A Promise Fulfilled

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It all began a couple of weeks ago over on that nothing blog. And it most definitely has been a nothing attempt at parody of us here at AZ.....they just can't seem to keep up!

Nevertheless, one day an "anti" named Llort, (who is a frequent visitor to pedophile blogs), made a harmless comment. While the comment seemed clear to any rational minded reader, I suppose one could make the argument that it was a bit ambiguous.
Enter Enigma/Nonce and Forever. Everyone knows that Enigma is in a "delicate" emotional position. He's teetering on the very edge of sanity. So, naturally it should come as no surprise to us that he would just latch onto this and begin calling it
A Big One This Time!
Spread this far and wide!
I'll be more than happy to oblige you Enigmatic Freak-o-Nonce. I'll help you spread the word, starting right here....

Llort the anti-pedophile warrior responded to Enigma with this statement...
"Love is never wrong? yes it is when it's with an underaged child pedo!
Does that bother you at all? Nah! I didn't think so, but it sure did bother the perverts. Enigma ran for support to girlchat and i_love_boys ran to boychat.

Enigma even went so far as to say:
I agree with "Nonce and Forever." Llort just made a serious blunder for antis everywhere. In just 70 characters of text, he betrayed their whole underlying attitude and hatred toward children. Spread this far and wide. Their bullshit pretense of "protecting the children" is really nothing but a coverup for their own hatred and abuse of young people. It can't get much clearer than this, folks.
Which would have been just fine, until Dylan Thomas at boychat decided to call them on their immature little pedo boy antics:
deliberately misinterpreting your enemy in order to make a completely unrelated point hardly qualifies as a victory. The anti-pedophile in this interaction certainly said something that I would disagreed with, but he did not say what Nonce and Forever replied to. The poster is saying that love is not okay when it is a pedophile loving an underaged child. He is not saying that it is not okay to love children, and Nonce and Forever's mischaracterization of his comment pretty much robbed the response of any effectiveness it could have possibly had.

So, no, I don't particularly see this as a "big victory." Just the opposite; Llort won that round. An anti-pedophile took a meaningless shot at us and someone responded to that shot in a dishonest way. That's not how you win.
Hey guys! You can't win at all! Especially when you fill your ranks with people of that mentality. I'm right here just waiting to prove it at every turn.

A few words to a couple of the Pedo-Freaks that have crossed the line. (They know who they are) I'm on the hunt, my prey is agile and cunning but I am vigilant and efficient, My failure results in kids getting hurt, so I will not fail. My successes are measured by the kids NOT molested or assaulted on our streets. You are in hiding, you lack the will to take the chance of exposure, you can't hide your urges and you have already made way to many mistakes. Justice is coming for both of you.
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