Jack Is Back -- Sort Of

Monday, August 27, 2007

Remember our good pal Jack McClellan?

Oh no! He has decided to leave the Great State of Fornicalia! Zounds!

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A self-described pedophile is leaving California after a judge ordered him to stay away permanently from places where children gather, the man told a TV station for a report that aired Sunday.

"I have to leave the state, really, I can't live here under this Orwellian protocol," Jack McClellan told KABC. "It's nightmarish."

McClellan did not say where he planned to go, and he did not immediately return a message left on his cell phone by The Associated Press.

McClellan has been unemployed and living out of his car since arriving in Southern California this summer from Washington.

McClellan, 45, came to the attention of authorities for a Web site where he posted photos of children in public places and discussed how he liked to stake out parks, public libraries, fast-food restaurants and other areas where little girls congregated. His Internet service provider took down his Web site more than a month ago.

Who knows where poor Jack will go now? And the horrible order handed down by the oppressive judge? It reads like this:

But on Friday, Superior Court Judge Melvin Sandvig issued a permanent injunction and a three-year restraining order that prohibits McClellan from coming within 30 feet of schools, playgrounds and other places where children congregate.

The judge's ruling narrowed an injunction issued earlier in the month that barred McClellan from coming near anyone under age 18 anywhere in the state. McClellan spent 10 days in jail for violating that injunction when he was arrested earlier this month near a child care center at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Sandvig's new ruling also bars McClellan from contacting, videotaping or photographing children or publishing their photos without written consent from a guardian or parent. McClellan could be arrested if he violates that prohibition.

I really don't think ol' Jack will be able to comply with this order; hence, his decision to leave my state. Poor, poor Jack!

Where will he go? What shall he do?

Well -- since AZ is all about any and all Orwellian Protocols, howzabout some "additional information" about Jackie Baby. Here's what he looks like:
Jack McClellan is 45 years old, 6'1" and 195 pounds.

Kinda like Where's Waldo? -- where shall Jack Go Next?

What do you think?


Jan's Truth

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jan is upset over her own truth.

Jan set out to destroy us and she pointed the finger at the wrong person. Poor Carolyn!

Watch Jan the fluff n stuffed get puffed and qwack up!

We're sending it ALL back around!


Blame Gaming

Saturday, August 25, 2007

- It's what maladjusted sex offenders do when they're not in prison. According to Jan Kruska, Child Molesters and Abusers aren't actually to blame for cases of sexual abuse - the parents of the victims, the government in general and everyone else in society are what's responsible.

Also did you know that any country which punishes criminals for commiting crimes, constitutes as a police state?

Nuh, neither did we.

But you don't have to take my word for it, listen to Jan herself as she raps it all out - telling it like it is.

01. Police State - Jan educates us about common sense and the fact that the Police State we live in should turn a blind eye to people who sexually abuse children because the world isn't our babysitter. Most importantly she lets us know how important she is in the struggle to keep children safe from child predators. We can NOT depend on Amanda Rogers.

02. Lewd Behavior - Jan "Concerned for the truth" Kruska AKA Amanda Rogers talks about how no one should have the right to know if George Edenfield's living next door.

03. Stand by your Child Molesting Man - Jan feels qualified to speak on behalf of the victims of child sexual abuse saying that the reason why sexual abuse is so under-reported isn't because the victims feel so deeply hurt by their abuse that they'd rather not re-live it again through painful court processes, but because they're worried that the abuser will wind up listed as a registered sex offender, Oh and let's not forget 'he might not do it again.'

Who is this woman?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Who is Jan Kruska, AKA Amanda Rogers, AKA Jan Gustafson, AKA Jan Nelson? We wrote about her here We wrote about her activities regarding sex offender reform and her ideas about sex offenders.

Jan of course is angry about being exposed and says she's worried about her own children being humiliated because of this. But once again that is just another step in the blame game.

SHE is the only one to blame for her activities. And why does she want to protect her own children while throwing everyone else's literally to the wolves?

Her advocation of sweeping reform which would essentially abolish all punishment for child molesters AND even remove laws which make their activities illegal can be seen as nothing less than child endangerment.

