No Room For British Paedophiles

Friday, January 26, 2007

Derek Williams has been spared prison time after downloading an undisclosed number of child pornography images in England. Presiding Judge John Rogers cited overcrowded prisons in handing down the suspended sentence.

Williams had this to say:

You cannot blame the judge for what he's done. His hands were tied

Full story here

Is this truly the point we've reached - that a man who admittedly sexually exploits children can escape jail time due to sheer numbers in the prison system?

The reaction in Britain should be a clear signal to local and international governments that the overwhelming majority of society would much rather see a burglar walking down the street than a paedophile.

I strongly encourage our readers in the UK to voice your opinion on this sentence anywhere you can.

Three People Arrested for Sickening Child Porn

A Pennsylvania man, John Worman, and two women have been charged in a 53-count indictment with producing child pornography after more than one million images were recovered from a Delaware County computer.

"These defendants allegedly manipulated and abused children, even infants, to satisfy unimaginable perversions and they did it again and again and again," said U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan during a news conference on Thursday.

The abuse began as early as 1997 and lasted until 2006 and one of the youngest victims was only three-months-old. According to officials, there were at least 12 victims and over 1 million images of child exploitation found on Worman's computer, including 1,000s of videos Worman produced himself, committing sexual acts against children, like child rape. source

This monster raped and filmed infants. INFANTS.

Nothing could be more horrendous. This is why there should be a death penalty for child rapists and child pornography.

You may think that is too harsh for someone who is caught with child pornography on thier computer. I have witnessed the horror and destruction that monsters like this create. No amount of free speach claims or rationalization will ever justify this evil.

We are Warriors for Innocence. We stand between evil and the innocent. This is why. As long as there are monsters out there, we will never stop. I hunt and fight monsters. If I can help to get even one monster off the streets and away from kids, then it was worth any amount of effort.

Bigotry Pt 1

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The most common allegation made against "antis" in paedophile circles is that we are bigots – most paeds would even go so far as to compare us to Nazis. Surely a group that is begging for acceptance and screaming bigot at everyone who disagrees with them, will be a model of acceptance and tolerance….right? Let's see.

First consider what bigotry means – briefly it means intolerance of other people.

To understand tolerance according to paeds, today we're going to consider some of the empathetic and tolerant things they say about individuals.

Here you'll find JD420 responding to someone who theorizes that "Girl Love" is a product of the feminist movement:

I've met a few that claim this, yet I find I have nothing but homicidal disgust for them, actually.

Kirklandwayne is a brave survivor of CSA and friend to AZ who is actively fighting CSA online. Santi states:

The piece of shit that I really hope is suffering more than anybody in the whole universe Kirklandwayne looks like a mike echols reborned. F--k, where the hell does this mishaped mosters arose?

And there are still twits that oppose eugenics and other forms of properly trimming the population.

It is a shame this bastard did not die or got maimed in the London bombings.

Oprah Winfrey, yet another survivor of CSA. Oprah has dedicated many programs to combating this problem.

Harbor boy says:

Oprah Winfrey is a very vindictive woman, which is why she has done so many programs about the "horrors" of pedophilia.

And in this thread

Abraxas denies her pain:

The fact that she refuses to reveal the alleged "molester" hints that
(1)he may not exist, (2) the "molestation" was more of a mutual exploration, (3) this is all a ruse to get publicity, especially for her pedophile hunts.

And Keating had this to say:

Oprah, for example, probably deserves to die if there was any justice in this world.

John Walsh has dedicated his life to catching criminals after he lost his 6-year-old son Adam in 1981. Adam's severed head was all that was ever recovered. Paedophiles are very tolerant of John:

Turtle says:

john walsh is a sorry scumbag. he used his sons death as a personal opportunity to elevate himself.

The Walker adds:

ego-maniacal opportunists like John Walsh will sell out their own dead children's memories in order to foster an atmosphere of hysterical hatred and fear-mongering.

