'Nothing that is below an Anti'

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cheryl Griffith, the self-titled 'Chief Operations Officer' of the Sex Offender forum 'SOSEN,' recently made this comment, in response to a graphic description of sexual abuse some children are forced to endure:

"Noone could say it better than the anit's (sic) themselves how disgusting they are. Talk about the harm to a victim if they came to this site. There is NOTHING, no WORDS, no BEHAVIOR that is below anti"

It's important to understand that what is being talked about, is child sexual abuse. This is a topic that isn't pretty, and can't be 'sugar-coated' to sound the way sex offender groups and pedophile activists try to make it.

Perhaps if people like Cheryl were to ever take time to venture outside of her circle of convicted sexual offenders and sex offender apologists to read the words of sexual abuse survivors, someone like our own Violet Leaves blog, she would see that the reality of what abuse looks like in no way resembles the glossed over image the administration at SOSEN seems to have of it.

Just like Linda Perhson for example (HT to Roarful for this one):
It seems to me that those sad pathetic people in PJ are professional victims. STUCK in their victimhood. They need to get a life and let us live ours.
They really are sick, twisted people
Professional Victims? For having the strength to not only come through their child abuse, but to also have the courage to stand up against the twisted people which have abused and are abusing children or the people like Linda Pehrson and Cheryl Griffith who defend child sex offenders regardless of their crimes. While SOSEN administration may think that victims which are survivors which become Anti's are the lowest form of life, here at Absolute Zero we understand what these people have been through and regard them as heroes for being strong enough to come out the other side to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Cheryl Griffith may think that there's nothing below anti-pedophile activists for describing horrific acts of child sexual abuse, but she forgets that it's the members of her group and the people which she's defending who committed those acts against children.

And the only thing more ugly, senseless and disgusting, than someone who blindly defends people who commit these acts against children are the offenders who choose to do it.


Deep Thoughts 3

Sunday, October 26, 2008

JustaDadatHome pretending to be his wife:

27 years ago, my husband, in his youth committed a crime. He had sex with his girlfriend who was 14 years old, and he was just barely 18 years old. He plead guilty, was sentenced and served his time.

But my husband has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life as a sex offender for his 1 crime I committed 22 years ago.

Six Cowards Attack One Father = Derek's Heroes

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last month, convicted rapist William Meacham, his four siblings and a friend attacked, 35 year old and father of two, Adrian Porter for posting copies of William's and other local sex offenders, registration information warning families at the apartment complex where he and his family were residing.

"William Meacham, 30, his younger siblings Brandon, Justin, Stephanie and Angela, and family friend Marvin Snyder, attacked Adrian Porter in Seneca Falls last month, leaving him severely injured with brain trauma, a broken nose and facial fractures, authorities said." "Police say it's surprising Porter even survived, given the severity of the attack.

Porter, 35, was left unconscious in the complex's parking lot, spent weeks in a Rochester hospital and was recently transferred to a rehabilitation center."

"With a group like that Porter never stood a chance"
The sex offender activists are known for their complaints about vigilantism against sex offenders, let's see what they have to say when it's a sex offender and his crew of cockroaches doing the attacking:

Corrupted Justice (a self described "anti-vigilante" organization) member and convicted child molester, Derek Logue claims that six people beating a man to within an inch of his life, should come as a warning to people who blog about pedophiles and sex offender activists on the internet:

For all of you who think its such a great idea to harass or threaten Former Offenders (people like Brett Franklin, evilclownwithabat [and no BALLS], Stitches77, Tracy "Wasp Ohio" Golden, Donny "coldgrapecrush," Chris Brocious, Xavier Von Erck, Mr. Punch the sissy, and others), I strongly suggest you think TWICE about what you are doing.
The way Derek tells it, Porter actually attacked six people outside of his own apartment with a machete because one was listed as a sex offender - not the other way around (but who said blame gamer logic had to make any sense):

I don't feel even remotely sorry for Porter. You harassed someone and threatened him with a machete. Just like how members of Absolute Zero United and Perverted Justice threaten and harass someone, only anonymously. But it backfired. Unlike that kid beaten by that crazy crackhead in Washington, this man fought back, and beat the viggie senseless. Vigilante justice is dangerous work.

Six slugs with a history of run-ins with the law, brutally beat a concerned parent leaving him laying unconscious in a parking lot with facial fractures and a possible brain injury, for warning families about dangerous people in the neighborhood - Nuh, I wouldn't expect a man who gets sexual pleasure from molesting a little girl to understand or feel any form of sympathy for him.

Child pornography collector and pedophile activist, Nigel Leigh Oldfield:

It's Payback Time.

Yea, that makes perfect sense - how dare someone list a persons face and name next to something they were convicted of doing.

In the "Sex Offender Support and Education Network" (frighteningly enough, this is the group Sarah Tofte used to gather her information on Sex Offender Laws for her report) Pitball posts:

Say's it all, doesn't it? From a group of people which claims to live in constant fear of "vigilante justice."

How does it compare to the reaction from BoyChat?

