A Perverts Fairytale

Monday, December 28, 2009

As part of grooming a child, pedophiles will often 'play' games with children which involve a lot of physical contact and touching. "Wrestling games" seem to be a favorite amongst pedo's, who are sexually excited at being able to molest a child under the guise of 'playing a game.' From GirlChat:

"I remember wrestling around with my stepdaughters and one of my older stepdaughters friend one time. She was 10yo and I could distinctly "sense" her arousal."

"i had my 4 lg friends over today (none of which are over 10 yrs old) and we were all wrestling as we usually do...."
In the same post, Justincredible goes on to talk about how one of the young girl's (approximately 5 years-old) who he was 'playing with,' had stopped and was:
"laying face down on the bed pulling the sheet up between her legs and humping it, and i mean all out thrusting, clenching butt cheeks and everything. she was even putting her hands down there too, not down her pants, or at least i'm pretty sure not, but just down there."
Kids will occasionally touch themselves as they develop into an adult and explore their bodies, there could be nothing abnormal about it or it could be a sign of something else - in either case you're probably thinking: the best thing to do in a situation like this is to quietly tell the child's parents what's going on so they can have that conversation with their daughter... right?

If you thought like that, you're not thinking like a pervert does:
"she must have done this like 10 times. i continued wrestling with the other girls but kept watching her the whole time.

of course it was driving me absolutely bonkers. everytime she turned over to take a break i'd smile at her. it turned me on so bad i had to take a break and go into the bathroom."
- Totally sick in the head, Justin has this to say about his writing:
"i admit my posts usually do have a level of "fairytale" feel. but that's how i write, my job involves writing and i have always been quite the wordsmith."

International Boylove Day - 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Twice each year, pedophile activists celebrate "International Boylove Day;" Today, December the 26th, 2009 is the second "International Boylove Day" celebration for 2009, and it's also just over a month since high-level members of Boylover.net were raided by law enforcement agencies around the world.

To mark this "International Boylove Day," we've produced a short video about the raids...

How Snitching Can Improve Your Life

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Look at Dylan Thomas as he's led from the plane a year and a half ago. Dirty, filthy and disgusting. He'd been begging in the streets of Mexico for food to survive, bringing it back to his apartment to eat like an animal amongst all the rotting food and debris pedos are known for.

But now, it's all paid off and he can live a comfortable life made easier knowing he's helped to catch his fellow pedo brothers.

Perhaps he was just lonely in jail and hoped they'd be joining him and he'd have someone to listen to him pontificate for the next 20 to 50 years about how much he just loved little boys and of course would never hurt them.

See this story:

And watch the video of Dylan Thomas - the shifty-eyed Webmaster of BoyChat being led into the courtroom where the victim's mother says
"He has shown himself cold, calculating, self-centered, deceitful, and very willing to use the innocent and naive to serve his personal ends."

"After spending nine years on the FBI's most wanted list, a New Hampshire man pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 5-year-old boy in Deerfield, N.H.

Police said Jon Schillaci fled when the investigation into the assault started and was on the run until they caught up with him in June 2008. Schillaci was arrested in Mexico after spending nearly a decade on the run.

Schillaci was sentenced to 20 to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of felonious sexual assault and 23 counts of possession of child pornography.

The investigation began October 1999 when a 5-year-old told his parents that Schillaci had improperly touched him. Police later found child pornography on his computer.

Schillaci had been invited to Deerfield by the boy's parents after his release from prison in Texas, where he was convicted of sexually assaulting two 11-year-old boys. While in prison, Schillaci exchanged letters with the Deerfield family, who wanted to give him a second chance.
In a letter read in court by the prosecutor, the boy's mother said that everyone deserves a second chance, but Schillaci spit on the chance they gave him.
But why a plea agreement? Why not just take it to trial and get the biggest sentence possible? A couple of reasons:
Prosecutors said one reason they agreed to the plea agreement was to spare the boy, now 15, from testifying. Schillaci also cooperated with federal authorities, and officials said that led to more than one child being rescued from an abusive situation.
And Dylan? Well, that big talking, fat-mouthed, filthy pedophile doesn't have to beg for food anymore. I guess he's quite comfy now. He's starting to look like Ghostwriter as a matter of fact. 'Cept he won't be going to Mexico anytime soon.

If I were the BoyChatters, I'd be afraid. I'd be very afraid.

A Sleeping Beast of Prey

Thursday, December 17, 2009

BoyChat member, Dgennero A.K.A. Michael Tanner, tries the oldest pedo-garbage lines in the book when it comes to defending his pedophilia:

"If you don't make a difference between people whose sexual desire gets out of control and boylovers who LOVE, not EXPLOIT, boys with heart and soul, you are blind. Do you realize that attitudes like yours CREATE molesters? You suppress the sexual urge which leads to neurosis. Some people then become molesters, others become pedophobes. You said: "It's their bodies, let the boys choose..." EXACTLY, you're darn right!"

