Delusional Thoughts

Friday, September 01, 2006

Just listen to the crazy attempt at justification by nonce and forever as he stated in a comment on another blog:

"I am not saying that anyone who isn't a pedophile hates children. I'm saying that anyone who hates pedophiles also hates children by extension, because pedophiles love children and it is certainly hateful to want to deprive children of love."

So now the pedos are calling anyone who hates them child haters! Oh, that's ..... that's..... I don't have a word for it.... maybe stupid? nonce goes on to say on his own blog that his goals for pedophiles in the world include...

"We will act to free children from the narrow, confining roles that society currently allows for them.

Laws that deny human rights solely on the basis of age must be abolished."

nonce appears to think that all of us normal people, or non pedos, hate all of our children and that we should allow the real child lovers, or pedophiles, to take over and "love" our children. It continues to amaze me to see the level of demented behavior and thoughts coming from this group of people- I mean monsters. It is scary to think that they actually believe all this crap they are shoveling.

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