What a pity
They didn't kill him!
This is a 'good news' story
I hope to hear and read about many more stories just like this one, but with fewer survivors.
In a document compiled by Tom Madison for SoHopeful -- before his shameful ass-booting, Tom references a study done by the Washington State Institute regarding community notification. According to Tom, the study found that 3.5% of the sex offenders that were followed claimed some sort of harassment ranging from a house that was burned down to anonymous phone calls to egg throwing to dirty looks. Interesting that he feels this is such a HUGE problem and yet he claims sex offenders only re-offend at a rate of 3.5% and that is such a TINY problem that sex offenders are no danger to society and we should welcome them with open arms. Funny how that works, isn't it?

But SOSEN Staff member, Topwop explains:
"FAMILIES" have had about all they can take from these insane laws and the vigilantee violence against former offenders.
So, attacking concerned parents in group and beating them nearly to death is the way to handle society? Care to add that to your Human Rights Watch report Sarah Tofte?

Despite claiming they're opposed to vigilantism, many sex offender activists endorsed or supported in some form, six scumbags attacking in a gang and nearly killing a father, because he was concerned about sex offenders living in his apartment complex.

Deep Thoughts 2

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm having a hard time understanding this one.

Linda Pehrson marries a man who then grooms and molests her little girl, she trusted him to come back into the home with her daughter but she doesn't trust him to know her own email address?

I REFUSE to even let my husband know my email address. This is MY computer. He can't give them what he doesn't know. I am afraid he will fold like a cheap suit if they give him a hard time.

Quote from: lindape54 on April 04, 2008, 01:04:48 PM

The Legacy of BoyChat

Friday, October 17, 2008

“I think this hysteria regarding childhood sexuality rests firmly
on a general fear and hatred of sex itself.
Otherwise, why would people think sex isn't for children?”
.........Harold Spurling

5-Year-Old Interviewed In Sex Abuse Case

Police said a 5-year-old victim who was allegedly sexually abused by two New Britain men told them he would go to the men’s apartment and watch movies on the computer of children having sex with adults.

The two men -- Jeffrey Brisson and Harold Spurling -- were arrested earlier in the year after police spent 10 months reviewing computer evidence confiscated from their apartment. The men have been charged with sexually assaulting children ranging in age from 3 months old to teenagers.

The 5-year-old alleged victim said Brisson and Spurling would also make him look at pictures of naked children between 5 and 8 years old. He also told police the two men would perform sexual acts with one another in front of him.

Another piece of evidence the court has is a letter listing quotes from Brisson and Spurling, including one that says, “I love 5-year-old boys and am very attracted to them.”

According to the warrant, investigators began to look into the pair when an official at the Pulaski Middle School in New Britain received a warning about pedophiles in the community.

Police said they learned that Brisson and Spurling were allegedly "using the Internet to promote their pedophile lifestyle" during the seven years they lived together in a Washington Street apartment.
Investigators said a search of the men's apartment turned up the equivalent of 42 80-gigabyte computers filled with child pornography -- enough they said to fill nearly 103,000 paperback books with illegal material.
Brisson and Spurling have been in custody since January. Together, their bonds total more than $5 million


Visit Wikisposure to learn more about The Night Raven and Aztram, as well as the conviction of their fellow BoyChatter Jim Finn, sentenced to 97 months for child pornography and don't forget the ever popular Wiki-win Dylan Thomas

Four for Four, I kinda think BoyChat is coming out on the raw end of this deal.

Perhaps they'll start thinking twice before saying things like Aztram said:

"My drug *IS* boys. Sniffing a boy's silken hair makes me higher than any calibre of cocaine; the touch of his skin bringing me a euphoria millions of times beyond that which the finest hashish can invoke; kissing his lips making me lose myself totally ... death of the ego, annihilation of self ... at one with sweet, sweet quintessence of that youth the eternity of that youth the happiness the love the oneness fuck drugs they fail where boys fulfill ..."

Deep Thoughts 1

Every day we read idiotic rants from RSOs/pedos. So much in fact, that we often don't have time to reflect on the little absurdities. This new series will bring you those little absurdities one by one, for your reflection/comments/laughter/outrage.

The inaugural deep thought certainly qualifies as one of the most idiotic things I've seen.....ever!

"My victim was a follower. She acted different away from her sister. Anyways other people got in trouble over her. Today she's either 16 or 17. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships...I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her."

- Derek Logue

Cheers from the Deeeep South! :)

Friday, October 10, 2008


Well they've already deleted it. Leave it to a bunch of filthy pedophile boy rapers to try and hide the truth. Fortunately..........we saw it first.

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been!

Posted by silly1 on 2008-October-11 00:22:08, Saturday

First of all, no, melf, you don't get to out me this time. I'm doing it myself. So while I'm sure you are chuckling and rubbing your hands together because you know the IP I prf'd from was from a KNOWN ANTI, you don't get to sit on that info and think you're some kind of know it all. :)

I wrote my last letter to Dylan a few days ago. It is a good feeling to finally close this chapter. Because, you see, doing what we did with this nick wasn't easy. We had to listen to all of Dylan's bullshit on the radio, and I had to pretend I liked him. As a matter of fact, he thought I was his biggest fan. His best friend.

