Cause for concern?

Saturday, September 30, 2006

In a recent discussion over on the absolute nothing blog, a couple of comments made by the poster WM, otherwise known as Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield really made me think about the kind of people we are dealing with here.
I have taken thousands of images of minors, throughout my life, and have never masturbated over one of them. However, once again, I reserve the right to do so, if I ever wished.
He reserves the right to take pictures of peoples children without consent, and then use them for masturbation if he wishes to, and he sees nothing wrong in that? The second comment is a real corker, not only does he flout his contempt for the legal system he mocks those he would abuse if he chose to, and he still says he's not a sociopath.
You must know, by now, that I will break laws that I view as unjust and I am willing to accept the consequences. And, no, the families, of which you speak would not have a cat-in-hells chance of legal action, even if I had pumped pints onto to their little cherubs (feel free to contact some and let them have my email).
I will leave you with a final comment from him, bearing in mind this man feels he is unjustly labelled by me as a sociopathic paedophile, judge for yourself.
I have served my time. The job is done. Unless, of course, you mean ‘rehabilitation’, in the sense of being subservient to an unjust and ill-informed system? That is not my style, never was, never will be.

MySilentWar ~ Declares War

Friday, September 29, 2006

Some of you may remember My Silent War. We wrote a little about him HERE
He has a history of being conflicted you might say. But not so much that he won't come out in full support of his pedopal Rookieeee.

You see, he has a plan. He's going to follow in the footsteps of the black civil rights movement. He's staging a SIT-IN. That's right. Well, I'll let him tell you what that entails.
So, I'm going to issue a challenge to any website that might try to discriminate against us for who we are. We need go to sites like YouTube, that actively destroy our accounts and communities because a vigilante organization tells them to, and we need to start sitting in. We need to create accounts on sites who comply with moral bigotry, and explain that we are childlovers - as is our right - and we need to follow the Terms of service and the Law as is required of us. And if our accounts get deleted, our posts erased, our very presence denied: We need to make new accounts. And we need to keep doing this until it is realized that the effort to deny us our voice is more disruptive than anything that we will ever say.

And I need everyone else - anyone else - who supports the childlovers' RIGHT to free expression and speech, within the bounds of both law and Terms of Service, to sit with me.
He thinks they should let it be known that they "wont put up with being bullied."
In fact he wants to "stick it to the antis".

So what does he have up his sleeve? He feels certain organizations have discriminated against him and his brothers. He names off YouTube, Xanga, CafePress and Wikipedia. What does he want to do? Let's look at YouTube first....
Status: I've made an account that says I'm a GirlLover among other things, Links to my blog, and has the Brass Eye pedophilia episode and Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech as faves
Status: I've signed up for an account at Xanga, and will cross-post this current post to the Blog once I've finished writing.
Status: I changed my user page so that it complies with the ridiculous "public domain images only" rule. I'm also trying to be more active on Wikipedia in the wake of Rookiee's ban and subsequent shift towards POV in pedophilia-related articles.
Status: I am currently trying to organize the set up of a CL store on another service, Zazzle. Also, it's been pointed out to me that there's a GL merchandise store on CafePress, and has been there for a while. I wont risk the loss of this store by posting the URL on my public blog, though I will inform anyone who inquires through E-mail about the location of the store, if I can trust them.
OH, well have no fear, I'll help you out there.

Here's one of them

And this is an image he wants to use for merchandise to raise money for pedopurposes.

Information For New Readers (Top Post, Scroll Down for Updates)

I have recently received a significant number of enquiries from members of the media and other new readers about Absolute Zero. I have tried to collate a bit of this information here for your convenience.

The first post made on AZ can be found here. This will give you a basic background as to how and why the blog was established.

We do not collectively have any religious or political affiliation. In fact, we are a diverse group of individuals encompassing many social spheres. For example our membership body consists of a broad range of religious beliefs including:


Despite our disparate beliefs and backgrounds, we have united in a common goal.

Our mission, as stated on our website is:

to monitor the activities of child predators, pedophiles and pro-pedophile groups. To report any discovered illegal activity to the appropriate authorities. To refute misrepresented pro-pedophile propaganda and educate the public with accepted scientific data and statistics.

Please feel free to contact us with any further enquiries you may have.

An Aussie Lesson

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Reported by Sydney Morning Herald

A Sydney paedophile who murdered a man before raping his young stepdaughter will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The NSW Supreme Court had jailed Jeffrey John Hillsley for 30 years for murdering a friend and then kidnapping and raping the man's 10-year-old stepdaughter.

Hillsley had previously served jail time for sex offences against three young girls.

He had been out of jail for less than two years when he bludgeoned his friend to death with a hammer at the man's Campsie home in 2003.

Over Christmas that year, Hillsley had stayed with the victim, who cannot be named, and returned to attack the 54-year-old as he slept on New Year's Eve.

He had sexually assaulted the man's stepdaughter during his earlier stay and, after the murder, abducted her at knifepoint and repeatedly raped her.

The girl managed to escape 16 hours later.

Hillsley, 54, pleaded guilty to murder, kidnap and four counts of aggravated sexual assault.

The case prompted calls from the NSW opposition for the "chemical castration" of offenders like him, and the crown appealed against the inadequacy of his minimum 25-year jail term.

Obviously, the crown won their appeal. In handing down the life sentence, the appeals judges said There are some crimes which are so wicked that a sentence less than a life sentence cannot adequately reflect the community interest in retribution and punishment. In our view, this murder is a crime of this kind.

This case raises some important issues. The most obvious being WHY was this paedophile free to murder, kidnap and rape when he'd already kidnapped/assaulted three little girls. Further to this, when released from prison on those charges, the ACT government issued a 'warning' to their NSW counterparts saying Hillsley was very likely to reoffend and extremely dangerous.

Yet he was allowed to savagely rape and murder.

Another major issue here is that we do not have publicly accessible sex offender registries. This is NOT a privacy issue, it is a safety issue. The majority of civilized human beings would much rather compromise a sex offender's privacy than a child's safety.

