes that anti-pedophile persons and child advocates actually want pedophiles to rape and molest children, just so they can say "I told you so".

Let's look closer at Aztram and see how he views children

"My drug *IS* boys. Sniffing a boy's silken hair makes me higher than any calibre of cocaine; the touch of his skin bringing me a euphoria millions of times beyond that which the finest hashish can invoke; kissing his lips making me lose myself totally ... death of the ego, annihilation of self ... at one with sweet, sweet quintessence of that youth the eternity of that youth the happiness the love the oneness fuck drugs they fail where boys fulfill ..."
And to really understand Aztram, let's take a look at one of his poems. This one is called Little Boy
Little boy,
Pull me inside
The sweet dream that is you.
Let me hold you;
Let me breathe you in.
You justify my beating heart.
With you, the world and its endless troubles
Ceases to exist ...
Paradise doesn't hold a candle
To you.
Sweet expression of perfection;
Infantile bliss.
You run through my veins,
My lifeblood.

Little boy
Silken dream
Open your eyes - I peer into
Your soul.
I lose myself
And become you ...
Fulfilling love's ultimate objective.
Thus with you
I'm a little boy again.

Please visit
Wikisposure for the full story of
Harold Spurling AKA Aztram

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Don’t Call Me A “Professional Victim"

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Til you have walked in my shoes. I am a Thriver, like so many other’s. We have muddled thru the pain to get to that other side in hope of some peace. I don’t wake up in the morning with a dose of meds, I thrive each day with a clear head!

Don’t call me a liar, my words are the truth, who would make this up? Who would want a lifetime of pain and fear? I didn’t “ask” for this! I didn’t “ask” for nightmares, body memories and in my late 20's have weeks of suffering while trying to “get over” a memory! AND I did this without meds, while trying to keep it together for my then small babies. That’s a thriver!

NOT A “Professional Victim”

Like so many survivors I was robbed of my childhood. We have had our souls die, robbed of my innocence, robbed of my right to just be a child. Robbed of really feeling loved, not used and then discarded. ”LOVE” is not being sexually abused by someone who is just getting their rocks off!

I, like Violet suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse and verbal abuse at the hands of my dear ole Dad, which is pretty much the case for most of us, and while growing up I always wished I had been born in another family!

So when I’m called a pedo basher, a terrorist, a liar, just remember it’s people like you who made me! Now I will fight to stop you. It’s my right!