Poopy head even started a poll on the following topic (and most members of BC agreed!):

I've never seen a man enjoying his little boy's death as much as John Walsh.

PPC sums up the paeds tolerance of Walsh here:

John Walsh is a psychopathic creep. Hope he will drop be dead then that would be good riddance of him

All this tolerance and we haven't even begun to talk about groups of people yet….please stay tuned for Part 2.

Thank You ~ From AZ

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Absolute Zero would like to thank everyone who worked on getting GL Meister, aka Zlurker of Glorious Girls removed from Blogger.

To various bloggers such as ACME and all the individuals who worked on this, good people who put value on children's lives and safety we can and will continue to make a difference.

Absolute Zero applauds your efforts. Keep up the good fight!


They have already failed...

Posted by zlurker on Thursday, January 25 2007 at 08:29:58am
In reply to The more we are silenced the louder we are. posted by Hierophant on Thursday, January 25 2007 at 01:22:00am

...because I have committed to establishing two new online, pro-pedo, identities before the end of the March to replace the one they worked so hard to eliminate. We can set them up much faster than they can get rid of them, or even find them, as I have no intention of linking them back to my former blog or to my zlurker identity.

The antis are the primary reason may pedos took to blogging in the first place. But that is typical of antis and oppressive governments — they actually create the very problems that supposedly concern them so much.


Absolute Zero says to this loser: If we can't find you, no one else can either. That's all we asked for to begin with. If you are keeping your blog private you cannot commit pedo terrorism i.e. pedo activism. We got what we wanted. So, exactly who is the loser?

Urban Dictionary - The next stop for Pedophile Propaganda

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thanks to Riker at Section21 we have been tipped off to a new stop in the Pedophile Propaganda Campaign: The Urban Dictionary.

Once again, as with Wikipedia, the Pedophiles are off to spread lies and untruths in an obvious attempt to influence public opinion in their favor.

Please take a look at some of the propagandistic garbage definitions they have posted under Pedophile and Pedophilia, and do your part by voting them down in the ranks!

Many Thanks and a big Stetson Tip to Riker!

GL Meister ~ The Lurker

Thursday, January 18, 2007

GL Meister runs the pedo blog Glorious Girls, and posts on GirlChat as Zlurker. He's a pedophile attracted to little girls. He's told different stories about his age of attraction AOA, but currently it's 2-14 years old. GL started his blog with the hope of luring in non-pedos to influence them with false information, but of course it attracts nothing but pedos. His plan failed. The one thing that is notable about Glorious Girls however is his consistent use of little girl 'modeling photos'. Gl is a kidder perver. He feels no guilt about doing this, I'd venture to say he feels no guilt about anything. Zlurker is totally self-absorbed.

Just a little background info on Zeeeelurker. According to him, he's in his late 30's, living in Western New York. He's married and has a young son and daughter. From here on his story becomes blurry, from his age when he lost his virginity and the age of children he's attracted to, to the fact that he first started masturbating to images of adult women at 10 or 11 according to which version you read. You just don't know which parts are true and which are lies. There's only one thing for sure. GL is a liar. So it only stands to reason that if he lies about insignificant things --wouldn't he also lie about what he did with his little "pedolicious crush" when he watched her change out of her swimsuit, or when he took her out on a "date?" Or how about when he changed his daughter's diaper and thought to himself "if they only knew"

GL came out of the toybox this year to his wife. Why? Why would he do that? Well, for one thing Lindsay told him to. But more importantly GL believes that coming out is the "ultimate form of activism." He also knew, so he says, before he did it that she wouldn't leave him. How could he know such a thing? I'm assuming she's an emotionally battered woman, just judging from the things he's written. And so GL just sticks it to her a little more. What possible benefit was it? He needed to feel accepted by someone. He needed to force his perversion on someone, without regards to their feelings. He needed validation. GL is self absorbed. He even plans to tell his Mother. He's not worried about her rejecting him though because if she doesn't accept what he tells her with love and support then he'll reject her! What a guy.