These laws simply MUST be changed to protect our children from monsters like Hillsley.

Please click here for a list of state and federal politicians who need to hear what we're all thinking:

Lenient sentencing and lack of publicly accessible sex offender registries is unacceptable.

Big Brother Danger

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I recieved some info on a pedo posting over at a boy love forum. This pedovore is a college student. He was at his college and approached the Big Brother/Sister organization table.

"I talked with the people at the table, and my initial reaction was to sign up immediately; I have been looking for an opportunity to get a boy back in my life since I've left for college."

Oh, isn't this this is wonderful. NOT! Now pedovores are joining the Big Brother organizations to find new victims.

This pedovore goes on to say:

"... a few things that might worry me. They say there is a background check: what does such entail? Is it a normal crimial BG check or could they somehow get my online history?"

So, he has some incriminating info on his computer, hugh? I know some FBI people who would just love to see that info! Also, this cajunboi pedo-creep was more concerned about being a "agnotic"- (his spelling, isn't that great for a college student?)- than with being a pedovore and using the Big Brother organization to hunt for new victims!

I was disgusted to see the many responses to this post...

"Shiver" goes on to say: "Ive gone throgh their system before." .... "Thats no big deal. The church affiliation here doesnt make much Difference either. These days they will accept you if your a church goer or not, they dont have real issues with homosexuality either. They do a brief interview to get a feel for what kind of person you are and make sure your not crazy.Whatever you do, dont mention adult/youth relationships".

So now we need to work with the Big Brother organizations across the country to inform them of the pedovore's intent to use them for a hunting ground. I'm sure that the pedovores will read this and be outraged that I could even think that they would want to harm a child. Afterall, they just love children... right?

Let's take a breather!

Monday, September 25, 2006

How about some fun? I could use a chuckle myself. Anyone hanging around AZ for long has surely gotten a taste of the bizarre things the pedophiles say. So I've devised this little poll here, to let your voice be heard....who do you think is the most repulsive?

I couldn't fit them all in of course, so I've left some off. For instance Debatecrime / Lepidopterist / Winston Smith who is so dimwitted as to have nothing of value to say. His only purpose is stirring up trouble and then running to the pedo boards for rescue. Well, he was doing what he was able to do you might say.

Then there's Todd Nickerson. He's pretty much a lame - duck - pedo at best. His hands are tied concerning freakopathic activism. Why he's so busy doing free graphic work for GC to repay the Save the Children funds he stole to pay for his trip to Michigan and his new computer monitor, that he'll probably never be able to move out of his Grandma's trailor at this rate.

And there's more of course. Take Taf-Kat - John Hodson, for example, we talked about him HERE convicted of some 70,000+ child porn images, he believes it's a victimless crime, and should be legal. He denounces adult-child sexual contact however and recently left Girl Chat when Nihil and Enigma began their pedopathic campaign.

I suppose I could go on and on with these freaks, but instead let's skip to the poll. Choose the one you find The most repulsive. Hard to decide, I know, I know. If you have another choice not listed just add it to the comments, please.

Poll is in the side bar!

I'm a pedophile.

"I'm a pedophile. I've been a pedophile for 20 years. The only reason I'm charged with rape is that no one believes a child can consent to sex. The role of my ministry is to get these cases out of the courtrooms", Philip Distasio told the judge presiding over his trial in Cleveland earlier this month. He stands accused of the rape, kidnapping, gross sexual imposition, and pandering obscenity involving nine autistic boys he was home-schooling.

I cannot even begin to understand the mind of anyone who believes that children "consent" to sex. They do not "consent"... they do what they are told. Period. We raise our children to be respectful of adults, and to follow their directions. We tell our children that their teachers are to obeyed, and that their priests and ministers are to be looked to as examples of a good Christian.

We also tell them about "good" touches, and "bad" touches... but how can we rely upon children to decide between allowing a "bad" touch, or not following the directions of an adult?

When I was 5, I started kindergarten, just like many 5 year olds. The difference was that we were in a northern state, but I was being raised with southern values and rules. In other words, you were seen and not heard, and you ALWAYS, without fail, used "ma'am" and "sir" when addressing adults, and you NEVER lie- or else you get your butt beat. I would dread coming home from school every day, because my Dad would ask me if I said "Yes, ma'am" and "No ma'am" all day to my teacher. Every day, I would tell him the truth, "No, Daddy, I didn't", and I'd get my ass beat. He was furious.

At the end of the first week, my parents had a meeting with my teacher. Dad apologized profusely for my rude behavior. "We brought her up right- I don't know why she refuses to say 'Yes ma'am' and 'No ma'am' to you. She knows better than that!" My teacher replied, "OH! So that's why she keeps saying it... I keep telling her that a simple 'Yes' or 'No' will suffice, but every day she starts off 'ma'am'ing me, and I have to correct her."

They both thought they were doing the right thing... and I tried my best to follow their directions. I was afraid of the consequences of not obeying my Dad, but I also knew that if Dad found out I was disobeying the teacher, I'd be in even MORE trouble. Or at least that what my 5-year-old brain was telling me.

How do we, as adults, teach our children which kind of adult to believe and obey?
How do we, as adults, even begin to understand the mind of anyone who would believe that sexual conduct with minors is EVER legal, consensual, or acceptable? I really don't know.

Police Charge Coach In Child Sex Assault Case

HONOLULU - Honolulu police on Saturday charged a soccer coach accused of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old boy and infecting him with a sexually transmitted disease.

Fred Rames, 65, is a father of four and a foster parent. Rames is a coach with the Soccer Association for Youth.

Allegations of other sexual assaults are also surfacing against Rames, according to police.
Police said they are interviewing other children who said Rames sexually assaulted them.
Rames faces six charges of third-degree sexual assault.

Police are holding him on $150,000 bail.

Frederick Rames is a well-known and loved man in his community. Nobody KGMB9 talked to in Wahiawa could believe the 65-year-old soccer coach could have molested a seven-year-old boy.

