Trucker says ~ TOOT TOOT ~ Pedos Unite!

Monday, January 07, 2008

We've talked a lot lately about registered sex offender activists and how they all talk out both sides of their mouth.

On the one hand they say there's a difference in types of offenders and the law should recognize that, on the other hand Jackie Sparling the COO of SoClear Media Production says
"whether you or your loved one was charged with CP, got caught in a Romeo/Juliet type situation, or was charged with sexual assault/rape doesn't even come into play with our organization"
They also say that child molesters shouldn't be treated as criminals, they should be given treatment instead. Treatment which has proven to have a very poor overall success rate, I might add. Let's look at a perfect example of that.

Trucker of GirlChat has been trying really hard to get our attention lately. He wants all Pedos to UNITE!

He very helpfully encourages the pedoheads, he says


And sometimes he says


But mostly what he says is pedocrap, as we shall see.

You see, Trucker says he spent 3 years in a prison for sexually violent predators. He says he spent 5 years in sex offender treatment. He says he had an addiction to child pornography. He says he realizes he did it out of lust for little girls rather than love. So now, after completing his treatment - which he says included chemical castration, among other things - here he is on GirlChat plotting and planning and UNDOING all his treatment.
"I'm here to have most of that treatment undone because I never really believed that being in relationships with children is a horrible thing."
Trucker had this to say about the Sex Offender Treatment Program:
SOTPs are extremely ineffective in reducing recidivism, and actually cause it in some cases

I remember being in an outpatient SOTP, and in just two months there were four guys out of eight in my group session who were violated by their POs for legitimate sex crimes

many sex offenders do not want to be treated. They feel they've done nothing wrong, despite the severity of the crime

there's something inside of me that refuses to allow me to reject my pedophilia. I know there is something better for us than child abuse or persecution through law and therapy because I believe that everyone has the right to be sexual, regardless of race or age. I would like the law and therapists to see that someday and work with us to really reduce child sexual abuse.
He also makes the same sort of statement we've seen the likes of Shirley Lowery and other SOSEN and Roar4Freedom members make regarding child pornography
"Has anyone been murdered in the production and distribution? Sure children may have been abused, but abuse can be overcome if one doesn't allow both the abuse and the abuser to have sway over the rest of one's life"
That is a rationalization. Yes it may be abuse.....BUT there's worse things that could happen. Sound familiar? I sincerely don't believe that GirlChat would be approved as therapeutic for this crazed registered sex offender known as Trucker. He is a ticking time bomb. And it just so happens that he is also a bright and shining example of Pedophile! Pervert! Predator! Registered Sex Offender!

Trucker wants ideas on how to make baby raping socially acceptable
"I see a major barrier in our movement being that society perceives children to be "innocent" and therefore must be shielded from "impure" acts such as sex. So how should children be made to be not as innocent as society deems them as?"
That wasn't very bright of Trucker. I also don't believe it was very smart of him to mock one of our Thrivers, Violet Leaves. In fact, it was downright stupid to call her the names he did. Violet and AZUBRD are living breathing surviving thriving witnesses to what pedophiles are, what they do, how they operate.

I understand you wanted some attention, Trucker.
"the reason why AZ and PJ won't post THEIR addresses or show their faces is because they'd have a big-rig through their homes the next day. There are plenty of truckers who'd love to tie those guys on both ends to the DOT bumpers and hit 10th gear. And nobody would ever find them again. I discovered that truckers can be like that if needed."
Trucker, you may hereby consider yourself ON NOTICE

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