"I have been abstaining"

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thank you for the advice, Rookieeee. I just listened to Pedologues episode 26, in which you have a dialogue with the criminal Abraxas. Of course he didn't really talk much about his association with NAMBLA, but then everyone already knew that part.

Let's see now, Rookieeee, you are trying to be an activist for your cause, and in doing so you spend an hour of friendly banter with this guy, discussing boylove issues, and the only thing you have to say about his criminal past is that you "don't give a f***"

That strikes me as rather odd. That attitude, Rookieeee, that attitude that is so pervasive in the pedovore community. On the one hand you say that you love children, yet you don't care what this guy did to children, and then you blame the rest of society for it. Yep, I really see you carrying your message far, Rookieeee. *cough*

Maybe the most important thing you said though in that entire episode was this.....
There is nothing illegal on my computer. I have done nothing wrong. I have been abstaining, because I know that I am a target.

OH!! I see! Thank you so much for clarifying that.
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