Bigotry Pt 1

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The most common allegation made against "antis" in paedophile circles is that we are bigots – most paeds would even go so far as to compare us to Nazis. Surely a group that is begging for acceptance and screaming bigot at everyone who disagrees with them, will be a model of acceptance and tolerance….right? Let's see.

First consider what bigotry means – briefly it means intolerance of other people.

To understand tolerance according to paeds, today we're going to consider some of the empathetic and tolerant things they say about individuals.

Here you'll find JD420 responding to someone who theorizes that "Girl Love" is a product of the feminist movement:

I've met a few that claim this, yet I find I have nothing but homicidal disgust for them, actually.

Kirklandwayne is a brave survivor of CSA and friend to AZ who is actively fighting CSA online. Santi states:

The piece of shit that I really hope is suffering more than anybody in the whole universe Kirklandwayne looks like a mike echols reborned. F--k, where the hell does this mishaped mosters arose?

And there are still twits that oppose eugenics and other forms of properly trimming the population.

It is a shame this bastard did not die or got maimed in the London bombings.

Oprah Winfrey, yet another survivor of CSA. Oprah has dedicated many programs to combating this problem.

Harbor boy says:

Oprah Winfrey is a very vindictive woman, which is why she has done so many programs about the "horrors" of pedophilia.

And in this thread

Abraxas denies her pain:

The fact that she refuses to reveal the alleged "molester" hints that
(1)he may not exist, (2) the "molestation" was more of a mutual exploration, (3) this is all a ruse to get publicity, especially for her pedophile hunts.

And Keating had this to say:

Oprah, for example, probably deserves to die if there was any justice in this world.

John Walsh has dedicated his life to catching criminals after he lost his 6-year-old son Adam in 1981. Adam's severed head was all that was ever recovered. Paedophiles are very tolerant of John:

Turtle says:

john walsh is a sorry scumbag. he used his sons death as a personal opportunity to elevate himself.

The Walker adds:

ego-maniacal opportunists like John Walsh will sell out their own dead children's memories in order to foster an atmosphere of hysterical hatred and fear-mongering.

Poopy head even started a poll on the following topic (and most members of BC agreed!):

I've never seen a man enjoying his little boy's death as much as John Walsh.

PPC sums up the paeds tolerance of Walsh here:

John Walsh is a psychopathic creep. Hope he will drop be dead then that would be good riddance of him

All this tolerance and we haven't even begun to talk about groups of people yet….please stay tuned for Part 2.
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