Jan likes attention and she has definitely made the news now. Check it out and read for yourself about her other activities. Does anyone remember what happened the last two times a new wiki entry was released at Corporatesexoffenders.com? I do, we wrote about them here and here
What is Jan's reaction to this you might wonder? Well, this person who calls herself a REFORMED sex offender....has lashed out at an innocent person in her haste to take down Stitches.

She's made herself a webpage outing someone as me. She's digging into her personal life. She's doing this with malicious intent to bring harm to this person. Tell me Jan, how does it make you feel to be gloating over exposing someone's LEGAL activities, especially when that person had never even heard your name before. When that person was not in any way involved in anti-pedophilia activism or Absolute Zero United for that matter.

I messaged Jan not once, but twice telling her she had the wrong person. The person she's attacking has contacted her also. All to no avail. So you may ask yourself why? Why would Jan try to wreak havoc on an uninvolved party this way? I suppose we could give the easy answer that she's obviously not very bright. This is thoroughly documented already in her prolific writings and frenzied hatred for child advocates.

We saw her sarcasm, her mocking hostility toward parents of brutally murdered children. What else is she capable of? But I think it goes even deeper than all that. Jan has her head set on it, you see. It doesn't matter if the info is accurate or not. Jan believes it, and to Jan that's all that matters. She's cognitively distorted, and in her attempt to rip up someone's life she's hurting herself far more than any of us ever could.

Besides the uninvolved person she has attacked, Jan is going to have to live with the damage she has caused this person, this person who is not me. This person who was out busy living life unaware of people like Jan. JAN is solely responsible for her own actions.

I called Jan a Fluff n' Stuff. Jan proved it was true.

Fluff n' Stuff

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Amanda Rogers, as she likes to call herself, describes herself as
a freelance investigative journalist from Phoenix,AZ.

She is a human rights, civil rights, and child safety advocate, as well as a political ball buster. Amanda is the author of numerous articles and video blogs. Her articles and editorials have been published in news magazines both nationally and across the globe
Amanda writes for American Chronicle, an online tabloid type website. She's also on the board of SoClear a pro sex offender rights organization which describes her this way:
Fed up with the barrage of blatantly unconstitutional and ineffective legislation regarding sex offenders and so-called "child protection", Ms. Rogers has made it her mission to educate the public on the truth behind the headlines: To cut through the hype and spin to bring you the facts, un-tethered by political bias, affiliations, or agendas. It is only through truths, however painful, infuriating or embarrassing that real discussion on these issues can begin and effective changes be made.
Amanda believes that society is demonizing sex offenders. She believes we are mistreating them. She believes we are thus endangering children. She is an activist. Her issue is to reform sex offender laws. She supports the petition we wrote about HERE.

Amanda claims that that only 3% of sex offenders recidivate. She bases that on the 1994 DOJ report regarding recidivism rates of sex offenders. Then, in typical Lindsay Ashford style, she subtracts the number of those offenders in that study who were reconvicted within a 3 year period from 100% and erroneously concludes that it must mean 97% of sex offense cases are committed by someone never before convicted of a sex crime. WA LA She's using this insane conclusion to promote abolishment of sex offender registries, life imprisonment sentences and age of consent laws.

When we very helpfully pointed out to her that studies done over a much longer period of time found that the offender didn't typically start to re-offend until 5 years post release from prison, which would actually make this DOJ statistic a moot point, she very typically deleted our comments and proceeded to harass a CSA survivor. Wouldn't want people to know the truth now would she?

Amanda wants this

Abolish all provisions of state and Federal sex offender registries.. There should be no internet or other public posting of the identity, photograph, address, workplace or personal information of any offender

Whose side is she on again? She believes you don't have a right to know that Joe next door raped a 5 year old child.........when you have a 5 year old child.

She also makes note, as do all these activists that there are very few sex crimes committed by those on the sex offender registry and in some insane twist of logic concludes that WA LA we don't need one. Whereas I'm saying it may just be working. In cases where the offender was registered but they weren't adequately followed by law enforcement, she concludes that we are wasting money on the SOR, whereas I believe we need to invest more money into it and ensure that all agencies have the staff and resources they need.

At one point she becomes so bold as to say that the reason for widespread under-reporting of child sexual abuse is because people know that bad stuff is gonna happen when they report it. For example prison sentences, SOR, possibly the breadwinner being removed from the home. Whereas if there were no punishment for sex offenders and it wasn't something required by law to be reported, well then the victim could just gently guide the offender on down to the corner therapist and WA LA problem would be solved. She doesn't understand sex offenders much does she?

