Don’t Call Me A “Professional Victim"

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Til you have walked in my shoes. I am a Thriver, like so many other’s. We have muddled thru the pain to get to that other side in hope of some peace. I don’t wake up in the morning with a dose of meds, I thrive each day with a clear head!

Don’t call me a liar, my words are the truth, who would make this up? Who would want a lifetime of pain and fear? I didn’t “ask” for this! I didn’t “ask” for nightmares, body memories and in my late 20's have weeks of suffering while trying to “get over” a memory! AND I did this without meds, while trying to keep it together for my then small babies. That’s a thriver!

NOT A “Professional Victim”

Like so many survivors I was robbed of my childhood. We have had our souls die, robbed of my innocence, robbed of my right to just be a child. Robbed of really feeling loved, not used and then discarded. ”LOVE” is not being sexually abused by someone who is just getting their rocks off!

I, like Violet suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse and verbal abuse at the hands of my dear ole Dad, which is pretty much the case for most of us, and while growing up I always wished I had been born in another family!

So when I’m called a pedo basher, a terrorist, a liar, just remember it’s people like you who made me! Now I will fight to stop you. It’s my right!
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