A Modern Pedophile Attack on Children

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Is it a virus as Nihil seems to think society is? Perhaps it's cancer or the plague. Bill Glaser said it best in Paedophilia : the public health problem of the decade :
Imagine a society afflicted by a scourge which struck down a quarter of its daughters and up to one in eight of its sons. Imagine also that this plague, while not immediately fatal, lurked in the bodies and minds of these young children for decades, making them up to sixteen times more likely to experience its disastrous long-term effects: life-threatening starvation, suicide, persistent nightmares, drug and alcohol abuse and a whole host of intractable psychiatric disorders requiring life-long treatment.
Society understands this and is taking preemptive measures against those who don't. Against those who would harm our children, those who threaten their safety with their lies and deceit.
will be the catch phrase that we use to put a stop to this crap that has gone on for far too long. Of course the entire pedohead community thinks we're hysterical, but I wonder if they really want to take a chance that we aren't serious? Perhaps we should first look at the words of one of the pedo-activists out there speaking on behalf of nodding pedo heads. Let's go back to nihil_aeturnius:
In the modern age, children exist in a truly grim state of affairs. Their lives and choices are routinely subject to oppressive control, rather than loving guidance. Their interests are often narrowed from the time they can speak........ into activities they have no interest in but serve the self-aggrandizement of selfish parents
Nihil believes there are 3 main components which facilitate the total development of children:

1-Good Parenting
2-Good Teaching
3-Good Outside Influences i.e. Pedophiles

Nihil believes that parents think of their children as burdens, and that those people who choose not to have children reflect badly on themselves.....and on those people who DO have children. NOT having children, says Nihil:
inevitably leads to a slow decline in the effort placed into parenting. Many parents are incapable of performing the balancing act of guidance and freedom that the job entails - therefore, you either have controlling parents who restrict their children's every activity, or deadbeat parents who let their children sit on their ass and watch TV all day.
So, the answer to all problems regarding children then, according to nihil is for everyone to have children whether they want to or not, to raise them the way that nihil thinks they should be raised, and to have a dirty old man in their lives to enrich their childhood and free them from unwanted piano and ballet lessons.

Nihil thinks pedophiles are the only answer to problems our children may face:
it comes to us - the outside forces, the lovers of children. It is our responsibility to right the ship.......so that children can be brought up in the best environment possible.
The nodding pedohead Paper-doll calls this deranged rant a *motivating* argument!

Nihil forgets the fact that people who have children do so for reasons other than perverted pedophilic selfish sexual desires. ***IF*** Nihil's intentions are not sexual in nature but a true love for children then perhaps he should have his OWN child. This will serve several purposes:
  • 1-He'll have a child to give *all he has to offer* to
  • 2-He'll learn what it REALLY means to be a parent
  • 3-He'll leave our children alone
  • 4-He'll finally shut his incessant rattling mouth
I'll sum everything up for Nihil and all the other pedofreaks out there.

You don't have a monopoly on loving children.

People who care for children, why they have a family. They raise their children, and NO it is not all fun and games. It's work, hard work. You are responsible for them 24/7. So before you---Nihil--- you little twit, DARE to call parents 'selfish', I suggest you get a little bit of experience in life first. Experience for yourself first hand the long hours, the work, the sleepless nights, the worry, the sacrifice along with the intense joy and deep love that goes along with being a parent. After you have done these things and have some experience from which to speak you might feel differently. As it is you're just one more stupid pedofreak. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And I will leave you with a final word from Bill Glaser:
The comparison of paedophilia to a plague is more than just a vivid metaphor. It suggests that lessons can be learned from the other great scourges and pestilences of human history.
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