GL says he loves children. Yet his own children aren't enough to fulfill him. He doesn't love them in that way. His own kids are objects he uses to put him into contact with other young church, soccer games, parks and playgrounds. He calls these GoM's. Girl ogling Moments. Each time he spends the day at the playground he rushes to GirlChat to brag. Not about the wonderful time he had with his child, but about each and every flash of panties he saw. "A day I had not been looking forward to turned into one of the best days I have had in many weeks."

Gl Meister, husband, father of 2, adult porn addict one day "accidentally" sees some child porn online. "I've never felt that way before!" The effect of seeing that little girl nude had such a profound effect on Zlurker that he set out to test the depths of his depravity. On Usenet groups he collects "child modeling" pics mostly of girls in "age appropriate underwear". "I probably have 300+ images alone just from Adie's Vogue Bambini collection". Girls mostly 3-10 years old. He particularly enjoys the images of Sandra, but states that he feels the images of her in thongs with legs spread wide are disrespectful.
"I stay away from the government run child porn sites"
Oh well! That's different then. He's told us enough that we know. He doesn't have to say it. Who's willing to bet how much child porn he's got? I'll give you 20 to 1.

Let us continue our look at GL's fixation as he proceeds down that path from regular ol' family man to porn addict and self-actualized pedophile. Just how far will he go? How far will he push the limits and boundaries that society places upon him? Personally I have no doubt. We are currently watching his descent as it evolves. And since it has been determined that a man's fantasies are a much greater indicator of future actions than what they say, I think it would be very interesting to know what this man fantasizes about, don't you?
I only fantasize about consensual/mutually-desired sexual interaction, but were it not for the fact that even the thought of an LG being frightened or hurt makes me go limp my choice would be D. (occasionally fantasize about making a child participate in sexual activity against her wishes)
Zeeeelurker loves polls. When faced with lots of choices on the next fantasy poll he gets more specific. the choices were: A-fully clothed, B-underwear, C-nude, D-watching her masturbate, E-consensual sexual touching, F-getting/giving a consensual hand job, G-getting/giving oral sex, H-consensual anal/vaginal penetration, I-consensually breaking the cherry
With any girl in my AOA 2-14 I fantasize about 'A' through 'G'

With young teens he fantasizes about 'H' and 'I'

My main LG fantasies though are 'D', 'E' and 'G'. I really like 'G' when it involves removing her diaper first
What else is there to say about Zeeeelurker you may ask. I'll just leave you with some random remarks of his and let you figure him out for yourself. When you're through reading these comments from this obsessed, fixated pedophile please help us rid the blogosphere of this pedocrap. Go HERE and flag his blog. Then go HERE and click the TOS violation regarding the posting of images of little girls for the sole purpose of sexually arousing other pedophiles.
"losing her virginity" implies that something valuable has been lost. Whereas I see something valuable being gained.
When your AOA dips into the nepi range, changing diapers is not such a miserable chore as it might otherwise seem
I would like to see a new tradition where girls - around their sixth birthday or so - are given a nice set of dildos/vibrators that they can "grow into"
I wish I could act on my urges with a mutually consenting LG
I do not think we need to feel bad about giving in to the charms of beautiful girls. If we do not, then someone else will anyway
I regularly fantasize about the daughters of my neighbors, friends, cousins and co-workers. If I had nieces in my AOA I am sure I would fantasize about them as well
I just saw an absolutely gorgeous two year old today still in diapers and using a pacifier. My heart was thumping
The day I discovered Puella was one of the most important days of my life
I fantasize about little girls almost every day
Knowing how and when to make eye contact with the parents accompanying the LG is a skill at which I have become quite proficient
You owe yourself something after what you've been through. I suggest you go hang out at the playground - just do not look suspicious while you're there
I would not recommend bothering with a therapist. I do not see what a therapist is going to do for someone that the internet cannot do
Parents are afraid of their children seeing them have sex for a number of reasons. The parents shame of their own sexuality, embarrassment of their own bodies, and fear that their three year old daughter would ask if she could play too.....