"I've lived in this neighborhood all my life. I've played with his kids. I've played at his house. I don't believe anything you've just told me," Danielle Rapoza said.

But police say doctors recently diagnosed a seven-year-old boy with a sexually transmitted disease. This is when the boy told his doctor he was sexually assaulted by his soccer coach Frederick Rames.

Jed Tom is Rames' long-time friend and also a coach. He says Rames coaches kids of all ages and is a foster parent of three children who are in elementary and middle school.

Tom says Rames has fostered dozens of children over the years.

Oh great, this accused pedophile-rapist has fostered dozens of children over the years. I hope they find these kids and make sure they weren't victims too. The world is a sick place and we need to do whatever we can to keep our kids safe.

Rind Introduction

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples by Rind Tromovitch & Bauserman was published in the July 1998 edition of Psychological Bulletin, published by the APA. Full text available here. It is commonly referred to as the Rind report or the Rind study . It is the single most important document in existence for the paedophile community because the authors assert that child sexual abuse (CSA) is not harmful to children – particularly to boys.

Paedophiles will attempt to dazzle you with words like 'censored' and 'political persecution' but the flaws in this study defy all academic integrity and intelligence. Due to the significance of this document, we will be covering it in a series. In this introduction we will provide academic background and dispell the lies paedophiles attach to the report. In upcoming posts we will cover the technical flaws in design and contstruction of this meta-analysis.

Academic Background


A meta-analysis is a form of research whereby the researcher collects previous studies that have been performed on a particular topic to discover trends across the previous studies. A meta-analysis can add greatly to a body of knowledge assuming that it has been carefully designed so that errors in the previous studies are not carried forward and that errors are not intrinsic to the current study.

Peer Review

The peer review process is meant to assure the validity and integrity of academic publications; it is usually a good indication that the results of publication can be trusted. The process involves a group of colleagues reviewing a researcher's data and stating that the data supports the conclusion made by the author. Unfortunately, this process breaks down somewhat in a meta-analysis. As found by Whitely et al (1994), peers do not ordinarily have access to the original data contained in a meta-analysis. This means that in the case of this meta-analysis, instead of verifying the actual results, peers could only say that everything appeared to be accurate assuming that Rind et al constructed the report with integrity.

Paedophile Arguments

Paedopathetic statement #1

This is the only meta-analysis of it's kind.

Wonder what this is then.....

Jumper, S 1995 ‘A Meta-Analysis of the Relationship of CSA to Adult Psychological Adjustment’ Child Abuse & Neglect vol. 19, pp. 715-728.

Or this.....

Neumann, D, Houskamp, B, Pollock, V & Briere, J 1996 ‘The Long-Term Sequelae of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Women: A Meta-Analytic Review’ Child Maltreatment vol. 1, pp. 6-16.

Or even this.....

Oddone, E & Genuis, M (1996) A meta-analysis of the published research on the effects of child sexual abuse National Foundation for Family Research and Education, Calgary, Canada.

Rind et al dismissed the previous meta-analyses because they all showed the significant damage caused by CSA.

Paedopathetic statement #2

The report was censored by Congress

Sorry wrong again. The report has not been censored by anyone. In fact the report is freely available through a variety of sources. Congress unanimously denounced the study stating that public policy should not be formed on such flawed, biased findings (House Con. Res. 107). The APA, responsible for the publication of the report, issued a statement to Congress apologizing for the publication full text here. APA CEO Raymond Fowler wrote this in the letter addressed to Tom Delay:

Additionally, concerns have been raised that the aforementioned article and the inferences drawn from it could be viewed as support for pedophilia and used by pedophiles as a legal defense. There is no defense for pedophilia; it is always wrong.

Paedopathetic statement #3

Rind et al are the only unbiased researchers in this field and/or Rind et al are victims of political persecution.

At least one author of this study (Tromovitch) was publishing in Paidika: The Journal of Pedophilia long before this study was ever conducted. The stated purpose of the journal is:

to demonstrate that paedophilia has been, and remains, a legitimate and productive part of the totality of human experience.

Shortly after the publication of the report, Rind, Tromovitch & Bauserman were keynote speakers at "The Other Side Of The Coin" - a paedophile activism conference in the Netherlands which was promoted this way:

expressly to throw light on the more positive side of adult-nonadult sexual contacts.

I contend that it is a self-evident truth that you cannot be an unbiased researcher and an activist in the same field.

This evidence is, on its own merits, enough to discredit anything Rind et al actually concluded. However, we will continue to bring you information on the technical aspects of the report and how the study was specifically designed to 'prove' what Rind et al were determined to conclude. In the next edition, we will cover what Rind et al chose to include/exclude in their data sample.

Action Alert

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Perverted Justice is in the process of campaigning against companies that endorse Rookiee and his pedophile propoganda. Currently, PJ is specifically interested in Google/Blogger, and LibSyn who hosts his Pedologues Podcasts. CafePress was also contacted by PJ and has since shut down Rookiee's page along with YouTube and Xanga.

All members interested in helping with this campaign to actively address corporate association/endorsement of pedophilia, please go here to get the full details.

Please also take a moment to contact the relevant organizations to voice your opinions.

Administrative contact,
Dave Chekan
513 S Mathilda St
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View

Members are also encouraged to join the PJ forums to gain further details on how they can help this cause.

PCC agrees, he's a 'pervert'.

Disgraced teacher Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield took offence at an article in the sun calling him a 'paedo' and a 'pervert', and took the matter up with the press complaints commission. After all he claims he'd simply downloaded the 11,000 indecent images of children for research purposes, to explore his own sexuality. He continues to deny he is a paedophile or a pervert, despite his conviction for possession of the aforementioned 11,000 images, and his continued activity within the pro-paedo community via the site

The following are excerpts from the PCC ruling on the case Oldfield V The Sun (comments in italics mine) : (Ref : 061568)

'The commission noted the complainant had raised concerns that the article was innacurate when it stated that he was a 'pervert' and a 'paedo'...'

(Although when posting here on AZ under the alias WM he's freely admitted to being a 'pervert' he's also quite happy to answer to the term 'wanker'.)

