Then I guess this is War

Friday, January 25, 2008

Tom aka Rob aka childlvr4ever07 returns.

And we're still waiting for him to come back and tell everyone what he's doing down there in Nicaragua.

The readers here put up with you for a long time, Rob. Don't you think you owe them an answer?

You're not gonna force me to do it for you, are you?

I mean after all, you have guts. You are a MAN.

Aren't you, Rob?

"I am a Girl Lover and that will never change... Children love to be cuddled, shown affection, and loved from us and there is nothing that you can do about that."

I will have you know that we will not go away.. we will fight for our rights and for the children that want to be loved not controlled

If you will not understand us... Then I guess this is War

I don't understand what you're trying to say, Rob. We declared war on you a long time ago. Funny thing is, you've yet to win one battle, while all around you your brethren are falling in this mass slaughter of the pedophiles.

Rob says:
My first love is 6-10 (9 yr olds are perfect though)
then comes 11-13
finally 14-15...

Under six or over fifteen does not do much for me.. Although recently I have found some four and five year olds that tickle my fancy...
I've created a special slot for you on our list, Rob. Keep watching now, ya hear?

Graphic courtesy Jacey
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