Thrivers and Absolute Zero United

Sunday, January 06, 2008

There is a big difference between thriving and surviving.

Surviving is the thing you do when your just "ok". Surviving is the thing you do to eat, sleep and function every day.

In order to be a thriver you must be a survivor but you don't stop there.
You keep on going. You push yourself through the pain and come out of a dark tunnel
to find your stronger than before, more knowledgeable and more able to see life for what it is and what it was and decide your better than that.

Thriving gives you joy and self confidence and power.
Power you didn't have as a child or a teenager. Its not absolute power, but using the power with-in yourself to learn and teach others how to thrive, how to go on, and how to be free of the pain that was beaten into you. Thriving doesn't mean you do not cry, feel or get frustrated. No that would not be human and Thrivers are human.

Thrivers promote healing and forgiveness. Not for their abusers sake but for themselves.
Thrivers cannot be moved or shaken from their positions because once you have lived through hell... you.. as a Thriver would never live through it again.

I use my Thriver Power to tell the truth and expose the truth that pedophiles and sex offenders lie and cover up. And I will continue to do so.

I want to thank Stitches and Jacey and Absolute Zero for having us Thrivers here.
For giving us a place to shout and scream and heal each other through change and support.
For allowing us to be a part of such a magnificent place. For making us important.
For forgiving our anger, insecurities and weaknesses.

For loving us.
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