Is It Time???

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Originally posted on October 26, 2006.

Typohead has taken it into his head to comment on old posts. Usually I just delete that stuff unless it's interesting. His comment isn't interesting.
But this post is.

I'm reviving it courtesy of elTypoHead and his reminder that it was here.
Thanks Ty!

Infinity, a moderator at Girl Chat concedes semi-graciously tonight. He says:
GC will be going off-line next week. We will be back soon, so don't worry about a future without GC. GC will NEVER will be online again.

Unfortunately it's not over. Not by a long shot. You see, Eeyore has a plan. A Direct Action plan. It goes like this:
Is it time to flood virtual reality?

Is it time to go around to all the popular gathering spots on the net and just bombard the crap out of it with our presence, our culture?

In addition to making our presence felt around the internet, and pushing ourselves onto the general public's space (since they don't want us to have our own little place...), I say help press the paranoia along even further. Describe the most innocent image or situation involving kids as pedophilia. Turn the conversations to sex, warn and scold people that every last discussion, image, or presence of a child demands a guarded discussion with sexual undertones. Remind them that pedophiles are everywhere and taking over, and that this or that could be contributing to someone's sexual fantasies. The time to be timid, polite, and full of self-regulation when speaking is passed. It is time to shout.
Well, my opinion is that they shouted too much. But that's me. And so, like most pedofreaks, Eeyore continues:
offend the nons as much as possible, to shove it in their faces, or to pretend to be child advocates and spread their paranoid disease as much as possible until people get sick of every last kid topic being sexualized and guilt-ified.

Don't go posting a cp pic somewhere to offend people, only to have your IP logged and have yourself arrested. Learn the ways of staying anonymous online
Wait a minute. Hold on there. Did he just say what I thought he said?
pretend to be child advocates
Don't go posting a cp pic somewhere to offend people

Don't post a child porn pic? Huh? You mean you have some? You mean you assume all your pedopals do too? Just checking because that's not what you usually say, you know. Pretend to be a child advocate? Are you for real?
In conclusion, if we're not going to be allowed our own little place on the net, then we will live alongside others, whether they like us being there or not
I don't know about that Eeyore. We'll wait and see what happens after a bunch of angry parents get through with you. Then come back and tell us how you're going to force society to see it your way. Then come back and tell us how the anti's are nothing to worry about, how you just laugh and laugh at all the anti's. Yeah I'm just waiting to hear you guys say that again.
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