"Boylovers just looooove children soooo much" so much, that they try at all costs to convince themselves that any sexual contact with children isn't exploitative and harmful. Pedophiles even try to blind themselves into believing that children want to be molested - we all know how the distorted pedo-brains can't distinguish kids just being kids from what the perverts wish was "flirtatious" behavior.

Tanner has this to say to people who think kids deserve to live free from the sickness pedophiles have to offer:
"Maybe I myself feel that deep inside myself there's a sleeping beast of prey, maybe inside of everyone.

Of course many people have aggressive fantasies from time to time but don't act out. These fantasies aren't necessarily unhealthy. Usually there are enough "dams" or "shields" around our personality. Here I see what happens if the dams break and the shields fall."

"When I'm aggressive my target usually is those who try to kill the feeling of BOYLOVE, not the BOY I love. I pray it never ever will be!"

Be sure to read Michael Tanners article on Wikisposure.

What do these websites have in common?

Saturday, December 12, 2009





Well, according to BoyChat, they're all no longer online as a result of the November 25th raids:


"As part of a domino effect from the BL.net raids and having its sister site KidzLandOnline shutdown over "content concerns" by the host BoyLandOnline has been shutdown permanently, I fear the days of BL boards may be coming to an end.

"Due to all the recent events in the BL world we no longer believe that BLOL is a safe place for our members. The members security is our main concern so regrettably we have taken the decision to close BLOL permanently. Thanks for all the support you have over the years and good luck for the future.

A special thanks go to all the members who have served as Staff Members over the years we have been open. You have done a tremendous job in keeping BLOL safe and this decision in no way reflects on you.

Believe you me I shed tears as I typed this post.""

BoyLandOnline and KidzLandOnline are the latest to collapse following the arrests of several high-level Boylover.net members and the administrator of BoyZoom:

"If you look at all these things and the thick atmosphere of irrational fear and intense hatred of us and combine it with the wikisposure 'reasoning' I am sad to say it is actually a miracle that we have survived this long and I'm deeply deeply saddened because in my heart of hearts I think that boychat's days our numbered too."
"Damn !! If this kind of shit keeps happening, were all gunna be homeless."
"Anyone know what happened to kidzlandonline.com? It's like, gone! Do you think they could have been raided too? "
In just a few weeks, the web presence of pedophile activism has been significantly reduced.

The point of the book...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Earlier during the week more details surfaced about the case which has dominated internet pedophile message boards for the past few weeks: Dale Hodges A.K.A. Jagdawg and Daryl Demke, had allegedly admitted to committing child sex crimes while they were being arrested:

"Demke allegedly admitted he molested a 9-year-old boy from Dahlonega."

"When Hodges' townhome was searched, he allegedly admitted to giving his neighbor Demke child pornography."

I don't think anyone was surprised to find out they were probably guilty. That is, anyone except for David Riegel, who was already in the process of writing a book about it:

"This proposed book is to be based upon what is seen as an overstepping of both legal limits and common sense by law enforcement operatives in Atlanta and elsewhere, a matter that is still being researched, and which is in need of contributions from those affected. It is a work in progress, and the chapters, which are in some cases only a beginning, and which are available only in MSWord format for downloading, may change on a daily or even hourly basis."

Here's an update on the progress of Riegels book anyway - in light of the alleged admissions of guilt:

David Riegel A.K.A. Bridgebuilder
"After civil discussion over on BLISS, it seemed as though the title previously used for the book on the BLN debacle, The Atlanta Witch Hunt, was inappropriate and unsatisfactory because "witches" had actually been caught."
So, he's scraped the title of the book and acknowledged the fact that those raided probably admitted they're guilty, but he's contining to write his book. Now the book is about:
"The point of the book is that the "crimes" committed by three of the people in Atlanta (the fourth had nothing to do with porn or boys) were only connected to boylover.net by the obvious and outright lies (e.g., upgrading to full membership required submitting ten pieces of child pornography, etc.)"
But from what we here at AZ have seen of Riegels 'book project,' it's degenerated even further to being much more like the other books he written: books about David Riegels own pedo-philosophy. These books have in the past earned him the scorn, of even other pedophile activists - and that was reading what he'd written before he was aware that the Boylover.net members had allegedly confessed.

The actual topic of Riegels book has little to do with the raids on Boylover.net - the actual goal is to appeal to other pedophiles activists, to adopt Riegels own bizarre ideas about pedophilia:
"It is commonly assumed that sexually expressed relationships between boys and older males are intrinsically "wrong" and harmful, and that all scientific evidence and research supports these assumptions. But any such empirical evidence is actually rare, and there is much evidence that, on the contrary, such relationships, so long as they are consensual, are more likely to be positive and beneficial."
But I've got a better idea for Riegels book: maybe he could write about how pro-pedophile comments help incite pedophiles to commit sexual crimes against children - he could even use the arrests of Boylover.net members as examples.