~ PeeJ on NPR ~

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

BoyChatters are all abuzz! Here's why.....
Ethics of NBC's Sting Show 'To Catch a Predator'

Talk of the Nation, January 16, 2007 · The online watchdog group Perverted Justice lures sexual predators by posing as minors online and inviting them to meet up in person. And Dateline NBC's wildly popular "To Catch a Predator" series has captured audiences nationwide with a mix of fear and voyeurism.


Douglas McCollam, attorney and contributing writer for Columbia Journalism Review

Chris Hansen, host of NBC Dateline series "To Catch a Predator"

Richard Rapaport, San Francisco-based freelance writer, author of "Dying and living in 'COPS' America" a critique of "To Catch a Predator."

Xavier von Erck, founder of
National Public Radio discussed Dateline's To Catch a Predator series yesterday, the focus being was it ethical?

Listen to it HERE

For some unknown reason, yet predictably, these boyChatting perverts believe this radio show was favorable to them. They are all excited "Let's all send emails voicing our opinion! Let's try to get a boyLover interviewed on the show! A boyLovers perspective!"

So I would like to point out to these clueless perverts that not one single person on that show had anything good to say about YOU! In fact, every single person on that show agreed that pedophiles are sick and dangerous. In fact, some of the words the guests and the host used were "horrific, horrible, unsympathetic people to put it mildly, beyond the pale, and scum of the earth." So get a clue.

And while all the little pedo heads are writing their emails, we can be writing ours.
Send your opinions to

Incessant PedoBabble

Monday, January 15, 2007

Incessant PedoBabble sometimes does our work for us. Let's think about that a moment while we consider the internet baby-lusting activist Nihil Aeturnius.

Lots of anti bloggers are sitting upright and paying attention to Nihil. AZ has written about him recently, as have Anti-Paedo. He deserves attention. Nihil is dangerous to children. He's just about as stupid as that idiotic coward Winston. The difference is that Nihil is more articulate. The difference is that Winston's yellow streak sent him hiding into the sidelines, whereas Nihil is too stupid to know when to be afraid. The difference is that Winston had nothing to say, he was best at pecking, harassing, and repeating useless scientific studies that didn't support what he was trying to support, whereas Nihil, who also misinterprets data, unfortunately has new ideas and he's not afraid to use them.

It's well known that Nihil is hostile towards parents. His beliefs can best be summed up this way:
"All parents are bad because they either neglect or control their children."
Nihil in his infinite wisdom, believes that not only does HE know what's in the best interest of children, but he will provide it for them in defiance of the parents wishes.

Looks like I'll have to start a Notable Nihil series. but for today I offer you his responses to a discussion on GirlChat regarding "openness within families & communities." Kea, who started the discussion, had this to say:
"as far as i am concerned, caregivers wishes are to be respected. this goes for everything. if they don't want her eating blue & yellow icecream, i won't buy it. i would break this rule if a child were in an abusive home situation & i wanted to help her, but thats all"
That sounds to me like Kea trying to pull the pedos back down to earth a bit. What does PedoBabbler Nihil have to say?
many if not most parents (In America, in modern society) fall into the following four categories

- Moronic
- Apathetic
- Controlling/Abusive
- Insane/Neurotic

With that in mind, if the girl I was seeing had parents who fell into those categories, I wouldn't give a shit what they thought
He rationalizes this position with this statement:
"There are many who want the best for their children, no matter what it is, and there are some who...don't. I support the former. I oppose the latter."
Nihil feels that he DOES know best. Nihil feels he has the right and the obligation to do as HE feels best with YOUR children. With that in mind, let's see what the other pedofreaks have to say.