'The commission addressed first the complainant's concerns about the terms - 'paedo' and 'pervert' - used to describe him by the newspaper. Clause 1 (Accuracy) states that the press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information. In this instance, given the nature of the complainants conviction for making indecent images of children, the commission was satisfied that readers would not have been misled by the terms used to describe him by the newspaper.'

(Oh dear it seems they agree that in light of the evidence it's quite acceptable to call him a 'pervert' and a 'paedo', well if the cap fits and all that, might be best if he gets used to wearing it! The PCC goes on to detail further codes and clauses examined when deciding the case and then concludes with the following:)

'Finally the commission did not consider that there were any issues to pursue under Clause 4 (Harassment) and Clause 12 (Discrimination) of the code.'

So there you have it, I daresay he feels this isn't the end of the matter etc etc. At the end of the day, if you get caught with 11,000 indecent images of children on your pc, what level of denial/delusion would prompt you to expect anyone to believe you were not a 'pervert' or a 'paedo'?

A Novel Premise

Imagine this:

Meet Dexter Morgan. He's a highly respected lab technician specializing in blood spatter for the Miami Dade Police Department. He's a handsome, though reluctant, ladies' man. He's polite, says all the right things, and rarely calls attention to himself. He's also a sociopathic serial killer whose "Dark Passenger" drives him to commit the occasional dismemberment.

An interesting premise: a "created" serial killer who kills serial killers, molesters, those who prey on society. The author is interviewed here.

Oddly enough, I ordered both of Jeff Lindsay's books about Dexter last week.

Sigh. Wish I'd thought of that novel idea.


Evidently soon to be a Showtime series.

Rookieeeee Paddling Upstream

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Faster Rookieeee Faster!!! All these groups I talked about being after you are closing in, paddle faster Rookieeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Oh well, Rookieeee finally discovered that Perverted Justice was after him. If it were me, I'd prefer to have AZ after me, but hey! to each their own right? Some people never listen, now he's got PJ on the warpath, reckon he'll have to pay the piper this time. You see, PJ has complained about the editing attempts at Wikipedia by the gang of thugs hereby known as pedofreaks. They think that by editing an online encyclopedia with lies, deceptions and distortions of the truth, that somehow they'll convince the mainstream how wonderful they are. ROFL

PJ has also complained about Cafepress, and guess what? Rookieeee's perverted sick-o-pathic T-Shirts, with which he was going to SHOW us how idiotic we were, well, they're gone. Cafepress shut him down. BooFreakingHoo

According to PJ they may not have caught on to Rookieeeee were it not for his rants about them. Rants = lies and distortions. You know, the typical pedopathetic behaviors they all exhibit.

Even Ella, went onto messenger and tried to argue with PJ. She then posts the conversation on Girl Chat. Quite funny actually when PJ is also posting the same conversation. You see, this is what I've learned.....Pedofreaks in their mutual delusional delirium are also unable to recognize sarcasm even when it slaps them in the face.

I would imagine the pedofreaks might be a little upset about this wouldn't you? Let's check it out and see what they're saying.....

Dissident thinks:
At least this makes it clear that PJ is primarily going after MAA's because we offend their personal sensibilities, not because they think they are "protecting" anyone. This convo was very telling, and I think the public should be aware of the reality behind this org
Rookieeee Revolyob (boylover):
Perverted Justice has created a very attacking and biased article on both myself and my podcast, accusing me of all sorts of false things, and has incited the public to begin disrupting my activist projects.
I keep telling people we are wasting our time unless we all work together, otherwise, they will just take down our retreats on the net one by one.
PJ does not have infinite power. Some people respond to their bullying, but they don't control everything.
He is made of the same material as real child-abusers are. It's not for no reason that he is so - shall we say - fascinated with child-abusers and child-abuse.
Decades of hysteria, dethroned with seven words!
Most antis just use protecting minors as a justification for their hatred of us. They really couldn't care less about children. this is why a group of anti-bloggers stopped a large donation to a children's charity.
Witness: delusion

So we have the American government conducting psychological torture of children, in their terrorist campaign against pedophiles.
Hmmmn. Sounds like time for a regime change. When do we send in the Marines?

Hey! I think that's a great idea. The MARINES! Who would've thought of that? Let's ask our team member Gunny, ya think? See what he has to say about this?

Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller, CONVICTED

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In San Jose, California, perhaps the most notorious child molestor in US history has been convicted. The sad thing is, Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller was only convicted of 11 counts of child molestation, and one charge of child pornography possession. This man is suspected of molesting over 100 kids in three different countries, going back over 30 years.
The sentencing phase will begin on October 16. I hope to GOD he gets the maximum sentence, which is Life.

Schwartzmiller represented himself during the trial, and tried to convince the jurors that pedophiles are wrongly judged by society, and aren't accepted. Well, I've got news for ya, Dean.... You will *NEVER* be accepted by ANY society. What you are doing is wrong, morally and legally wrong. He had 10 binders full of child pornography and 1,500 pages of notes with the names of 36,000 children in it under headings like "best of the best, 13 and under", and "no, but yes boys".

Sick bastard.

Just Say No!

We brought you a post here about the disgraceful way that the paedophiles shamelessly hunt through online family photo albums. Now I'd like you to consider the flip side of that coin; one most of us would not give much thought to - people photographing your children in public. The information for this post has been gathered from the Visions of Alice discussion board here.

Apparently stealing other people's pictures just isn't enough. Now they are coaching each other on how to take 'their own' photographs of other people's children in public. The thread was started by TheMorb; he just doesn't have a clue. Here's his question:

Have anyone of you guys ever tried to take candid shots and if you did, how did you manage to sneak away with a few nice pics?

I tried for the first time today and suddenly got nervous at some point. More explained in a post with attachments (if I manage to see how I can do so) in the Picture Gallery.

Not to fear! There's plenty of seasoned criminals photographers on that forum who come to his rescue.

Childdriver advises:

Try not to be obvious about it. Take pics and leave.

