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Monday, September 25, 2006

How about some fun? I could use a chuckle myself. Anyone hanging around AZ for long has surely gotten a taste of the bizarre things the pedophiles say. So I've devised this little poll here, to let your voice be heard....who do you think is the most repulsive?

I couldn't fit them all in of course, so I've left some off. For instance Debatecrime / Lepidopterist / Winston Smith who is so dimwitted as to have nothing of value to say. His only purpose is stirring up trouble and then running to the pedo boards for rescue. Well, he was doing what he was able to do you might say.

Then there's Todd Nickerson. He's pretty much a lame - duck - pedo at best. His hands are tied concerning freakopathic activism. Why he's so busy doing free graphic work for GC to repay the Save the Children funds he stole to pay for his trip to Michigan and his new computer monitor, that he'll probably never be able to move out of his Grandma's trailor at this rate.

And there's more of course. Take Taf-Kat - John Hodson, for example, we talked about him HERE convicted of some 70,000+ child porn images, he believes it's a victimless crime, and should be legal. He denounces adult-child sexual contact however and recently left Girl Chat when Nihil and Enigma began their pedopathic campaign.

I suppose I could go on and on with these freaks, but instead let's skip to the poll. Choose the one you find The most repulsive. Hard to decide, I know, I know. If you have another choice not listed just add it to the comments, please.

Poll is in the side bar!
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