Isn't that what you guys do? Pretend you're a kid's best buddy, only you have another agenda? Turnabout is fair play, and sometimes it's pretty fun.

The day we found out Dylan was finally arrested, after months of monitoring his every move, was one of the most hilarious days in history. Not only had we managed to help the FBI nail a Top Ten Wanted, but we also got to listen in, if you will, on pedophiles freaking the fuck out about it. Oh yes, I have an actual audio recording of that! :)

So, the next time you see a pedo saying Peej had nothing to do with this, you will want to take a short trip back in time and remember exactly how this went down.

And, of course, all the others who were identified were just icing on the Dylan Thomas cake. IRC logs, months of them, of you stupid fuckers typing away about your lives, your "YF"s, your illnesses, your financial problems. What a bunch of moochers and wrecked individuals you are. But your misery is enjoyable to some people, as I'm sure you know.

For example, did you know that Dylan is allergic to penicillin? And that his dick had big pus-y sores on it because of that, when he was having his tooth problems? We. laughed. so. hard.

Did you know that Skylark is trying to fake that he has autism by substituting the word "me" for "I" in his sentences? And that Bill pays for his cigarettes, but makes him make his OWN wine? And that Dacarus is a pathetic piece of shit who's grooming even more kids, even after he was found out about by his community?

There are many, many things we've discovered this year. But the biggest laugh of all is when Dylan wrote to me and said that Peej had nothing to do with his arrest. What a huge laugh we all had at that one line in his letter, handwritten just to me. :) And how funny it was that the rest of this garbage "community" felt that that was some sort of confirmation. He wrote that letter to me, which I passed along to Bill. Starting to see the picture now?

Oh, I sure hope you guys fight about security now. We love to see that happen. After all, I WAS staff at BTR. -waves at toothless ugly ass Bill-
You know, the safe and secure BTR you're always being invited to. Yeah, that one.

Ahh, finally, an end to this persona. It feels good to be free. Unlike Dylan. lol. He gets to spend the rest of his life thinking about how he trusted me, loved me, begged me to never forget him. He asked me, get this, he asked me to make a memorial website for him. Not just any old memorial website, but the website of all websites, the one that would make him a LEGEND. Yes, there he is, sitting in jail for molesting a child, thinking that somehow he could become a legend.

He and many of your other friends get to stare at blank walls for years and years, knowing that their very narcissism is what got them busted. All of your idiotic "security measures" will not keep you safe from jail. You're too fucking stupid.

There will be a full write-up about this soon, so keep your eye out for it. Xavier is so good at those things, and it will be extremely amusing.

Cheers from the Deeeep South! :)

The Governments Business

Friday, October 03, 2008

Not surprisingly, sex offender activists and pedophiles activist often espouse a similar or the same views on the topic of child sexual abuse. Recently, listening to a podcast involving Mary Duval AKA Tikibug, Walter Howard AKA Tmaximus95 and Derek Logue AKA Fallenone, provided an opportunity to examine just a few of these similarities.

First off, we have convicted child molester, Derek Logue talking about how society is what's really responsible for sexual abuse abuse survivors struggling to deal with traumatic experiences:

"Permanent Victim Mode" eh? Because it couldn't possibly be that a grown man sexually exploiting and abusing a child could effect the way that person interacts with others and develops into an adult... could it?

Obviously, it's difficult for someone who is able to abuse children in the first place to understand the damaging nature of their actions.

Now imprisoned child molester and former Sure Quality Radio (an online pedophile radio station) DJ Jeffrey Gold put's it all down to people being money hungry:

Despite the fact that it's very rare that a victim will receive or even go looking for money from their abuser, the way we see it, Jeffrey and Derek both demonstrate the same lack-of understanding surrounding the effects of their actions.

Mary goes on to talk about how dangerous sex offenders should not be released into society in the first place:

She says this even though she's also signatory on the "Reform Sex Offender Laws" petition which aims to abolish civil commitments which put people who pose an elevated risk towards society into civil confinement for psychiatric help.

According to Walter Howard (a convicted child rapist) a person should have "a right to choose who they want to have intimacy with" regardless of whether that person is a child being taken advantage of by an adult whose supposed to be looking out for them:

"Yea, what business does the government have in protecting children from filthy adults who groom kids into sex?"

Of course Mary even nodded along with Walter on that and Derek had no objections - why is that?

Regarding surviving after sexual abuse, here's what Mary had to say:

Mary, in a similar state of mind to Derek and men like Jeffrey Gold, talks as though being a victim or a survivor is something someone can simply choose to do. What she doesn't understand is that sexual abuse effects people in different ways.

Survivors are strong people just for living, they are survivors despite people like Mary's patronizing rhetoric, despite their whining, abrasive condescending denial of the life-long effects of being sexually assaulted. They are survivors who have the strength and intelligence to fight back against those who have such reckless disregard for children that they would exploit them and/or enable those who do. And they are survivors for joining this fight and - being faced with a daily barrage of mocking arrogant victim bashing - they carry on despite everything that has happened to them, because they ARE survivors.