Jnoyunko goes one better:

If you're using a digital camera, use it to record video, and pan the area where you're focal point is and linger there for a while, before moving on and recording other stuff. Less suspicious than framing, then taking individual photos.

Keepitreal thinks they're all amateurs and writes a thesis on the topic. Here are some of the highlights:

Just snap away and act real professional.

Do not apologize though, makes you look guilty.

But if you have kids of your own that should make things a lot easier. When you see a little cutie and you can get a good shot of her but you don't want to seem to obvious about it. You can do stuff like tell your kids to pose for a pic and then totally snap a bunch of pics of the lg you want to see :)

Also I found that parks are awful and feel very suspicious. Mainly because most of the parents are just sitting around with nothing to do but look out for perverts snapping pics of their little girls :P

The best place by far, is an amusement park. Because there are like 10 million little cuties running around and the parents are usually super stressed out and not really paying attention to some random guy with a camera.

He illustrates his point with this:

I swear if you act casual some parents really don't notice what you are doing. I was at a waterslide thing and I stood in plain sight like 10 ft away from this girl and took like 20 pics of her while she played on a pole and the mom didn't even pay me any mind.

From here they swap tips from using a mobile phone to asking the child's permission to asking the parent's permission. Most of them swear that the parents will not mind at all as long as you *ask nicely* first.

What you need to know:

At the risk of stating the excruciatingly obvious, do not fall for this crap.

Professional photographers do not show up and take pictures of random children.

Sincere photography students will not typically do this either.

Please be vigilant and mindful when you are in public places - it may be someone else's child that you save from exploitation. (I have done this, it works!)

Do not allow anyone to take your child's picture without a legitimate reason - they could be the next centerfold at Visions of Alice.

A Promise Fulfilled

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It all began a couple of weeks ago over on that nothing blog. And it most definitely has been a nothing attempt at parody of us here at AZ.....they just can't seem to keep up!

Nevertheless, one day an "anti" named Llort, (who is a frequent visitor to pedophile blogs), made a harmless comment. While the comment seemed clear to any rational minded reader, I suppose one could make the argument that it was a bit ambiguous.
Enter Enigma/Nonce and Forever. Everyone knows that Enigma is in a "delicate" emotional position. He's teetering on the very edge of sanity. So, naturally it should come as no surprise to us that he would just latch onto this and begin calling it
A Big One This Time!
Spread this far and wide!
I'll be more than happy to oblige you Enigmatic Freak-o-Nonce. I'll help you spread the word, starting right here....

Llort the anti-pedophile warrior responded to Enigma with this statement...
"Love is never wrong? yes it is when it's with an underaged child pedo!
Does that bother you at all? Nah! I didn't think so, but it sure did bother the perverts. Enigma ran for support to girlchat and i_love_boys ran to boychat.

Enigma even went so far as to say:
I agree with "Nonce and Forever." Llort just made a serious blunder for antis everywhere. In just 70 characters of text, he betrayed their whole underlying attitude and hatred toward children. Spread this far and wide. Their bullshit pretense of "protecting the children" is really nothing but a coverup for their own hatred and abuse of young people. It can't get much clearer than this, folks.
Which would have been just fine, until Dylan Thomas at boychat decided to call them on their immature little pedo boy antics:
deliberately misinterpreting your enemy in order to make a completely unrelated point hardly qualifies as a victory. The anti-pedophile in this interaction certainly said something that I would disagreed with, but he did not say what Nonce and Forever replied to. The poster is saying that love is not okay when it is a pedophile loving an underaged child. He is not saying that it is not okay to love children, and Nonce and Forever's mischaracterization of his comment pretty much robbed the response of any effectiveness it could have possibly had.

So, no, I don't particularly see this as a "big victory." Just the opposite; Llort won that round. An anti-pedophile took a meaningless shot at us and someone responded to that shot in a dishonest way. That's not how you win.
Hey guys! You can't win at all! Especially when you fill your ranks with people of that mentality. I'm right here just waiting to prove it at every turn.

A few words to a couple of the Pedo-Freaks that have crossed the line. (They know who they are) I'm on the hunt, my prey is agile and cunning but I am vigilant and efficient, My failure results in kids getting hurt, so I will not fail. My successes are measured by the kids NOT molested or assaulted on our streets. You are in hiding, you lack the will to take the chance of exposure, you can't hide your urges and you have already made way to many mistakes. Justice is coming for both of you.

Some Things Never Change

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Back in 1989, renowned sociologist Mary deYoung published this peer reviewed journal article

deYoung, M 1989 'The World According to NAMBLA: Accounting For Deviance', Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, vol. 16, pp. 11-16.

deYoung analyzed the communications of paedophile activists groups such as NAMBLA and found that the justifications and rationalizations are highly predictable and can be generalized into the following categories:

Denial of Injury - The use of anecdotal accounts of children who appear to enjoy sex with adults to demonstrate the benefits and advantages of such relationships to children. Culpability for any harm that occurs to an abused child is displaced onto the reactions of others, such as the child's parents, and the criminal justice and mental health systems.

Condemnation of the condemners - Those who condemn sex between adults and child are portrayed as engaging in even more victimizing or exploitative acts then those for which pedophiles are accused.

Appeal to higher loyalties - The assertion that they serve the interests of a higher principle: the liberation of children from the repressive bonds of society. Also, the attempt to align with other, less stigmatized, organizations such as the woman's movement or the gay rights movement.

Denial of the victim - The conceptual transformation of children from victims of adult sexual behavior into willing partners.

Well, what do you know!? It's now 17 years on from the original study and they still haven't thought of anything new! I guess that would explain the fact that it was republished in

Weitzer, R (ed) 2003 Organized Resistance by Deviants, McGraw-Hill, NY.

and then again in

Hensley, C, Tewksbury, R & Smith, M (eds) 2003 Sexual Deviance: A Reader, Lynne Reinner Publications, CO.

