Outrage in Sydney

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Convicted paedophile Bradley Pendragon is on the loose again. He admitted to numerous child sex offences in Thailand including production of child pornography and threatening, beating and raping three children aged 12, 8 and 8.

Having received a pardon, Pendragon was deported back to Australia this month. News today from the Sydney Morning Herald is that Pendragon has been found living in a homeless shelter in Sydney just around the corner from a primary school.

Residents of the shelter were outraged. One stated:

This is budget accommodation, trying to help people. He just isn't worth helping

Yet another said:

Why help this mongrel? Why help him?

This community seems to think that Pendragon doesn't even deserve to be free, let alone living this close to a school. Good on ya, Sydney! Anyone located in Australia, please take this time to consider what the sex offender laws/disclosures are in your state and contact your relevant members to let them know what you think!

Now for all our paedophile readers, I've read your responses to this type of story so many times that I could puke don't even need to wait for your response. So instead of your long, elaborate rants and raves, just choose a letter from below and post it as your comment.

A. Pendragon is innocent! He is merely a victim of bigoted police who forced him to confess!

B. 'Guilty' is not the appropriate word to use here. Yes, he committed the crimes but only because evil parents, antis and society in general will not allow him to rape these children in public. It's YOUR fault.

C. How do we know that these 12 and 8 year olds did not consent to this activity with Pendragon? If society would open up and accept children's sexuality, people like Pendragon wouldn't be persecuted.

D. Insert other mindless, paedopathetic excuse here.

E. All of the above.

Note to paedophiles - unless your response is indeed a mindless, paedopathetic excuse, please limit your response to the letter of your choice.
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