Zlurker: Destroyer of his own family

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I am greatly concerned for the children who live with Zlurker!

We have read many posts on girlchat in which Zlurker advocates sex and sex play with children. He lectures on seducing parents in order to molest children and encourages other pedophiles to do as he does. For example the following quote:
I think you are a little pessimistic. But, so much depends on your individual situation. Your age, your AoA, the "impression" you make on the parents of the girls in your AoA.

Years ago I too avoided interacting with little girls, mostly because I was in denial of having that attraction. Having fully embraced the little girls in my life, I now know there is no going back. My friendships, interaction, and play time with girls are some of the most important and cherished aspects of my life.


Zlurkers words are dangerous and illegal.
He is advocating sex with children ....unashamed.

Re: Of course

Posted by zlurker on Saturday, August 11 2007 at 05:39:54am
In reply to posted by tyciol on Friday, August 10 2007 at 01:22:52pm

Parents give consent on behalf of their children all the time. How about a situation where parents and their child jointly consent to the child engaging in developmentally appropriate (based on the child's physical development and size) sex play?


How much more does he have to say to admit to molesting his own children?

Zlurker has told his wife that he is a pedophile, and even with children in the home she has not left him. I am concerned for her safety, and for their children's safety. If she cannot protect herself from him, she certainly cannot protect her children!
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