Talk about a tired, ineffectual approach! I think that qualifies as downright pathetic

The Absolute Zero website has been launched!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The new Absolute Zero United website has been launched! please visit us:

Absolute Zero United.Org

Outrage in Sydney

Convicted paedophile Bradley Pendragon is on the loose again. He admitted to numerous child sex offences in Thailand including production of child pornography and threatening, beating and raping three children aged 12, 8 and 8.

Having received a pardon, Pendragon was deported back to Australia this month. News today from the Sydney Morning Herald is that Pendragon has been found living in a homeless shelter in Sydney just around the corner from a primary school.

Residents of the shelter were outraged. One stated:

This is budget accommodation, trying to help people. He just isn't worth helping

Yet another said:

Why help this mongrel? Why help him?

This community seems to think that Pendragon doesn't even deserve to be free, let alone living this close to a school. Good on ya, Sydney! Anyone located in Australia, please take this time to consider what the sex offender laws/disclosures are in your state and contact your relevant members to let them know what you think!

Now for all our paedophile readers, I've read your responses to this type of story so many times that I could puke don't even need to wait for your response. So instead of your long, elaborate rants and raves, just choose a letter from below and post it as your comment.

A. Pendragon is innocent! He is merely a victim of bigoted police who forced him to confess!

B. 'Guilty' is not the appropriate word to use here. Yes, he committed the crimes but only because evil parents, antis and society in general will not allow him to rape these children in public. It's YOUR fault.

C. How do we know that these 12 and 8 year olds did not consent to this activity with Pendragon? If society would open up and accept children's sexuality, people like Pendragon wouldn't be persecuted.

D. Insert other mindless, paedopathetic excuse here.

E. All of the above.

Note to paedophiles - unless your response is indeed a mindless, paedopathetic excuse, please limit your response to the letter of your choice.

"I have been abstaining"

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thank you for the advice, Rookieeee. I just listened to Pedologues episode 26, in which you have a dialogue with the criminal Abraxas. Of course he didn't really talk much about his association with NAMBLA, but then everyone already knew that part.

Let's see now, Rookieeee, you are trying to be an activist for your cause, and in doing so you spend an hour of friendly banter with this guy, discussing boylove issues, and the only thing you have to say about his criminal past is that you "don't give a f***"

That strikes me as rather odd. That attitude, Rookieeee, that attitude that is so pervasive in the pedovore community. On the one hand you say that you love children, yet you don't care what this guy did to children, and then you blame the rest of society for it. Yep, I really see you carrying your message far, Rookieeee. *cough*

Maybe the most important thing you said though in that entire episode was this.....
There is nothing illegal on my computer. I have done nothing wrong. I have been abstaining, because I know that I am a target.

OH!! I see! Thank you so much for clarifying that.

Pedofreaks Speak - for Rookieeee

Friday, September 08, 2006

Now Rookieeeee, I have tons of examples I could point out to you, but I thought I'd give you a fresh illustration of the thought distortion that goes on in your community. They/you? are too entrenched in this way of thinking. It's all around you if you'll only open your eyes and see it.

It starts with a news story that captures the eyes of the activist pedovores:

Youth gang rape reported in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE - It began with a crush, police said, and turned into one of the most shocking crimes in Milwaukee's long, violent summer: an 11-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by as many as 20 boys while a 16-year-old girl she was romantically interested in watched and coached her.

The 16-year-old and a 15-year-old boy have been charged in juvenile court in the alleged attack, which authorities said took place Monday in a house on the city's north side. The teenage girl's 40-year-old uncle might also be charged, authorities said.

The 11-year-old girl told police she was interested in the teenage girl, who looked and dressed like a boy, authorities said in court records. She and two friends went to the teen's house, where the child performed oral sex on three teenage boys, the court records said.

The teenage girl's 40-year-old uncle admitted he also had sex with the 11-year-old and told police that his niece was coaching the child, the records said.

The 11-year-old told police she then went to the basement, where there were about 15 males and "began to choose who she wanted to perform oral sex on," the records said.

The teenage girl told police that the 11-year-old had told her she wanted to perform oral sex on the boys in the house, according to court records. The 16-year-old denied encouraging her.

The teenage girl and the 15-year-old boy were charged with being a party to sexual assault. Torbenson said he will probably seek to have them tried as adults

Now I just wonder what the reaction could possibly be to this story. A story of a young girl, most likely very troubled to begin with, taken advantage of by these guys? What do you think, Rookieeeee, what do you think their reactions would be? Well I'm here to tell you.
d said
Legally, it's gang-rape. In actually, the 11 year old may have not only consented but actively chosen who to have sex with and what to do.

Baldur said
the reporters are trying to incite more mob violence against boys and men who might appreciate such 11 year old girls

the-wolf said
why is this story surprising? An 11 year old can get to be just as jealous of her older lover as anyone else. Is it because supposedly in the girls own words she chose to engage in sex acts and with whom she would have them with? But remember an 11 year old is supposed to be asexual and not have any knowledge of this sort. Like the guy said she was only a baby! Well atleast now some people are waking up to the reality of the situation

kea said
one needs merely to be 'coached' into being the victim of an assault, rather than, say, threatened or forced

hierophant asks
She just wanted to help? What was she to get in return for all those blow jobs?

turtle replies
maybe she was just having fun? or maybe she was seeking the 16yr old girls approval? we are obviously not getting the whole story. they left out the parts that might undo their "victim" story

turtle can't stop he has more to say
if she really did suck 15 boys,that should send them a loud message,but i doubt they will figure it out. the 40yr old will prolly end up being the scapegoat just because they dont want to believe that minors would do this on their own.

Demosthenes says
A full tummy?

BB replies
More protein than a steak dinner!

Moon Dreamer says
didn't you know that 11-year-olds aren't old enough to make decisions? They're too dumb! I really think most adults need to take a long hard look at themselves and realize usually they're the ones incapable of decision

Hierophant says
There appears to be a coordinated effert to mold the public.
AH! So now we get to the heart of the matter! Nevermind that anyone would question a girl that age walking into a room full of, oh say, 20 strangers and giving blow job after blow job...... and NOT question her emotional stability.

