Alleged Freedom Hosting Administrator Arrested

Monday, August 05, 2013

Eric Eoin Marques, 28—the “largest facilitator of child porn on the planet,” according to the FBI—was recently arrested and is currently in an Irish jail awaiting the conclusion of his extradition trial. The FBI aims to bring Marques to trial in the United States. If convicted, Marques faces up to 30 years in prison.

According to the information that's being released, it appears that Marques was the operator behind the notorious "Dark Net" hosting service known as "Freedom Hosting." The Dark Net AKA TOR's Hidden Services is a supposedly anonymous network in which servers are also hidden behind TOR proxies, while the user is hidden behind a TOR proxy - the idea being that anonymity of the both the server and user are protected.

For five years, both law enforcement and hacktivist vigilantes seemed incapable of shutting down the largest child pornography services on the Internet—virtually all of which were Freedom Hosting customers—thanks to the technology provided by Tor. Today, all of the major websites hosted by Freedom Hosting are down or are suspected of having been infected with malicious code. No one is sure how Marques was tracked down.

Famous child pornography websites such as Lolita City, the Love Zone, and PedoEmpire were customers of Freedom Hosting.

Complaints echoing from the pedophile camp (including talk of extreme measures such as suicide), all seem to confirm the accuracy of the reports that their Dark Net child pornography trading platform has been compromised.

An administrator of the famous 4Pedo forum noticed “unknown Javascript” on his own website on Saturday.

“Unknown Javascript in the board pages pointing to iframe to a Verizon server on the open web!” wrote 4Pedo’s owner. “They are inserted by Freedom Hosting! I would consider Freedom Hosting compromised! They are also in other TLZ and other site pages! Stay away from all Freedom Hosting sites including TLZ [The Love Zone], LC [Lolita City], TorMail, all of these are hosting on Freedom Hosting ! All boards have been deleted to protect you! If the boards come back up, it is not met running the site anymore! All admin/mod accounts have been deleted!”

The looming question will be: how many pedophiles who frequented these boards can expect a knock at their door within the next few months.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Are we Humans smart enough to save our children?

In Florida   Donald J. Smith is a prime example of how we need to change the laws in the US in every  State regarding sex offenders.

"The man charged in the killing of an 8-year-old  had just been released from jail May 31.
Police said they made contact Friday morning with Donald James Smith, 56, who is a registered sex offender, at the home on Segovia Avenue, where he is registered. It was a routine address verification, according to Detective Mike Williams.
Smith lived within walking distance from Dupont Middle School. Police said there was no restriction on him living that close to a school because he was a registered sexual offender, not sexual predator."

He took her on June 22, 2013,  Not even a month after being released for his prior crime against a child!

I fail to understand the 'difference' as he was using predator behavior and killed a little girl.

What is wrong with the State of Florida?  Why can't they get it right?

"Williams said Child's mother met Smith at a Dollar General on Edgewood Avenue West about 7 p.m. Friday. Two younger children, 4 and 5 years old, were also there and remain in the mother's custody.
Smith offered to buy food and clothes for child's family at the nearby Walmart, Williams said. The family was in the Walmart for a couple of hours, he said.
The mother agreed to let Cherish go with Smith to the McDonald's inside the Walmart. The two did not return and the mother called police. "

 I won't go into the blame game here but to highlight the fact that pedophiles prey on women who are desperate and or seem easy to manipulate.
This is why so many sex offenders and pedophiles get to molest more and more children and as we see kill them.. because there are too many unprepared parents having children.  We cannot do anything about this as they will procreate anyways.

We need to offer more help to young Mothers and those who do not have support systems in place so that their children will not have to pay the price for their unprepardness.

"Smith also served prison time for attempted kidnapping and lewd and lascivious assault on children. The first time he attempted to lure a 13-year-old girl into his van and chased her as she ran away. The second time involved Smith trying to lure two girls into his van with pornographic magazines, according to Times-Union archives".

How sad that he wasn't held accountable for life after committing the first crime!

 We need to change the laws!! We need to protect our children!!

Malice Day 2013 - In Review

Friday, April 26, 2013

Yesterday was April the 25th, the pedophile day of celebration, known as "Alice Day." This year to mark the occasion, members of the hacktivist group Anonymous took it upon themselves to carry out attacks against pedophiles and their websites alike in a variety of different fashions. Under the banners of "OpScarecrow," "OpPedoChat," "OpAlice" and "OpRiptide" the pedophiles came under fire once again on one of the biggest days on the pedo calendar.

Leading up to then 25th, Anonymous released the following video, using the day as a means to raise public awareness about the threats pedophiles and sexual abuse pose to children:

This isn't the first time the pedophiles have had their pride holiday hijacked and used against them, historically Evil-Unveiled (formerly known as the Wikisposure project), has used the day to expose pedophiles posting on websites such as GirlChat and Visions of Alice.

This year Anonymous launched a new project titled "Operation Riptide," designed at targeting individuals who solicit minors for sex in chat rooms.

"Operation Scarecrow" utilized Facebook to spread the message about pedophiles on the internet, re-naming Alice Day as Malice Day and encouraging others to get involved:

"Operation Alice" targeted a variety of pedophile websites with Denial of Service attacks, keeping some websites offline for the duration of the day, including the website of the North American Man/Boy Love Association.

Another happy Alice Day!