Big Brother Danger

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I recieved some info on a pedo posting over at a boy love forum. This pedovore is a college student. He was at his college and approached the Big Brother/Sister organization table.

"I talked with the people at the table, and my initial reaction was to sign up immediately; I have been looking for an opportunity to get a boy back in my life since I've left for college."

Oh, isn't this this is wonderful. NOT! Now pedovores are joining the Big Brother organizations to find new victims.

This pedovore goes on to say:

"... a few things that might worry me. They say there is a background check: what does such entail? Is it a normal crimial BG check or could they somehow get my online history?"

So, he has some incriminating info on his computer, hugh? I know some FBI people who would just love to see that info! Also, this cajunboi pedo-creep was more concerned about being a "agnotic"- (his spelling, isn't that great for a college student?)- than with being a pedovore and using the Big Brother organization to hunt for new victims!

I was disgusted to see the many responses to this post...

"Shiver" goes on to say: "Ive gone throgh their system before." .... "Thats no big deal. The church affiliation here doesnt make much Difference either. These days they will accept you if your a church goer or not, they dont have real issues with homosexuality either. They do a brief interview to get a feel for what kind of person you are and make sure your not crazy.Whatever you do, dont mention adult/youth relationships".

So now we need to work with the Big Brother organizations across the country to inform them of the pedovore's intent to use them for a hunting ground. I'm sure that the pedovores will read this and be outraged that I could even think that they would want to harm a child. Afterall, they just love children... right?
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