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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

According to Nihil_aeturnius the pedophile, one way of committing informational terrorism is to saturate the internet specifically message boards, forums and blogs

There are many methods that informational terrorism may be achieved. I'm sure that the various posters who also post on Blogger, Livejournal, etc, have dealt with the phenonemon of trolling. This practice can be put to our services, in the form of the placing of our arguments and ideas on as many internet outlets as possible. Even if they are deleted, the act of them being seen is beneficial. Repeated viewing of information eventually becomes effective.

One person who did this often was Lepidopterist/WinstonSmith101/Nymph-Fanatic, who often went on debate boards and argued whenever there was a topic on pedophilia

Always make it seem that you know something they don't.

And yet, it just doesn't work. Obviously we know things they don't. We've already witnessed the Evolution of a Factoid. We know how all pedophiles misquote Kenneth Lanning as saying 90% of child molesters aren't pedophiles. That one began when an unethical journalist was discovered by a manipulative pedovore (most likely Lindsay Ashford), the quote spread like wildfire through the pedophile community. They quote it here, there and everywhere while knowing it is erroneous information. We've also witnessed their asinine obsession with Hall, and their assertion that his study shows that 1/3 of men are sexually attracted to children. They accept this as FACT, completely disregarding all the true facts of the study and the authors OWN interpretation of it. They are maliciously deceptive. Why? Because it's their only option. They can only twist and distort information because without that they have nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Now today we're going to talk about their firm insistence that child molesters have the lowest recidivism rate of any convicted criminals. First, I will refer you HERE. From this post we can conclude that while the DOJ report of 1994 showed a 5.3% recidivism rate for child sex offenders, a meta-analysis done over a 30 year period showed that the longer the offender is out of prison the higher the recidivism rate goes up.

And these guys still go on and on. They keep pointing out this DOJ report as if it's something new. And of course, they don't tell you the whole story. But I will.
Before I do, however, I'm going to give you a statistic and put it in perspective. And, since pedophiles are well known for their know--pulling statistics from 5 different sources and trying to combine them. Sort of like, oh maybe, mixing apples and oranges and subtracting coffee or some such. I won't do that. I'm just going to talk about this. For now.

Why just today Santi said:

Five fucking point three percent ?!?!?!?! '5.3' is to 'high rate' what 'the USA'
is to 'human rights'.

And Aztram said:

5.3% is considered high recidivism? "Is this through the looking glass, Alice?"

But let us for a moment consider two things:

#1 -- Approximately 10% of child sex abuse is reported. This leaves 90% undetected and uncounted in statistics.

#2 -- One-Third of convicted child molesters admit to having multiple victims (per the DOJ)

4,295 child molesters - in this study - recidivated at a 5.3% rate. If each offender who repeated his crime only had ONE victim....that's a total of 228 children. Two hundred twenty eight children.

Is 228 children insignificant to you?

If you answer yes, then what would be significant? 500? 1000? 5000? How about 1. How about one child being significant? What if the one child were yours? Personally I say "One child is too many!" But that's me.

Let's look at it again. 5.3% = 228 children. And that's assuming each offender only had one victim. What say you Santi? Looks a bit different now doesn't it?

Why don't we try some number crunching pedo-style. Gene Abel says of his study of 16,109 admitted child molesters
"The number of child victims and acts per molester depended on whether the molester targeted girls, boys or both. Those molesting only girls averaged 5.2 victims and 34.2 acts. Those molesting only boys averaged 10.7 victims and 52 acts. Those molesting both averaged 27.3 victims and 120.9 acts."

What happens if we take our lowest possible number of repeating pedos and multiply it by the lowest average number of victims (girls) @ 5.2 we have 1185 victims from the initial 5.3%. The numbers are staggering. I can hear the pedo heads now... You can't do that!! Combine stats! Mix & Match!"

Well, why not? You do it all the time! All sarcasm aside however, I wouldn't presume to combine stats taken in different ways from different times and different places and arbitrarily put them together. I'm merely pointing out that the 5.3% number does not tell the full story. But it makes pedofreaks feel good to say it. And they hang onto it desperately.

So....the pedophiles, who twist and distort to fit their purpose, will of course continue to believe what they want to believe. Unfortunately they spread the deceptions around. Every corner you turn there's a little pedo head repeating lies to unsuspecting people along with impressionable young pedos. They could use their position in the pedo community to steer that young confused man to help instead they help him through his shock and dismay, his disgust and horror at discovering this thing about himself. They tell him how perfectly natural it is, how evil society is to try and protect children. But do they ever wonder what happens to him? Or to the kids he comes in contact with? Probably not. But I do. I wonder a lot.

What about the prevalence of mental illness in their community? Do they encourage kids like Alive who's become a lush, knowing he's mixing his alcohol with anti-psychotic drugs, or Enigma who won't even take a bath he's so wacked out in obsessive thoughts about little girls, ni-gelo who's gone round the pedo bend, or Nihil with his violence barely contained? Do they encourage those guys to seek help? OH NO! They try to scare them away from evil help. then they give them strokes for their perversions! They reinforce their mutual delusions that mental health care is evil and sex offender therapy will only hurt them. Why do they do this? Who knows. I think some of them actually believe it. Others are deceptive....maliciously. But one thing that's for certain. They all suffer from mental illness.

Let's review with some quick stats from the DOJ. To all you nodding pedo heads, no dissing of the DOJ, you like them remember?

  • More than half the violent crimes committed against children involved victims age 12 or younger.
  • About 14% of child victimizers carried a weapon during the violent crime, compared to nearly half of those who victimized adults.
  • About half had a relationship with the victim as a friend, acquaintance, or relative other than offspring.
  • An estimated 22% of child victimizers reported having been sexually abused, less than 6% of adult victimizers reported such background.
  • 4 in 10 child victims suffered either a forcible rape or another injury

Now that's perspective.
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