Who is this woman?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Who is Jan Kruska, AKA Amanda Rogers, AKA Jan Gustafson, AKA Jan Nelson? We wrote about her here We wrote about her activities regarding sex offender reform and her ideas about sex offenders.

Jan of course is angry about being exposed and says she's worried about her own children being humiliated because of this. But once again that is just another step in the blame game.

SHE is the only one to blame for her activities. And why does she want to protect her own children while throwing everyone else's literally to the wolves?

Her advocation of sweeping reform which would essentially abolish all punishment for child molesters AND even remove laws which make their activities illegal can be seen as nothing less than child endangerment.

Jan likes attention and she has definitely made the news now. Check it out and read for yourself about her other activities. Does anyone remember what happened the last two times a new wiki entry was released at Corporatesexoffenders.com? I do, we wrote about them here and here
What is Jan's reaction to this you might wonder? Well, this person who calls herself a REFORMED sex offender....has lashed out at an innocent person in her haste to take down Stitches.

She's made herself a webpage outing someone as me. She's digging into her personal life. She's doing this with malicious intent to bring harm to this person. Tell me Jan, how does it make you feel to be gloating over exposing someone's LEGAL activities, especially when that person had never even heard your name before. When that person was not in any way involved in anti-pedophilia activism or Absolute Zero United for that matter.

I messaged Jan not once, but twice telling her she had the wrong person. The person she's attacking has contacted her also. All to no avail. So you may ask yourself why? Why would Jan try to wreak havoc on an uninvolved party this way? I suppose we could give the easy answer that she's obviously not very bright. This is thoroughly documented already in her prolific writings and frenzied hatred for child advocates.

We saw her sarcasm, her mocking hostility toward parents of brutally murdered children. What else is she capable of? But I think it goes even deeper than all that. Jan has her head set on it, you see. It doesn't matter if the info is accurate or not. Jan believes it, and to Jan that's all that matters. She's cognitively distorted, and in her attempt to rip up someone's life she's hurting herself far more than any of us ever could.

Besides the uninvolved person she has attacked, Jan is going to have to live with the damage she has caused this person, this person who is not me. This person who was out busy living life unaware of people like Jan. JAN is solely responsible for her own actions.

I called Jan a Fluff n' Stuff. Jan proved it was true.
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