Kea, who started the discussion says:
nihil_aeturnius, i wld feel uncomfortable maintaining the level of hostility you do here towards the families of children you love. i can't see how its going to help your cause.
I would very much want you to give a shit about my thoughts on the matter; my daughter, my responsibility, not yours.
"These are common ways that parents go against the interests of their kids and try to exert control over them. I would indeed care what you thought, but I would NOT honor any attempts you might make to force your daughter into becoming the type of person YOU wanted her to become"

"I would tell them (parents) to go to hell"

What the parents don't know won't hurt them,,,,
Guardians are not always right. It's up to you to decide what's right and what's illogical

I would never just bow to a parent's wishes on anything they wanted for their child, especially when it's not what the child wants. I use my own sense of reason and morality based on the freedoms I think children deserve to have.
These statements were made by pedophiles. These statements were made by people who want you to accept them and entrust your children to them. These statements were made by people who want you to think of them as good people who are good for children. These statements were made by people who want society to give them legal access to your childrens bodies. These statements were made by selfish pedofreaks whose motivating drive in life is their own sexual pleasure. These statements were made by delusional people who will say anything to get in your kids pants. When someone like BB makes a comment like this:
"Nobody - and I mean absolutely nobody loves children more than a Child Lover."
We know exactly what BB is referring to. And when he states:
"I'd like to see a "normal" man give up all sexual contact with women in order to protect women from any damage that could result"
We can only shake our heads when all the little pedo heads start to nod.

Need I say more?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another Fine Example

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Child Porn Suspect Re-arrested, Charged of Sex With 5-Year-Old Girl

PINELLAS PARK, FL -- A man arrested last summer on child porn charges was under arrest on new charges of having sex with a 5-year-old girl, Pinellas Park police report.

Kenneth Halscott, 62, was being held at the Pinellas County jail on two felony counts.

Police say he was arrested last July following a traffic stop on Belcher Road for speeding 65 mph in a 45 mph zone. Police say Halscott threw a digital media card into the bushes, and it was found to contain child pornography.

In the car with him at the time was a five-year-old girl. They say she was a relative, and appeared on some of the images.

Police say his computer was examined by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the FDLE determined it contained images of "the defendant having sex with the 5-year-old victim."

Halscott was arrested Thursday afternoon and charged with two counts of capital sexual battery.

Source: Pinellas Park Police

Tell me again how there is no connection between looking at child porn and acting on the impulses...... This is the reason for the fight.....

BTW, AZ crew sorry to have been absent for so long I've been busy as ____fill in the blank.

A Modern Pedophile Attack on Children

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Is it a virus as Nihil seems to think society is? Perhaps it's cancer or the plague. Bill Glaser said it best in Paedophilia : the public health problem of the decade :
Imagine a society afflicted by a scourge which struck down a quarter of its daughters and up to one in eight of its sons. Imagine also that this plague, while not immediately fatal, lurked in the bodies and minds of these young children for decades, making them up to sixteen times more likely to experience its disastrous long-term effects: life-threatening starvation, suicide, persistent nightmares, drug and alcohol abuse and a whole host of intractable psychiatric disorders requiring life-long treatment.
Society understands this and is taking preemptive measures against those who don't. Against those who would harm our children, those who threaten their safety with their lies and deceit.
will be the catch phrase that we use to put a stop to this crap that has gone on for far too long. Of course the entire pedohead community thinks we're hysterical, but I wonder if they really want to take a chance that we aren't serious? Perhaps we should first look at the words of one of the pedo-activists out there speaking on behalf of nodding pedo heads. Let's go back to nihil_aeturnius:
In the modern age, children exist in a truly grim state of affairs. Their lives and choices are routinely subject to oppressive control, rather than loving guidance. Their interests are often narrowed from the time they can speak........ into activities they have no interest in but serve the self-aggrandizement of selfish parents
Nihil believes there are 3 main components which facilitate the total development of children:

