Facts According to Jay Part 6

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jay Baskins, see HERE, tells us about this little thing called A FACTOID, which he defines as:
A statement of presumed fact that people believe to be true because they hear it repeated over and over
Minors never feel positive about their relationships with older partners if there is a sexual component in that relationship.
Jay states that the ACTUAL fact is:
Heinz Kohut, the founder of "Self Psychology" and one of the most important psychological theorists of the 20th Century reported that "I had this private tutor, who was a very important person in my life. He would take me to musems and swimming and concerts and we had endless intellectual conversations and played complicated intellectual games and played chess together." They also did sexual things together, which they both enjoyed, but Kohut felt the sex was more or less incidental. The important thing for him was the relationship. (Stozier, 2001. "Heinz Kohut: The Making of a Psychoanalyst" pp 95, 96)
Oh dear. First let's look at the way it's written here. There's quotes. There's non-quotes. I'm not going to bore you with the rest of this dribble, but just want to say that it's all like this. Quoting Kohut. Non-quotes with the appearance of quotes anytime sex is mentioned. Typical.

Nevertheless, I suppose we should look at Kohut and see what we find. Let's start with Strozier himself. Some of the things Jay forgot to tell us when he explained how wonderful Kohut's experience was at the hands of his childhood molester.... In addition to the fact that he writes about Kohut's problems with "frequent... addictive masturbation accompanied by masochistic fantasies" Strozier writes:
It may be that Kohut (who minimized the exploitative nature of his tutor's actions) was deluded about the nature of his own victimization and confused about the way tender feelings are often an integral part of exploitation. pp 25-26
And while we're on this topic let's also look at what Dr. Freda Briggs Emeritus Professor and qualified expert in the field of child sexual abuse has to say:
"Men who normalize their own experience of sexual abuse, may be more likely than other victims to perpetuate the abuse".... Ryan (1989) has suggested that repression of the traumatic aspects and acceptance of the pleasurable aspects of sexual abuse often leads to victims defending against the effects of their own abuse...

"...perpetrators who discounted the effects of abuse on their own lives also discounted the damage they did to other children; they rationalized that boys liked and wanted what they did to them"... [pp. 231-232]
Read what Bill Glaser says HERE about the plague of child sexual abuse.

Dr Bruce Perry writes:
Evidence suggests that the negative psychological impact of child sexual abuse persists over time, often into adulthood. Potential long-term effects of child sexual abuse include depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, sexual dysfunction, and substance abuse.
Further, among the female adult outpatient population, individuals with sexual abuse histories as children were twice as likely to attempt suicide than their non-abused counterparts.
Across the lifespan, individuals who were sexually abused as children are four times more likely to be at risk for developing a psychiatric disorder and are about three times more likely to abuse substances than their non-abused counterparts.
It is estimated that approximately one third of child sexual abuse victims experience PTSD as adult survivors.
Among women whose abuse involved penetration, an increased risk associated for the development of PTSD is experienced, resulting in about two thirds of this population developing PTSD at some point during their lifetime.
Now let's jump over to one of the pedovores message boards and see if we can get any insight there. Turtle, who is just a treasure trove of outrageous statements says this:
i was "molested" at age 7 by my babysitter and found it an enjoyable encounter .... i wasnt abused ....
so why do i read posts by angry "christian" women that go on and on about how sick and evil it is and how their lives were ruined? are you that weak minded? do you have to find someone else to blame for your own personal failures? it was one event, it shouldnt ruin your life. kids in other countries live through much worse. stop whining, and put the blame where it belongs: on your own shoulders. sex is a beautiful thing and only becomes perverted when you decide that it is perverted.
i had a young girl ask me once why it is called sexual abuse ... i told her it is because people want to believe that all kids are too stupid to know the difference
And they think we don't know how to educate our children and they do? Right.
But I'm not through with turtle. turtle gets into a discussion abut responsibility, about the true abusers of children
it is possible that some people dont know the right from wrong,but that is rare,and it is used as a defense all the time. if you put your rights and desires above the rights and desires of someone else then you are a harmful person and need to be dealt with. people know what is expected of them from society,regardless if they agree or not. when you harm another person it doesnt matter if the law is there or not. it is wrong,and you know by instinct. when you hear her screaming and crying and then see the blood you should know it is wrong. if you are so sick that you think that is perfectly acceptable then you need to be neutralized with extreme predjudice.....
Well FINALLY, turtle and I agree on something. Unfortunately, he keeps talking
what is the alternative? allow him to keep doing it because his needs are more important than the victims? i think not. and when they do that it just makes it harder for true childlovers. its used as justification for sweeping laws....
He even tells us a 'why' for his attraction
i am attracted to girls because of the way they feel, smell, sound, look, and taste
So princesplaff gets in on the discussion and explains
pedophiles love children, in every sense, so if someone rapes a child they cannot be a pedophile.

Now, what was that again, turtle? Above when you said you weren't abused? And yet now you say:
.... evidence suggests that i was a pedophile from birth, before i was abused
Of course what the pedovores call abuse and what the rest of society calls abuse are two different things. turtle clarifies what should happen to people who abuse 'the innocent'
emotional distress is not an excuse for assualting innocents. either lock them up for life or put them out of their misery if they cant be cured. at least then they would be at peace,and that is good for us and them. the suffering would be over. how can people condone and talk about suicide because they are in so much pain and then in the same breath say it is unfair to put an insane person out of their misery? death is not a punishment,but a release. i have no desire to rape or murder,but if i did have such agonizing compulsions and couldnt stop i would hope and expect someone to stop me,one way or the other....
Have no fear little turtle freakopath. We're gonna be watching out for you.
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