I should say not. But I would like to ask her why she blames Adam Walsh's mother for the actions of the man who cut off Adam's head. And why she blames the family of Christopher Barrios and the entire system for the actions of the gruesome twosome who raped and murdered him while that hag looked on getting her jollies.

"Little Christopher paid the price for this ill thought out legislation with his very life. It is the opinion of this writer that lawmakers have just as much blood on their hands as the Edenfields themselves"
She refers to Mark Klass, Mark Lundsford, John Walsh as the flock of vultures. And addressing the issue of Megan Kanka (Megans Law) and the man who raped and murdered her (a convicted sex offender) she says that law enforcement knew he was dangerous and yet they let him out anyway. Well oh me oh my, if you really feel that way Amanda, why do you support doing away with all life imprisonment sentences for sex offenders? Why?

Why are you addressing the parents of murdered children with scorn and hostility in your voice? Why are you trying to dig up dirt on them? You wouldn't be the judgmental type now would you? You wouldn't be one to try and legislate morality now would you? You wouldn't make a statement like: "The common thread with all of these cases is that the parents were living less than, shall we say, good moral lifestyles....." And why are you blaming everyone, everyone for the deaths of Dylan Groene, Jessica Lunsford, Megan Kanka, Adam Walsh, Carly Brucia, and Danielle Van Dam except the men who actually committed the acts? Yes, Amanda, as parents we have to take care of our children, but when you said:

"This world is not your babysitter"

All I could think was........Am I my brother's keeper? And in this case, Amanda, yes yes yes I am. When it comes to children we all are. If you don't agree then I would imagine you perhaps have ulterior motives for this cause of yours?

Amanda believes that teenagers are the victims in this modern day hysterical witch hunt. To solve that problem she supports this:

De-criminalize all consensual sexual activities among teenagers

She draws no line. A 19 year old 11 month and 29 day old person would be exempt from being prosecuted for having sex with a 13 year old and 1 day old child. Oh! But she did use the word consensual. As if she believes the 13 year old is capable of making a rational decision about sexual activity with the 19/20 year old. I guess she does believe it.

But on the other hand she DID say she was against pedophiles and so I'm just scratching my head here. WTF? Because you see what this petition says is
Stop public vilification and demonization of sex offenders. Oppose the use in the media or by public officials of obviously pejorative language with regard to offenders. Use of the term "pedophile" should be extremely limited and accurate. Children should be defined as persons under the age of puberty.
Ok, there is the definition of child that she supports. But then how do you explain this?
Support broad sex education for children, and empower them to make their own decisions and stand up for their rights
THAT right there is an advocation for abolishment of age of consent laws, and the typical pedophile movement's modus operandi. Turn it on the child. Make THEM responsible for what the adults want to do to them.

And like we said before, this reform petition is about removing all punishments for sex offenders, placing the responsibility for CSA on the child, and removing restrictions for pedophiles. I think Amanda's a malicious LIAR whose attempts to manipulate public opinion with false propaganda are on the lines of reckless endangerment.

And they call us ignorant and uneducated? Well, Amanda did. But then I think she has more hair than brains. In fact I just call her fluff n' stuff.

Jan Elizabeth Kruska describes herself as

a freelance journalist from Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.

She is the author of numerous articles, live concert reviews, and musician interviews which have been published both nationally and internationally. Jan also does live concert photography which helps to bring the stories and reviews together for both readers and fans.

Please see her website for more information and concert photos at http://www.rhythmnation.biz

Jan Kruska is a registered sex offender herself you see. Jan is Amanda. Jan has ulterior motives behind her numerous pro sex abuse articles, and her website and her organization of the rally in Miami and her support of this horrendous excuse for a petition that claims it is "part of the effort to support the happiness, well-being and freedom of children"

I did find it quite interesting that this petition which states:
We call on those who agree with us to sign our Call publicly, with full disclosure of real identity
And Jan did that. Yes indeed she did. The strange thing is that she also signed Amanda's name. You know, the Amanda who doesn't even exist?