1-Good Parenting
2-Good Teaching
3-Good Outside Influences i.e. Pedophiles

Nihil believes that parents think of their children as burdens, and that those people who choose not to have children reflect badly on themselves.....and on those people who DO have children. NOT having children, says Nihil:
inevitably leads to a slow decline in the effort placed into parenting. Many parents are incapable of performing the balancing act of guidance and freedom that the job entails - therefore, you either have controlling parents who restrict their children's every activity, or deadbeat parents who let their children sit on their ass and watch TV all day.
So, the answer to all problems regarding children then, according to nihil is for everyone to have children whether they want to or not, to raise them the way that nihil thinks they should be raised, and to have a dirty old man in their lives to enrich their childhood and free them from unwanted piano and ballet lessons.

Nihil thinks pedophiles are the only answer to problems our children may face:
it comes to us - the outside forces, the lovers of children. It is our responsibility to right the that children can be brought up in the best environment possible.
The nodding pedohead Paper-doll calls this deranged rant a *motivating* argument!

Nihil forgets the fact that people who have children do so for reasons other than perverted pedophilic selfish sexual desires. ***IF*** Nihil's intentions are not sexual in nature but a true love for children then perhaps he should have his OWN child. This will serve several purposes:
  • 1-He'll have a child to give *all he has to offer* to
  • 2-He'll learn what it REALLY means to be a parent
  • 3-He'll leave our children alone
  • 4-He'll finally shut his incessant rattling mouth
I'll sum everything up for Nihil and all the other pedofreaks out there.

You don't have a monopoly on loving children.

People who care for children, why they have a family. They raise their children, and NO it is not all fun and games. It's work, hard work. You are responsible for them 24/7. So before you---Nihil--- you little twit, DARE to call parents 'selfish', I suggest you get a little bit of experience in life first. Experience for yourself first hand the long hours, the work, the sleepless nights, the worry, the sacrifice along with the intense joy and deep love that goes along with being a parent. After you have done these things and have some experience from which to speak you might feel differently. As it is you're just one more stupid pedofreak. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And I will leave you with a final word from Bill Glaser:
The comparison of paedophilia to a plague is more than just a vivid metaphor. It suggests that lessons can be learned from the other great scourges and pestilences of human history.

BoyChat's Plan

Thursday, January 04, 2007

It should come as no surprise to anyone here that pedophiles hate us. That pedophiles want all "antis" out of the way. But doggone it those nitwits even talk about it in public! Oh yeah! They're making plans....

We've already seen Xanadu threaten AZ'ers with his .44 and BillEVans and Dididiot Didaskalos' veiled threats. But now Xanadu is back! He says "I want to HURT the antis, but I'm not sure how". And boy does he get some suggestions and offers for help. There are some real doozies here, folks.

Bill Evans:
The best way is to simply ignore them. 98% of the traffic on their pathetic blogs is from pedos checking to see what they are up to. Frankly, who cares?

I believe Bill Evans cared, until we sent him running back to pedochat. He must try to save face you know.

doesn't seem to be much activity lately at the iluv2surf site. Perhaps they started to see the downside of upsetting people like me

People like you? Slvrspun the convicted pedofreak who stalked a little boy and makes occasional threats towards everyone in the justice system. Slvrspun thinks pedos should set loose a 'plague' to kill the antis as a form of terrorism.

either they or their employers have a business in a competitive market, for instance... not to mention the time-honored tradition of assasination, which can be pulled off fairly safely and efficiently.

Well, I suppose that's one way. JD encourages taking a deep breath and trying to make the world a better place by reaching out to those less fortunate......and THEN
...and when you have done these things - if you still want to kill people after that, at least you'll be doing it as part of a healthy and balanced life... and that is not at all a bad thing.