The Future of "Boylove"

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

In Atlanta, while the anti-pedophile raids on Dale Hodges AKA Jagdawg and Joseph Gittings AKA Joecool were going down, a third member of Boylover.net was also being taken into custody: Daryl Demke. Who lived next door to Hodges, as his neighbor.

"In a Roswell police report, a detective said Demke allegedly admitted he molested a 9-year-old boy from Dahlonega. According to the incident report, Demkey told the detective that he had "befriended [the 9-year-old] and attempted to be a mature male figure" in the boy's life.

Demke went on to say that in October the boy had stayed over at his home, a frequent occurrence, and the abuse began. Demke apparently confessed to taking pictures of the acts and saved them to his computer.

"After that he confessed to all this stuff," said McGee."

More about Dale Hodges and Daryl Demke:
"In November, the source also met with Hodges at his townhome. There, he reported seeing pornographic images of children allegedly stored on Hodges' computer.

When Hodges' townhome was searched, he allegedly admitted to giving his neighbor Demke child pornography. In the Roswell police report, ICE agents confirmed there was alleged child pornography on Demke's computer, which was seized."
In the days following the collapse of Boylover.net and BoyZoom, we've seen comments by pedophiles complaining about how they're no longer able to get "support" from these groups. However, the only "support" these groups offer is support for pedophilia, and support in rationalizing child abuse. Just look at their leadership - that's the future "Boylove" has to offer.

Boylover.net Members Denied Bond

Saturday, December 05, 2009

According to one news article:

"Dale Hodges (pictured far left), 27, of 114 Old Ferry Way in Roswell, was also arrested Nov. 25 and charged with receiving and possessing child pornography.
Walker denied his bond Monday."

In regards to Joseph Gittings (pictured immediate left):

"Joseph Gittings, 24, of 1930 Chadwick Drive, has been charged with distribution of child pornography.

He was expected to appear Wednesday afternoon before U.S. Magistrate Linda T. Walker.

U.S. Attorney Jill Steinberg said she planned to ask that bond not be set for Gittings."

Things aren't looking good at all for the Boylover.net perverts, who were arrested along with others around the globe last week:
"Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent David Westall testified that a confidential source told authorities that in October, Gittings burned images of child pornography onto a DVD.

“During the time the source was in the house, he saw a file on Gittings’ computer labeled ‘Jagdawg,’ which is an online moniker for Dale Hodges,” Steinberg said. “Gittings conveyed to the source that those images were given to Gittings by Dale Hodges.”
Despite the evidence mounting up against them, hope still echos from the pedo-refugee camps. You see, David Riegel AKA Bridgebuilder has got a plan: he's is going to write book in which all will be revealed!

"Glad you posted - please convey my best wishes to the other directors and staff. I am trying to assemble the "facts" of the raid on BLN for a "rebuttal" project I have begun to develop, and would be very pleased to hear privately from you or others."
He may not have facts.

He may not even know anything about how the raids went down, or why.

But he's writing a rebuttal to it all!

After it's complete, Riegel plans to submit the rebuttal to Amazon.com in the form of a PDF, where he will sell it next to his other pro-pedophile books. With its solid foundation - people will be falling over themselves to shell out money to read it.

lets dance!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Keep watching pedophiles....

Pedo-refugees flood the internet...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

As their favorite pervert forums collapse one after the other. The most recent closure is that of Loren Robb's "BoyZoom:"

"GENERAL NOTICE - 1st December 2009

BoyZoom's Independent News Page

The BoyZoom board is now closed permanently.

Please be assured that this is a unilateral action by the partners and is not at the behest of any court order.

It is a deeply sad decision we have taken, but we consider it is a prudent step for all concerned; consequently all data and board activity relating to each and every member has been securely deleted from the server.

We hope that everyone enjoyed their time as members and wish you all a safe + happy future.

The BoyZoom Partnership"

This follows a Police raid of Loren Robb and the arrest of several high-level Boylover.net members in various parts of the globe. In the aftermath of the closure of Boylover.net and now BoyZoom, pedo-refugees wander the internet looking for any forum which will tolerate people who want to abuse children for sexual pleasure. Some of them show up on BoyChat:

"Such a shame:(. BoyZoom has been my on-line home. I'm wasted.:("
"rest in peace boyzoom, even though i was only there a few days you were everything to me and a whole lot of ppl, especially in these last few days...:D"
"I wish the world could understand our pain. History repeats itself: a group of "different" people are prosecuted, attacked, denied their existence...for what? Because they're not normal? What is normal?"
"Yea :/ at least bz wasn't "directly" taken down by the Man. I know what I want for christmas, I want bz/bl.net back T___T"
I think I've already got my Christmas present.