I don't know about you, but I would sort of think that a reformed sex offender wouldn't stoop to lying now would they? And if they did.....which activities of theirs should we believe in and which ones should we question? As for me I don't believe anything she has to say.

Graphics provided by Jacey

Therapy for Jack

Monday, August 20, 2007

Perhaps that's the answer to this public menace known as Jack McClellan?

After all he did say it himself

“I thought it was the best
therapeutic thing for my own head
to kind of put this out there,
what I’m thinking"

Isn't that what all perverts say?
What's the best thing for me.

Me. me. me.

According to pedophiles if society doesn't give them what they want......well, I'm sure you've heard it all before. "They'll feel oppressed and act out and rape a child." Or maybe "They'll go underground where you can't watch them." Or how about "They'll be miserable at not being able to exploit children and rise up against those children." Blah blah blah

Personally I'm sick of hearing it.

I'm sick of the incessant whining they do about their needs not being met.

How it's society's fault. Oh and how we're all Nazi's and haters and idiots.

They don't have a lick of sense. I've tried to always prove my points with reason and logic. I'm through with the scumbags. And they are.

Every last one of them. Look at this face. Look at those eyes. Can you even begin to imagine what's going on in that little pedo brain of his? This nasty filthy attention seeking pervert. Jack and his pedopals won't show respect for children? Then they deserve none and that's exactly what I'm going to give them.

Or as the infamous albertRoss of the Canadian hovel once said
"If they don't give me respect...I'll just send it ALL back around"

Don't Go!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Don't go Descartes, you were my only friend. ):

Oh Descartes, really I just feel so bad. Like perhaps I may have contributed to this.

And seriously Descartes I wish you wouldn't go. I mean you were my only friend ):

Well except for sans25 (but that's another story)

Oh and Santi of course (but that doesn't count) so Descartes please DON'T GO!! Don't do it, don't, no!!!!

Everybodys Working on the Chain Gang

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Or at least they have at some point, just look at folks like Nigel Oldfield, Jeffrey Russell, James Knight, Russell Kinkade, Paul Edward Vose...

Considering how many high profile "childlovers" have been arrested for child abuse related crimes, it's hard to imagine how even the pedoheads can keep a straight face rattling off their "90% of child molestations aren't committed by pedophiles..." lie.

Now thanks to Peej's Corporate Sex Offender project, it seems like Jimbo Finn and Remsen Benedict are going to get their chance to become the newest members of the chain gang - it's likely they'll also be joined by Bill Evans too.

Zlurker: Destroyer of his own family

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I am greatly concerned for the children who live with Zlurker!

We have read many posts on girlchat in which Zlurker advocates sex and sex play with children. He lectures on seducing parents in order to molest children and encourages other pedophiles to do as he does. For example the following quote:
I think you are a little pessimistic. But, so much depends on your individual situation. Your age, your AoA, the "impression" you make on the parents of the girls in your AoA.

Years ago I too avoided interacting with little girls, mostly because I was in denial of having that attraction. Having fully embraced the little girls in my life, I now know there is no going back. My friendships, interaction, and play time with girls are some of the most important and cherished aspects of my life.


Zlurkers words are dangerous and illegal.
He is advocating sex with children ....unashamed.

Re: Of course

Posted by zlurker on Saturday, August 11 2007 at 05:39:54am
In reply to posted by tyciol on Friday, August 10 2007 at 01:22:52pm

Parents give consent on behalf of their children all the time. How about a situation where parents and their child jointly consent to the child engaging in developmentally appropriate (based on the child's physical development and size) sex play?


How much more does he have to say to admit to molesting his own children?

Zlurker has told his wife that he is a pedophile, and even with children in the home she has not left him. I am concerned for her safety, and for their children's safety. If she cannot protect herself from him, she certainly cannot protect her children!

Is It Time???

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Originally posted on October 26, 2006.

Typohead has taken it into his head to comment on old posts. Usually I just delete that stuff unless it's interesting. His comment isn't interesting.
But this post is.

I'm reviving it courtesy of elTypoHead and his reminder that it was here.
Thanks Ty!

Infinity, a moderator at Girl Chat concedes semi-graciously tonight. He says:
GC will be going off-line next week. We will be back soon, so don't worry about a future without GC. GC will NEVER die...it will be online again.