Sure, JD, that's not a bad thing at all, as long as you're balancing your violence towards society with your tender mercy for little children. Right.

d says:

The desire to HURT someone for the sake of HURTing them is sadism.

On the other hand, feelings motivated by vengeance are perfectly normal.

Is that right? vengeance/normal. hmm

Homicide is not the solution in promoting an agenda that claims to be about love, consent, and toleration and has as a primary goal to dissolution of link in the public’s mind between pedophilia and psychopathic behavior. Engaging in violence will do nothing but prove to our detractors that we are exactly what they say we are, and will destroy any possibility of sympathy

Kosh tried to calm them down but.....

Santi goes psycho:
Suppose that you know where the Peej homo lives. You go, torch the house, put a machine gun outside and shoot down everything coming from the house in fire, including animals and children. By tomorrow, the news would be "Boylovers kill justice maker Peej homo & family".

I think we have enough strenght in our hands to hold the helm. Besides, crossing the border from north to south is not that difficult

And Fey tries to help clarify:
Are you saying that such an action (killing PeeJ) is a bad thing to be avoided or that we should all say, "To hell with it" kill them and run to Mexico?

Santi replies:
I advice you to start learning Spanish and liking Mexican food

And Tyler tries to fix it by deleting the comments:
Santi, it was pretty clear to me that you were advocating a course of action that is illegal. Fey gave you a chance to make the meaning more clear; you let him know you meant what you said.

Do not advocate illegal acts.

Sorry dude, but I've already got my screenshots.

Let's wind it all up with Vespucci (the man who had never loved a boy before)
"Legitimize Boylove"

Oh yeah right, how could I forget that one eh? They want us to be sure that we understand that the solution to everything is to abolish AOC laws. They even state boldly that they won't molest our children anymore if we'll give them the right to have sex with our children.

Well, hey guys, that's ok, plan your plans, talk your talk. Lots of eyes are on you.

In more ways than one.

That's Perspective

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

According to Nihil_aeturnius the pedophile, one way of committing informational terrorism is to saturate the internet specifically message boards, forums and blogs

There are many methods that informational terrorism may be achieved. I'm sure that the various posters who also post on Blogger, Livejournal, etc, have dealt with the phenonemon of trolling. This practice can be put to our services, in the form of the placing of our arguments and ideas on as many internet outlets as possible. Even if they are deleted, the act of them being seen is beneficial. Repeated viewing of information eventually becomes effective.

One person who did this often was Lepidopterist/WinstonSmith101/Nymph-Fanatic, who often went on debate boards and argued whenever there was a topic on pedophilia

Always make it seem that you know something they don't.

And yet, it just doesn't work. Obviously we know things they don't. We've already witnessed the Evolution of a Factoid. We know how all pedophiles misquote Kenneth Lanning as saying 90% of child molesters aren't pedophiles. That one began when an unethical journalist was discovered by a manipulative pedovore (most likely Lindsay Ashford), the quote spread like wildfire through the pedophile community. They quote it here, there and everywhere while knowing it is erroneous information. We've also witnessed their asinine obsession with Hall, and their assertion that his study shows that 1/3 of men are sexually attracted to children. They accept this as FACT, completely disregarding all the true facts of the study and the authors OWN interpretation of it. They are maliciously deceptive. Why? Because it's their only option. They can only twist and distort information because without that they have nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Now today we're going to talk about their firm insistence that child molesters have the lowest recidivism rate of any convicted criminals. First, I will refer you HERE. From this post we can conclude that while the DOJ report of 1994 showed a 5.3% recidivism rate for child sex offenders, a meta-analysis done over a 30 year period showed that the longer the offender is out of prison the higher the recidivism rate goes up.

And these guys still go on and on. They keep pointing out this DOJ report as if it's something new. And of course, they don't tell you the whole story. But I will.
Before I do, however, I'm going to give you a statistic and put it in perspective. And, since pedophiles are well known for their know--pulling statistics from 5 different sources and trying to combine them. Sort of like, oh maybe, mixing apples and oranges and subtracting coffee or some such. I won't do that. I'm just going to talk about this. For now.