Ok, nevermind that Let's focus instead on hierophant's accusation of a coordinated effort to mold the public .... do you really want to talk about that? Because we could if you wanted to.

We could talk about the mission statement that's currently being developed by the pedovore community.

We could talk about the attempts to deceive the public from within that mission in.....'NO don't ask for abolishment of age of consent laws first, that will have to come later after we've convinced them to accept us'

Is that what he's talking about, I wonder?

Or maybe he's talking about their little propoganda project of the day, hmmm, maybe that's it. You know the one where they print out little business size cards and leave them around in public places. The ones they call Visual Propoganda Oh the ones they say something like THIS:

Most people who are attracted to children are interested in
knowing, understanding, respecting, and valuing children,
rather than simply trying to have sex with a child. This is
sometimes referred to as “love”.


and the flip side

Most sexual crimes against children are
committed by those who are NOT
exclusively attracted to children.


Now I don't know about you guys, but I happen to know those little fact cards are flat out lies. And no, you little pedofreaks I am not speaking from emotion but from intelligence and reasoning. What are you speaking from? What are they speaking from, Rookieeeee?

With Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rookieeeee, who just detests stereotyping, so much so, that he was trying to sell T Shirts that said
And She's Daddy's Little Girl
And Rookieeee (who didn't try to sell his T Shirts on boychat, but WAS attacked, threatened and harassed there by that deranged infant luster jd420), has somehow concluded that when CafePress (which AZ didn't link to or even refer to) removed his designs, well of course! Absolute Zero did it. Who else? In fact, he even starts a new design that reads like this
Absolute Zero
Blind Hatred

Now you see Rookieeeee ... Let's be clear ...We wanted those T Shirts there! Y'see? They proved how stupid and radical you are.

Furthermore when you go to the chat boards now and ask this question
If it was anyone from this or any other board, I'd like to know who. Or are you going to be cowardly?
We can tell you truthfully,
We aren't cowards here. We like people to know when we accomplish something
So you need to trot right back over to your pedo drawing board if you wish to determine who did it. Perhaps you might like to ask yourself some of these questions
  • Who wanted your T Shirt removed the most?
  • Who continued to harass you even after you changed the design?
  • Who carried on the loudest?
  • Who was the most childish, posting on an unrelated board rather than doing the manly thing and emailing you privately

So, no Rookieeeee, a resounding NO. Absolute Zero does not equal Blind hatred. You see, my dear boy,
our eyes are wide open

Warning: Choking Hazard

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oh poor Rookieeee. The more he tries the dumber he looks. Darn, he just doesn't know which way to turn. See? He got this cockamamy idea that he could sell T-Shirts with something to ruffle the feathers of the anti-pedos who think we're monsters anyways. Sort of a 'f*** you to them' So he designs some shirts and offers them up for sale. They say "And she's Daddy's Little Girl" With the girl lover logo no less

The thing is he forgot about jd420. Of course you would remember him, the repulsive, militant pedofreak that even the pedofreaks wish would go away. So jd proceeds to threaten Rookieeeee over on the boychat message board and tells him
Please remove any and all content which currently has the word "daddy" in its design from the pl webstore, preferably within 24 hours. Failure to comply may result in suspension and, in some jurisdictions, prosecution for hate speech
Dylan Thomas doesn't particularly care for JD the girl lover coming to boychat and making demands, especially when it could have been cleared up with a private email. Dylan says the girl community must be more organized than he previously thought and called it
Committee Ultimatum on Negative Thought, which will be enforced by the Collective Legal Investigation Team. I'm startled to realize that there's apparently a body over there, with jd420 as its spokesman, that's operating something like a Team Watching Appropriate Tactics and Theatrical Inquisition Tactical Squad
Poor olive freak wants one of the aprons that say Grill Chat on them, BUT only if he can figure out a safe way of receiving it without public disclosure of his location. Reckon, he's unaware that the secret's been out of the bag for awhile now? Right down to the last digit. And poor BlueRibbon just can't give it up He's still quoting figures that say pedofreaks don't commit child sex abuse. Poor boy. Now really I find the whole affair rather boring and petty. So imagine my surprise when Dylan Thomas made a request for some boxer shorts to be made with this logo!Does he really think there's something humorous there?

And why would Rookieeee be so anxious to SHOCK the anti's?

Doesn't he realize that you're already shocking enough? TRYING to shock us, I guarantee you will not help your cause.

Hey! I have an idea. It's really avant-garde but you know, perhaps it might help. From now on, why don't you try TELLING THE TRUTH? Now that would probably shock us.

Child Molestor on the Run

(CBS) INDIO, Calif. Police sought a 22-year-old Indio man they suspect sexually molested an 11-year-old girl.

Samuel Sanchez Gutierrez told his former employer and landlord he was going to Mexico, but Indio police suspect he is still in the Coachella Valley, where he was born and raised.

Gutierrez is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 115 pounds. He is Hispanic with brown hair and eyes. A cash reward may be offered for information leading to his arrest.

Police have not released further details of the alleged crime, which occurred in 2005. Anyone with information on Gutierrez's whereabouts was encouraged to contact Indio police at (760) 391-4057.

sources: here and here

Facts According to Jay Part 6

Jay Baskins, see HERE, tells us about this little thing called A FACTOID, which he defines as:
A statement of presumed fact that people believe to be true because they hear it repeated over and over
Minors never feel positive about their relationships with older partners if there is a sexual component in that relationship.
Jay states that the ACTUAL fact is:
Heinz Kohut, the founder of "Self Psychology" and one of the most important psychological theorists of the 20th Century reported that "I had this private tutor, who was a very important person in my life. He would take me to musems and swimming and concerts and we had endless intellectual conversations and played complicated intellectual games and played chess together." They also did sexual things together, which they both enjoyed, but Kohut felt the sex was more or less incidental. The important thing for him was the relationship. (Stozier, 2001. "Heinz Kohut: The Making of a Psychoanalyst" pp 95, 96)
Oh dear. First let's look at the way it's written here. There's quotes. There's non-quotes. I'm not going to bore you with the rest of this dribble, but just want to say that it's all like this. Quoting Kohut. Non-quotes with the appearance of quotes anytime sex is mentioned. Typical.