Unfortunately it's not over. Not by a long shot. You see, Eeyore has a plan. A Direct Action plan. It goes like this:
Is it time to flood virtual reality?

Is it time to go around to all the popular gathering spots on the net and just bombard the crap out of it with our presence, our culture?

In addition to making our presence felt around the internet, and pushing ourselves onto the general public's space (since they don't want us to have our own little place...), I say help press the paranoia along even further. Describe the most innocent image or situation involving kids as pedophilia. Turn the conversations to sex, warn and scold people that every last discussion, image, or presence of a child demands a guarded discussion with sexual undertones. Remind them that pedophiles are everywhere and taking over, and that this or that could be contributing to someone's sexual fantasies. The time to be timid, polite, and full of self-regulation when speaking is passed. It is time to shout.
Well, my opinion is that they shouted too much. But that's me. And so, like most pedofreaks, Eeyore continues:
offend the nons as much as possible, to shove it in their faces, or to pretend to be child advocates and spread their paranoid disease as much as possible until people get sick of every last kid topic being sexualized and guilt-ified.

Don't go posting a cp pic somewhere to offend people, only to have your IP logged and have yourself arrested. Learn the ways of staying anonymous online
Wait a minute. Hold on there. Did he just say what I thought he said?
pretend to be child advocates
Don't go posting a cp pic somewhere to offend people

Don't post a child porn pic? Huh? You mean you have some? You mean you assume all your pedopals do too? Just checking because that's not what you usually say, you know. Pretend to be a child advocate? Are you for real?
In conclusion, if we're not going to be allowed our own little place on the net, then we will live alongside others, whether they like us being there or not
I don't know about that Eeyore. We'll wait and see what happens after a bunch of angry parents get through with you. Then come back and tell us how you're going to force society to see it your way. Then come back and tell us how the anti's are nothing to worry about, how you just laugh and laugh at all the anti's. Yeah I'm just waiting to hear you guys say that again.

Jack's Disconnected

Friday, August 03, 2007

Following on from our previous post: Wanna Blast Jack Into the Stone Age. Absolute Zero united is pleased to announce that Mr Zinnanti and Mr Patterson have been successful in seeing to it, that a restraining order be placed on Jack McClellan so that he's not allowed within 10 yards of ANY child within the state of California.

Specific conditions of the order state that McClellan must keep 10 yards away from any minor at all times. In addition, he may not contact children by phone, mail or e-mail.

Click here to read the FOXNews.com article.

Remsen Benedict AKA Wolfman the Bus driver

Thursday, August 02, 2007

corporatesexoffenders.com strikes again with it's second arrest in the last week.

Last week it was Jim Finn AKA Jimf3

Today we have Wolfman a school bus driver, Boy Scouts leader and pedophile.

Wolfman has stated that he meets his 'young friends' through scouting and frequently discusses how attracted he is to different boys on the school bus he drives.

"For me it is the prepube charature that attracts me. I like the small skinny figure with little or no hair. Their mind has an inocense to it."
52 year old Remsen McGinnis Benedict of Novato, California was arrested today on child pornography charges after authorities were alerted to his wikisposure article.

Needless to say the Boy Scouts are none to happy with him. Let alone the school. Or the parents, or the authorities for that matter.

"We have four computers that were taken from his residence," Laveroni added. "There was a quantity of digital images that led to his arrest."Laveroni wouldn't say how many pornographic digital images were found, but he said the number was high enough to have Benedict's bail "enhanced" to $500,000." SOURCE

"The investigation began when police received an e-mail July 26 from the Novato Advance newspaper about a corporate sex offenders Web site that contained biographical information about Benedict and his photograph.

He was booked into the Marin County Jail under a $500,000 bail enhancement because of the nature and quantity of the images seized and his access to children"

"A school bus driver and Boy Scout volunteer in Novato was arrested after a watchdog group linked him to pedophilia sites on the Internet and police seized a trove of child pornography from his home, authorities said Thursday.
Remsen McGinnis Benedict, 52, of Novato was booked into Marin County Jail on four counts related to possessing or exchanging child pornography. Bail was set at $500,000 because of Benedict's "access to children and the nature and quantity of images seized," said Novato police Sgt. Dave Jeffries." SOURCE

Now isn't that just a lovely sight? There's no telling who's gonna be next. There's just no telling.