Why just today Santi said:

Five fucking point three percent ?!?!?!?! '5.3' is to 'high rate' what 'the USA'
is to 'human rights'.

And Aztram said:

5.3% is considered high recidivism? "Is this through the looking glass, Alice?"

But let us for a moment consider two things:

#1 -- Approximately 10% of child sex abuse is reported. This leaves 90% undetected and uncounted in statistics.

#2 -- One-Third of convicted child molesters admit to having multiple victims (per the DOJ)

4,295 child molesters - in this study - recidivated at a 5.3% rate. If each offender who repeated his crime only had ONE victim....that's a total of 228 children. Two hundred twenty eight children.

Is 228 children insignificant to you?

If you answer yes, then what would be significant? 500? 1000? 5000? How about 1. How about one child being significant? What if the one child were yours? Personally I say "One child is too many!" But that's me.

Let's look at it again. 5.3% = 228 children. And that's assuming each offender only had one victim. What say you Santi? Looks a bit different now doesn't it?

Why don't we try some number crunching pedo-style. Gene Abel says of his study of 16,109 admitted child molesters
"The number of child victims and acts per molester depended on whether the molester targeted girls, boys or both. Those molesting only girls averaged 5.2 victims and 34.2 acts. Those molesting only boys averaged 10.7 victims and 52 acts. Those molesting both averaged 27.3 victims and 120.9 acts."

What happens if we take our lowest possible number of repeating pedos and multiply it by the lowest average number of victims (girls) @ 5.2 we have 1185 victims from the initial 5.3%. The numbers are staggering. I can hear the pedo heads now... You can't do that!! Combine stats! Mix & Match!"

Well, why not? You do it all the time! All sarcasm aside however, I wouldn't presume to combine stats taken in different ways from different times and different places and arbitrarily put them together. I'm merely pointing out that the 5.3% number does not tell the full story. But it makes pedofreaks feel good to say it. And they hang onto it desperately.

So....the pedophiles, who twist and distort to fit their purpose, will of course continue to believe what they want to believe. Unfortunately they spread the deceptions around. Every corner you turn there's a little pedo head repeating lies to unsuspecting people along with impressionable young pedos. They could use their position in the pedo community to steer that young confused man to help instead they help him through his shock and dismay, his disgust and horror at discovering this thing about himself. They tell him how perfectly natural it is, how evil society is to try and protect children. But do they ever wonder what happens to him? Or to the kids he comes in contact with? Probably not. But I do. I wonder a lot.

What about the prevalence of mental illness in their community? Do they encourage kids like Alive who's become a lush, knowing he's mixing his alcohol with anti-psychotic drugs, or Enigma who won't even take a bath he's so wacked out in obsessive thoughts about little girls, ni-gelo who's gone round the pedo bend, or Nihil with his violence barely contained? Do they encourage those guys to seek help? OH NO! They try to scare them away from evil help. then they give them strokes for their perversions! They reinforce their mutual delusions that mental health care is evil and sex offender therapy will only hurt them. Why do they do this? Who knows. I think some of them actually believe it. Others are deceptive....maliciously. But one thing that's for certain. They all suffer from mental illness.

Let's review with some quick stats from the DOJ. To all you nodding pedo heads, no dissing of the DOJ, you like them remember?

  • More than half the violent crimes committed against children involved victims age 12 or younger.
  • About 14% of child victimizers carried a weapon during the violent crime, compared to nearly half of those who victimized adults.
  • About half had a relationship with the victim as a friend, acquaintance, or relative other than offspring.
  • An estimated 22% of child victimizers reported having been sexually abused, less than 6% of adult victimizers reported such background.
  • 4 in 10 child victims suffered either a forcible rape or another injury

Now that's perspective.