Get over it pedophiles!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

This Thrivers message is brought to you by AZUBrd and
Violet Leaves.

the liar who says things like...
"Get over it.
You think you've suffered pains and sadness in your lives? Gimme a break!
There are people who "survive" far worse than you could dream of and they really survive and truly "thrive".

Get over it? Why don't you get over it?
Your right! We are thriving very well indeed!

What Febri-Chan is telling us Thrivers is that we are liars because we don't write
every single detail of our abuse. Why does he want all the details?
This perverted pedophile wants to judge us, and then masturbate to our life history!
Pedophiles are sick perverted filthy people! These details are what they live for!
I won't allow that.

No one in their right minds would want to read details even CyberTipline Police must have a good vomit every now and then.
No one wants to read it... except a child hater like Febri-Chan and others. Many others.
All confessed pedophiles and *child lovers*.

Then we have the fat convicted sex offender, admitted CP collector

I bet he hasn't lost one single ounce of fat off his bones.
I imagine him being too busy eating big macs and downloading child porn from anywhere he can in desperation because he
has all day to drive the truck and think nasty sick thoughts about our children.
Thoughts only a child porn addict would think.. thoughts that you and I would vomit at.

To you pissed of pedoheads, we must have struck of nerve, to say we are liars!
Yes... you hate us, and try to debate us, but our truth can never be silenced!!
We are here to shout it out to the wrold!
These sick men like Febri-Chan and Trucker are wanting our nations little children!
No longer will we allow them to dismiss our pain for their own gain!

We call you out here and now slimebags!
Molesters! Child Pornographers!
Your life will NEVER be the same!

Watch as Absolute Zero United takes you down one by one!

Trucker and nigel want to say we are embarrassing and disgracing every abuse
victim with our phony stories. Now isn't that just like two pissed off pedoheads to say such a thing?

The fact that Nigel is nuts and has NEVER proven a thing!
Nigel has tried to taunt us, force us and manipulate us.
Nigel has lied constantly and distorted the truth because he has a severely distorted reality! in closing Trucker better start saving!! After all he said "I'll bet a year's worth of flatbed runs up to Northern Canada from down in the South that if they exposed themselves they'd be just a bunch of silly nerds who work at Taco Hell".
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