A Profile of Pedophilia Part 3

Thursday, January 24, 2008

We previously talked about the Mayo Clinic report on pedophilia Part 1 and Part 2. Continuing on now we'll talk about how pedophiles locate their victims. But first we should probably ask just how widespread is the problem anyway? Pedophiles, after all, are known for their continued insistence that child advocates are hysterical lunatics.
Two Canadian studies found that 32% of women and 15.6% of men had experienced "Unwanted sexual contact" before the age of 17 years.
That's roughly 1 out of 3 females, and 1 out of 6 males. I wouldn't call our reaction hysterical would you? So where and how do they "gain access to children"? Per this report:
Pedophiles often intentionally try to place themselves in a position where they can meet children and have the opportunity to interact with children in an unsupervised way, such as when babysitting, doing volunteer work, doing hobbies, or coaching sports.
Pedophiles usually obtain access to children through means of persuasion, friendship, and behavior designed to gain the trust of the child and parent.
The report goes on to outline the characteristics of children and their families.
Parents of children who had been abused by pedophiles had notable characteristics, such as a lower overall education and a higher rate of absenteeism from home. The mothers of abused children had less education than control group mothers and were more likely to be single parents. The fathers tended to be of lower socioeconomic and educational levels than controls.
Descartes tells us the secret to finding boys if you're a pedophile. He's a little worried about violating the "unwritten BL code" but feels that it's not fair to other pedophiles not to know how to find victims. The key, he says, is not to go after the most attractive, the most well-adjusted, the happiest boys. No, the pedo must lower his standards and be willing to take boys less attractive, poorer and with physical and/or emotional handicaps. THEN he can get all the boys he wants. The Mayo Reports says:
The pedophiles stated they would choose vulnerable individuals (eg, children living in ia divorced home, emotionally needy or unhappy children) and/or children who were receptive to their advances, even if that child did not meet the pedophile's usual physical pattern of attraction
Bill Evans says:
Whatever made you think it was otherwise? How many times have you seen posters here talk about having y/fs from happy, loving homes? Those boys don't need to turn to someone outside the family for support. I have had a couple of y/fs from those sort of homes, but we never had the kind of close friendship I usually develop with kids from dysfunctional familes.
The kids from good homes are just along for the fun, but kids from dysfunctional homes, or no home, want a whole lot more...
Boys don't want to be with Bill Evans or other pedophiles simply because it's "Normal and natural and something that they NEED and want" No according to Bill, the only boys who would be interested in being with a pedohead are those who are disadvantaged and needy in some way. He said it himself!!

Thunderchild says:
I've been working with boys since not long after I got out of prison. I've had some failures, but I've had many more successes.
There's no gaurded secret to spending time with boys.
I've been convicted more than once for BL stuff and even today I spent some time with a boy under the AOC
Meeting boys is easy
Buy a basketball and shoot hoops every day at the local poor people park
been there done that:
In most cases the parents are too busy trying to make ends meet to devote time to their kids. The politically incorrect terms for some of these families is "white trash"
I've found that if you get a really fancy car....and live in a family neighborhood, then boys will eventually come when they see you washing or fiddling with it. Nothing attracts a boy more than hanging out with a man doing mans stuff
Silvrspun: Just crawls through little boys windows and takes what he wants.

Cheshir Cat:
...I lurk around schools. Most of the LGs I know, I met through one of the following ways:
*Schoolmates of my daughter
*Friends' daughters and young cousins/sisters
*Friends of the above categories.
Principia Mathematica
I am regularly stared at by LGs and occasionally jump on the webcam and hook up with kids....... What's most important is to be, and act, more like a member of their peer group than just another adult
My heart aches. I feel weak. I want, so badly.....How can I not be obsessed? Nothing else is important in life. Little girls are my heroin, and I am an addict
While these guys are making these statements above, they are claiming no relationship with child molesters. Whenever a pedophile is arrested they rush to his defense saying things like: "How sad that one is persecuted for a consensual act of love" Or, in a particularly bad case such as Jessica Lunsford their arguments quickly switch to "He's not even a pedophile! No! He's a child molester!" As if there were a difference.