HUGE thanks to Perverted Justice and the Corporate Sex Offenders website for all the hard work. As I said yesterday....

"If we don't stand up for children, then we don't stand for much"
--Marian Wright Edelman

PING: Seamus & taf-kat

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Since you're so curious Seamus about your appearance on AZ, I'll fill you in. You see, your pedo pal Greenfly came to be on AZ while out searching for.....something and he landed right HERE on this post.

We were just having a little heart-to-heart, you know a CHAT and we asked the question who are these men?

You, Seamus, were one of the ones that we asked about. We talked about you downloading child pornography and your methods for hiding it.

Of course we didn't talk about I*Love*Green*Olives wanting to know your secrets but we can save the olive fweak for another day, eh?

Now LGsinmyheart says that he's read you and he's read AZ and he'll

"blindly vouch for both Seamus and Taf-kat in this case . Sorry but Taf-kat and Seamus are just WAY more dignified and trustworthy than Absolute Intolerance can ever dream of being... "
Oh well, I guess the little freak just doesn't appreciate us. But Dissident sure tucked tail. Yeah that radical pervert is now telling the GirlChatters to watch their mouths and stop talking sleazy and disrespectfully toward little girls. Funny in a way isn't it? And of course LGsinmyheart tells Seamus not to even read us:
1) Absolute Intolerance is well known to be a heavily bugged site. I'd rather drink Mumbai's sewage water than visit them.

2) Absolute Intolerance is also well known for its heavy (and quite immediate) censorship. I'd rather shout "Long live Israel" in the middle of Rafah than speak to them.

3) As a quite logical consequence of these two previous factors, Absolute Intolerance is also known to engage in harassment for sport. I'd rather date Britney than be harassed by them.

Believe me, nothing you have said and no way they might have twisted it is worth your time, security or liver.
Oh well, perhaps he's right. Perhaps you should stay away from us when we talk about you....and when we don't. In fact perhaps you shouldn't even utter our name 'cos see, there are rumors you know.........about what happens to those who do.

Why just ask taf-kat, we talked about him too....more than once. About his conviction for child pornography....how much it cost him in terms of loss in his life.

I suppose what I'm wondering is why I'm not to be believed when I directly quote taf-kat? Why would LGsinmyheart prefer to believe the confession coming straight from taffy's mouth? Why would I be taking taffy's words out of context when I quoted him saying:

"Next to them, piled high, were the many CD's filled to bursting with my precious pictures, tens of thousands of them, all kinds, from innocent, fully clothed girls, through posed nudity, to the hardest cp you can imagine. Like the books, I was so familiar with every single image, they had been sorted and re-sorted, into age order, into filename order, all the series sorted, my favourite folder, my pigtails folder, my blow-job folder...if there was a different way to sort them, I had done it."

Or why I would be wrong if I said taf-kat hadn't learned his lesson? When back in June he was starting again. What purpose does a grown man without a little girl to raise have for a children's fashion catalog?

See, his addiction, like all addictions is progressive. Today he may be on eBay bidding on a child's fashion book, tomorrow he'll be out trying to score some hard core child pornography. Next thing you know he'll be walking away in handcuffs and hopefully before he starts in on little Suzie next door.

Of course if you guys don't like us exposing the truth about you, you can always tell it to the media.

I'm sick and tired of all the great injustice. Why dont we start a demonstration? Why dont we start giving more TV interviews? Why not protest? Why not give PJ twofold what they've given us? I want change and I want it now!
Yeah, well that's always an option. But if I were you I'd ask Kevin Brown what happened when he tried that. lol, yeah why don't you ask him?

Wanna Blast Jack To The Stone Age?

Two Santa Clarita lawyers plan to do just that. Lawyers Anthony Zinnanti and Richard Patterson have filed a restraining order against McLellan (including aliases Peter John Hyland, Jack Hyland and John Hyland as well as the website names Stegl.org and Stegl.info). Zinnati and Patterson received immediate permission from the LA Superior Court to proceed with the injunction "on behalf of the children of Santa Clarita."

Zinnati told The Signal:

Jack is going to get legally bombed into the Stone Age

The contributors of Absolute Zero would like to extend our sincere appreciation and admiration to Mr Zinnanti and Mr Patterson for their outstanding effort in protecting their community.

Full story at The Signal