PCC agrees, he's a 'pervert'.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Disgraced teacher Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield took offence at an article in the sun calling him a 'paedo' and a 'pervert', and took the matter up with the press complaints commission. After all he claims he'd simply downloaded the 11,000 indecent images of children for research purposes, to explore his own sexuality. He continues to deny he is a paedophile or a pervert, despite his conviction for possession of the aforementioned 11,000 images, and his continued activity within the pro-paedo community via the site www.critest.com

The following are excerpts from the PCC ruling on the case Oldfield V The Sun (comments in italics mine) : (Ref : 061568)

'The commission noted the complainant had raised concerns that the article was innacurate when it stated that he was a 'pervert' and a 'paedo'...'

(Although when posting here on AZ under the alias WM he's freely admitted to being a 'pervert' he's also quite happy to answer to the term 'wanker'.)

'The commission addressed first the complainant's concerns about the terms - 'paedo' and 'pervert' - used to describe him by the newspaper. Clause 1 (Accuracy) states that the press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information. In this instance, given the nature of the complainants conviction for making indecent images of children, the commission was satisfied that readers would not have been misled by the terms used to describe him by the newspaper.'

(Oh dear it seems they agree that in light of the evidence it's quite acceptable to call him a 'pervert' and a 'paedo', well if the cap fits and all that, might be best if he gets used to wearing it! The PCC goes on to detail further codes and clauses examined when deciding the case and then concludes with the following:)

'Finally the commission did not consider that there were any issues to pursue under Clause 4 (Harassment) and Clause 12 (Discrimination) of the code.'

So there you have it, I daresay he feels this isn't the end of the matter etc etc. At the end of the day, if you get caught with 11,000 indecent images of children on your pc, what level of denial/delusion would prompt you to expect anyone to believe you were not a 'pervert' or a 'paedo'?

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