And how would you explain THIS:
Wayne Bleyle a respiratory therapist working at a long term care facility for seriously ill children....convicted of molesting brain-damaged, comatose boys and girls, taking cell-phone photos of himself in the act and posting them on the internet. When his home computers were seized tens of thousands of graphic images of children, some engaged in sex acts with adult males were discovered. When Bleyle was asked how many children he had molested he stated calmly "How many snowflakes are out there?" Bleyle stated that he selected children based on their inability to speak because if they couldn't talk, they couldn't tell anybody they had been attacked. Included in his victims were a 2 year old girl and a boy who was still in diapers. He received 45 years in prison based upon a plea agreement.

Bleyle is a pedophile.

And how do we explain only one month later the arrest of Christopher Alan Irvin for the exact same thing......at the exact same hospital?

An ICU nurse Irvin confessed to the molestation of a patient....a comatose 4 year old girl......twice. His home computers containing hundreds of child porn images including videos and his hand-written journals with entries like:

"I want to lay down at night & feel love & the presence of a (loved, comforted) little girl...."

"This is killing me. The little girl downstairs is playing and I want to go play with her, ahhhh!!!"

"Oh God, I've strayed"

"I easily and often fall in love with young children"

"I suffer because I crave this and try to satisfy it"

He received 14 years in prison under a plea agreement.

Irvin is a pedophile.

In these instances here we have two men both abusing brain injured children incapable of saying yes or NO. Incapable of asking for help. They were trapped within their little damaged bodies in their little beds....at the mercy of monsters and like all predatory creatures these men took what they wanted.

It should come as no surprise to us that BoyChatters have previously discussed this very thing. Babylove asked the question:
"Would it be okay to have consensual sex with a mentally handicapped person? A mentally handicapped person may have the intellectual capacity of a 3 yr old"
floating point:
If it is consensual, why not?
The only reason it is now dangerous is because of the hysteria. As Hyacinth and other boylovers have expressed from their very, very past experiences when sex was not as guarded, it was a much simpler decision with no consequences......I don't believe in any AOC, I believe in BOUNDARIES
While this may come as a surprise to you, not much intellect is required for sex.
Silent Sufferer:
What does IQ have to do with having sex?
We own the globe
Nobody here condones rape, and those of us who would engage in sexual behavior with children despite the possible legal ramifications would certainly want to obtain a higher level of consent than just a lack of complaint.
Let nature work naturally; that's why children are able to reproduce.
And let us not forget 28:
Erotic encounters, involving no penetration, should be at worst minor annoyances.
Last but certainly not least we should consider MrDOB:
We are victims too.....We come from all walks of life, races, religions, ages, socio-economic brackets and what-have-you. And, in many cases, can go through our whole life without ever harming a child.
Or Lindsay Ashford who believes it's perfectly acceptable to inflict sexual contact upon a 6 month old....who he believes can consent to sexual activity with a 30, 40, 50 yr old man? I suppose Lindsay would approve of Bleyle and Irvin's behavior. After all those assaulted children weren't really harmed were they? Compared to the pleasure it brought to the pervert? How about the child porn sting last fall. Horrible images, children bound and raped. Children so young they had pacifiers in their mouths. "d" says:
So, instead of saying "ohmygawdtheyareabusinginfants thebastards!" the police and news should be saying "thank goodness these kids won't remember what happened."
What all of this means is that these men are all the same. Pedophiles are child molesters. Child molesters are pedophiles. They all think the same way, they operate the same way, and they talk the same way. They are animals, rabid and out of control. Children are mere objects to them. Lindsay said :
the pictures are meant to show that we GLs see girls as objects of beauty, not merely as sexual objects
Like I said, children are mere objects to pedophiles. When Lindsay was asked what attracted him to little girls he said:
There's just this way that they walk, all carefree and all that. And the way that they smell, and their bodies are ever so .... ripe.....
Pedophiles try to explain all of this away with their rationalizations, justifications and lies. Apparently in their distorted thinking these things make sense to them. If not for the fact that they harm children, one could almost feel sorry for them. They are, after all, quite pathetic subhuman creatures. The problem however is that that they are EVIL pathetic creatures and therefore beneath contempt. Their excuses and attempts to always misplace blame is hard for us to understand and comprehend. After all, we force kids to eat properly.....so what do we know?
It's like when you feed a child vegetables at a young age, that child might not be able to consent to vegetables until 3 or 4 when they say "I don't like vegetables" but you still feed it to them as babies. It doesn't create psychological trauma in their future when you fed them vegetables at that age. Sex is something I think a child needs to experience and learn about as they progressively grow to maturity

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