With Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rookieeeee, who just detests stereotyping, so much so, that he was trying to sell T Shirts that said
And She's Daddy's Little Girl
And Rookieeee (who didn't try to sell his T Shirts on boychat, but WAS attacked, threatened and harassed there by that deranged infant luster jd420), has somehow concluded that when CafePress (which AZ didn't link to or even refer to) removed his designs, well of course! Absolute Zero did it. Who else? In fact, he even starts a new design that reads like this
Absolute Zero
Blind Hatred

Now you see Rookieeeee ... Let's be clear ...We wanted those T Shirts there! Y'see? They proved how stupid and radical you are.

Furthermore when you go to the chat boards now and ask this question
If it was anyone from this or any other board, I'd like to know who. Or are you going to be cowardly?
We can tell you truthfully,
We aren't cowards here. We like people to know when we accomplish something
So you need to trot right back over to your pedo drawing board if you wish to determine who did it. Perhaps you might like to ask yourself some of these questions
  • Who wanted your T Shirt removed the most?
  • Who continued to harass you even after you changed the design?
  • Who carried on the loudest?
  • Who was the most childish, posting on an unrelated board rather than doing the manly thing and emailing you privately

So, no Rookieeeee, a resounding NO. Absolute Zero does not equal Blind hatred. You see, my dear boy,
our eyes are wide open
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