Rookieeeee Paddling Upstream

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Faster Rookieeee Faster!!! All these groups I talked about being after you are closing in, paddle faster Rookieeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Oh well, Rookieeee finally discovered that Perverted Justice was after him. If it were me, I'd prefer to have AZ after me, but hey! to each their own right? Some people never listen, now he's got PJ on the warpath, reckon he'll have to pay the piper this time. You see, PJ has complained about the editing attempts at Wikipedia by the gang of thugs hereby known as pedofreaks. They think that by editing an online encyclopedia with lies, deceptions and distortions of the truth, that somehow they'll convince the mainstream how wonderful they are. ROFL

PJ has also complained about Cafepress, and guess what? Rookieeee's perverted sick-o-pathic T-Shirts, with which he was going to SHOW us how idiotic we were, well, they're gone. Cafepress shut him down. BooFreakingHoo

According to PJ they may not have caught on to Rookieeeee were it not for his rants about them. Rants = lies and distortions. You know, the typical pedopathetic behaviors they all exhibit.

Even Ella, went onto messenger and tried to argue with PJ. She then posts the conversation on Girl Chat. Quite funny actually when PJ is also posting the same conversation. You see, this is what I've learned.....Pedofreaks in their mutual delusional delirium are also unable to recognize sarcasm even when it slaps them in the face.

I would imagine the pedofreaks might be a little upset about this wouldn't you? Let's check it out and see what they're saying.....

Dissident thinks:
At least this makes it clear that PJ is primarily going after MAA's because we offend their personal sensibilities, not because they think they are "protecting" anyone. This convo was very telling, and I think the public should be aware of the reality behind this org
Rookieeee Revolyob (boylover):
Perverted Justice has created a very attacking and biased article on both myself and my podcast, accusing me of all sorts of false things, and has incited the public to begin disrupting my activist projects.
I keep telling people we are wasting our time unless we all work together, otherwise, they will just take down our retreats on the net one by one.
PJ does not have infinite power. Some people respond to their bullying, but they don't control everything.
He is made of the same material as real child-abusers are. It's not for no reason that he is so - shall we say - fascinated with child-abusers and child-abuse.
Decades of hysteria, dethroned with seven words!
Most antis just use protecting minors as a justification for their hatred of us. They really couldn't care less about children. this is why a group of anti-bloggers stopped a large donation to a children's charity.
Witness: delusion

So we have the American government conducting psychological torture of children, in their terrorist campaign against pedophiles.
Hmmmn. Sounds like time for a regime change. When do we send in the Marines?

Hey! I think that's a great idea. The MARINES! Who would've thought of that? Let's ask our team member Gunny, ya think? See what he has to say about this?
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