Three People Arrested for Sickening Child Porn

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Pennsylvania man, John Worman, and two women have been charged in a 53-count indictment with producing child pornography after more than one million images were recovered from a Delaware County computer.

"These defendants allegedly manipulated and abused children, even infants, to satisfy unimaginable perversions and they did it again and again and again," said U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan during a news conference on Thursday.

The abuse began as early as 1997 and lasted until 2006 and one of the youngest victims was only three-months-old. According to officials, there were at least 12 victims and over 1 million images of child exploitation found on Worman's computer, including 1,000s of videos Worman produced himself, committing sexual acts against children, like child rape. source

This monster raped and filmed infants. INFANTS.

Nothing could be more horrendous. This is why there should be a death penalty for child rapists and child pornography.

You may think that is too harsh for someone who is caught with child pornography on thier computer. I have witnessed the horror and destruction that monsters like this create. No amount of free speach claims or rationalization will ever justify this evil.

We are Warriors for Innocence. We stand between evil and the innocent. This is why. As long as there are monsters out there, we will never stop. I hunt and fight monsters. If I can help to get even one monster off the streets and away from kids, then it was worth any amount of effort.

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