Nevertheless, I suppose we should look at Kohut and see what we find. Let's start with Strozier himself. Some of the things Jay forgot to tell us when he explained how wonderful Kohut's experience was at the hands of his childhood molester.... In addition to the fact that he writes about Kohut's problems with "frequent... addictive masturbation accompanied by masochistic fantasies" Strozier writes:
It may be that Kohut (who minimized the exploitative nature of his tutor's actions) was deluded about the nature of his own victimization and confused about the way tender feelings are often an integral part of exploitation. pp 25-26
And while we're on this topic let's also look at what Dr. Freda Briggs Emeritus Professor and qualified expert in the field of child sexual abuse has to say:
"Men who normalize their own experience of sexual abuse, may be more likely than other victims to perpetuate the abuse".... Ryan (1989) has suggested that repression of the traumatic aspects and acceptance of the pleasurable aspects of sexual abuse often leads to victims defending against the effects of their own abuse...

"...perpetrators who discounted the effects of abuse on their own lives also discounted the damage they did to other children; they rationalized that boys liked and wanted what they did to them"... [pp. 231-232]
Read what Bill Glaser says HERE about the plague of child sexual abuse.

Dr Bruce Perry writes:
Evidence suggests that the negative psychological impact of child sexual abuse persists over time, often into adulthood. Potential long-term effects of child sexual abuse include depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, sexual dysfunction, and substance abuse.
Further, among the female adult outpatient population, individuals with sexual abuse histories as children were twice as likely to attempt suicide than their non-abused counterparts.
Across the lifespan, individuals who were sexually abused as children are four times more likely to be at risk for developing a psychiatric disorder and are about three times more likely to abuse substances than their non-abused counterparts.
It is estimated that approximately one third of child sexual abuse victims experience PTSD as adult survivors.
Among women whose abuse involved penetration, an increased risk associated for the development of PTSD is experienced, resulting in about two thirds of this population developing PTSD at some point during their lifetime.
Now let's jump over to one of the pedovores message boards and see if we can get any insight there. Turtle, who is just a treasure trove of outrageous statements says this:
i was "molested" at age 7 by my babysitter and found it an enjoyable encounter .... i wasnt abused ....
so why do i read posts by angry "christian" women that go on and on about how sick and evil it is and how their lives were ruined? are you that weak minded? do you have to find someone else to blame for your own personal failures? it was one event, it shouldnt ruin your life. kids in other countries live through much worse. stop whining, and put the blame where it belongs: on your own shoulders. sex is a beautiful thing and only becomes perverted when you decide that it is perverted.
i had a young girl ask me once why it is called sexual abuse ... i told her it is because people want to believe that all kids are too stupid to know the difference
And they think we don't know how to educate our children and they do? Right.
But I'm not through with turtle. turtle gets into a discussion abut responsibility, about the true abusers of children
it is possible that some people dont know the right from wrong,but that is rare,and it is used as a defense all the time. if you put your rights and desires above the rights and desires of someone else then you are a harmful person and need to be dealt with. people know what is expected of them from society,regardless if they agree or not. when you harm another person it doesnt matter if the law is there or not. it is wrong,and you know by instinct. when you hear her screaming and crying and then see the blood you should know it is wrong. if you are so sick that you think that is perfectly acceptable then you need to be neutralized with extreme predjudice.....
Well FINALLY, turtle and I agree on something. Unfortunately, he keeps talking
what is the alternative? allow him to keep doing it because his needs are more important than the victims? i think not. and when they do that it just makes it harder for true childlovers. its used as justification for sweeping laws....
He even tells us a 'why' for his attraction
i am attracted to girls because of the way they feel, smell, sound, look, and taste
So princesplaff gets in on the discussion and explains
pedophiles love children, in every sense, so if someone rapes a child they cannot be a pedophile.

Now, what was that again, turtle? Above when you said you weren't abused? And yet now you say:
.... evidence suggests that i was a pedophile from birth, before i was abused
Of course what the pedovores call abuse and what the rest of society calls abuse are two different things. turtle clarifies what should happen to people who abuse 'the innocent'
emotional distress is not an excuse for assualting innocents. either lock them up for life or put them out of their misery if they cant be cured. at least then they would be at peace,and that is good for us and them. the suffering would be over. how can people condone and talk about suicide because they are in so much pain and then in the same breath say it is unfair to put an insane person out of their misery? death is not a punishment,but a release. i have no desire to rape or murder,but if i did have such agonizing compulsions and couldnt stop i would hope and expect someone to stop me,one way or the other....
Have no fear little turtle freakopath. We're gonna be watching out for you.

Has Anyone Seen Me??

Saturday, September 02, 2006

This little girl was abducted by what they thought was a family friend. We need to get the word around so we can get this sweet little girl back to her family.


If you see her, or have any information, please contact the Minot Police Department at (701)852-0111. Let's get the word out and try to get this little girl back home.

Delusional Thoughts

Friday, September 01, 2006

Just listen to the crazy attempt at justification by nonce and forever as he stated in a comment on another blog:

"I am not saying that anyone who isn't a pedophile hates children. I'm saying that anyone who hates pedophiles also hates children by extension, because pedophiles love children and it is certainly hateful to want to deprive children of love."

So now the pedos are calling anyone who hates them child haters! Oh, that's ..... that's..... I don't have a word for it.... maybe stupid? nonce goes on to say on his own blog that his goals for pedophiles in the world include...

"We will act to free children from the narrow, confining roles that society currently allows for them.

Laws that deny human rights solely on the basis of age must be abolished."

nonce appears to think that all of us normal people, or non pedos, hate all of our children and that we should allow the real child lovers, or pedophiles, to take over and "love" our children. It continues to amaze me to see the level of demented behavior and thoughts coming from this group of people- I mean monsters. It is scary to think that they actually believe all this crap they are shoveling.